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How To Get The Support You Need To Pursue Your Goals!


“Wouldn’t it be nice, when you are pursuing goals, to have some support from the people around you? Actors pursue careers, as do others, that can take years to to manifest. It’d be cool if loved one’s got that. It’d be helpful if someone had your back, right?

No one actually ever makes it alone. Think about it. From the smallest manufacturing to the largest pursuit in life people rely on others to help fulfill aspects of it along the way. We need and rely on others. We have to do it ourself but others ARE involved.

If only we could find like-minded people to work with. Sometimes we do. That is what networking can lead to. We look for others who can assist us. One important aspect that too many people miss about networking is that we should look for people we can assist!

Life Is An Echo – You Get Back What You Send Out

Look for others to support and help out along the way. Lend them a hand. Be there for them. Cheer them on when needed. Pick them up and help dust them off when needed. Inspire and motivate and help them make their dreams come true. Be committed, honest and loyal.

You do it for others. Do it! Too many of us get caught up in ‘OUR’ pursuits and forget about others. If you help others get what they want, if you are sincere and genuine in doing so, you are far more likely to attract and generate the support you need. Get it?

The principle is go first. What ever you want, be it first. Be it for another person. Help them without expecting anything in return. If you do you are far more likely to have people like that enter your network. Keep this in mind. Be there for others.

What You Give You Get – What You See In Others – Exists In You

Birds of a feather flock together. Provide for others whatever you can and others can more readily provide for you. Why does this work? Because others see it. The feel it. They respond to it. Even those not directly involved can tell when a good person is around.

They act and or they refer. You attract the right people to yourself by being the right person first. Don’t pass up this important principle. Don’t miss out on getting some of the greatest help you could ever find. Be there for others. Enjoy being of service. Help with a smile.

Support others and allow others to support you. They will. It may not happen over night. It won’t happen if you have a secret selfish agenda. It won’t last if you take advantage of others BUT it will if you act with integrity and want to see them, and help them succeed.

Own Your Words And Actions – Be Aware What You Put Out There

Give your best, give your all, give of yourself and others can too. Be happy they are moving forward. Be happy when someone around you gets what YOU want. Don’t be envious or resentful. Cheer them on. Attract what you WANT! Don’t create what you do not want!

Be grateful. Have fun. Delight. Appreciate others and what they are going through. Focus on someone besides just yourself, some times. Smile, serve and support. Open yourself to the possibility that others can and will do likewise for you if you allow them to.

Be it! Be willing to receive it! Reflect what you want reflected back. Go first. Be genuine, loving, kind, open, available, honest and trustworthy. Enjoy creating and attracting win/wins. Be positive and encouraging. Support and assist. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find ways to fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: Why You Should Go First; What Goes Around Comes Around!


“Today, experiment. Do something you have never done that is safe, positive, beneficial to you and to others. Make sure it is simple and easy enough so that you can and will do it. Don’t complicate things. Think about what you can do that will make things nicer.

I have a suggestion. Try this on if you don’t regularly do it. Be on time. In fact, be slightly early. Show up before you are supposed to by a little bit. Don’t be so early you are rude. If you are in the habit of always being late or making people wait for you change that today.

Here is another. If you are always chronic about being on time and driving your family and friends nuts pressuring them to be there, chill a bit. Relax. Be a moment or two later. Don’t be rudely late but relax just enough to not be so precise. Let go of stress. Ease up.

You Are Your Own – Pilot Choose Your Destination – Make It Nice

If someone always buys you coffee or dinner and you rarely treat others go and treat some friends. Heck, treat strangers. If normally you receive from others, this time, give. Buy coffee, or a meal. Drive instead of letting them drive. Pick up a movie ticket. Something.

Anything! Do something nice for someone before being asked to help. Beat them to it. Delight someone by helping out before they enlist you. Do the dishes, make your bed, sweep the floor, put the toilet seat down, anything that makes it easier for another person.

Once in a while have a service day when you do nice things for others for no reason other than you can and it feels good. Don’t expect anything in return and don’t hold it over another person’s head. You did it. Don’t talk about how you did it for them. Just do it.

What Goes Around Comes Around – Delight And Spread Goodwill 

Put out there the energy you hope to one day get back. Don’t want or expect it from the people you ‘help out’ or are nice to, let them have your gifts for free. No obligation. Just send out positive vibes, friendly, helpful, wonderful, attractive, positive vibes. Enjoy!

