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What? Take the bull by the horns??? Me? Part 2


if we did all we are capable of edison

I repeat: One of the best ways for beginning to choose better positive thoughts is to re-read these blog posts over and over. Read inspirational material at least a page a day everyday! Find positive affirmations to keep in mind. This is important as perviously mentioned. What you put into your mind is returned to you.

Deliberately think the best positive thoughts repeatedly. We infuse them with positive emotions. This is critical. It is not the mere repetition of a platitude that makes the difference. Saying or thinking something over and over does little. It is thinking and saying it while emotionally charged.

The reason people seem to have troubles is their fears are already emotionally charged. Sad thoughts are too. We get what we think about because what we think about is laced with the energy of the feelings. Words don’t impress the brain but images and feelings do.

Our brain works by releasing chemicals and hormones depending on what is occurring in us and to us. In fight or flight adrenaline is pumped into the system to be able to respond appropriately. The reaction is hardwired, outside of our conscious ability to choose, the body reacts but our response we may choose to fight or flee.

Later, as we remember the situation our body reacts, perhaps not with as large as reaction as the first triggering event but those memories invoke and respond to the chemicals and hormones that are triggered in re-living the event. We get back a portion or all of the experience. That is why some have crippling fear and why some others do not.

Our feelings become ‘anchored’ to the rest of the experience. A sight or sound, internal or external to us may trigger the memory or association and it all comes flooding back, feelings and all. The experience may link up and or be associated with other like experiences from one’s past.

It may not be long before the human makes a generalization or a rule from these associations, “I am afraid of…” or ” I can’t do or go …’ or ‘I am not the kind of person who…’ or whatever it may be in a limiting fashion. The person then may  form a  belief about who they are  or what they are capable of, or the world, or all three. From this belief and other similar beliefs, associations, memories and feelings they move in the world with however much or little freedom and comfort they are able to experience. These beliefs and attitudes together form what has been called ‘geshtalt’ or ‘paradigms’.

It is concluded that we don’t act much on any real information but from our paradigms and filters.

I have severely condensed this here but will be returning to it again in blog posts. I provide just enough basic information so one can understand that there is a large emotional component to making changes. Whether these occurred for us in life through experiences we consider negative or positive we are not shaped by words but by our feelings.

To make positive changes, to update our paradigms so they serve us instead of we serving them we utilize the best feelings we can find. We find the best, and we keep feeling the best as often as we are able.

If something comes along to upset us, as soon as we become aware of the opportunity we focus on things that make us feel better when we hold them in our mind. We consciously return to the best feelings as soon as possible.

Why? Because we want to train ourselves and make it a habit to find the best as soon as possible. We perform better, think better and enjoy life more when we are in more optimum states (this should not have to be stated, as I think it is obvious, but it may not be clear yet, and so I point it out repeatedly).

From the best place inside ourselves, the best thoughts and feelings come the best actions for ourselves and for others. So we charge our positive thoughts, our affirmations, our Directed Questions with the best possible feelings and this is what impresses on the ‘servo-mechanism’ what to do, what you want. You want more better thoughts and feelings. When you repeat this over and over you are telling ‘yourself’ give me more of this please. You are developing the habit and as you continue and persist, never stop, you are becoming what you think and feel, you are evolving yourself so it becomes easier and more reliable. It begins to become the positive habit you want. You are updating the paradigms and getting new results.

SO: We find the best feelings we can during the day moment to moment. A good guide is to ask yourself, ‘How am I feeling right now?’If it isn’t as good as you want put your attention on those thoughts or those elements in your life that make you feel good when you think about them. Find things to be grateful and excited about.

We hold the image of who want to be in our mind with these good feelings steadily in order to transform ourselves. We visit these thoughts and feelings as much as possible during our waking hours. We make it a ‘must have’ a burning desire something so important we must become it. That is the process and then we keep doing it and we do not quit. It is simple enough.

‘If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand’,  the saying goes.

We see it, and imagine it fully in our minds and feel our best feeling as we do and all along the day and we being to transform ourself and our life into what we are imagining. In order to be it, behave it, do it or have it we must first conceive it and then keep on thinking it. We fill our brain and mind with this positive energy and we ultimately become it.

I seek self evolution prior to getting things. If I want to have a lot of things then I first think of myself as a person worthy of them and able to get them. I think of myself as a loving, kind, father or a successful, skilled, dedicated filmmaker (or whatever), I think of myself as one who can make things happen, a ‘Can do it’ person, an attractor or magnet or creator. From this being I make things happen and attract good things and people.

Who I am determines what I do which determines how far I am able to reach and what I am able to get, or have or include in my life. If I am a positive person my energy is dedicated to thinking and feeling and doing positive things so that I create, attract or make happen positive things in my life. I include finding or making happen situations, events and finding positive people to associate with.

The formula for creation is to be, do and then you have. Be, do, have.

I recognize for me that attitude precedes everything. Thought always precedes deliberate action so as we think the thoughts repeatedly we can become what we want. I believe we already are the product of our thinking so if I want positive changes to occur in my life, from this point on I need to change my thinking to be more positive.

I keep in mind to important principles ‘We become what we think about’ and ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. to guide me each day.

I believe that I should do whatever positive good it takes to become what I want without depriving anyone else. There actually is plenty to go around for everyone. I wish everyone well and celebrate them. I imagine great things happening for all and I am grateful for everyone in my life. I think how would I want others to think about me and what would I want them to wish for me. I would prefer they celebrate and wish me the best so I decided I ought to do it first. It goes back to ‘We become what we think about’ so I practice the Golden Rule.

