The Power of Thinking Positive! PT 6 How To Recognize Opportunity As The Wealthy Do

your attitude shows how valuable you are

What is an affirmation? It could be an an accurate observation of the current moment. It could be a statement of fact. It could be an opinion. It is a declaration and an assertion. It is positive and to use the word itself it is affirming. It promotes well-being and positivity, it is designed to encourage and support.

Continued from: The Power of Thinking Positive! How To Make Your Thoughts Work For You Parts 1- 5

Let’s take an example. Abundance is a current buzz word that some enjoy and some are growing tired of. I think it is worthy to use for examination. Let’s try this on: ‘We live in an abundant universe.  Abundance flows to me and through me. I deserve riches and all good things. I am wealthy in every way. I give to and I help others from my abundance’.

Some people will say, ‘nope we live in a world where resources are being depleted and there are too many people’. That may be. Still there is, at this time, plenty of air, sun, darkness, food, water, money and everything else needed for everyone on the planet to thrive.

The biggest problem for us is not that these things are scare but that people don’t have access to them. That is a sad, very sad. It is unfortunate and people should act to rectify it. It is horrible  when the political powers in charge allow or force people to go without. Yes, very sad  because food, water and resources are plentiful but people are prevented. Everyone deserves health, wealth, well-being and the pursuit of happiness. This is a discussion for elsewhere.

There is plenty to go around. There is plenty of power and electricity, all types of necessary goods, frivolous items, and money. There is so much money. Money is everywhere! Some have much more than others. Many of those who do have money attempt to thwart others access to it. Still, there is more than enough money everywhere. There are countless wealthy people everywhere. Many millionaires and beyond have made their money in the best and the worst of times. Money is plentiful always.

Consider that none of the statements regarding abundance  might be accurate. Or the all could be or just some parts them could be true. After all the statements are just sentences you either agree with or you don’t. You decide what you want to agree with or disagree with. You will have your own reasons, or excuses.

You will also experience the life style that accompanies your beliefs about those simple sentences. You either will have more than enough, enough, just enough or not enough. You determine it all by what you think, believe and by where you place the cause of the lifestyle you live. You either accept yourself as the cause of it or you put it off onto others and circumstances.

If you put it off onto others there is probably little you can do about it unless you learn how to better communicate with them regarding your needs and improving your lot. If it is circumstances holding you back then either you give up and allow them to dictate your life or you find a way to legally alter them for your benefit. If you accept responsibility for yourself and your lifestyle you can change whatever you need to in order to change your lifestyle.

your only limits

Let’s examine briefly some of the example statements and find out what is the up side and down side to thinking that way. We live in an abundant universe. Of course, someone could object stating that everything is limited and that we are wasteful. They could assert that if we aren’t vigilant we will run out. There is not enough for everyone and there are people in poverty.

This is not an illogical nor necessarily false statement. It is a view of current circumstances. The person who embraces such a view may operate from the view by helping others because they believe that is important. They may practice conserveing, they may give away their money OR they may do nothing but live in fear and worry. Anything is possible.

The person who believes there is abundance could be a pig and a hoarder and consume wantonly without regard for others. This is definitely possible. On the other hand they could see the world as a friendly living place with enough to go around for all. This may inspire them to work to see to it that all people have access to resources and plenty. They may be inspired to create all manner of wealth, beautiful experiences and good things.

Few, if any, people get rich focused on poverty. Those who get rich make their riches because they turn their backs on poverty. They don’t focus on scarcity and what they don’t have instead they focus on making what they want. They know what they want to have an include and where they want to get to. They are driven to accumulate.

To declare a war on poverty, while well meaning, places the emphasis in the wrong place. Instead of wiping out poverty let’s create and utilize abundance. Let’s make sure people have all they need not just the basic necessities. To create wealth and well-being for all should be the goal but it isn’t.

To declare war on anything seems to be a less than optimal way to make changes in our world. It states what we want to end but does not give clear picture or indication what we want to build and have instead. This is proven over and over again many times through history.

The goal isn’t to eradicate poverty but to insure that all people have more than enough. The person who thinks and believes the world is plentiful finds examples to support that point of view just as the person who thinks scarcity is the state of being finds examples to support their viewpoint.

I realize there is more that I don’t know than I could ever possibly know. If I err, I prefer to err on the side of what can be done and what is positive and hopeful than otherwise. I could be wrong about the world being abundant but I know it feels better to believe it is.

