How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 8

3 choices when bad thing happens

“…Small wins in the right direction each moment or each day get you further than a massive effort performed only once and then not repeated. Water can cut a path through enormous land mass and rock even when it begins as just a trickle. It is those thoughts, feelings and things you do bit by bit each day that make the most incredible difference in the long run. Condition yourself for more success and happiness by creating the habits that support you in getting what you want.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is each successive step you take, after you begin, that gets you down the road and on the way. If you keep moving in the right direction you eventually get there, but if you stop and quit you never will…”

Continued from How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 7

“The bottom line is – when you make a tenacious decision that you will not let anything stop you in making your life what you want it to be, even if you don’t yet know how to do all that, you have won more than half of the battle. This is important to keep in mind. It is also important to remember this next point. You don’t need to know “how you will go about it” to begin getting what you want. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive but I’ll explain more fully soon.

For now play with being clear about what you want and intend. Commit to yourself!  Promise yourself you will do this and then keep your promise! While determined in your mind also relax. Know you can do this, step by step, you will learn as you go along, you will make improvements along the way to your condition and you will get better results as you stick with it. Be firm in your mind. If you decide you will do it relax. There is no need to be anxious if you determine you will follow through.

You don’t have to ask over and over, you only have to ask once. It is not about hoping something will happen. This is about deciding your purpose and keeping your purpose clearly in your mind. So you don’t have to ask over and over. You don’t have to beg your future to come true. You are not hoping or wishing. You are making a clear decision on where you want to end up and you are traveling to that destination. You may be eager but you know you will ultimately get there. It is the same matter of fact, relaxed mind set you have when you think about going to the store or a favorite vacation spot.

You know where you want to go and you go there. The more you make the journey there enjoyable the better off you will be. You may be eager but since you know where you are headed you expect to get there. So relax. Get clear on it, get precise, get thrilled!

act as if you already have it

Imagine it as clearly and as detailed as you can in your mind’s eye. Spend time continuing to improve on this by repeating the process daily. The more you spend time imagining what it is you want the clearer the inner images can become. It is just like developing any muscle in the body. The more practice or exercise the better you get at it.

Drop by drop fills the tub. Spend some time each day thinking about your goals and what you want. Imagine that incredible future. Let the notion of living that way supercharge you and feel wonderful. Spend each day finding the best feelings and enjoying the day in incredible ways. Make it a point to live each day in the best most positive way you can.

If things come along to upset that plan, get back on course as soon as you are able. Nudge yourself back into it as you are able. Think: ‘all is good’. ‘great things are here for me even when I can’t yet see them’, ‘everything has a way of working out for me, so hang in there’. Think thoughts that comfort you, relax you as well as make you feel positive and powerful. Look for and find the good in every situation. Reframe any difficulty as opportunity and turn a less than glorious moment to your advantage by how you think and feel about it.

Accept roadblocks as temporary conditions. Know that as you go through them you will grow stronger and better. Everything IS really a frame of mind.

what u put out u attract

Lastly, keep this in mind because I think this is critical to our understanding.

Prior to humans on the planet cataclysmic changes shook the world. There were gorgeous days and tumultuous ones. Hot spells and cold spells. Anything that could happen did happen. Masses of land came and went due to weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, you name it. Every type of situation and circumstance happened.

All through this time, for eons and eons what there was NOT, what did not exist, was any human to state whether these events were good or bad or right or wrong. They simply occurred without anyone around to judge it. They simply happened, things simple were. Things existed and no one named them.

As humans arrived and became goal setters and getters judgments arose as to whether something was easy or hard and whether we could move forward unimpeded or if our efforts were thwarted. Judgements arose!

The human mind put a filter on all that was and declared things to be one way or another. Humans judge. Prior to humans things just were. Humans named these advantageous or calamity. They all are judged by how things affected the human. The truth of the matter is things still just are. They are neither good nor bad. They simply are. They are neither wanted or unwanted. YOU determine the meaning each circumstance has. You and I put our judgement on events, situations and people. In reality everything just is.

losers visualize penalities winners rewards

We could decide to not label, not judge, and just let things be. This is difficult for most of us because we were not brought up learning to do this. However, once we realize that it IS whatever we call it, and that whatever we call it may determine how we feel, think and act, then what we should realize is THAT WE make it so. We create our experiences by the meaning we attach to them. We create our experience by the importance we put on them.

When you pick up a stick you pick up both ends.

There is always contrasts. Things come along that may be unexpected and may seem to be negative. In reality nothing is negative or positive except for electrical charges. A battery has both poles but we don’t label one better or one worse. because both are necessary.

Life has its share of disappointments. If we can stop judging so much we can be free to enjoy everything in new ways. When we let go asserting ‘bad things’ we free up our mind to look for the seeds of positivity within.

The negative in life, since we understand how these terms are used, is as necessary as the positive. It is there as all things are there. It just is. From it we can grow and learn and move forward. Since judgements arise from us it is better, more positive, more opportune to declare less than glorious situations and people as challenges or opportunities that as bad things.

everyday u make a choice

The point is this: It is whatever you say it is! As a result you will think and feel as a result of your labeling it. Whether you declare it good or bad AND that is what we have been doing all along. SO here is the change I propose. Imagine how much more wonderful life would be IF EVERYTHING that ever happened was an opportunity? Wouldn’t that be incredible. Every situation, person, event, that ever occurs is an opportunity, imagine that! Even if that isn’t true imagine how your life would be different if you had that frame of mind and looked for the good in all things instead of being victim to the bad.

Certainly, you can recognize a tough time. You don’t have to lie or ignore. You can say, ‘I have some challenges right now and I am not yet sure how it will resolve but things always have a way of working out well for me. I’ll be surprised I am sure because there are opportunities in this situation I have not yet discovered but I am looking to find them. I know ultimately this will work out for the very best’. Or say something to that effect. All is good. All will work out. In actuality it really all does somehow work out.

Keep in mind YOU become what YOU think about most of the time. You are either mostly positive or mostly negative but never 100%. SO as with all processes things change. We must accept that and continue to move forward in positive ways. Find the good in all, look for it, and you will find it. It may be hidden and you may have to search but you will find. Frankly, I believe if you did nothing else but this – find the good in everything – your life would already be radically better. Our mind set is incredibly powerful and our attitude does determine our altitude!

When we keep our focus on what we want, when we appreciate and notice and emphasize the thoughts and positive actions that makes us feel good we get more of it back. We live in a more permanent positive condition, and whatever comes are way, that is otherwise, we are better equipped to handle it. Keep the faith, relax, keep at it, and enjoy” Rex Sikes

Much more next time. Have a great day!

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