What goes around comes around. If not right away, eventually. Be what you want to attract to yourself. Go first. Enjoy people and putting smiles on their faces. Pay it forward. Feel grateful you are able to do this. Bask in the smiles and silently pat yourself on the back for helping to put those there. Celebrate them. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: How To Be Truly Wealthy And Not Just Rich

Horizons forest-yellow-phil-koch

“There are happy wealthy people and plenty of screwed up rich people. What makes the difference? Why are some wealthy in all areas of their life while others are greedy and miserable to be around. Both exist. How do you avoid being miserable with money?

Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said if you want to make money you must have a white hot burning desire for money. If you must have it the you must really want it  and be certain you will. Want it more than anything and believe you can get it is the formula.

Napoleon Hill was one of the original modelers long before Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) revived the concept of modeling. Napoleon Hill, long before Tony Robbins, many others, including myself, modeled and learned from 520 of the world’s wealthiest.

Health Is The Real Wealth – Not Silver And Gold

He distilled their methods of success into principles and practices which he first wrote about in ‘The Laws Of Success’. That book and ‘Think And Grow Rich’ are responsible for more millionaires perhaps than any other books. Hill knew his subject well.

Toward the end of his life he wrote that of the 520 only one was truly balanced and happy with his wealth. Hill pointed out that many others lost it, went mad or destroyed themselves because they made money their most important value.

You must have balance. You must be happy. You must emphasize other values and characteristics in order to live a good life. Help people, go the extra mile, love and value your family, friends and relationships. Don’t sacrifice wealth in all areas for monetary gain.

Without A Rich Heart Wealth Is An Ugly Beggar

Hill stated that your relationships, yours and others happiness, were far more important than ANY dollar amount. He emphasized balance and wisdom over greed. He said, have enough to live well and enjoy it. Don’t go insane trying to accumulate and keep it.

He knew these rich men. He stayed in their homes. He got to know their wives and their children and so many were severely screwed up. The families suffered. The kids a mess because they greedily sought riches, money, and not balance and wealth in all areas.

Many who used these principles to make money abandon the principles once they got money. Their mindset changed from wealth creation to scarcity. They feared losing what they gained instead of celebrating what they gained. What you focus on you get.

Happiness Does Not Depend On What You Have …

Since they now are scared of losing it they end up making that happen. They attract misfortune. For this reason alone a healthy mindset is important. You become what you think about most often.

If you worry about losing money you will find ways to lose it. You will create or attract or bring about the very thing you are wanting to avoid. Energy flows where you attention goes. This is why it is important to be happy, positive and grateful most of the time.

Hill pointed out that many who make money most important do arrive at the top by stepping on people. They stomp their way up the ladder. In the end these people and their families are not happy, but miserable. Their quest to greedily hoard it all ruins them.

… Happiness Solely Relies On What You Think

Money is tool that allows you to have more choice and do more things. You can benefit yourself and the world greatly when you have more money. If you hoard it you suck everything dry. Greed destroys families, friendships, businesses and individuals.

The mindset of greed is one of lack and competition. It destroys everything. The story of the Midas Touch points this out. Abundance heals and helps all. There is plenty to go around. Spread the good around. This mindset includes everyone and all good things.

Seek balance first. You can be, do and have everything you want. Focus on being a good person first. Focus on being happy, loving, kind and generous. Give and you get back. Take and it gets taken from you. There is great wisdom in being kind and compassionate.

Today Be Thankful How Rich You Are – Your Time Is Gold …

Be wealthy in health, love, and happiness. Enjoy money but  realize it isn’t everything, The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money can help you help others. If you are wealthy and balanced in all aspects you naturally want to do good for all.

Don’t put off well-being and happiness. Don’t sacrifice sanity for shekels. Those who are happiest and most successful  begin by learning to be happy and successful in their minds first. Inner happiness precedes outer happiness. Inner wealth before outer.

To create more abundance think and feel abundant from within. Feel gratitude. Look for examples in nature of abundance. There is plenty of everything in nature. Allow yourself to feel wealthy. Really feel it. Think it and feel it. Thought precedes feelings.

… Your Family Is Priceless And Your Health Is Your Wealth

Pretend, as you did when you were a child. Pretend, be wealthy and regal. Walk around as a happy, healthy, wealthy, confident, loving person. Imagine what a truly wealthy person feels like, and acts like. Live it in your imagination. Live as abundance.

