Little Things Lead To Big Things! Transform The Moments And Your Life Transforms

when u r thankful for what u have more comes

“When you think more positively you feel more positive feelings. When you feel more positive feelings you think more positive thoughts! When you think great thoughts you feel great! When you feel great you think great! You get back more of what you put into it. It just works this way.

You attract more of the same. ‘Like attracts like’. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. In fact, you get back more than you put into it. That seems to be the law. Plant a seed, nurture it to fruition and your yield is far more than you planted. It is reciprocal and exponential. You reap far more than you could ever sow.

A major key to having everything you want in life IS to feel wonderful right NOW. Feel the best you are able to. Live with enthusiasm, passion and positivity. Enjoy each moment and fill your day with energy and ecstasy! Celebrate life and everything in it and about it.

As a result youI will have more intense wonderful, good feelings. It is as if the universe will pour into you MORE good things than ever before and in huge quantities, more than you can even imagine.  It will seem almost impossible for you to take it all in! BUT YOU can! Be open and allowing. Receive it!

Just start enjoying EVERY little moment. Embrace the simple pleasures!  FEEL grateful that YOU can experience it now and you will! Create what you want in the future by enjoying this second! Look for and find the good in everything. Discover what is new and delightful.

Deliberately put a smile on your face. Smile more through the day. Laugh more.  Move more, take a walk, exercise, skip, dance, do some yoga, get a massage. Take some ‘me’ time and relax. Take a nap, enjoy a delicious snack. Have a wonderful bath. Gift yourself. Help your body feel better and your mind will feel better. Treat yourself well.

we create what we believe

Help you mind feel better and your body will feel better.Think of everyone and everything you love and delight often throughout the day.

Fill your mind by reading positive materials and books a little each and every single day. Listen to positive inspiring audio or watch DVD’s. You create your own happiness. You bring on your own bliss by your thoughts and actions. It all begins with what YOU input on a regular consistent basis EACH DAY!

SPEAK and THINK good things daily. Make it a point that all your words and conversations only bless, heal or prosper yourself and others. Keep in mind this point; what you say you have IS what you will have!

What you put out (output) is what you get back in! Remember GIGO (garbage in garbage out) works the other way to. (garbage out garbage in).  SO make it a point to live another way instead; Great In, Great Out and Great Out, Great In! Keep the cycle working in your favor  because it is reciprocal and exponential!

Make some time for others, help someone else smile. Think kind and wonderful thoughts of everyone.  Lend a hand. Be more patient and accepting. Inspire and encourage someone else. Appreciate others. Treat others well.

Make marvelous the moments, savor the seconds! EACH DAY ALL DAY!

Simply enjoy and you will get far more enjoyment back. Transform the minutes and you transform the hours. Make the hours marvelous and you make your day magnificent!

Life IS what you make of it! You feel as good as you CHOOSE to feel! Try to live each day of YOUR life 100% with purpose, on purpose!” Rex Sikes

I wonder in how many fascinating ways you can easily amaze and astound yourself today?

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