How can I start believing in myself? It seems virtually impossible.

you can become anyone you want to be

“I was asked a great question, ‘How can I start believing in myself? It seems virtually impossible.’ I answered it and felt I would publish it as well. Here is my reply:

That is a great question and part of what this blog site is about. You start small, like eating a meal, take it bite by bite or bit by bit. You fill your mind with positive and inspirational material daily through reading, through listening to audios. You do it just as you would an exercise program, a little exercise everyday builds endurance and stamina and strength. You stick with it.

You focus on what you can are are already grateful for and celebrate these. Look into what things you can do, you have done that bring you feelings of well being, confidence or joy and remember these often too. You get together with positive people and focus together on what you can accomplish that makes you feel better and you work on it and make things happen. You find affirmations and repeat them a lot through out the day with energy and enthusiasm.

You direct your mind using questions to pay attention to those things that help you think and feel better about yourself. You decide to believe in yourself no matter what. You begin with any of these methods and you add to them. You stick with it and you never give up and you never ever quit. The more we do the more we are able to do.

When you decide you will take charge of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions then be in charge, take control and stay with it until you get where you want to go. If you stumble and fall get up and keep going. We all stumble. The only person to fail is the one who does not get back up.

thoughts cycle to thoughts

Mistakes are part of learning. Falling is part of moving. Getting tackled is part of football game but players don’t quit they keep on moving the ball forward. Do things that are easy enough but challenging enough. Little by little your thoughts take hold, your feeling change your new attitude can take hold.

Fill yourself up with the inspiring material, go to events that are designed to help you feel good and more motivated. If you feel less than glorious, and we all do, once you become aware of it, don’t wallow, but take small steps to alter it toward feeling better. Keep on keeping on.

There is no substitute for action and effort. You will get far more from the effort than you put into it and you have to keep going for the pay off. Results won’t necessarily happen when you think they should but they will happen as you keep with making yourself feel better. Whenever you feel wonderful, enjoy it and be grateful. Whenever you accomplish something that makes you feel proud acknowledge it and pat yourself on the back.

Whenever you do something less than glorious or you feel bad, when you notice it, don’t criticize yourself, instead, pat yourself for noticing what you did and nudge yourself forward. Praise yourself for recognizing what wasn’t working and encourage yourself to move in the direction you want to. Treat yourself as a toddle, encourage yourself in doing the things you want to think, feel and do.

Relax, give yourself time, encouragement and have fun. Play with feeling good and thinking good. Kids learn more in play frankly, than they do forced to sit in their desks. Move, exercise, walk, enjoy! You do any number of these routinely you will notice changes eventually along the way. As you do keep it up. Enjoy it, celebrate and nurture.

Accept that you are human and have all sorts of facets. Remember there are cycles, contrasts, night and day, hot and cold, long and short and as humans we have moments of wonder, enjoyment and delight and moments when we feel less than wonderful. That is part of life. Become fascinated and curious about you might want to do and enjoy and learn. Children chase butterflies and giggle and are thrilled to discover new things.

you can master anything w self control

Train your mind to find the good in any situation by continually asking ‘what is good and new?’ Repetition builds habit so keep do and doing often. You don’t build a muscle do a bicep curl every now and then. You do sets and reps daily. You repeat and repeat and repeat. Through repetition and over time you will get what you set out to get. Whatever you decided to do, to accomplish you will accomplish so be sure to celebrate your accomplishments.

Let go, have fun and enjoy the process. Begin today doing things that help you think and feel better and repeat these. Add to them as you go along. So pick a great book like, ‘The Magic Of Believing’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’, ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’, ‘Ask and It Shall Be Given’. Any one of these books, all of them is worth reading and then reading again and again. Re-read this blog over and over again.

Go back through it numerous times because you discover things you miss each time you re-visit the materiaL. Start small, add to what you are able to do and don’t rush or push it. Inch by inch, step by step you get closer and closer to what it is you want. As long as you are inching forward you are making progress toward your goal. Even if you get off track you can adjust back on course and keep moving along. If you stop, you’ve stopped.’

I add here – DO THESE THINGS – Remember you become what you think about. Energy flows where attention goes. Attention goes where energy flow because it is a two way street. What you focus on expands. You are today where your thoughts brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. Skill comes of doing. If you really want to do something you will find a way; if you don’t you will find an excuse.” Rex Sikes

Days are made up of moments. Focus on the moments you can find to delight in!

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