So mere repetition of thoughts is not enough. Charge them with positive emotions. Determine to fill your day with finding the best moments to savor, the best memories to recall, the best feeling you can find. People, opportunities, places, things, activities to be grateful about put your attention on these. Determine that you will make it the best day possible by what you chose to focus on and create and experience. Take control of what you consider. If you find yourself off base return – get back on track without a lot of drama. Celebrate that you are returning to positive thoughts and feelings.

Remember the biblical saying “This is the day the lord has made rejoice and be glad in it’. Yes, you do that. Make it that kind of day. Determine to make each and every day that kind of day. Look for reasons to smile instead of frown and you will find more of them.

Life can be so incredible. Wouldn’t you like to be amazed to discover how easily you are able to transform yourself and your life into something so wonderful, you can’t even begin to imagine it fully, yet? Wouldn’t that be awesome and delightful? Hmmmmmm” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow, we continue. I wish for you to discover many delicious moments for yourself though out today .

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What? Take the bull by the horns??? Me? Part 1

unguarded thoughts - buddha

“Sometimes people just put off taking responsibility for becoming the person they want to become and for creating the life the want to live. I think sometimes the best solution is to just take the bull by the horns and train the beast to do what we want. Dive in!

Sometimes we need to stop the excuses, or the whining, and the wasting of time and just do whatever is necessary to get it done. For some people this is ridiculously easy for others more effort is required.

I think we shouldn’t complain about the effort because that only increases the difficulty, instead we should embrace and celebrate whether it is difficult or easy and whether the process goes slow or fast for us. Celebration, gratitude, joy, determination, the right attitude makes progress happen more swiftly and enjoyably.

I believe, for myself, that it is necessary to become the change I want to be.

I believe we ‘become’ first and then we are able to do what is necessary and get what we want to have.

I think a lot of people have it reversed. They think if they get the things they can do whatever they want with them and become better off. Alternatively, some think if they just do enough they will have the things that make them what they ought to be. If they work hard they will get the right income and able to get the car and the house, then they will be happy or successful. They will have arrived.

For me, I think it is important to first BE THE CHANGE I want in life. For me, I believe you arrive first, then everything else follows.

For example, If I want good people to be attracted to me I need to become a good person. I should think and feel as a good person does. Then from that place of being I will act as a good person and then I will get what a good person gets. When I become good first I attract good to me.

Successful people seem to attract success more easily and readily than those who are not so if I want to have success I should become a successful person first. I should think and feel and act as a successful person. I should enjoy having money and spending money and living they way I want, To have success I should first be success.

If I am successful and happy I can be so with or without the income, the house and the car. Although, it is more likely, that as a successful person first, those things are added unto me to and I can more readily appreciate and enjoy them.

‘Like attracts like’ in the mind and body and in the outer world of people. If I want health I need to see myself as healthy and consider myself a healthy person, full of life, vibrant, energetic, able to heal swiftly. When this image is a reality for me in my mind then I am more apt to do those healthy practices that are important because who I am is in harmony with what I want. This is an important notion we will return to another post. We need to be in harmony with what we desire.

If I want to attract a loving partner I should be a loving person others can be attracted to. I need to become the loving partner I want to have in my life. If I want loyalty and honesty, fun, easy going, dependable,  well-mannered, adventurous, confident, whatever attributes I seek in others I should be those first. If I exude those because I am those, others who are those will find me attractive too.

Yes, we do have to consciously choose our thoughts to begin the process to become what we want. We deliberately think the best positive thoughts repeatedly. We hold the image of who we are becoming, who we have become in our mind steadily in order to transform ourselves.

Our brain or mind, our unconscious processes needs to know precisely what it is we wish to evolve into, what we want to become, do or have in order to work on our behalf to accomplish it. From cybernetics our unconscious I considered a ‘servo-mechanism’ which is a way of saying our servant – it will carry out whatever we give it to carry out regardless of whether we give it negative thoughts, or bad things or junk, or positive  thoughts, good things or priceless things.

It doesn’t care it just faithfully works doing what it does 24 hours a day seven days a week. It carries out the functions it has evolved or is designed to do. Whatever we already have or don’t have in life, whomever we are or aren’t is as a result of our servo-mechanism. I will keep coming back to notions like these again in my blog. It has carried out all previous programming. It will carry out your emotionally charged positive thoughts as well as doubts and fears. If one is focused on being a looser or a success. We are today where our thoughts have brought us.

Most of us may have okay lives not so great not so bad and that is because we did not determine to have excellent outstanding lives. We accepted rather than chose. But once you wake up to, become aware that the choice is yours to create whatever you want to have, rather than accept how things are going, then a new reality becomes available to you.

Once you awaken to this reality you can have the reality of your choice.

An important principle is “To behave in a particular reality you must first conceive of that reality” You must first become aware that it is possible. Then you must determine you want to and from there that you are going to.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts you do not need to know the exact means, you don’t have to know ‘how’ yet  BUT you do need to know what you want to become, do or have. This is the beginning of the creative process.

Determine now who you want to be? What kind of positive person do you want to become? Write it down because it helps you imagine it fully in your mind. Specify all the positive attributes and abilities. Who are you? What are you? What are you capable of? How do you think? How do you look, move, act and feel? How do you live your life? See yourself as you want to be. Then, and this is important, see yourself as already that person! This is you! In your mind, act as if, you are already this fabulous person. Watch yourself in your mind go through your life. Imagine everything as richly and vividly as possible. Full color, motion, clear, great sound, see it and feel it, hear it. Or get a sense of it, feel it and see it. Listen.  Just make it as real as you are able and with practice, repeated visualizing you will get even better at it.