Think ‘I am health, I am wealth, I am love, I am success and prosperity. I am happiness’. Feel it. Think, ‘I love  my life. My Life is wonderful!’ Think it. Keep thinking it and saying it over and over. Imagine it. See it. Pretend it. Make it real.

Say it inside your mind and out loud. Feel wonderful as you do. Fill yourself with joy and enthusiasm. Say it, ‘I am filled with joy and enthusiasm.’ Assert it. Declare it. Command it! Be it. Live it. Enjoy and you will! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals How To Handle And Prevent Trust Issues

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“You know how it feels when you trust someone; you take a person at their word, you expect them to follow through and they don’t. You feel hurt, angry or betrayed. At the least you feel disappointed and let down? I bet you have a discussion with yourself. Am I right?

Welcome to Part 20 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 21 tomorrow. Let’s go!

You blame that person. Perhaps, you vow to never again give your trust away. Right? Perhaps. It is hard to trust and be let down. It does nothing to improve relationships. A promise is broken no matter how big or small and people and relationships are affected by that.

Trust Is Like An Eraser It Gets Smaller After Every Mistake

Trust is defined simply as able to be relied upon, honest, truthful, dependable. We want people we trust to be these things and more. In return we may give our faith, our hopes, our respect. We may depend on them to carry through. We put great value on trust.

There are two people we need to be able to trust. The first is ourself. We need to keep our commitments or promises to ourself. We need to follow through on what we say to ourself and others. It we plan to clean our home or office then we should be sure to do it.

We have a relationship with ourself in a similar way that we have relationships to others. We are a person, we are important. We should love and respect ourselves. Too many don’t love themselves enough, sadly, while some others do, perhaps, too much.

How Can Anyone See How Awesome You Are If You Can’t See It

We should have a loving, kind, wonderful relationship on the inside. We should feel good about who we are. We should know we are a good person and worthy of good things. We ought to have a loving relationship with ourself and our self esteem should be high.

Our self image is important, as is our self talk. If you let yourself down, break your promises to yourself you are not treating yourself well. Why should you cause you to suffer a hit to your self image or self esteem? Why be disappointed in you? Stop. Don’t. Love, instead.

You feel better when you follow through. When you make a resolution keep it. Make a point to keep it. All day long we say to ourselves things we need or want to do. THEN do them. If it is realistic, possible, do-able and needs to be done – DO IT!

Trust = Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Keep your word to you! Don’t make excuses or blame. Don’t try to con yourself just keep your word if you give your word. Don’t play this game either. I knew children, when little, who would say this, ‘Uh huh, it doesn’t count. I didn’t say I promise in front of it.’ Stop!

If you say you will do something to or for yourself or another THAT IS THE SAME as saying you promise. If you say,’ I’ll get milk on the way home for you.’ Then do it! It is a promise. Someone is expecting you to follow through. Please understand this.

Whenever you don’t act according to your word you let someone down. Either yourself, others or both. Let your word be golden. It will improve your life, your relationship with you and with others. It will. You will learn and benefit in so many ways.

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word

Commitment and the will to do is one of the great powers you have available to you. Some never tap into this power because they never leave their comfort zone, they aren’t too greatly challenged, they don’t keep their word or for a variety of other reasons.

Claim your power to follow through and you will find your life transforming. You get more done, will be more productive and learn how to get your goals and dreams. You benefit from being able to self start, or initiate and follow through. You complete!

When you are able to look back and check things off your list it feels good. You have an inner reward. When you keep your word and complete your tasks it feels good! Seek to reward yourself this way and your abilities and good feelings will increase greatly.

Silly Me – I Thought You Were Going To Do What You Said 

Make follow through a habit and personal change will get easier. Whatever you want to do with ease you must first do with diligence. You want to feel your best most of the time. This is another way to insure you do. Keep your promises to you and to others.

The other trust is with others. They need to be able to trust you and you them. I like to keep things simple. Trust is earned and given. To be considered trustworthy one must behave in a consistent manner and keep one’s word. Be sure you are always trustworthy.

Is it possible others will let you down? Of course. No matter how many times one has faithfully proven themselves it is possible. Should this happen you need to gather information at that time, to communicate effectively and discover why.

We Improve Relationships By Encouraging Not Criticizing

Make whatever relationship considerations there are at that time. It is likely, if they have consistently demonstrated trustworthiness, to have some extenuating circumstances and good reasons for the let down but again that needs to be clarified.

