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You Must Know This: You Are An Individual But You Aren’t The Only Individual!


“Hitler’s strategy was divide and conquer. Fortunately, he did not prevail but his method very nearly wrecked civilization as we know it. Allegedly, this country was brought together in the spirit of co-operation and an  ‘all for one and one for all’ spirit. We united.

Today, we are constantly being divided into self interest groups of one. We are individually targeted and marketed to. We no longer have network television where we all watch ‘Gunsmoke’ on Sunday nights (for 20 years) and then talk at the water cooler the next day.

We are splintered and fragmented. Instead of uniting for the common good it seems our representatives fight over what they want with little regard for the people they represent. Protests are more difficult to wage today then they were 30 or 60 years ago.

Without A Sense Of Caring There Is No Sense Of Community

We walk around with our faces in our cell phones. We no longer call a place to reach who is there we call an individual. Most all of us have cell phones. What is my point in this? Is it political? No, we could discuss politics but my point is we are separated, alone, and isolated.

We are brought together by the internet. Social media connects us. Twitter and Facebook and the rest are how we interact. We get our news and entertainment from questionable sources much of the time. It gets harder and harder to unite people for causes.

Oh, it is not over. There still are some but we are less of a community in everyday life. We no longer sit around the family room together watching TV, listening to the radio, telling stories or singing songs. We telecommute or work from home in many cases. Computers!

A Community That Excludes Even One Member Is No Community

We aren’t involved with each other the way we once we. We don’t know our neighbors, our community. John Donne coined, ‘No man is an island’ yet it seems more of us are becoming that. I question at times if that isn’t the great plan. Another form of divide and control.

BUT I said this wasn’t about politics and it isn’t. It is about co-operation. It is about teamwork. It is about the spirit of helping each other, lifting each other up, encouraging each other to move forward and stimulating and enjoying the success of those around us.

We don’t need to compete each other to death. A little competition is good to stimulate. Games are good. It encourages people to excel. However, we need not compete and destroy. We need to compete and grow stronger together. We need to make things better.

Support Each Other And Incredible Things Can Happen

We need to share what we know with others so they too can grow. We can educate and uplift. We can cooperate and thrive. We can go the extra mile and add value to others and help them succeed because then they are likely to want to return the favor to us. Get it?

Reciprocity means I buy you dinner and you feel like you want to buy me dinner. We take turns. We are mutually obligated. That is the way our world works and how it worked for so long. People doing good for each other. Helping each other. We want to give back.

That is why community meetings, dances, church, weddings, funerals were and are important. We unite. We came together to solve problems together or to celebrate lives. Solving problems together means working together toward a common goal. Cooperation.

Come Together – Unite – Hang – Enjoy – Celebrate – Be Together

That is how our political system is supposed to work. Okay, whoops, I slipped that in there, but as an example. We get nowhere obfuscating or obstructing from either side of the isle. We are supposed to be united for the good of all concerned. We aren’t.

We are passed over because of lobbyists and interest groups. Many times favors are granted to the highest bidder. Alright, enough! No more politics but I hope the example is clear. We can’t run our lives or business off the example we see in our government. Its crappy.

It isn’t a good role model any longer. That is what we should be. We should be better role models. We should be more conscientious. We need to care more for each other and a little bit less for ourself. Love yourself. It is critically important but love others too. Keep giving.

Be Around People In Person Who Can Love And Support You

Take time for the people around you. Connect in person. Put the phone away for awhile. YES, I know it is difficult to not take another selfie or text someone something inane. I know it is nearly impossible to abstain. Give it a try for a couple minutes at a time.

Connect in person! Give some attention. Listen to listen and learn not to argue and counterpoint. Listen to discover who the person you are with is and what is important to this person. Allow them to discover you too! Exchange and enjoy! Live and uplift. Share. TALK!

We are niche marketed into splinters. We aren’t exposed to diverse concepts as groups. Let’s not exist only as a person in a house at a computer but let’s be a neighborhood again. Let’s discover a diverse community not just those who are carbon copies of us.

Strangers Are Potential Friends – We Just Haven’t Met Them Yet

Let’s go beyond our limits. Let’s seek to understand outside the box and our narrow sphere of our targeted personal niche. Let’s understand and appreciate others for their different opinions and practices. Let’s become a melting pot again. Let’s connect.

Let’s cooperate. Let’s support and uplift. Let’s learn from everyone and from everywhere. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of everyone and appreciate all the similarities. We are, people, one species, after all. We are a diverse collection of one species on one globe.