Concentrate on this person who you are.

Keep in mind you want to give clear precise directions, instructions, images and positive feelings over to your ‘servo-mechanis’ so it can begin carrying it out. IN fact it will begin the moment you write it down. Then keep giving it the same instructions until you actually get it. The better the instructions, the better the attitude the sooner it is yours.

This is the part of the process that is specified for you. We begin by consciously choosing our positive thoughts to begin the process. You can condense your written pages in to a sentence or two that provides you with a good mental image of your ‘burning desire’ and put it on a card to carry with you and look at through each day.

Think about it, feel good about it, and you become it. When you fill your mind with positive healthy nutritious mental food you become positive and healthy. Remember, GIGO (garbage in garbage out from an earlier post). Whatever you put into the system the system returns to you. Whatever you sow you eventually reap. Plant and concentrate on the finest!

Fill your mind with great things and become great.” Rex Sikes We will continue tomorrow, have a delightful day.

Make your dreams come true!

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before you can do something you must first be something

You Can Have Everything You Want PT 5

single minded concentration

Remember from previous posts:

“Just as physical exercise and proper nutrition returns results so does proper mental exercise and nutrition return results. How and what you feed your mind determine the results you get back.

Feed your mind well and stick with the positive exercise. Stay relaxed and calm and enjoy each moment. Instead of focusing on the current world and present time results, whatever they may be, stay focused on your goal and where you want to be that time in the future. When you do these things you initiate mental processes and put them to work for you.

You decide what you want, you form a positive habit in your thinking (through repetition) Think constantly and consistently about your goal and expect it to happen. As you think about your goal be happy, positive, excited, eager, feel the best you can feel. I will share more about this and why it is critical at another time too.

Stay joyous and find your best feelings each day and practice gratitude. Your life will transform. In time you will get your goal. In the meantime you will transform the journey into something incredible.

As an example you plant a seed, the kind you determine. Say an acorn. You expect it to grow and become an oak tree with proper nutrition and care from the universe. The seed grows underground in darkness where we can’t see it. We have to trust it has germinated and the process begun. Eventually a small plant breaks through the earth reaching toward the sky and with continued care and nutrition becomes a sapling and then a mighty oak.

Getting your goals and dreams is a process. There are steps and time frames in which things occur. People want magic and results yesterday, because they have been conditioned through media and advertising. A farmer knows to plant and wait and then harvest when the time is right. The farmer doesn’t rush it. The farmer cares for the crop in the best fashion possible all the while expecting to harvest what was planted. The day then comes. Whatever the farmer planted yields far more than the original seeding.  So it is with getting your goals.

There is always a price to pay for things in this world. This is the price you must pay to get what you want. The prices is: focus on your burning desire during the day, stay positive and expect it to happen. Avoid negativity, and steer back to the positive thoughts and feelings whenever you become aware it is necessary. Celebrate and be grateful and find the best feelings you can. Keep at this, don’t give up and expect the results to come in time. Be patient and know you will get there. For some this is easy and for others it will be more difficult. It is whatever it is. Just relax and go with it.

Begin the process.  Do it for yourself.  Make your dreams happen. Pay the price to get what you want. Condition yourself, train yourself, set positive mental habits to make your life more wonderful. Begin today! Engage cheerfully, expect it to come to pass and never give up.

Constant positive mental exercise and proper mental nutrition will pave the way for success that you can’t  begin to imagine.

Stop thinking of the reasons why you can not be successful and begin to think about all the reasons why you can succeed.

Successful Defined:  ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’ If a person is working towards accomplishing a goal then that person is a success if that person is moving forward toward accomplishing something worthwhile. If a person is not working toward any goals then that person is not a success.

‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’ Keep moving forward and make your dreams come true and you are succeeding. Think ‘I will become this’ and then work toward that goal.’

A success is anyone who is doing whatever they deliberately decided to do.

Some people want to teach others and are teachers somewhere  they are successful because they are doing what they wanted to do. Some people wanted to work in a bank and they do hence they are already successful. Some people want to marry and have a family and are successful in doing so. Some want to own the corner store or their own service station are successful because that is what they are doing. Success is working for and attaining what you want to do for yourself. Some people want to weigh a certain amount and are exercising or eating in a certain fashion in order to do this. These people are successful in pursuit of what they want. You are successful when you go after your goals and dreams.

Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to success more while people who fail in life seem to continue to have hardship? What is the difference between the two types. One has  goals and pursue them positively. The others may not have specified goals or may not have yet learned how to get what they want to have. They may have excuses for why they did not make it  instead of reasons for why they accomplish what they set out to do.

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts and actions attract and generate more positive thoughts and actions. Positive feelings enable more positive feelings. The more we do the more we can do.

You are successful and will gain more success when you keep practicing you positive mental exercise and proper mental nutrition.

Do this: See yourself as the person you would like to be.

As Napoleon Hill stated, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’, and you will.

Begin by making a 30 day commitment to live your life this way. At the end of 30 days do it again, then again and again you will be so surprised and delighted. Okay, someone may just have thought, ‘wait a second why must I then do it another 30 days’. My answer to that is because you will be so pleased with the results you get from your first 30 days you will want to continue.

Life is a process. It is about growing and changing. Evolving. It should be something we enjoy. It is too short in many ways and at best guess, we only get to do it once. Our lives should be heavenly, we should get and have and be whatever we desire to live as if in paradise. Some people actually do. They have learned the secret to doing so, or they were brought up knowing it, or they applied it without knowing it but they live the dream. You and I should too.