Discuss what happened and why. We can’t expect someone  to ALWAYS  act consistently, can we? People are people and anything is possible. Make certain we aren’t placing people in impossibly difficult positions to maintain. This includes ourselves.

There will always be disappointments, get over it. Find the positive and focus on the 98% that has been good and will continue to be. Get over the small amount that never may. Most of what we experience, good or bad, is due to our attitude in the first place.

The One Thing You Can Give And Still Keep Is Your Word

Anything is possible, don’t be gullible. At the same time, mistakes happen, someone is bound to screw up or let you down at some point so don’t get bent our of shape over it. Have you ever let someone down?  Suck it, life happens. Stop being a whiner!

If you want trust. Go first. Be an exemplar role model. EVEN THEN you may not get it 100% of the time from others?  Celebrate the relationships you have and encourage the behaviors you desire. Nurture more of what you want in you and in others.

Encourage what you want to be repeated. Remain open, positive and expect good results. Don’t get out of whack when things happen to disappoint. Pick up and keep going. Your relationship with yourself and others are important. Care well for each. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Strategies For Handling Criticism And Cruel Remarks. Do This!

horizons into-the-shadows-of-light-phil-koch

Strategies to stop letting others hurt you. I got a request for a blog post on this topic. It is a great topic and a great request. I am happy to address it and give you and idea of some of the positive things you can do to change it from being a problem.

Listen to your own heart. Turn your thoughts and attentions to positive thoughts. Focus on your confidence. Make your Mantras ones of worthiness and self love. See yourself ideal. Visualize.

See your self resilient. Some people mentally put a protective colored bubble around themselves. Others just learn to let it roll off them as water off a duck’s back.

The Mind Is As Strong As It’s Weakest Think

You get what you focus on. If you focus on unwanted comments and let them hurt you they will. If you choose to ignore them and not let them bother you they won’t. The choice is yours.

It never hurts to develop a thicker skin so you don’t take what others say too seriously. When someone calls you a name realize it is really more about them than it is about you.

Understand this and rise above being offended or hurt. Stop being a victim. People project. We all do. What they find wrong about you is most likely more about them than it is about you. Know this!

You Get What You Focus On

Decide to be different. Learn how to let it go. Understand it is other people’s projections even when it is well-intended. Say thanks for sharing and move on.

Criticism from friends or foe is an opportunity to examine ourselves and grow. Say thanks. Examine yourself. If it is accurate apply the appropriate action or remedy to make the changes.

If not, let it go. Put everything into perspective as best you can. Consider the source. Be grateful you have friends. Learn to appreciate what you do have.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

If a loved one tells you something you didn’t want to hear, it may be well-meaning even if non-supportive. They don’t intend to hurt you. Understand this. They meant to be helpful. Be grateful.

If an enemy, well, why even bother to let it hurt you. What would you expect from an enemy? Let that one go right away. Don’t give it a second thought. It is an enemy.

Whether from friend of or enemy you might just consider it a gift. Often times friends won’t tell you like it is. Someone who doesn’t like you might. Consider this.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

If someone could tell you something about yourself, you didn’t realize, wouldn’t you want them to? What if everyone knew it but you? Wouldn’t you want some one to be honest enough to say it?

‘Hey you got a booger on your lip’ or ‘Your slip is showing.’ As if this last one mattered today when people where their underwear on the outside. But you get the idea, right?

Sometimes feedback can be useful even from an unwanted source, said in an unwanted way. We should want the feedback that helps us grow even if we don’t like getting it. Be open to valuable input.

When People Hurt You Repeatedly Think Of Them As Sandpaper…

Choose to think differently. Decide to learn not to let other’s opinions bother you. First remember, opinions don’t matter. Everyone has one. So what? Don’t fall apart because of one.

Learn to control your thoughts and direct your mind. When negativity comes your way, recognize it and choose to focus on the positive. Direct your mind elsewhere productive and positive.

Do not be a victim of someone else’s crappy behaviors. Don’t allow yourself to suffer because people are stupid, cruel and unkind. Realize they have more to lose by being the way they are.

… They Scratch You And They Hurt You …

If you are a nice person. If you attempt to live well, respect others and don’t succumb to trading poisonous barbs then rise above it all. Feel sorry for the low life’s who can’t. Pity them and move on.

