Create – Don’t Wait! How To Make Your Dreams Come True

what u feel now is what u attract

“Time for a thought experiment. Try this on in your imagination. What is something you really want? It could be anything. For example, if you got a brand new car right now as a gift how would you feel? If that makes you feel a certain wonderful way to get your dream car then use that. If it is oodles of cash or a new home, use that.  Whatever works easily and best for you that is what you use. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it is very significant and would make you feel really, REALLY good.

So take a moment. Sit back somewhere comfortably. Relax… Take a moment and really do this slowly, take your time, no need to rush:

Now imagine you just got it. You were gifted. It is yours. What would you be thinking and feeling? What are you seeing, hearing or saying to yourself? What are you feeling and where in your body does it feel the most wonderful?

Imagine this scenario fully and feel all the feelings you would be feeling. Notice these. Take your time. Savor the feelings, enjoy these. How do you feel? Are you feeling incredible?

I hope so. Because this is a key here to making your dreams come true. There is a principle operating here. I am going to point something out you may or may not already be aware of.

This is already ongoing with us. It occurs all the time in our daily lives. Good things happen and then we feel good and think about them and enjoy them. Then bad things happen we feel bad, and we think about them, worry about them and fear the future. Right?  Good or bad, usually something comes along, an event, circumstance, some news, a person does or doesn’t do something and we end up feeling a certain way. Things happen and then we react. We feel and think about these.

When we let the outer world dictate how we think and feel, whether good or bad, we are ‘at effect’ or we are a victim of our circumstances. We are not the master of our fate or the captain of our soul as long as events, circumstances and others determine how we think, feel and act. Do you understand this. We do not act as if we are in charge. We are not ‘at cause’ BUT at the effect of others or outside influences. The goal is to be ‘at cause’ because the results we get ARE the effects of what WE cause.

stop waiting and go out and make them happen

There is good news. We can learn to use, what we already do, to get better results. We can learn to use this deliberately to make what we want in life to come true. This is great news. We only have to tweak what we are doing we don’t have to overhaul everything. We use the same process but we aim it differently. It is so much easier than having to learn everything over.

How much we enjoy our life is determined how much time we spend either feeling good or bad. It is what we think and feel most of the time that determines what we get. If you feel marvelous 90 percent of the time things are going pretty well. If you are feeling poorly 90 percept of the time I bet it sucks and you want to change it. 50/50 seems tolerable but not desirable and certainly it does not reflect what we are capable of. We can enjoy so much more!

So IF in real life something happens to make you feel a certain way YOU can use these very same feeling to make what YOU want happen. Think about this! Consider this! Instead of feeling things AFTER we get them, we feel the way we would feel IF we already had them IN ADVANCE of having them. We get the feelings first and these open the doorway.

Like attracts like. When we feel bad usually we think bad thoughts and more bad things seem to happen. It is a vicious cycle. We live as a victim of that cycle hoping something comes along to break it and make things better. That is not living as someone in charge and in control. That is not being ‘at cause’.

When we feel good easily we feel marvelous and more good things happen. It too is a cycle. Yes, something less than glorious can come along, and if we let it, it can upset the apple cart for awhile. If we choose to think otherwise about it and not let it affect us we can do that. We can also right the apple cart as soon as we are ready and then get back on track. Either way we then move back into feeling good.

Like thoughts attracts Like thoughts. Like feelings attract like feelings. Like actions attract like actions. It doesn’t matter whether the thoughts or feelings or actions are positive or negative we get back more of whatever we do the most of. If you are getting negative results in your life that is a signal that you need to shift your focus, you need to change the energy. This is great news you can look at your life and determine what kind of thoughts you need to be thinking more of.

So I will repeat because this is important to understand. The key is this. If a very specific event can make you think and feel a certain way, then thinking and feeling that same way, in advance, will open the door to make that specific event happen in your life. You put your thoughts and feelings and creative energy into bringing it about. You attract the thoughts, and feelings and actions to make it happen. You inspire yourself by feeling it fully FIRST! No waiting,

our thoughts are like magnets

The problem is most people wait to feel good. They wait for the outer circumstances to change before they feel better. The key is feel better FIRST and then the outer circumstances will change.

YES it is true MOST of ALL of US were NEVER EVER raised thinking this way. BUT just because we didn’t grow up doing it doesn’t mean we can’t start doing it right away. Now, this very moment, IS THE MOMENT of new opportunity!