Whatever anyone else accomplishes or has we can have too. No need to take from anyone there is plenty for all. The key is to stop blaming others, god, the universe, politicians, our parents, teachers, or upbringing, to stop blaming ourselves, to stop making excuses and to start being and living how we want to. It is time we determine the qualities we want, the life style we want the things we want and to move toward those, without depriving anyone else.

It is said ‘no man is an island’ and no one ever actually makes it without the co-operation of others. It is important to treat others positively and respectfully on your journey. It is important to elicit the co-operation of like minded, positive people who are achieving their goals and dreams. When co-operating with others it is important to be in harmony and in one mind to work together toward the same things without friction. I will discuss more about this as we proceed. The Golden Rule is a marvelous principle to keep in mind as you go after your goals. It is useful in everyday life just to assist you in getting along better with others. It states “Do to others how you want others to do to you’ or treat them how you prefer to be treated. This is an excellent thought to keep in mind as you pursue your dreams.

While you may not yet think so, there is plenty of everything to go around. Look around you and focus on the abundance of everything. Do not focus on lack. Keep in mind the promotion of scarcity is often a scare tactic. I do not mean to be thoughtless in consumption, but to notice how plentiful things are in the world. Notice how incredible it is an beautiful it is. Focus on the abundance. Some people try to carve up one pie claiming their won’t be enough for everyone. I say ‘make more pies’ make enough for everyone. What we focus on we get.

When you help others, when you act in harmony, when you help promote others to achieve their dreams you are doing for yourself. When you help others get ahead you are helping yourself get ahead. If you step on others, are ruthless, dishonest, disloyal, you are hurting yourself more than anyone else AND you are hurting others too. Keep the peace, we are all in this together. Let’s all get our personal dreams and help each other to fulfill theirs. Let’s expect the best and the highest standards of ourselves along the way and we will get back so much more in return.

Again, I remind you Birds of a feather flock together’.” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow. Please have a marvelous day! Life is grand!

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You Can Have Everything You Want PT 4


before you can do something you must first be something

Part 4 Remember from the previous:

“You write out your goal in the positive, with a deadline, and you see it in your mind’s eye and think about it through out the day. “We become what we think about most through out the day”

Here is an important point some people readily accept others eventually accept it with a bit of difficult due to their upbringing or education.

The point is: You do not need to know how you are going to make you goal happen, yet.

I repeat you do not yet have to know HOW you will get it.

You ONLY need to know what it is you DO WANT and keep  that in your mind. Think about what you want day and night. Napoleon Hill said it should be ‘A burning desire’ which means you should really, REALLY want it. YOU think about WHAT YOU WANT day and night.

See it in your mind. Visualize it clearly as often as you can but at least twice a day.  Say what it is you want, speak it out loud when in private it.  Affirm it! When alone Chant it, yell it, sing it, dance it, have fun with it.

The military conditions troops mind through physical activity, chanting and hollering at the top of their lungs and repeating it over and over again daily until they are conditioned troops. They take emotions to the extreme in military training.

We do the same thing when it comes to pursuing our “burning desire” but with some differences. We don’t exhaust and break ourselves and our wills down as the military does troops to learn survival skills.  We e energize our thoughts and goal with positive joyful feelings. Think of it as highly charging your self and your goal. So you want to feel the very best you can as often as you can each day of the week.

Give it delightful energy, give it determined energy, give it passion and a positive charge. Also take time when you are relaxed to view it in a relaxed and calm and self assured way.

The key is to you know what you absolutely want and to energize it with positive emotion.

HOW is you are going to get it not necessary to know, but what you want to have absolutely is critical.

There is a reason you do not need to know  how you will accomplish it, yet. You don’t need to know how to get it before you go after it.  you just need to know what you want to get clearly and to make it a burning desire. Your visualizing repeatedly, your chanting and pouring energy into it helps make it more real and vital and burning too. You are activating your desire. When you do this you get more of your brain or mind involved.

As you think about your burning desire thought out the day your mind will works on it to give you thoughts, ideas, and insights to build the plan to make your dream come true. You are concentrating on what you want while the unconscious aspects of you process it and find connections for you. You will formulate a plan or plans as you keep your goal in mind. BUT you absolutely do not have to have the plan before you begin going after what you want.

You will come up with plans. As plans come to you implement them. Work the plan you develop. You will adjust them as necessary along the way. You will figure out what to do as you go along.

You need to learn to trust yourself and in the process you are learning. For you to trust and let go will take however long or short a time it takes. Relax, let go, trust yourself. I repeat: Know what you want, activate it with a positive emotional charge and keep it as a burning desire in the forefront of your mind. As you do this the rest of you will be working on it and you will get ideas along the way.

This is a very important concept to keep in mind. No one knows how they do anything until after they actually do it.

The Wright Brothers did not know how to fly they only knew they wanted to and that they were going to. They kept at it until they found the way. They experiment and tried different things which were considered ‘failures’ along the way but they did not give up.

Edison tried many times to make a light bulb and failed 1000’s of times along the way. He just kept in his mind his goal and kept going. Edison was a man with no formal education yet look at all he accomplished. He knew what he wanted and was determined to get it and did not let anything, or any excuse prevent him from getting it.

Edmund Hillary did not know how to get to the top of Everest he only knew he would. He succeeded because he knew he was going to. He had to make the plan and adjust along the way in order to succeed.

Only after their successes could these people tell you how they did it.

What these and other successful people have in common is the belief that nothing will stop them and that there will come a day when they realize their dream. Then they keep trying and doing until they do.