Don’t buy into the goal of the marketers and the media to provide you only what you already like. Expand your horizons. Bridge the gaps. Delight in difference. I’m not saying you can’t have your singular likes, you can, but have others also. There world is vast!

Learn From Everyone – Learn From Everywhere – Be Open – Invite

Go beyond what you know. Expose your mind to new and different ideas. Embrace and delight in all of it. Be receptive. Come out from behind the technology and interact. Face to face rather than face to Facebook. Enjoy, learn, connect and celebrate everyone and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Meet someone new today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

Transform Yourself Into Someone People Want To Do Nice Things For


“So why all this discussion on SD, overcoming fears and swapping positive emotions and habit formation? Because it means you really can learn to do anything you want. You can learn to become a better communicator and get people to do what you want them to do.

You can transform yourself from someone who may not be very effective into someone of great influence and benevolent power. You can make yourself listen better, pay attention, be respectful, go the extra mile, take action, do unto others, and get back in return.

You can become a selfless enlightened giver or a greedy son of a bitch. It is always your choice. If you already are an enlightened giver you can still go beyond anything you presently know. If you are a greedy SOB you can change that right away to get better results.

It Costs You Absolutely Nothing To Be Nice – Go That Extra Mile

You can eliminate fears, doubts, bad habits and anything that holds you back. You can learn new powerful thoughts and beliefs, value important new values, feel incredible, chose your feelings and learn to take action. You can behave as you prefer to. It is in your power.

You can systematically expose yourself to new thoughts, beliefs and ideas. You can bit by bit daily condition yourself in small increments to take new positive, productive actions, think new thoughts, feel new feelings by repeated daily correct practice.  Keep this in mind.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. You use the very same process, procedure, mechanism that created your original beliefs, feelings and actions to create the new ones you now chose. That is the difference. The first ones you learned by exposure.

If You Met Yourself Would You Want To Be Friends With You

You didn’t have a say. You were too young and didn’t know you had choices. Now you know. Now you can choose to be whoever you want to be. Now you can choose to make your present and future whatever you want to make it. You practice being the you you want.

You make the new you a habit. This is friggin’ awesome, don’t you think? Sure it takes some dedication. It can also be wildly fun and adventurous. As you see the changes and your gains you can feel thrilled! You can and will make progress. YOU transform yourself.

Repeatedly expose your mind and being to the very best thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, people, reading and listening material, events and circumstances and you and your life will change for the best. Manifest what you want by diving into what you want more of.

Develop Positive Supportive Habits Through Correct Practice

It works! It works! It works! Practice! Practice! Practice. Develop new habits that support you in being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and having what you want. Eliminate the chronic habitual thoughts, feelings and behavior that held you back.

If you want your life to change you must change some things in your life. Become a person who can easily appeal to others, engage their interest, rivet their attention. Transform yourself into the person others naturally want to do nice things for. Become extra likable!

Practice gratitude for everything. Where you are at, where  you have been, and where you are going. Appreciate all your experiences and lessons. Be thankful for all the people in your life easy to get along with and challenging; those close to you and those strangers. Be thankful. Delight and celebrate everything!”

Delight fully today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

Would A Movie Company Be Willing To Take You Camping?


“Would a movie production company be willing to take you camping? Heck, would any company take you camping? It is important that you be able to answer, ‘YES’! Do you know why? This is necessary to understand. People say ‘yes’ to people they like.

People want to hang around with people they like. Get it? No one wants to go camping, or be on a set, or work together with a person who is a downer. They’ll avoid the person who isn’t a team player. They don’t want to be around a selfish, self-absorbed complainer.

You need to be likable! Get known as a team player. Support other’s and allow others to support you. If you GO FIRST it is more likely they will want to support you in return. ALWAYS be willing to go first. Don’t wait for others. Set the gold standard. Take the initiative.

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More – Be A Team Player

You get known by your actions. OR you get known by your lack of actions. You want to develop the best reputation you can. You will accomplish this when  you add value and go beyond what anyone else is willing to do. You will be highly regarded and sought after.

Your reputation precedes you! You are known by your fruits, or your behaviors. Actions speak louder than words. Remember this! Attitude is everything. It determines your altitude. How far you go, how successful you become, is determined by those around you.

No one ever makes it on their own. The term self-made is a fallacy. People make it together. One may rise or be pushed to the top but without the support of others, there is no where to go. You’re all in the same boat. You need to row in the same direction. Get this?

