The Power Of Thinking Positive PT 3 How To Start Getting What You Want!

your only limits

“Quantity is one thing. How much, how often, for how long is necessary to consider, it is important, but quality matters too. It matters a lot! Some people lifelessly repeat an affirmation perhaps thousands of times expecting it to somehow transform them. It usually doesn’t. It may, but rarely. Listless repeating of a phrase is not the correct application of this practice.

It is not the words that make the difference but the energy behind the words. That is the ‘special something’ required that makes it work.

We continue from The Power of Thinking Positive! How To Make Your Thoughts Work For You Parts 1 and 2.

Since we get back whatever we are thinking about and feeling strongly about now is the time to consider choosing what one wants instead of allowing for whatever happens.

When we are angry or fearful we are thinking and feeling powerful thoughts which the unconscious mind receives as a message to deliver more of the same. It gets the energy of the thoughts and feelings.

Instead of letting this negativity go on and on we need to first decide to change it and begin having the life and getting the things we want. This is why we choose to focus on what we want. We shift our attention and our energy.

To make this shift  we chose positive powerful thoughts and ideas to think. We choose to affirm instead of deny. We choose affirmations we want to focus on to direct our attention to those aspects of life we want to include and get for ourselves.

you can become anyone you want to be

It is a means of directing our attention so that we PAY ATTENTION and concentrate on these. Whatever we hold most in our mind most often is what we get and become.

Everything is Energy!

A person should choose an affirmation and put power behind it. It requires energy and enthusiasm when you think and utter the affirmation. Emotion and energy IS what makes the difference! Sadly, these are  what is left out of affirmation training. Yes, I said training because just like exercise or dieting it means adhering to the program.

Energy and enthusiasm is important. Big emotions are what capture the attention of the unconscious (servo-mechanism) mind.

Everything is energy!

When we feel bad we are feeling and endorsing that energy. When we feel good we are feeling and endorsing that energy. Whatever energy we experience most determines what our life is like.

Everything is energy!

Positive Thinking Training – Train your mind to see the good things in everything. When you focus on the positive energy you find more of it.

The military understands how to transform a human’s thinking. They make troops chant, scream, sing what they want to instill in them during all different forms of physical activity, stress, exhilaration and exhaustion. They want their training to stick so that lives are saved.

They train rigorously so that when the troop needs to react without thinking the troop will. If some one yells ‘hit the dirt’ they must without hesitation or thinking about it. Therefore they undergo intense physical, mental and attitudinal training to wire in what is critical to their survival. They want it automatic and reliable.

you can master anything w self control

Stay with it. Never give up! IT will get easier as you go along. Your skills and abilities increase with practice in time. You will get better and it will get easier. BUT even if it never got any easier you should stay with it. When you make having it a necessity you will get it.

Passion drives everything. When ‘YOU MUST’ is what opens the doors. Wimpy and shallow doesn’t get the prize. Think Olympic contenders and what they do for years to compete for seconds. Their attitude and their training is rigorous. Their attitude and training determines how far they can go. Even if they fail to win the gold they are in the top tier of world class athletes.

Using affirmations and learning to embody the practice can be a whole lot more fun and less stressful than military training, it can be wonderful, but there are take away points to utilize from that style of immersion. Troops undergo intense process, it is highly emotional, and there is little let up during the training.

Keep in mind the military is attempting to break the habitual thinking the troop has when they arrive at camp and instill a new one. Frankly, it is brainwashing. Whether you agree or disagree with the practice or the military is a consideration for a different discussion. I am not agreeing nor disagreeing with it but utilizing aspects to make a point.

Brains could use a good washing from time to time. If you have habitually a bad attitude and aren’t getting the results you want then a change may be in order. If you want to transform and if you want it to be different IT absolutely can be. But there is a price for that change. The price is what you are willing to do to have what you want (legally of course). That does not mean we become what we wish about.

Rather, we become what we obsess about, what we are passionate about, what we feel strongly about. That includes the good feelings and what we fear, loathe and are angry about. We become whatever we hold in our minds strongly with strong feelings. We get back whatever we give the energy to. This is why it is important to realize that positive thinking is a choice.

you are entirely up to you

It means you begin the program and stay with it for however long it takes. If it took 3 months, 1 year, 5 years or longer you stick with it. You decide to dedicate yourself to yourself! You chose to do everything you can to be the person you want to be no matter how long it takes. You don’t dabble or drift, you pursue it and passionately. Passion fuels everything! Passion is the fire and you need the fire!

We will continue next time. For now know that learning to be more positive can be one of the most joyous and delightful journeys you ever take. I use the examples of the military and athlete training as examples of how far people are willing to go to get what they want.

You can train hard for certain just as you can work hard. OR you can learn to be both smart and wise and learn how to enjoy and delight in the process. The art and science of getting what you what you want in life doesn’t need to be arduous or difficult but it is not pie in the sky either.

You can find and have more fun than you every thought possible, you can celebrate and discover all sorts of marvelous feelings and experiences along the way. It can be like a buffet and you can have all the wonderful delicious things too.

It is true you can’t give up along the way to your destination and still expect to get there because you won’t. BUT you can make the journey so incredible, so marvelous that giving up would never ever occur to you. So get everything you deserve to have and start today!” Rex Sikes

Look for good things all around you and enjoy making today marvelous!

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