The only actual failure is to stop moving forward, to give up and throw in the towel otherwise the failure you experience is only a temporary setback along the way. It was a challenge to overcome and opportunity for feedback to adjust what you are doing so you can succeed. When you get useful feedback take it. Be flexible in adapting your plans for success but never give up your pursuit of your goal.

Face it, if you are going of on the wrong track you would want to know about it and make corrections. That is what these ‘setbacks’ are. They provide an opportunity to change direction as necessary. Challenges and disappointments are only feedback for what may need to be corrected. SO be thankful when they arise. Be thankful you have them so you can again move forward.

Be grateful you recognize when they occur. Awareness is the key to discovery. You become aware that what you are doing is not working and you make a correction and attempt again. You continue to adjust until you get headed back in the direction you intend to go. It would be foolish to be stubborn and not course correct when necessary and it would be foolish to get upset with the challenge/feedback along the way. It would be foolish to get mad at oneself for not recognizing issues sooner, or for not taking advantage sooner, instead be smart and celebrate when the awareness arises within you.

Remember and understand that what you focus on expands. Thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together . As you keep your mind on your positive goal and you maintain a positive attitude you find inside yourself more of the same positive energy. You attract more of the same.

As mentioned previously, your unconscious doesn’t care whether you feed it (plant) negative or positive thoughts it will return whatever you focus on and charge with emotion. This is why it is critical for you to take charge and provide it the positive thoughts  and energy you want to have more of. This is why you maintain steady focus on what you want to create, get or attract for yourself in the future. This is why you do not give attention to present less desirable conditions. This is why you do not give into doubt or fear or negativity. Decide what you want and be positive about getting in!

The only way you improve your attitude is by taking charge of your thoughts and feelings.  When you do this you get more back positive results in return.

At some point I will go into the background material on why these things are the case, for now, if you just follow what I have been instructing you can begin to get incredible results.

I hope through these four parts you are gaining some valuable insights into what you can do to make your life and your being into something even more wonderful and amazing.

Take these insights and implement them. Begin today.  You don’t have to know fully how, you just must begin with what you already have been given. As you implement, as you practice and do on a daily basis more things will become evident to you. You will learn and have by doing not by reading. It is the actions you take that will transform you not the knowledge you have. It is what you do with the knowledge that makes the difference.

The big difference between astounding success and failure often is only a small percentage point. The difference between a gold and silver medalist is sometimes hundreths of a second. It is not necessary to have much more than anyone else to succeed what is necessary is to do with what you have. Some people have broken out of prison or prison camps using a stick or a spoon. They had to work again and again digging relentlessly bit by bit to make progress and not give up.

The difference for anyone reading this is what they will do with it.  There is a reason for the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Do sometime positive for yourself today and then keep doing it daily and you will make more headway than you could ever imagine.

One thing is absolutely certain: if you do nothing, if you change nothing in your life, your life will not change. In order for you to get what you want you must become the kind of person who gets what they way. Evolve. Become. The price is both steep and not so much. It is whatever you determine it to be. I believe it is an incredibly small price to pay for incredible payback!

I have repeated myself purposefully to make points. I encourage you to re-read this blog site many times over. Read over and over again. You will discover new things when you do.” Rex Sikes

For today this is plenty. More tomorrow. Make this day outstanding for yourself!

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You Can Have Everything You Want PT 3

I AM - circle of resources

Here we are with Part 3. So remember:

“Write your goal down. Write down what you absolutely must have. I have mentioned choosing an appropriate goal (one you DO believe you can make happen) to develop your concentration and abilities in getting what you want in Part 1. Now I will share getting the goal you absolutely must have. Your big goal. The principles apply to all your goal setting and dream fulfillment.

It has been called ‘Your Definite Chief Purpose in life’, ‘Your Chief Aim’, or ‘What you were born to be’.

The question is What is it you have always wanted most in life? What would make you the happiest if it were to be fulfilled?

For some it is a wonderful relationship with their children, or their parents, or a life partner, or a friend or friends.  For some it is the career they always wanted, a job, to begin a business, or to get an education at a particular place of learning. It could be to sing, or to write, or act, or paint or play music, or play sports well. It could  be to be able to build things with one’s own hands, to converse well and be the life of the party. Some may want a new home, a car, expensive clothes, or lots of money or financial freedom. It could be to serve others, travel, be at peace, sleep better at night, exercise more, eat right, gain weight or loose weight.  It can be just about anything at all. If you really have to have it then go after it.

Just write it down in the positive. As an example, state ‘I want to have enough money to live the life I desire. I want to be financially free. I want to easily pay all my bills and have large amounts of money to enjoy so I can do what I want whenever I want.’ rather than ‘I am tired of being poor, I want to get out of debt. Being poor sucks’. These latter thoughts certainly may motivate you to want a better life and more money and that is useful but they are not stated in the positive. They are not stated as what you want but rather as what you do not want or what you want to get rid of.

The important thing is to create what you DO want. Most people don’t realize that they are already getting what they are thinking about. They are creating or attracting (however you want to think about it) what they do not want. You do not get rich thinking about poverty. You don’t get healthy worrying about illness. You do not become confident thinking what there is to be afraid of. Most people do not realize that what they currently have in life IS a reflection of how they have been thinking, up until now.

If you want things in your life to change THEN you have to change things in your life. You have to do things differently. You can’t get up hill thinking down hill thoughts. You don’t get peace or life  thinking violence about hate. Nope, you have to change your thinking and focus on what you want to have.

If your current life is a shambles you don’t get a great life by thinking how the present sucks. You have to determine how you want your life to be different in the future, set your sights on that, keep your sites on that and go after it. You have to keep thinking about it, concentrating on the new better life, the one you want, without giving up or doubting you might get it.