Develop you confidence and self-esteem. Use affirmations, visualizations and condition yourself. Develop your strengths and accept and let go of your weaknesses. Or develop them too.

If you can change something change it. If you can’t accept that you can’t and change something else that you can. Like your attitude. Change your attitude if you can’t change the other things.

… But Later You’ll Be Shining And Polished

In fact, just develop the attitude of a winner, a champion and a victor and you will be less likely to be susceptible to frivolous attempts to hurt you. You’ll be less like to be overly sensitive to well meaning criticism.

Well, there are a few things you can do. There are more. Perhaps, we’ll discuss them another time too. Meanwhile, gratitude works wonders. If you preoccupy yourself with being grateful for everything you are less likely to get hurt.

You can find the silver lining in the dark clouds. Look for the good behind all things. Miracles can happen when you are thankful. You get back more of what you focus on so focus on the best and let go of the rest. Be grateful, truly appreciative and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel positive today. It’s a great day to find your best feelings!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Want Success To Be Yours You Must Prepare The Way

horizons only-a-moment-phil-koch

“A lot of people hope they will be successful. Do you? They wish and they want but they just never seem to make it as they would like. Has this been your story? They try really hard to no avail. Success doesn’t come often to those who want it, wish for it and hope they will have it. Rarely, if ever! Success comes to those who expect it!

If you want to be successful you have to KNOW you will be. It has to be a certainty! Originally, it may start out as a hope but it must be transformed. Otherwise, it is unlikely. Success is a mindset. It begins inside you before the results become available to you in the outer world. From within to without. Be Success and Success Follows!

Successful people think successful. It doesn’t occur to them that something they want to make happen, won’t. They know they will find a way. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know how, the how will come. Success comes from certainty not wishing. Certainty aligns all of your resources like a laser beam so you can act and move forward.

There is a Bible story, I will paraphrase, for an example, and just an example. I may not even get it correct as I am pulling it from the back of my head. Some where, some people were waiting and praying for rain that was needed. I think god ordered them to dig some trenches to prepare.  They did not.

At some point god speaks to them and says, ‘where are the trenches? If you expected it to rain you would have dug the trenches.’ I guess his point is, if you knew it would rain you would most likely take an umbrella. Okay, pretty poor paraphrase at that. Hopefully, you get the idea.

If you know something will happen then you get ready for it. If success is inevitable you do certain things because of that. This is how you become successful. What starts as a wish and hope must be clarified into a strong want, increasing in desire. It must become you obsession that you transform into faith, knowing you will succeed!

You do things because you know you will succeed. You might also not do other things because of that. You would no longer wish, hope, worry, fret, get sidetracked, of bummed out because it wasn’t happening quick enough. You would remain steadfast and secure. ‘O ye of little faith!’ Am I right or am I right! You would be secure!

Yes, you would still visualize, you would still affirm, you would still ‘act as if’ with complete faith in yourself making it happen. After all, you’re the one who makes it happen. YOU with others are responsible for your success. No one ever makes it alone,  in isolation. You make it with others. So be a nice team player!

A good team player helps uplift and support others. You add value first. You would go the extra mile. When others know their interests are in your heart they can puts your interests in theirs. You celebrate anyone’s forward movement and together you move to the top of the ladder. A rising tide floats the entire boat!

Granted some not so nice people claw and trample their way to the top but that is not you. You can be positive and nice and very, very rich, happy and successful. In fact, if you are happy, successful and rich on the inside first, if you are nice first, you will be nice, happy, successful and rich as the days play out. It works this way!

Commit to being a positive player! Work on developing your certainty. Develop complete faith in your positive ability to get your dreams and goals. You CAN DO This when you believe you will! Be persistent and keep moving forward. Have faith and never give up. You will succeed! SO, right now, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Opportunities make up the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This And Your World Can Immediately Become Better!

horizons years-gone-by-phil-koch

“It always fascinates me how things work out together. Some call it synchronicity. The topic I chose to write about today came home to me in a delightful way. I had planned to write on kindness and committing those random acts when one happened to me.

Prior to writing this I am at home. I had dozed off. I was awakened gently by my daughter who said, ‘I brought you soup’. Wonderful, I thought. Plus, she brought home something for me to drink. I am delighted. It was welcomed and it was tasty.

I felt well taken care of and loved. As we talked and I ate soup, it comes out that out she has been delivering soup to a friend’s grandmother for a number of weeks. She had visited once and realized the woman’s refrigerator was bare.

