How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 4

you are responsible for your experinces

…”Spend 5 minutes, 10, 30 minutes a day deliberately using your imagination to create what you want. Close your eyes and relax and visualize.

Re-read what you wrote down at least twice a day. Read it with all the gusto and energy and enthusiasm you can muster. Be alive, feel incredible and bring this energy to all that you think and do…”

Continued from  How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 3

“It would be great if you would spend at least 30 minutes each day visualizing what you want. That is not too much to ask. Up the amount, increase it as you are able. Commit to it.

If you want that future be willing to pay the price for it. Morning or night spend some concentrated time. Whenever you can throughout the day spend a minute or more living it in your mind.

Relax and enjoy seeing yourself in your future.

When you see it and can hold it in your head you will eventually hold it in your hand. Expect it, anticipate it, believe it, know that it is already yours.

What you focus on and spend your time concentrating on is what the unconscious mind works on making happen. It organizes your behaviors around creating and attracting what it is you want.

It helps you go after what you desire and make bring it into being.

It is not magic it only seems like magic. It accesses your inner resources and talents and abilities so you will move forward.

This process, the servo mechanism works to bring about the wanted or unwanted. IT doesn’t care about the end result it only follows orders.

BUT YOU care!

winners visualize and look forward

So fill it with wonderful, positive, clear instructions and it will do what you order it to do. Give it the best instructions and the best life to create and it will work to make that happen. It will co-operate and follow your clear orders. What you think and how you think is important when it comes to what the servo mechanism recognizes.

The unconscious mind is a servo mechanism. It’s job is to deliver to you what you spend most of your time thinking about. If you haven’t deliberately chosen your thoughts and goals before, now IS the time. If you have let it do whatever it does while you have drifted thorugh life, NOW is the time to take charge. If you have gotten too many unwanted results NOW IS the time for you to make all of  it different.

Provide concise, clear instructions aligned with powerful positive dynamic feelings and your life will  begin to change! If it is going to be any different at all it will be because you step in and tell the servo mechanism what to do. I have covered what to do multiple times. So now do it. Don’t delay do it today!

The present is a result of all your thoughts in the past. Your future is what all your thoughts are up until now. You create your life experience. If you aren’t please with what you have been getting you can get better results. It is all up to you! Everything begins with the next thought you think.

You are the creator of your future and there is only one creator.” Rex Sikes

Spend your seconds well, make the most of your minutes! Delight in today!

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