I repeat: do not pay attention to what you do not want. Remember you become what you think about so think about being rich not poor. Think about being nice, fulfilled, in loving relationships, think about being your ideal weight, think about being totally healthy and or energetic. Think about doing what you want instead of what you don’t have or want presently.

If you want a wonderful relationship consider all the positive attributes you do want not all the things that you don’t want or that annoy you. Also, don’t specify a particular person as in ‘I want Bill or Susan’. Just concentrate on the kind of person you want most, tyhe positive traits and qualities you desire.

In fact, since we become what we think about and we get what we think about most, and we attract what we think about then it is best that we work on having these attributes in ourselves first to attract others.

Rich people somehow attract money. So become rich in positive qualities and you will think and act and do those things that make money. Healthy people (in spirit and mind) tend to attract wonderful partners in life so become a healthy person and you will think and act and do those things that other ‘like’ people find attractive. Birds of a feather flock together. So become the change you want in life.

Alright you have your ‘Definite Chief Purpose’, your goal written down in the positive. Be detailed, specific. Have a date of completion, a realistic time frame. Give yourself time to make it happen.

Writing it down and specifying helps you to build the image and see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Hold the positive image of your goal in your mind. See it in as much detail as positive. Make it a movie of what you want to be, do and have. Make it vivid and enjoyable. See it in detail, in color, notice what you look like, where you are, what is going on around you, how you stand and move and speak, how you sound, how you feel. Use all of the senses. Make it as real as possible in your mind and spend time with it. Enjoy it. If you really like what you see and you feel great as you think and see it that is what you want.

See it as if you already have it. That future you is this person.  You are doing these things now, having these things now. Imagine how you feel to have already accomplished your goal. You made it happen. You now possess it. Notice how good this feels.

Imagine you are sitting with a friend and describing how you got your goal in total, yesterday. It already happened. How do you feel about that? You arrived? Describe in detail how it feels, what you think, see, hear, and act.

You want your brain to know that this IS precisely what you want. You want to give it a clear image of what it is you are going after. Your concern is not how you make it happen just that you did make it happen.

Spend time thinking  about and seeing this when you get up in the morning to set your day and before going to bed at night. After writing it out in detail now reduce your detailed goal down to a few words that you put on a card. You will carry this card with you to look at many times throughout the day.

Copy it, put one in the car, on the bathroom mirror, next to your bed, on the ceiling, wherever you can so that you are reminded of it need through the day. Look at it throughout the day. Think about it through the day frequently whenever you can.

Realize that since “We become and get what with think about most throughout the day” your goal must come to you because you ARE  thinking it. You are using your brain for a change. You have set the direction, your dominant chief purpose and you concentrate on it day and night. By doing this you activate your inner resources, you stimulate your thought process, you awaken your unconscious to assist you in making your goal come true.

Because you repeatedly think about it in the best positive way and with the best possible feelings you are educating your brain clearly that this is what you want in life. There is no doubt about it. You want this, you are purposed and poised to get it and you will stop at nothing until you do. What a powerful message to send yourself.

Do not waiver, do not give up. Act as if it were impossible to fail and it will be impossible. Know in your heart that you will make this come true. and you will make it come true ” Rex Sikes

I’ll share more on this. In the meantime, have a glorious day!!!

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You Can Have Everything You Want PT 2

never give up

Make it a point to go after your goal. Make it a point to keep the goal and positive thoughts in your mind as much as possible during your day. ‘What you think about most during the day you become.’

A great practice to engage in everyday is to look for things  (your own successful and happy talents and abilities, family, people, events, situations, possessions you have in your life, )  to feel good about and be thankful for each day. In other words, count your blessings each day and find reasons to feel more grateful. Look around and delight in the beauty and majesty of nature, the abundance of beauty and enjoy it more each day.

Practice  putting your attention on how you are presently blessed, how things are positively working for you now. It is good for helping you to think and feel and act your very best.

Do these things while you continue to think about getting what you want. You want to maintain good feelings throughout the day as much as possible. You want to feel your best.

Keep in mind this is a training or conditioning process so these practices are important.  You are conditioning yourself to control your thoughts.  Your are learning to focus and to select the finest ones that serve you and make you stronger and help you feel better. You choose your thoughts to become aware that you DO have the power to choose and to determine what you think at anytime.

It is a process of making strong positive thinking a habit. You do this by finding the best, by finding what feels the best and holding on to it. Concentrating on it. Repeating it frequently during your day and making corrections as you need to in order to maintain it.

When you focus on what it is you want in your life many times during the day you are improving your powers of visualization and concentration.  As you repeatedly continue to think the best thoughts,  choose things to feel thankful for, and looking for the best feelings inside your body that you can enjoy you are  developing these abilities and making them into habits. It takes repetition and time but you are doing doing it.

So feel good, enjoy it! Believe it, enjoy it. Have fun with this, enjoy it! Relax and enjoy it!

Keep the focus on what you want to have even if the world around you were crumbling. It is not the present that should be your concern it is where you are headed and what you want to accomplish that you stay focused on. It is what you want to create and where you want to be. Keep your mind on these.

While you may need to attend to things in the present but the key is to not let the present tarnish the future accomplishment.

In spite of what is going on know in your heart you will make your dream come true. This is faith and persistence. This is not letting what is going on get you down, or giving in to doubt or falingl into negativity. This is being a champion for yourself no matter what you encounter. Sometimes tenacity is its own reward.

If you don’t have money now, that is not the point. Oh, I am sure some will say ‘yes, it is’, but you don’t get riches by focusing on lack. You don’t become positive by focusing on negativity. So focus on the money you want to have not the bills you have now. It is a matter of where you put your focus that is important.