If You Want To Lift Yourself Up Lift Up Someone Else

She had a couple eggs, cheese, and nothing in the freezer. My daughter brought some soup over the next evening and the woman enjoyed it. So my daughter made it more of a regular thing. She’d take her a quart or two of soup.

Nightly, after work, she’d tell me she was going to this woman’s house. Even in very bad weather she made the delivery. I had been concerned at times when weather was rough. I wanted her to come home safe,  but she would say she was going to her friend’s grandma’s house first.

I never knew why until tonight.  It simply came up as we chatted and I ate the soup she brought me. After some more conversation she stated she was excited about our plans for the evening tomorrow. Off to her room she went. I am blessed with two wonderful children. I was well taken care of this late night.

You Don’t Need A Reason To Help People

I am very proud. My daughter simply wanted to do something nice for this woman because she cared. She said, though the woman has a job and works hard she has a difficult time making ends meet. She can’t make enough money to buy much food.

My daughter cared! She acted! When people care for other people we lift each other up. We ought to  assist people without criticizing them for their lot in life. We help them because of what is in our heart not because of what they can do in return.

I think this is what life is really all about. Simple kindness. Simple goodness to each other. We are all on this cloud encased globe together. We ought to be able to get along, help and enjoy each other. I will close this out soon, but first a quote I would have used tonight, anyway. Joseph Murphy wrote the following:

My Religion Is Kindness – Dali Lama

‘There is no one to change but yourself. You have to be nice to yourself; the real self of you is God. Exalt, honor, revere and respect this Divine Presence within yourself; then you are loving and honoring your neighbor.Your neighbor is the closest thing to you; God is your neighbor; and if you love God you will have goodwill toward all men.’

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way toward helping us help people feel exalted, honored, revered and respected. We should strive to lift each other up together instead of tearing each other apart or down. More kindness is needed, less greed and intolerance.

Be kind. Do something nice for yourself by doing something nice for someone else. Let your actions be your reward not the praise from others. It feels good to do something nice. It is increase for all! A rising tide floats the boat and everyone in it.

Right Now How You Feel Is Creating The Future

It is good to uplift others. When you put it out there you get it back in countless untold ways. Simply make it a point to be more gentle, accepting, kind, peaceful and loving. The more love and goodness we spread around the more we get back to enjoy and spread again.

Create that ambience around you. And know this: People are mostly good! We hear about the bad ones all the time in media, but mostly, people are wonderful! We all should keep that in mind. What we focus on we get back. Let’s focus on the goodness. Let’s build what we want to have more of. Let’s celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day to be thrilled!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Can Help Yourself While Helping Others Through Tough Times

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“We all face tough times, don’t we?  Life throws us curve balls from time to time. That just is the way it is. Times can be hard. The question is do you rise to meet tough times and see them through or do you buckle, cave and let them triumph over you? How do you meet the tough times you go through?

Napoleon Hill maintained that when the going gets tough your sincerity of purpose will sustain you. I love this because so much of what he wrote about was going the extra mile, adding value to others, helping others and applying the Golden Rule. He stated that these practices will help you make your dreams come true.

When others know that their interests are in your heart they can and do go out of their way for you. You could end up with booking more jobs, getting more clients and customers because you become known for delivering quality above and beyond the call of duty. You get known as someone with integrity and who cares.

It is hard to beat that, especially in this day and age when customer service is hard to come by, profits above people rule the purchase. Wages are low, costs are high. People have been demeaned an devalued. Help them, care for them, go that extra mile, deliver on your promises and then some and you will stand out.

I love another story Hill shared about Henry Ford and a woman named Martha Berry, founder of a Northern Georgia school for poor girls and boys. Their parents were not able to pay to send them to school. Times were tough for Ms. Berry and it was difficult to keep the school afloat.

She managed to book a meeting with mogul Henry Ford and requested a small donation to keep the school running. Ford refused. ‘Well then’, she said, ‘would you give us a bushel of peanuts?’ Apparently, this amused Ford so he honored this request. She and the students planted, harvested  and replanted the peanuts.

They made considerable sums of money. She took the money to Ford to show him how she had increased the return on his investment. Because he was so impressed with her and the students efforts he donated farm equipment and tractors.  He gave enough equipment to keep the self-sustaining school in business.

