How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 6

garbage in garbage out

…It begins the moment you decide! You send deliberate clear signals, messages, you communicate articulately with your unconscious mind and your unconscious gets it.

The method to get what you want IS the very SAME process people usually use to get what they DON’T want. It works in either direction. It is a process that works reliably. It never stops working.

NOW, we will use the very same process BUT instead of focusing on what we don’t want we put all of our attention on what we do want. We use the same process but DELIBERATELY NOW to create what we DO want.”

Continued from How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Part 5

“Do you now understand how the mechanism works to get you either wanted or unwanted results? You see, it doesn’t care what is manifested, it simply operates because of the instructions, or messages, or signals that it repeatedly gets.

Again, this is how people attract and create money problems, anger, sadness, arguments with others, etc. Problems are created or enhanced or multiplied because one focuses on what one doesn’t want during most of their thinking time.

The person focuses on what they don’t have or what they lack instead of the opposite. They perpetuate their problems when they relive negative circumstances over and over in their mind and feel bad about it.

youa are creators

How many times have you relived an argument with someone? It usually does nothing to make us feel better. Instead, most of us  end up with looking for what we could have said or done to have trumped the other person. Usually we just feel more resentment or more anger while looking for ways to get even. It doesn’t help us get over it, let go of it and move forward feeling wonderful. That usually only comes about through forgiveness and acceptance.

Because people are spending much or most of their time in that ‘negative’ fashion it ensures they will get more of it. It is a vicious circle that needs to be broken. They look at their life and feel bad.

When they feel bad they feel worse and think nothing will help and then feel worse some more. Then they imagine the worst happening and feel even more bad. Whether the worst happens or not they spend most of their time feeling down, helpless and hopeless.

So many of us live this way much of the time. BUT there is another way to live! It may seem unfamiliar because you haven’t spent much time living that way BUT the good news is you do the very same thing you have always been doing ONLY you use better content. You focus on the positive instead. Since the mechanism is reliable you will get the results you want, no matter how long you have lived your life the other way.

everything is energy einstein

For example, your television set doesn’t care whether the program aired is a great program or a lousy one. It just shows them regardless. You decide what you spend your time watching. If you spend time with bad programs whose decision is that? Choose to fill your mind with better material.

You must start the new way of thinking and stick with it to make it the same reliable habit as its thought predecessor. You must learn to spend the bulk of your time with positive thoughts and feelings because you can! Stop the negative and start the positive. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

SO you keep these positive images in your mind  and you drive it home by your positive feelings. You make it a habit through repetition.

You aren’t begging to get it, because in your mind you already got it.

So you don’t ask over and over again. You have made it clear what you want.

thoughts cycle to thoughts

You reinforce what you want to occur through repetition. You see it as already yours. You keep it alive with the wonderful feelings and you visit it often through out each day. When you do this repeatedly through much of the day you are building your positive muscle and forming a new positive habit.

Do this more times than you think negatively and you will spend most of your time thinking and feeling positive. We get what we predominantly think about. We always have and always will manifest our dominant thoughts. Hence, we become what we think about.”

I know you can do this! So do it repeatedly and enjoy! Have a fantastic day!’

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