How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 3

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

“…When you watch the movie you should feel incredible because everything you wanted you now have! It is your movie make it what you want. You are the writer, the producer, the director and the star make it what you want it to be! Spend time visualizing in this way. I will discuss more in the next post. Begin today…”

Continued from How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 2

“As with all exercise and abilities we get better with practice.  Do the best you are able to. You may surprise yourself with how easy it is. If it is not so easy at first, it will become easier as you continue to do this. Regardless, of how well or how poorly you do this deliberate visualization you must know and understand that you are already doing some version of it in your head most of the time.

Re-read that last sentence. You are already using the power of visualization to get the results you currently are getting. You bring about your circumstances. It all begins first within.

Your results are the end product of how you are already using your mind. Your life is the result of what you are already doing with or without awareness. You have or don’t have whatever it is in life because of how you have been and are presently using or not using your mind. There is no blame nor shame in that. You have been doing whatever you have been doing.

It brings you whatever your dominant thoughts are. If you focus on lack and not having enough and you don’t have all you want or need is it any wonder why. The problem is compounded because then when people don’t have enough they continue to worry about it and think about it.

don't sit around waiting forwaever

If you want more you have to create more and that starts with your thinking process. You have to imagine and see and create what you want and stop focusing on what you don’t want. You bring about whatever you think about.

For many people they get wish washy results because they are 50/50 in their thinking. If most of your thinking is negative and your life is very much not how you want it you need to create much more positivity. You need to shift the balance over to the positive side. If you are 80% positive you are probably doing pretty well.

If you want to get better results you will have to bring some deliberate purpose to what you do and change some of what you are already doing. Then you can begin to get incredible results and my guess is that is what you would like to be getting.

Realize that you bring about what you think about.

Spend at time visualizing and creating what you want.  If you have to do it in increments whenever you are able. Spend 5 minutes, 10, 30 minutes a day deliberately using your imagination to create what you want. Close your eyes and relax and visualize.

Re-read what you wrote down at least twice a day. Read it with all the gusto and energy and enthusiasm you can muster. Be alive, feel incredible and bring this energy to all that you think and do.” Rex Sikes

OK more next time. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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