Good Players Inspire Themselves Great Players Inspire Others

Celebrate other workers successes. Provide genuine praise and enthusiasm. You succeed by helping others succeed. In the movie business, one of the industries I work in and enjoy, being someone who adds value, who is friendly and not a grumbler, is critical.

People tend to complain about their bosses, the job or project, other workers, the weather, you name it. If you don’t you get noticed for being positive and optimistic. When a movie company crews up and casts up one consideration, of course is, is the person qualified?

Whether one can do the job, or not, IS critical? What have they done before? Who has hired them? WHO is this job candidate? Their reputation is important. Who referred them are typical and critical questions. Still, there is a mindset that governs much of the hiring.

You Inspire Others By Showing Them How Incredible They Are

If we were going camping would we want to bring this person along? Would they be fun to have? Will they get along with everyone? Working together can be like a camping trip. It often is; on location, with movie companies. Do we want this person at the campfire?

If you’re the kind of person who is likable and who likes and helps everyone else, who goes the extra mile and adds value, while not being a pest or interfering then you are desirable. When you uplift others instead of bringing them down people tend to say yes to you.

People will be willing to go further for you and do what you want when you demonstrate you are willing to go first for them. When you support, uplift, are positive, friendly, honest, dependable, loyal they will want you on their team. Don’t gossip or grumble; you win.

You Can Succeed Best And Quickest Helping Others Succeed

On the other hand if you are known as a complainer, someone who gossips; a person who rains on the parade, who can’t or doesn’t do the job any boss, any company has little use for you. You might fool them at first but you won’t fool them for long. Do you get this?

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate others. Appreciate where you are, what you do, and life in general and you get further faster. Acknowledge others and support them. Celebrate their achievements and successes and you will win too. You will move up when you are a valuable person to have around. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, pay it forward!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Guidelines For Getting Along With Others While Talking


“Here are a few tips and principles that will help improve you ability to connect and communicate with another person. Stay open and positive. Don’t label the other person as a poor or bad communicator.  Don’t judge them that only makes things worse.

Assume you are missing the point rather than judging them. Take responsibility for listening better. Blaming them won’t help. If you change what you are doing it might. Stay open.  Assist them in being clearer. With your help you may create better understanding.

Everything depends on your intent as a communicator. Are you seeking to understand or ridicule. If you make judgements and insist they change to suit you it actually inhibits the process. You shut down and it is more difficult for them. Don’t let emotions get in way.

Not Everyone Thinks The Way You Think Or Knows What You Do

Make it easier for the listener.  Help the communicator be clearer if able. Ask simple questions politely to help them clarify their points. Gently and patiently bring it out of them. Elicit it gradually. Take responsibility for making the process go nicely for both of you.

A frame you can adopt to help you is to assume they don’t know any better. They can’t help but do it the way they are doing it. It isn’t their fault and they aren’t bad. It is just the way it is. Imagine helping a small child to do something well. Encourage them along.

The goal in communicating is to build a bridge between parties. It is to learn to speak the other person’s language rather than insisting they speak yours. While it might be nicer if they did it your way be the bigger person and adapt to them. Be flexible. Be a chameleon.

Not Everyone Believes What You Believe Or Acts As You Act …

Change what you are doing so you can get along with more people. If you only have one way of doing something you are limited in the number of people you can influence. If you adapt and help make the process enjoyable you win more friends. Make them feel at ease.

Help them feel comfortable speaking with you and they will want to do it again. Make gentle and direct eye contact. Listen intently and once in a while repeat back to them what they said so they know you are listening. Do the same if you want them to be clearer.

Repeat and ask them what is meant. Always be polite and respectful. Nod and ‘uhhuh’ or say ‘yes’ also once in awhile. Don’t stare. Talk less and listen more but don’t be completely silent looking like you are in trace. Engage, be appealing. Smile, encourage them to talk more.

Remember This And You Will Get Along With A Lot More People

Ask questions but don’t interrogate. Don’t ask so many they feel they are being put to a test. Give them some room to be themselves. Often it is best to sit next to them than opposite them. Or sit t the corner of a table rather than across from each other.

I’ll share more as we continue. For now implement what you learn. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. Expect to have a nice time. Mentally shower them with love or gratitude or peace. Your outer behavior does reflect your inner behavior, whether it is positive or negative, so keep it positive. Enjoy communicating and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate with friends today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Get People To Do What You Want!


“Are there people in your life getting along with seems impossible? Would you like to help them understand you better? Do you argue more than you want to? Would you like to be more influential? Want to more easily and readily get others to do what you want?  Do you?

