How To Instantly Change Your Life For The Better!



“In an instant, the amount of time it takes to exhale, your life can change for the better. You can begin living the life you always wanted. You can start making all your dreams come true. It can all happen instantly!

All It Takes For Your Life To Change For The Best Is A Real Decision

Once that decision is made the everything begins to change!

Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times before he found the right material for the filament. He stated he discovered 10,000 ways to not make a lightbulb. He did but he only needed the one right way to make it work. Edison only had to be right one time for everything to change.

You Only Have To Be Right Once

It doesn’t matter how long you have been trying. It doens’t matter how many times you got a no answer, the wrong answer or no answer at all, you only have to get yes once. It doens’t matter how many people you asked you only have to have one person say yes.

Do you get this concept?  Some people focus on the amount of effort, that it may be hard, that people say no, or that they are rejected, and to do that is placing your focus in the wrong place. Edison was wrong 10,000 times it is true but when he was right he was right. IT only took one time to succeed!

It is a concept some people have difficulty with because they’re hung up on the point that he had to search all those times in order to find the one right way. According to Edison, it didn’t matter because he knew he was on the right path, that he was getting closer and because he considered it learning how to NOT make a light bulb.

Attitude drove Edison. He was dedicated. He was passionate and consumed. He wanted to and knew he would succeed. He believed it. The trials until the success did not matter. What mattered was his persistence and faith in the outcome. He would succeed! He did!

The Power Of A True Decision Is Released In A Moment

A split second. That is it’s power. Once you truly decide to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life, the good and the bad, your life will change. You can begin to create and attract what you want instead of what you don’t want. You will begin to get the results you want to have because you are focused on what you want to have. You aim at success and believe in the outcome as Edison did.

You have to take responsiblity for all of it. No excuses. You take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. You don’t get to take responsibility for half of it or part of it. You must take responsibility for everything in order to become free to create what you want and intend to.

Everything! Even if you don’t understand how. If something happens you don’t want, accept the responsibility for it, don’t pass the buck, then decide what you do want and intend to bring about. This puts you in charge of everything in your life.

The second you decide to plant seeds for an orange tree the oranges are in your future. This is an incredible point to understand! They don’t exist in your future until you make the decision to plant. Once you decide to plant the seed you create the possibilty of a future with oranges actually in it.

When you follow through on your decision, when you act on it and  plant the seeds IN THAT INSTANT they start to come to you. They are planted and their energy is released. While it takes time for the tree to grow, blossom and produce fruit it all began the second you made the decision and followed through. DO you get this?

The Decision Isn’t Actually Made Until You Act On It

Once you act on it good things can begin to come your way. You set into motion wonderful creations and attractions.

As long as you focus on the positive and fill your mind with successful, happy thoughts and wonderful feelings you are making great things happen. You stay on track, you keep your focus. You expect the results to come to you because you planted the seeds.

Most of the incredible things NOW coming to you are invisible to your awareness.  You can’t see them yet, you don’t yet know what they all are, but all good things are coming to you. You have released them with your thoughts and attention. You planted positive seeds.

This means you get and become what you think about and focus on and then some! Once you decide to live as a creator of good things in your life that is the energy you generate. As with any seed it needs to be nurtured and suppoted to grow. It needs the right nutrition and conditions. Keep your mind occupied with the best thoughts!

When you activate these thoughts with powerful, positive, passion and feel good emotions that is when your subconsious mind works to manifest these. If you don’t take control and decide to be 100% responsible and choose to focus on the positive your subsconsicous will continue to deliver whatever you have been getting.

Powerful Changes Begin The Instant You Follow Through

You make a powerful positive dicision NOW follow through. Keep going in the right direction. Act on it! What you think, say and feel IS critical! Think and speak about only what you want. Fill your mind with positive affirmations and images of how wonderful life is for you.

Fill your self-talk with  gratitude and make it a point to only speak about you, your life, others and the world in ways that bless heal and prosper. All things work together for good.  Celebate and enjoy! Anticipate wonderful things. Do not let yourself be distracted by world circumstance, difficulties or present less than glorious life situations. Stay positive and you will be powerful.

The wrong approach is to think that it takes hard work or years of effort. It takes whatever it takes. Everything can change in the twinkling of an eye. The second you say YES everything can flow and can begin to flow quickly and easily towards you.

You become tuned to receive and accept. Think over and over again, ‘I accept it all bring it on! I allow it to come to me. What I want wants me.’ Use your self talk and mental movie screen in positive powerful ways. DECIDE how it will be. YOU are in charge of you! Be responsible and make it happen. Be the creator you already are.

We Already Create All Of Our Circumstances

We have always been creating our life and circumstances albeit haphazardly or without deliberate intention. We may never have even realized our role in creating our life and future. Most of us have created mixed results, good and bad, because we weren’t aware of what we needed to do. This is why it is necessary to ultimately choose to be responsible for whatever you have been getting.

We brought about what we didn’t want more than what we did want BECAUSE no one told us the rules for creating and getting what we want. In order to get what you want you must be postively focused ONLY on what you want. You have to live it and breath it. You can’t half-ass it. Once you figure it out you can take charge and make your future what you want it to be.

Focus On What You Want:  Stop Resisting And Allow

Once the resistance is gone the good things you want can come through. Be open, know that you deserve it, abundance is yours and claim it. You can be, do and have anything you want.

Once you begin to spend most of your time thinking powerfully and positively your life changes. Once you are filled with celebration and gratitude for everything you stop resisting. It began with the decision and you bring it about with the follow through. The seeds are growing. Keep them growing by your thoughts and feelings!

Once you understand completely that all things work together for good IT doesn’t matter how the good things arrive or when. You allow it and accept whatever is. You celebrate it and everything happens in the right time and in the right way. YOU are in the zone! You go with the flow and life is grand! You will be delighted!

Difficulties and challenges that arise serve as lessons and opportunites to fine tune your skills. The allow you to clarify what you want and make sure you are focused on that. The tough times can help you evolve even faster when you don’t let them get you down or distract you.

When you keep your attitude and thoughts in check while going through the tough times YOU are really becoming a person of power and ability. The most important part of the journey is WHO you become along the way!

Determine To Live An Awesome Life And You Will

Know what you want. Focus on it. Celebrate and enjoy! Work co-operatively with others. Accept, allow, and include. Pave the way for all great things to come to you.  It is up to you! You are the one who decides and creates and attracts. It is not magic it is you taking charge of your life and abilities to live well.

You decide,  plant the seeds and follows through to reap the harvest. It is up to you. 100% of the results you get, good or bad, are up to you. No blaming, no excuses, no whining. Just Accept it!

Think and say outloud, ‘I can be, do and have everything I want, anytime, any where, with anyone. I am blessed! I am the creator, the decider, the champion of my life. Right now, I create a marvelous life for myself and others. I draw all good things, people, events, and situations toward me. I know all things work together for good. I can always find a way through difficulties. I am 100% in charge of me!’

That is one example. Create and fill your mind and your moments with positive affirmations and speak them passionately outloud throughout each day. Hold them in your mind. Visualize what you want to be and have in you minds eye AS IF you already have it.

You become what you think about most! Be grateful, celebrate, enjoy all things, read inspiring books, listen to audios, hang out with positive powerful people and you transform your life and quickly!”  Rex Sikes

How incredible will you make today?

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