Over the years he contributed more than a million dollars to the school Ms Berry founded. Though skeptical at first, her strong belief in what she was doing convinced Ford to do what he first had refused to do. By her actions and faith she demonstrated that she was fully engaged in an absolutely worthy endeavor.

An endeavor so worthy that she would never let any obstacle or adversity prevent her from prevailing. She would never give in. Ford stated, ‘I couldn’t help but be impressed with her sincerity and the way she applied it on behalf of the needy boys and girls.’ Ms Berry was one who would not let circumstances rule but one who would rule over circumstances.

She demonstrated sincerity, ingenuity, the ability to take action, persistence, and much more, including her dedication and willingness to help others. Hill commented, ‘You can achieve your own goals in life by proving to others you have a sincere desire to help them. If you do,you won’t have to worry about the lean times. You will have more clients or customers than you can handle.’

I think this is a beautiful and excellent reminder to remember we are all in it together. A rising tide floats the entire boat. Together, we can make wonderful things happen. We can and should help others especially the more powerful we become. It reminds us that what we are on the inside will be reflected in what we create on the outside. From within to without. The good we put out there comes back to us!” Rex Sikes

Make it a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret Knack Some Already Know: How You Can Get What You Want In Life

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“Do you want a happening career? Do you want to get a great job? Would you like to be happier? Want more money? Are you interested in the good life? People try all sorts of things; they work really hard, hope, prayer, they bargain, try magic and the law of attraction.

How do you get what you want? Lot’s of people work hard but don’t get anywhere. They try all those things but still struggle. That is sad. I think they can have what they want if they work smarter not necessarily harder. They could stop trying and start getting instead. It is not that difficult once you understand how.

I don’t like the term ‘the law of attraction’ but  I use it occasionally to discuss what you can make happen. The practice is powerful and absolutely works but it is not the ‘instant magic pill’ people wish it to be.  When they find out ‘it’ doesn’t match their unrealistic expectations they quit, blame it for not working, and move on.

To Bring Anything Into Your Life Imagine It Is Already There 

When I say it isn’t magic I mean it doesn’t come from outside of you. No one waves a magic wand. It all stems from within you. It is a process and it requires time, so be patient. It is absolutely reliable. It does work AND it is completely up to you. What is the law of attraction then?

It is the harnessing and focusing of your internal mental powers. That means you focus on your goal with such desire, such passion, that all else falls away. You target your goal with laser like precision. All of your energy is devoted to making this come true. With your brain and your being you make it happen.

Your goal begins as an idea that you make real. You create it and then you fashion it. It is all you! You focus your energies and resources the same way you aim a magnifying glass to focus light and burn paper. That same paper can sit in unfocused daylight forever and never burn. You use the power of concentrated focus!

You Attract Whatever You Give Your Attention To

You marshall your resources and abilities. Your intention and attention is so devoted to what you want. Your subconscious works on this day and night. It comes up with ideas and plans for how you can accomplish it. You do not have to know how in order to begin. Your subconscious initiates these processes as you move forward.

As you act the ‘how’ is taken care of by you brain. It makes the connections and generates ideas for the how. Your may change your plans many times en route to your destination. Still, keep proceeding to where you want to get. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. If obstacles arise detour, but keep going. Persist.

Along the way you begin to understand that success never happens in isolation. If you are smart you do things that attract and enlist the aid of others. You develop your personality to be likable. You make certain you are someone others would want to help. You apply the Golden Rule for this purpose.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

You genuinely respect and like people. You go the extra mile and add value first. Help without having to be asked. Surround yourself with others who are smarter than you and who have talents and abilities you do not. That way you don’t need to know how to do everything because there are friendly others who can help you .

They support you because you support others. You celebrate each other. Together, you work in pursuit of your goal as a team. You are a valued player. Through cooperation you all move ahead. Life is wonderful because you surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. You are one too.

With your mind and energies focused your brain becomes alerted to others, events and opportunities that are beneficial.  Wonderful things come your way because you are more attractive. Friendliness, commitment, drive and your passion are attractive. This is how you attract opportunity to yourself like a magnet.

Whatever You Consistently Hold In Your Mind You Experience

You become a beacon, a  light others are drawn to. You evolved yourself. You make everything happen. You are responsible. You are a deliberate creator. You and the other people help you succeed. You discover and create opportunities. There is no reason to be egotistical. Together you make it.

