How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 7

think to success

…”You reinforce what you want to occur through repetition. You see it as already yours. You keep it alive with the wonderful feelings and you visit it often through out each day. When you do this repeatedly through much of the day you are building your positive muscle and forming a new positive habit.

Do this more times than you think negatively and you will spend most of your time thinking and feeling positive. We get what we predominantly think about. We always have and always will manifest our dominant thoughts. Hence, we become what we think about.”

Continued from  How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 6

“You want to maintain faith that this is what you end up with no matter what happens around you,regardless of your present or prior circumstances. You keep your eye on the prize and do not get distracted by any other circumstances.

Regardless, of what the circumstances may or may not be you keep focused on the end result you decided you want. You continue to reinforce this with positive powerful feelings. You reinforce what you put into motion.

Conviction, faith,  and a strong belief that all this is yours is part of the process. In your own mind you should believe it is already yours even though the outside physical reality may differ currently. You do this to do to get your unconscious mind working and to keep it working to go after and make happen what it is you decided you wanted.

imagine believe and achieve

I have described aspects of this process in prior posts too. We will continue to revisit and you should go back and re-read.

You must believe it is yours already! You are entitled to it. You deserve it. You are entitled to fulfill your destiny. Faith comes from, it develops from continuing to repeat to yourself what you wrote down and reviewing the mental movies you created.

Through repetition the faith comes. This part of the process you just have to trust. You will only discover it as you do it. You won’t be convinced by anything before hand without doing it. Faith comes from the actions you take. You transform your life because you do think in a particular fashion and act on those thoughts.

If you doubt you muddy the waters, you cloud the picture you interrupt the flow. It is as if you get a couple steps ahead and then fall back a few steps and this goes on and on. You may eventually get to where you want to end up, if you never quit, but it does take longer this way. Focused belief will get you their quicker.

You make clear concise instructions for your unconscious and energize them with dynamic positive feelings. Hold it in your mind and do this day and night. Don’t stop until you get what you are after. You will get there. Plus, you will enjoy it all along the way.

When you think about the future you it should delight you. Right there, that is the key. If it doesn’t you may need to make another choice for now. When you think about your future you want it to draw you towards it magnetically.

what u feel now is what u attract

I know it sounds like a lot. It isn’t and it is. At first it may seem tough. It truly isn’t but you are learning to do something you may not have done much before in your life. You are learning to deliberately manage your thoughts and feelings. You are learning to target a result and bring it into being. In order to transform your life you have to decide if you are willing to pay whatever price there is in order to make your dreams come true.

You focus on all the good and new and delightful areas of your present life. You give thanks for all things and all people no matter what. In doing these you enhance your mental, physically, spiritual, creative energy. You vibrate at a higher rate when you feel good, confident and you expect to find good things each moment. You elevate everything about yourself.

Wouldn’t you like to feel better more of the time? Wouldn’t you want to be happier and more positive most of the time? Well, you can but it comes about only because of what you think and do.  Most people are dictated by the contrasts. They get happy if something good happens, or it is warm or sunny, etc. They get sad or lethargic if something bad happens, or it is dark or cold.

It is understandable that most of use do that because most of us didn’t learn anything different while growing up. It was reinforced that life happens to us instead of we creating our lives. Now is the opportunity to learn something new and get better results. It is time to take control and get what we want instead of accepting whatever comes our way willingly or reluctantly.

there are no limits bruce lee

Life can be and is fantastic. In upcoming posts I’ll discuss what to do if you doubt, or if things don’t seem to be happening quick enough, or less than glorious thoughts and feelings intrude. Keep in mind you are learning and engaging a process and you are not an expert at it from the get go.

As with all things there is a learning curve. Be optimistic, expect the best, be confident and be gentle with yourself, and do what you are able to do that encourages small wins all along the way.

Small wins in the right direction each moment or each day get you further than a massive effort performed only once and then not repeated. Water can cut a path through enormous land mass and rock even when it begins as just a trickle. It is those thoughts, feelings and things you do bit by bit each day that make the most incredible difference in the long run. Condition yourself for more success and happiness by creating the habits that support you in getting what you want.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is each successive step you take, after you begin, that gets you down the road and on the way. If you keep moving in the right direction you eventually get there, but if you stop and quit you never will.

So move in the direction you want and remember it is a journey. Have a wonderful time along the way. Why do this, why is feeling good so important?  Have you ever noticed time passes way  quickly when you are having a marvelous time? When you are lost and caught up in good feelings time just shoots on by. So the better you feel on your journey the less time it will seem to take. The next thing you know may be that you got your goal! Isn’t that worth it?

Have a blast getting your goals and you will get them much faster than you could ever imagine. Do something today to enjoy it even more!” Rex Sikes

Much more next time. Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 7”

  1. I appreciate this teaching thank you for sharing . What work for me is Focusing on what you imagine, most of the time we all say you get what you think! But imagination is the key ingredient when one is thinking .


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