Feel good right now and the doors open up. Thought precedes action. Everything begins with the thoughts you think. What you think and what you feel determines the actions you take. The quality of your overall life experience is determined by the preponderance of your thoughts and feelings.

Do you spend most of your time thinking and feeling good strong positive wonderful thoughts or not. YOU determine your experience. If you want a wonderful life you have to spend the bulk of your time thinking wonderful thoughts. THIS is just the way it works.

When you take 100% responsibility for everything good and bad in your life the moment you do, THE MOMENT YOU ACCEPT COMPLETE AND UTTER RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE – YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!

You become ‘at cause’, you take the driver’s seat, you take control and you create the effects and make happen whatever want to happen. You want to get better effects, better results you have to start with better causes.

There is good news again! The fact of the matter is YOU ALREADY are doing this. You just aren’t getting the results you want because you think SOMEONE ELSE or SOMETHING ELSE is responsible. NO ONE ELSE IS RESPONSIBLE BUT YOU!!!

your only limits

When you get this, really get this, your life will improve. It doesn’t matter whatever you have good or bad, up until now, it truly doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter what your life has been like.

If you decide NOW to live in charge, to be responsible then you will begin to shape your life the way you want it to be regardless of what may come your way or what has been. You will go after what you want and navigate the waters smooth or tough. You will make it happen because it relies on no one and nothing else but you.

When you take ALL responsibility for everything that happens or that you have or don’t it gives you the starting place to make things different. It allows you to claim power and act with authority. Instead of blaming others or making excuses for why things are the way they are you make things the way you want them to be. DO you get this? When everything answers to you (whether this is actually the case of not) you become the difference that makes the difference.

Consider a judge in a courtroom. The judge (empowered by law) determines and declares how things will be and how they will go because the judge is the ultimate authority in the courtroom. Everyone in the courtroom answers to the judge. No one else can do what the judge is able to do. When you become the empowered authority for your own life you can determine the course your life will take. You can stop drifting and living haphazardly. You can get better results.

Realize that this thought experiment becomes so much more significant for you to understand and embrace.

Think of what it is you desire. How you want your self to be, what you want to be able to do or what you wish to have. It could be health, wealth, possessions, it could be greater confidence, better relationships anything. Clearly define what you want. Imagine it, picture it vividly in your mind’s eye.

IF you had that RIGHT now, in this instant, if you already had your desire, it is completely yours, how do you feel?

What would you be feeling? Imagine this and then FEEL these feelings right now, fully, while thinking of your desire. Hold the images and feelings for a couple minutes. Really enjoy this! Imagine you have what you want in this present moment! Savor it.

when you change the way you look at things

I repeat!!! The key is this. If a very specific event can make you think and feel a certain way, then thinking and feeling that same way in advance will open the door to make that specific event happen in your life. You attract more of the feeling, the wonderful feelings, you feel how good it is, you open your own neural pathways, your neurology, your being up to including all of this in your life. You aren’t waiting you are CREATING!!!

This is the secret to manifesting your desires. Before going to sleep is a great time to do this. You can drift off to sleep FEELING the WONDERFUL FEELINGS you WOULD have IF you HAD your desire RIGHT NOW. Morning is a great time, when you get up. Repeat it throughout the day. Make it a habit it. DO it often. Feel wonderful FIRST!!! The more you do it the more your life will transform and quickly!

It will seem like magic when you GO FIRST, but it isn’t magical at all. You will be making what you want happen. You will be organizing and orchestrating your thoughts, feelings and actions for the positive. You will be stronger, happier, and enjoy more. You are better equipped to handle challenges and better able to recognize opportunities. Instead of chasing after dreams you are inviting them to come to you. You open the door to making things happen by feeling good first.

Just as when you plant a seed it takes time to grow in the darkness underground. You let it grow. You don’t dig it up to check on it. You leave it alone and in time it appears. This is the very same process you use to create, manifest, make happen, attract what you want. You feel it first and open the door. You keep enjoying and allowing the wonderful feelings, you stay focus on these great feelings, no matter what else is going on or not going on in your life circumstances.

You keep your attention and energy on the good feelings. You have planted a seed it is growing. In time you will have organized your being in such a way as to bring it about. You will have it in reality as long as you stay the course and do not quit. The key is good thoughts and feelings FIRST. ENJOY them. Enjoy everything! Be responsible for everything you create and you will start creating wonderful things for yourself.” Rex Sikes

Take time today to celebrate each moment. Discover and delight!

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