You started it. You have to maintain it. Keep going until you have what you want.  Value your time and energy and use it wisely to accomplish your dreams. Because you have surrounded yourself with like minded dedicated people together you can discover more opportunity.

Enjoy this new good life as it  comes to you; that you draw your way. Celebrate and appreciate everything. Be thankful and express it freely. Remain humble and, yet, certain. Keep the faith always. Obstacles that arise are learning opportunities. Remember, all defeat is temporary unless you give up. So keep going.

You Are The Designer Of Your Destiny

Maintain your focus. Keep up your positive mental attitude and your positive, productive actions, behaviors and practices. Develop positive, reliable habits and eliminate the old worn out ones. Replace tired, chronic defeatist thinking with powerful, positive thoughts. It is far, far easier than you might even imagine.

You have evolved yourself and your life. Looking back you can connect the dots and see how you made it happen. While going through it keep the desire high and the faith high. Believe in yourself and you ability to go after and get what you want. Keep going no matter what.

When finished you will know the law of attraction works.You will have created and attracted what you want. Once you have put it all into practice it is easy to do again and again. Live the life of a creator. Your thoughts become things. What you focus on you get. It gets easier the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. You develop the knack for it.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Live with gratitude and appreciation. Help others. Most don’t and won’t ever live this way, but you can, if you only will. Celebrate and enjoy! Delight and make more moments marvelous. Have fun and enjoy all the good things you were born to enjoy. The world is your paradise. Love it and care for it. The Law Of Attraction is YOU!” Rex Sikes

What will you accomplish today that makes you smile?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Characteristics Of The Success or Failure: Which Fits You?

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“Can you be successful in your career? Is it in the cards for you? Will you make your dreams come true? Are you be the kind of person who makes it happen?

Are you not sure? Do you doubt that you might make it?  Are you failing? Is there a lot of conflict? Do you know why? What are the differences between the successful and the not so successful?

The Successful Person has a definite chief purpose well defined. She knows precisely what she wants. She made plans to accomplish her goals and believes firmly in her abilities to make them happen.

She works her plans. She spends a significant portion of time each day toward achieving these.  She maintains a positive mental attitude. She has an optimistic outlook.

She looks for solutions instead of problems. She enjoys her life and makes the best of all situations. She looks for the best in others and praises instead of criticizes. She uplifts. She is great to be around.

She knows others help you to succeed and are important so she learns how to communicate and influence them positively. She creates bonds of friendship and takes an interest in them.

She respects people, is friendly and co-operative. She celebrates their successes and does not envy them when they advance. She is a valued member of the team and she values the others as well.

She is thoughtful and does not criticize. Careful with her words, she thinks before speaking. She only expresses opinions about things she actually has bothered to look into, inform herself of and learn about.

She keeps current with what is going on in the world, as well as immediately around her. She is able to intelligently and calmly discuss current affairs.

She keeps her mind open and is tolerant of others and their opinions and practices. She includes rather than excludes others. She is inviting. She is a person who unites rather than divides.

She assists others and adds value to them first. She goes the ‘extra mile’ or renders more service in her work than she is paid for. She under promises and over delivers.

She adds service knowing that she makes herself highly valued to those around her and who have hired her. Because of her attitude and her behaviors she is indispensable. She succeeds!

The Not So Successful Person doesn’t know what she wants. She drifts and floats from plan to plan, idea to idea. She never spends enough time with any one goal to be successful.

Her success depends on luck, the right events or on others. She does not take responsibility for her thoughts, decisions, or actions. It is not within her control and she doesn’t hold herself accountable.

She is frequently negative or just so-so. The weight of the world is carried on her shoulders. She complains often or blames. She criticizes and finds fault with others and the world at large.

She speaks without thinking. She is not well informed and often misstates events or positions. She repeats gossip and breeds resentment. She hurts feelings and causes strife with her tongue.

She is intolerant of others, their opinions and their practices. She divides and has a closed mind. Her behaviors cut her off from forming bonds, supporting each other and enjoying opportunity.

She looks to benefit a lot by doing very little. She doesn’t pull her weight nor does she offer any added value. Her own needs are her immediate concern.

While the successful person cultivates friendships with all, the not so successful person only cultivates friendships with those whom she thinks she will gain something from. She is in it only for her self.

Both types of individual are where they are in life because of their mental attitude and their actions towards self and others. This list is not exhaustive by any means. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day an incredible one!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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