How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 5

desire back by faith

…”The present is a result of all your thoughts in the past. Your future is what all your thoughts are up until now. You create your life experience. If you aren’t please with what you have been getting you can get better results. It is all up to you! Everything begins with the next thought you think.

You are the creator of your future and there is only one creator.”

Continued from How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 4

“As we have been moving forward with these posts what I hope becomes obvious is that you must become clear on what it is you want. You need to define it and be specific. You  attach a deadline to it and then imagine it as if you already have all of it. You imagine living that life after the deadline has arrived and you have what you wanted. (more about this in upcoming posts).

You make positive pictures in your mind and feel energized, eager and expectant as you look at them. Experience it all as vividly, wonderfully and powerfully as you are able.

any idea plan repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

Once you get absolutely clear on what you want to become, and do and have – you have initiated the process. The moment you know what you want absolutely you begin making it happen within you.

I repeat: When you precisely define what you want to create in your future and you feel excited and anticipate it happening you began making it happen. It begins the instant you get clear on what it is you want. It begins the moment you decide!

You send deliberate clear signals, messages, you communicate articulately with your unconscious mind and your unconscious gets it.

The method to get what you want IS the very SAME process people usually use to get what they DON’T want. It works in either direction. It is a process that works reliably. It never stops working.

NOW, we will use the very same process BUT instead of focusing on what we don’t want we put all of our attention on what we do want. We use the same process but DELIBERATELY NOW to create what we DO want.

We all are doing it all of the time. You have already been using this process all along whether you are aware of it or not.  Now is the time to use it purposefully to make life grand.

ask for what you want and be prepared to get it

Once you have decided on you definite chief purpose your unconscious receives the message because you make it a clear deliberate image AND BECAUSE you attach powerful positive feelings  to it.

The strong positive feels are what ramps it into action. It now knows what you want and that you really truly want it because you spend the bulk of your time thinking and feeling powerfully about it.

You keep the positive images in your mind  and you drive all of it home by your positive feelings.The better you feel the more quickly you make it all happen. You make it a habit through repetition.

Strong feelings whether positive or negative always reinforce whatever it is we are thinking about. We get back wanted or unwanted by what we spend most of our time thinking about and how we feel when we do.

This why we get more back of whatever we experience. It is why we get more of what we don’t want at times. It is also why we muddy the waters and get poor results. (more on this in the next post).

If we are sometimes positive and then sometimes negative we don’t have a clear course to our destination. We do and then undo the results over and over again instead of moving swiftly toward where we want to be and what we want to have. This is why thinking and feeling positive most of the time makes all the difference in the world.

thoughts cycle to thoughts

SO you want to keep these positive images in your mind  and keep feeling the very best you are able to during the day. Your pair positive image with great feelings and your unconscious understand that. You drive your visualization home by your positive feelings.

We create habits through repetition and you do want to make it a habit. So through you do this frequently throughout the day purposefully, each day until it becomes automatic for you.

This is why it is important to do something that is benefits you each day.  You do not have to be obsessed about it. Be relaxed and have fun but act in your own best interests whenever you can or remember to. The results are exponential and cumulative. You ultimately will get back way more than the effort you put into it.

But you do have to begin. You do have to do something if you want your life to change. You will have stay with it until you get the results you want. Most people don’t act with volition. Most people drift along pushed in whatever direction by circumstances and other people. Your life will measurable change immediately for the better once you take charge and live with purpose!

Do it today! Stay with it today! Enjoy all that you can make happen in time!” Rex Sikes

Have a pleasant day discovering wonderful moments!


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