Some people may tell you you won’t ever do it, that you can’t succeed, or that you are foolish to try. Perhaps, you  have your own doubts.

You will never get what you want if you doubt that you will.

You don’t get positive thinking by thinking negatively, so monitor your thoughts and if you catch yourself, doubting, thinking negative or feeling bad STOP IT!

The very moment you become aware of the doubt or negativity DECIDE THEN,  in that moment, to steer your thoughts and feelings to better healthier, more positive ones.

You may only have to do that once or you may have to do it multiple times each instant before you shift your thinking but keep adjusting, keep at it. Persistence will pay off. Just don’t quit.  I repeat be a champion for you and your goal.

Keep on trying.

Edison didn’t give up until he invented the light bulb. The Wright Brothers didn’t let ‘failed’ attempts stop them from succeeding. Hilary made it to the top of Everest because he kept at it. There are countless examples of people just like you and me who decided what they wanted and continued to work toward it in spite of seemingly unsurmountable odds and opposition. If they can do it , we can! If anyone human finds a way to do it, you can!

You must not stop. You adjust what you do that isn’t working but you continue the pursuit. There may be times you feel like quitting, there may be times you feel confused. Frankly, those times will be there, they occur for all of us.

Just keep the faith and know that when you have faith and keep going you will get the gold. You will make it happen. You won’t if you quit but you can if you continue. Just keep at it. I repeat become your own champion for you and your goal!!!

One thing that helps and is important; whenever you notice you are off course, you find yourself thinking and feeling negative STOP the moment you become aware, take a deep breath, and begin to  thank yourself for recognizing it. Appreciate yourself  for becoming aware, for noticing what was going on and then changing it. Feel grateful for your insight and value yourself in these moments. Delight in your awareness.

It could happen in an argument with someone, or on your own. Whenever you become aware that you are thinking or acting different than you want to be acting STOP, take a deep breath and begin to celebrate (quietly inside if necessary) your insight and awareness. When you celebrate your discoveries you GET TO have more of them, you grease the wheel for positive learning to occur.

Plus, instead of berating yourself as you may have in the past, you are treating yourself with positive thoughts, love and behaviors. It is important to love and care and nurture yourself while you are conditioning yourself. In fact, it is important and desirable to do all the time anyway.

When the insight occurs It may be a signal to adjust something for you to find greater harmony, or to just pay attention and notice that what you are doing or thinking isn’t getting you the results you want. So appreciate that  somehow you sent yourself a signal to ‘wake up’ and do something about it. That is awesome!

Think of it this way. If you were traveling and you were headed off course, or perhaps you were off course by many, many miles, wouldn’t you be grateful is someone stopped you and said, ‘hey, here is how you get back on course’. I know, I know the tendency is to be aggravated because you went of course, well knock that silliness of.

Celebrate the messenger for getting you righted and be happy you can continue in the manner you desire. Celebrate, because that messenger is YOU! Treat you with kindness and love. Occasionally, another person is that messenger – treat them well too.

The point is simply. Whenever you go off course, GENTLY, steer yourself back on course. Don’t get mad or upset (and while you may at first, this can change to through dedicated practice) just navigate back to the positive good healthy thoughts and feelings. Relax about it.

This is evolution and it takes time and patience. The world has become a magic bullet, pill popping, fast food, gotta have it now society but this is evolution. Illumination can occur in an instant yet most things still take time. Take the time, all the time you need, and be kind to yourself.  YOU can do this!

Savor this time and this opportunity to do something nice for yourself. You are undergoing this rigorous conditioning as a gift to yourself and for others. You are making the effort to be in charge of you, how you are, think, feel and act. That is a wonderful decision.

It is a wonderful opportunity to discover the many incredible things about you so celebrate it. You are able to do this, delight in it, enjoy the process, relax, have fun and keep on going. It gets easier and better as you continue. Sure, challenges may present themselves but as you move forward you become better equipped to handle them successfully.

It is truly amazing and you will be amazed.

Decide in favor of yourself. Decide that you will do this. Decide now and stick with it. Begin the journey and you will be delighted what you discover along the way. So many good things are in store for you! What waits ahead for you to find are marvelous beyond belief. Your future waits for you to realize it can all be yours. It has been calling to you all along, don’t you think it is time to answer the call?

Begin to day to make your life the life you want it to be.” Rex Sikes

I’ll share more tomorrow on this. Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!



You Can Have Everything You Want PT 1

everydat is a new beginning

“Write your goal down. Be specific as possibly. Put down what you want to be like, what you want to do and have and by when. Have a date of completion. Be fairly realistic as to when you want this. Someone once said, ‘There are no unrealistic goals just unrealistic time frames for them to be accomplished.’ Since I am not proposing magic, or wishing or dreaming something into existence, make it real. You can wish for a million or more dollars but can you truly believe you will get it this week? For some, yes perhaps, for others no.

I firmly believe you can get anything you want when you believe it is both possible and plausible. When you believe you can do it, accomplish it and make it come true then you open the door for your creativity and resourcefulness to assist you in making that happen. If your goal is unrealistic to begin with and you can’t actually imagine yourself getting it, then pick something you are able to readily imagine having some day.

Find something you can easily entertain thinking about and getting. Choose another goal, something you really want that is important to you, but not necessarily your biggest goal to start with. Work on this other goal first. Write it down and notice if you feel eager and excited about it.  When you think ‘I can have this’ do you actually believe that is possible? IF the answer is emphatically yes, without any hesitation, use this goal as your starting goal.

