The Power Of Thinking Positive PT 5 How To Stop Wasting Your Time And Energy

what you love you magnify

“In the buffet line you choose what you want and pass over what you don’t want. What you do not want and don’t like you do not give another thought to. Instead you select from what you want to enjoy, you focus on what it is you like and exclude the rest. You do not beat yourself up because there are items on the buffet that are not for you.

Continued from: The Power of Thinking Positive! How To Make Your Thoughts Work For You Parts 1- 4.

It is the same in everyday life. We need to keep our eye and our mind on the good now in our present and the good future we want to create. This is where we keep our attention and our energy.

Do not get distracted by present circumstances no matter what they are. Even if everything around you is crappy you still focus and concentrate on the very best you can find now and in the future.

Your goal should be to feel good.  You should feel the best you are able to any given moment. When you are feeling joyful, happy and confident, you are in a better place to make your dreams come true. You literally vibrate at a higher level. You are more powerful and attractive.  Well-being radiates from you. When you move through the world with power in this fashion you attract others of like mind and energy.

Here is another  analogy. Imagine you want to build a house. You design it and plan it and get it just the way you want it. It is your dream home. You get everything in place to build it. Even though there may be problems with the land, the contractors, and the money, you still keep your focus on what it is you want to build.

when u r thankful for what u have more comes

Don’t let the other things take you attention away from what you know you want. Keep your eyes on the home you intend to build for yourself while you work to get it built. Do not get caught up in the everyday events and forget about your dream home. Do not let any circumstances shift your focus from what you want to build and have for yourself.

There are always difficulties and challenges. That is part of life. Do not make them  bigger or more important than what you want. Do  not get hooked or distracted or caught up by mundane or terrible circumstances. Do not focus on what you don’t want and what the problems are.

People think they have to focus on or deal with what they don’t want in order to make things better. You don’t! Yes, you may have to solve present circumstances but don’t let whatever less than glorious events or people life presents you with take you away from what you want.  Do not give your energy to the problem give it to the solution. Keep it on what you want to have.

You will NOT get what you want by paying attention and giving energy to what you don’t want. It does not work that way. In all likelihood it just is not going to happen. You will only waste your time and your energy and remain pretty much in the same stuck place.

Yes, you can notice the problems and you know you don’t want them. You can acknowledge them but don’t give your energy to them.

you are a living magnet

Turn your attention back to what you do want and keep working to make that happen. Remain positive, optimistic, dedicated and focused.

Do this and you use the positive force of your mind and being instead of accepting the negative circumstances. Choose to prevail instead of succumb. Live as a victor and not a victim.

Most people get caught up in an endless array of details and lose sight of the goal. They go back and forth, they live wishy washy, they drift like a captainless ship at sea. They hope and then doubt and then hope again. They try and then get frustrated. They are positive then fearful, eager then anxious and this is what confuses the unconscious. The back and forth of emotions sends mixed messages so we produce  mixed results. If you think wishy washy you get wishy washy.

Remember the principle of garbage in garbage out (GIGO).  Whatever we put into the brain is what we get back out. If we write a bad software program we get poor results from the computer. We can’t run our engine on anything  but the appropriate fuel. In order to get what we want we  must do what it takes.

I am not suggesting that we have to work physically harder or longer  either. That is a mistake to think that.  We need to work smarter and wiser. It begins inside our head where everything begins. It begins with the thoughts we have. It begins with  the seeds we plant. We can only reap what we have sown.

I am not suggesting we sit alone in our room and concentrate on having material goods somehow magically shower down on us either. That is not going to happen. It doesn’t appear to work that way.

a river cuts a rock persistence

What does work is that we organize our thinking first, this helps organize our behaviors and then we work smarter, wiser and more efficiently at getting what we want. We make it happen because we are at cause. We are in charge. We are in control. We create and we attract what we want.

We accelerate our potential to make it happen because we align our entire being in that mission. We are congruent, devoted, dedicated, focused, concentrated and passionate about making it happen. We become a person who is able to get what they want.

It is evolution. We evolve ourself, we make ourself into the kind of person who gets what they set out to get. In order to be that kind of person we must send a single clear, powerful message!

Positive Thinking is the ability to know exactly what it is you want, maintain your focus and your attitude, and stick with it until you make it yours. Trouble may come and go, you may adjust your plans but you expect to win no matter what. You focus on the good, the solutions, what can be done and you do it.

Positive Thinking training is learning how to focus your mind like a laser and target what you want so that you get it. When you aim at the target you focus where you want to hit. You don’t worry about the rest of the target or what is off the target you put your concentration where you want the projectile to land.

I have provided some analogies here for consideration. The point is this: it is all about where you put your attention. Energy flows where attention goes! Keep your attention where it is most useful and let go of the rest.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy making moments magical today.  Look for good things!

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