One point of view is not more right than the other in my world, but some make us feel better than the other. There are some people who may extract great joy in feeling bad but most people seem to want to feel good. In order to feel better we need to think the thoughts that make us feel better. Feeling just okay is not an option.

when u see yourself as a powerful creator

We need to choose what makes us feel the best and put our attention on that. The goal is to live fully and joyfully feeling wonderful as much of the time as we can. Years ago I declared this world my garden paradise. I claimed ownership. I realized I could either have an ecstatic life of I could have something else. I opted for an ecstatic life. I also realized that there are plenty of co-owners I share this planet with and determined we could all celebrate, if we only would.

I prefer to include everyone in my abundant world. Not everyone will gain or have everything they need or want. There are poor. I don’t blame them that is not my place to judge. I prefer to operate from the Golden Rule and what great religious leaders, philosophers and visionaries have had to say about compassion, understanding and ministering to those. I do believe that givers get but that is not the reason to give. Give simply to give.

Some people will agree completely with each of these statements I used as example while others may not. ‘The universe is plentiful. I deserve and attract all good things. I am wealthy in every way. Because I am wealthy I help others’.

Some  may not feel that they deserve riches. They may not feel like they attract good things.  If you don’t feel that you deserve riches, if you don’t feel wealthy now, most likely you won’t be or become wealthy any time soon. This is because wealth, just like health and well-being is a mind set. It is the adoption and adherence to certain attitudes and principles. The wealthy look at themselves and the world differently than those who don’t enjoy it. We will examine this more later.

In order to HAVE  wealth (or anything, a relationship, health, a parent)  one must first BE the kind of person who can have it.  In order to have you need to BE AND DO FIRST. In order to be rich you need to think rich thoughts. In order to be healthy you need to think healthy thoughts. In order to attract a loving partner you need to be a loving partner first.

You can DO everything right and work real hard but if your attitude and mind set, if your thoughts and beliefs don’t support and encourage you it is unlikely you will have wealth, health or much happiness unless you get really lucky and inherit it or win the lottery etc. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so he is’ is a nice little Biblical saying that says, ‘You are your thoughts’.

The wealthy don’t think impoverishing, lackluster, deprecating thoughts. They may or may not practice affirmations as we discuss here but they certainly think differently than most of the rest of the world. They most assuredly feel they deserve to be wealthy and that money is plentiful, easy to make and attain. The see opportunity all around them because they are primed to see it. If they loose money they will just make some more. Money is to enjoy life. Abundance is wonderful!

Their thoughts, their attitude is primed to help them advance.  We can adopt the good components of their mind set to advance ourselves as well. The same is true about people who have health, loving relationships, are great parents, athletes and successful in any other ways. Attitude is everything. Attitude determines your altitude!

Affirmations allow us to look for examples in the world around us and find them. People erroneously think ‘Seeing is believing’ but it is actually reversed. ‘What we believe determines what we see’. This is verified over and over again by research. We also tend to live up to the expectations placed on us by others and by ourselves. Our mind set is critical to how far we are able to go and what we are able to be and do.

When you begin to look for good things around you instead of the bad things you will find them. The affirmation is an organizing principle around which we wrap our perceptions. You will find reasons to be joyful, happy, healthy and whole. If you look for the negative, the hurtful, the unfair you will find those too. Everything, all contrasts exist. What you seek you will find. What are you seeking most of the time?

we cant direct the wind

Affirmations filter and organize our thoughts and determine what we pay attention to. We look for and notice that which helps us feel great.  Look around and notice what is good,  great, and wonderful! Notice what you are thankful for and delighted in more and more during your day. Stop paying attention to that which is negative, less than glorious and makes you feel bad. What do you spend most of your time doing?

Start validating the good things and don’t put energy into the bad things. It is NOT about wearing rosy tinted glasses and ignoring needs  and problems. It is all about being in a positive and productive place to meet those needs and solve those problems.

Much more is possible and probable when you feel better. You are far more resourceful when you feel good and do not let yourself get bogged down in negative or bad feelings when facing difficulty.

When you think abundantly you begin to realize everything is an opportunity. When all of your energy is the highest and most positive form you attract other like minded people to you. You mind opens up to possibility and you are  more readily able to recognize opportunity and positive circumstances and events as they occur.

As you raise your stock in yourself, your confidence and your sense of worth soars you move differently in the world and travel to different places too. You have the mindset to find advantages and to act resourcefully. It all begins within us! Unfortunately, too many people think it comes from the outside. That is why there are so many not living the life they want to live. Our thoughts make it so!

Affirmations help us organize our thoughts and see what else is possible in us and around us. They are positive thoughts and statements we can embrace and operate from to feel better and do better. I would rather fill my mind with thoughts of encouragement and support than anything otherwise. Wouldn’t you?” Rex Sikes

We will continue to discuss this further in upcoming posts.

Find the Fabulous! Today, look for the lovely!

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