Once you make this goal happen you can work your way up to the larger goal by picking up wins and successes along the way. As you build a successful track record everything becomes easier and even quicker. So start with something as suggested, once you get it move on up the ladder of larger and larger goals.

This may be an important first step realization for some people. When you think about what you want you should feel wonderful, eager and excited that you will have this some day. If you can’t feel like that as you consider your goal, then choose one you can feel this way about. Work with this second goal first. It should be something you believe you can have, you believe you can make happen and you believe you deserve. You want to really believe you can have it.

If not, there are other things you might want to focus on first.

Keep in mind that you can do it and you can have anything you want!

Some people just bite off more than they can chew at first, then get discouraged because they don’t feel good, don’t believe it or keep at it. Then they throw up their hands and claim, ‘it doesn’t work for me’ and quit.  That is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Stop right now, do not let this be you.

Make it a point now to begin by choosing a small goal with a realistic time frame that you do feel good about as you consider it now. Pick one that you will be excited to get when it comes true and begin here. Do you understand? Really do you understand because this is important? I have purposely repeated myself to drive this home.

If you decide to go on a vacation with the mindset that you will never get there, or that it is too difficult and not worth the effort, what is the likelihood of arriving when and how you want? It is probably, not likely at all. So understand that the frame of mind you begin with IS important.

You need to know what seeds you are planting. If you plant corn expecting wheat you may not like what you get. Have you ever taking a drink of some beverage thinking it was something else, wasn’t that a shock? Expectations have a lot to do with how we experience our life.

If we expect things to be hard they will. If we expect them to be easy it will. While we may still encounter difficulty, we often come through it thinking ‘wow that was easier than I thought’, or ‘that wasn’t so bad’. Expectations shape what we pay attention to and determine what we get back.  Hopefully, as you read and digest these points  you are becoming aware pf why it is important to have faith and maintain the very best positive expectations.

Our thoughts are seeds. We plant them, they grow and eventually we harvest. Our minds will grow whatever we focus on good or bad it does not care. Your mind doesn’t care whether you think positive or negative it will grow it just as the soil doesn’t care whether you plant corn or wheat, or food or poison. Whatever you plant the soil of your mind returns. You reap what you sow. SO plant positive, powerful, ‘I can do’, healthy thoughts.

It is very simple to understand. You get back what you put out. For decades now there is the principle of GIGO first popularized in cybernetics. GIGO stands for ‘garbage in garbage out’ meaning if you fill yourself with garbage you will get garbage out. If you write bad computer programming you get bad results. You get back what you put in. The same applies to our thinking. What we focus on is what we get back. If we think good thoughts we get more good thoughts as a result. If we think negative or bad thoughts we get those back.

No one is making this stuff up. You don’t have to go anywhere to understand the accuracy of these concepts. This is why it is important to understand the principle that ‘We become what we think about’, ‘We get what we think about’, or ‘What we focus on expands’.

Feeling bad and negative does not result in feeling good and positive. For most people, due to whatever situations and experiences in life, it is much easier to think negative than positive. Family, friends, educators, media, real world experiences are all possible reasons for why this may be the case but so what. Just because someone learned to think in a negative way doesn’t mean that same person can’t begin to think positive, improve themselves and their lives and begin to live as they may have always wanted.

If you want to be a positive, ‘I can do it’ person and make your goals and dreams come true the fact of the matter is you have to change what you are thinking, feeling and doing. You have to become that kind of person. How do you do that? ‘You become what you think about most through out each day’. You want to get your goal. How? ‘You get what you think about most through out each day’. ‘What you focus on expands’.

One just has to start. Even a small consistent effort is better than none. Often, raging rivers began as a trickle. The consistent application of a positive force is enough to carve a path through any territory.You apply a consistent, constant positive force – your thoughts!

When you begin to think in positive ways you begin to become more flexible and adaptable and more likely to see new opportunities than when you are thinking negatively. When you feel better you get more done. You enjoy yourself, others and life much more.” Rex Sikes

I will share more tomorrow. Meanwhile have a blessed and marvelous day!

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Have You Ever Failed At Anything? Failure is Feedback

arrow launch you

“There is no failure until you give up. Giving up makes it absolute. If you don’t give up it is only a setback, maybe a large one but it is only temporary as long as you don’t cave in.

Think of failure as useful feedback that something isn’t working and it is time for you to positively adjust your plan. There is nothing wrong with that. Feedback is what we need to move forward if we are off course. Failure is only temporary so hang in there.  

You don’t give up your goal, you adjust your plan positively to keep moving toward your goal. You may only need to take baby steps to course correct  when you get feedback.  So move yourself inch by inch back on course.

Only rarely does one  have to yank the wheel of the car to navigate successfully.  Large, sudden adjustments may be necessary once in awhile but not as a rule.  As you drive you makes constant adjustments from right to left to stay in the middle of the lane moving forward. You are always adjusting back to center to keep moving straight forward.

Remember the saying, “Quitters never win and Winners never Quit”.

Don’t give up. Adjust and keep moving forward. You will make it just keep going! ” Rex Sikes

Inspiring Pics & Quotes To Make Your Day 2.

choose to be happy

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn

inch toward your goals

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Stephen Covey

love yourself

“We become what we think about.” Earl Nightingale

habit replaces habit

“Staying positive and happy may not be easy but neither is living the other way.” Rex Sikes

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Inspiring Pics & Quotes To Make Your Day 1.

happiness depends on what u think

“Dream Big and Dare To Fail” Norman Vaughn

correct your mind

“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” Napoleon Hill

big goals get beig results

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” Henry Ford

be happy set goals
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