How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 1

see clearly visualize goals

“..The results they get are due to the conditioning and training they undergo. They built the skills and habits needed to play and perform successfully, optimally. The truly successful people in this world do exactly the same thing. They know how to use their mind to get what they want and that organizes all of their efforts…”

Continued from  Are You Using Your Brain To Get What You Want

“We make sense of the outer world by recreating it on the inside and we do this by pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells. We use our five senses within and without to. We see pictures and movies in our minds while walking and talking and driving and computing with our eyes open and engaged, or while daydreaming, and or with our eyes closed napping or sleeping.

Memories are what we see, hear and feel, and what we imagine and remember on the inside. As we move through life we collect memories. We may be deeply, profoundly touched by the power of a positive or not so positive memory. Some memories may bring about nearly the same feelings each time we recall them.

We can close our eyes and imagine our present right now where we are as we read this, we can with eyes closed recall and see what surrounds us. We can hear both what is going on outside of us, noises and we can hear our inner thoughts, noises and voice as well. We can presently feel what we feel, our emotions and sensations or our butts against the surface of some material we sit or recline on.

We can also see future events happen in our mind, imaginary and unlikely or likely scenarios that we picture, hear, feel and respond to that have not happened yet. We can see happy future events and feel good about them or we can look at unwanted anticipated events and feel anxious or fearful.

Assuming we have all these neurological five senses or faculties intact and unimpaired we are able to do these. We all seem to have lead systems. Some people see images in their mind quickly then hear and feel. Or see, feel and hear. Another person may lead with sounds then see and feel or feel and see their movies. Others may lead off with the feeling and then images and sounds or vice versa. Smells and tastes likewise trigger full associations or memories, or pictures, sounds and feelings. Typically, it all happens very quickly.

visualize and believe

I point this out because some people may claim a difficulty with whichever sense they are attempting to work with. Some might say I don’t see my pictures very well. In that case, listen or feel first and discover what happens to bring about the full representation. Explore playfully and find out which sense seems better developed or which you are better able to manipulate or work with.

We will explore more of this in more detail in upcoming times. Still, you can develop the ability to use anyone of these senses to a much greater degree by deliberately choosing to exercise your abilities. They ALL work powerfully in us (again assuming no neurological impairment) whether we exercise control or not, whether we are consciously aware or not of them. We are influenced by our internal activity. Those who succeed typically already know how to work with their inner world powerfully to get positive results.” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow. Have an incredible day!

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