The goal of communication is understanding. Most of us think it is only to inform.  We inform each other of our intentions or what is going on. We think, since we  ‘communicated’ or spoke our thought or piece the other should understand and respond appropriately.

Good communication is more than telling the other person what ‘is’. Good communicating involves delivering the message in the manner the intended recipient can understand it. You make certain it is  well understood, clarify it as necessary and listen openly all the while.

Communication’s Biggest Problem – The Illusion It’s Taken Place

If it is not understood the sender must adjust the message until the receiver ‘gets it’. This means being flexible and having more than only one way to speak or communicate ideas. This means communicating the way the receiver is used to getting messages.

It doesn’t mean getting angry, raising our voice, yelling at or name calling the listener ‘stupid’ because the person doesn’t understand. It means attempting to help the receiver understand by being respectful and helpful. This is where the Platinum Rule comes in.

The Golden Rule is marvelous! It should always be applied. ‘Do unto others the way you prefer to have things done unto you.’ That is a guideline for not mistreating others. Think about your preferences and don’t do less for other people. It is a wonderful rule to follow.

The Most Important Thing In Is To Hear What The Other Is Saying

Go The Extra Mile is another fantastic principle that states don’t just do the job but go above and beyond what is called for. Deliver more value than any one else. Blow their socks off by doing more than they expect. This is another wonderful rule to practice daily in all.

The Platinum Rule states ‘Do unto others the way they prefer to be done unto’. In other words do it their way. Do it the way they like. Do it the way they are used to. This is important especially when communicating. Help them understand by speaking their language.

If someone speaks another language than you speak, if you really want understanding, then attempt to speak in their language. They don’t understand yours. Don’t make them try. You speak theirs. You are delivering the message help them understand. Get it. Go first!

Good Communication Means Respecting Yourself And Others

It doesn’t help to raise your voice. It doesn’t help to get frustrated or mad or blame them because they don’t understand the language you are speaking. It doesn’t help to ridicule or give up. It helps if you adjust and attempt to phrase it meaningfully for them.

Speak their language! Adjust and continue. Continue to adjust until you get the desired results. Adjust and continue until they understand. Don’t berate them. Be patient. Allow them their misunderstanding. After all they are trying to understand YOU!

In a few series of upcoming posts we will explore how to better and more easily communicate. If you want friends, co-workers, lovers and even strangers to better and more easily understand you, and get along with you, then it is worth learning to communicate better.

Listen More – Speak Less – Seek To Find Out Their Point Of View

The more you are able to express yourself the more you are apt to get agreement. The more agreement you get the easier and the more people you are able to positively influence. The better the understanding the greater the harmony and the relationships.

Enjoy and delight the opportunity we have to share ideas. Be grateful you have a means to do that. Appreciate that you have people in your life willing to listen and even ‘put up’ with you. Recognize how blessed you are to share with others. Learn, laugh, love and live! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate friends today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Here’ s How You Can Make The Law Of Reciprocity Work For You!


What is reciprocity? Is is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. You and I see it and experience it in action every single day. It works like this. I take you out for lunch and pay. You tell me, next time it is on you. You reciprocate the kindness.

I have a rule which says, Go First! If you want respect from others give them respect first. If you want to be listened to, be willing to and listen to them first. Whatever you want, offer it first, and because of the Law Of Reciprocity you are much more likely to get it back soon.

Get it? That is why people bring gifts to wine and dinner parties. They feel they should. That is why salespeople bring in doughnuts or why companies have candies or treats at trade shows. You take their gift you are more likely to listen or to purchase. It works. So use it.

Life Has  No Menu – You Get Served What You Deserve

Learn to make it work for you to get the good things you want by giving good things to others FIRST! It is the Law Of Attraction at work. Instant karma. What goes around comes around. Practice paying it forward and your world will change in delightful ways!

If you want acceptance and love from your family or friends then you must accept and love them first. The truth is reciprocity works in reverse too. If you resent and dislike others, harbor thoughts or feelings of ill-will, others are more likely to do likewise back to you.

This is important. You get what you  focus on. You get back what you put out there. Perhaps, you want to examine and check your attitude and thoughts about those people close to you. Make sure you are thinking and feeling your best about them. Give them your best.

Life Is A Boomerang – What You Give You Get In Return

You are more apt to gain their co-operation when you need it if you are a likable, lovable, accepting friend or family member. This works with strangers too. Be nice. Light up when you see someone. Compliment them genuinely and your day will become more grand!

