When Will You Accept Your Destiny?

passion changes  everything

Embrace this notion fully:  You are a creator. Only you are the master of your destiny. You are in charge!

Whether you think it so or not, everything you experience is because of you. Everything you have or don’t have, all that you are or aren’t is up to you. Accept it. Take responsibility for it.

You may disagree but what does that get you to do so? Perhaps, it gives you some comfort and consolation. You can debate it but to what end? Try the concept on instead, take responsibility for it all, your past, your present and your future.

I happen to think that this is the case but even if it isn’t accurate – when you embrace the notion it gives you power to transform yourself. It is a useful concept to adapt. Forget about ‘gospel’ truth, and consider it instead as a rule for helping you to get ahead. Use what works and discard that which does not.

When you take 100% responsibility for everything it puts you in squarely in charge.

Then it is only you who answers for the results you get or don’t.

There is no one to blame when things don’t work out. If things are to be brought about it will be because of you and not anyone else. This is a place of immense power and opportunity!

When you put yourself in charge you can work with the power within you. When you think ‘If it is to be it is up to me’. When you take responsibility and operate from ‘I caused this and I caused that’ or ‘it is all because of me’ then you can change your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, responses, your plans, you can alter anything that isn’t working because the locus of control is on and in you and on no one and nothing else! This is a powerful mindset to operate from.

Some thoughts you may want to make your own if they aren’t already: ‘I am a powerful positive creator of my own destiny.’  ‘Happiness is available to all so it is available to me’, ‘If it is to be it is up to me’. ‘We become what we think about’.

All you have to do to change your life is think different thoughts! REALLY! Change your thoughts and change your life!

The reason why some people don’t move forward is that they do nothing, the think defeatist thoughts, or can’t believe it, they think it is too good to be true, or they think it must be hard not easy or they think it won’t work. If this is you change it and move forward in a new direction.

Whatever you focus on expands!

See yourself as a vibrant, powerful, positive, transmitter of energy. Imagine yourself as a powerful creator, responsible for bring you all things. THEN choose the very best for yourself. Nurture you thoughts and feelings and abilities. Hold in your mind positive thoughts and keep planting positive seeds.

Keep it simple, easy and do it every day! Each moment is a moment to enjoy and celebrate or let it slip away. Because what you focus on expands the more you enjoy the more you get to enjoy! Remember this and choose to delight and enjoy yourself throughout each day. Stay with it, make it a positive habit and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds and delight in the day!

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