Bless people! Bless your family and friends. Wish them well. Give first and you will get back. This is important, Give to Give not to get and your results will be much better. When you are genuine it works wonders. Love, bless, accept others. Be grateful and celebrate everything!’ Rex Sikes

Make it a magical day for you and yours!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Get Along Better With Everyone


“Would you like to get along better with people? For some that means family, friends, or employers, employees or co-workers and associates. For others it means strangers or people the meet in the coffee shop and supermarket Here is a framework to keep in mind.

To get along with others first notice they are different from you. They are unlike you in nearly every way. They like different things. They do things in ways you don’t like or understand. They have opposite views and understanding. They have different values.

They are not like you at all. The have different political views, religious views and approaches to doing things you may think are insane. They have habits or behaviors that are annoying. Why they are like they are and do what they do is anyone’s guess!

Speak In Such A Way That Others Love To Listen To You

While different in many ways they are also just like you. They have hopes and dreams, people and things they love, fears and worries, anger and sadness. They are people just like you but different. They want to be loved and need security. They want to be care for.

They want to care for others too. They want loyal dependable people around them. Most likely they want some creature comforts. Like you they are doing the best with what they have. Like you they are trying to make their way in the world with an incomplete map.

Just like you they weren’t born with an owner’s manual. They learn by trail and error too. They make mistakes and hold grudges. Do you get it yet? People are more like each other than they are different! We all have the same basic needs and many of the same wants.

Listen In Such A Way That Others Love To Speak To You

How we go about understanding these and fulfilling these differ. What we consider important may differ but otherwise we are mostly alike. We are all trying to make our way in the world. We make rules for ourselves and others. We uphold these and break these rules.

How do you best get along with others? Two ways. Treat others the way you prefer to be treated. AND treat others the way they prefer to be treated. The first is about YOUR mindset. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you like it do it for others.

If YOU don’t like it then remember OTHERS may not either. Treat them the way you want to be treated. If you want respect, respect them. If you want love, love them. If you want to be heard, listen to them. Get it? Whatever you want, give first, and you will give it back.

Enter Someone Else’s World And Make Them Feel You Understand

Treat others the way they prefer to be treated means THEY may not want to get it the way you do. They may like their coffee with cream while you like yours black. Give them coffee with cream. Be willing to adjust and tailor your approach to their preferences. Understand?

Give them what they want or need they way THEY want or need it. Do not demand they do things, think things of feel things as you do. Allow them to be themselves with their preferences. Allow them to pursue their dreams as they see fit. Stop judging and start accepting.

Live and let live. You want to be understood and ask that people speak softly. They want to be understood and ask that people speak up. To best communicate with them speak loudly. You may ask that they be a little more quiet. Negotiate  an agreement. Consider this.

Be The Person That Makes Others Feel Special

Some people walk either faster or slower than you do. Walk at their rate. Do it their way. Together you will find a rhythm. The same is true when speaking. Some speak faster others slower. If you are with a fast talker speed up a bit, with a slower one, slow down.

Why is this important to do? You learn to be more flexible and adjust and vary your behaviors. You learn to communicate with more people. Doing this takes you out of your comfort zone but eventually you become more comfortable doing things in a variety of ways.

It will help you learn better that we are the same while different. Whatever color, gender, nationality, religion or political ideology we are pretty  much the same. We want mostly the same things and yet, we go about getting what we want differently. Our values may differ.

Be Known For Your Kindness And Grace

The more mentally and behaviorally flexible you are and the more you can accept others for whom they are and the more successful you can be. The more ways you have to understand people the greater your chances for creating understanding with more people.

Most people are trying to do the best they can with the cards they feel they have been dealt. Many don’t realize it can be different. They only see from their conditioned point of you. If you can get beyond your conditioning you can have greater success with others.

Treat people  the way you want to be treated but also they way they want to be treated. If you cultivate a deep appreciation for others that works wonders too. The more you are grateful the more the world opens up for you. You radiate an energy that attracts others.

Your Greatness Isn’t In What You Have It Is In What You Give

When you are positive and filled with gratitude deep within you can stop telling others how to live. You can allow and accept others for who they are. This gives you immense freedom too. You are free to let them be who they are and you are free to be yourself.

Live, laugh, learn and love. Fill yourself with delight. Be more willing to laugh with people and let hurts and daily jostles roll off of you. Let it all go. Don’t laugh at people but with them. Be grateful. Enjoy everyone. A stranger is merely a friend you haven’t met yet. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a  good today.

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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