You Can Successfully Learn To Do Anything You Want To Do!

ambition and action 2 steps to success

Ralph Waldo Emerson correctly points out that ‘Skill Comes Of Doing’. Onto that I piggy back William Hazlitt’s statement, ‘The More We Do The More We Can Do,’ because both statements are true. Once we begin to engage the process of thinking positively, learning to cook, or to perform asanas in yoga, paint, draw, write, exercise, ride a bike, ski, swim, or whatever it is we want to do we begin to learn it and practice it. In time we get better at it as long as we continue to do it.

So skill does come from doing AND the more we do the more we can do, the better we get at it. It is important to note that whatever is worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. None of us are experts when we first begin to do something new so we need not pressure ourselves or get frustrated. Instead, ease into it, be gentle, be accepting it won’t go perfectly well, it never does but with practice and by sticking with it you will improve. That is guaranteed!

It will get easier. You will get better.

Of course, there is the phenomenon of beginners luck. This is when we do surprisingly well at first only to drop off in performance a little later. It is truly lucky that we do well at first and somewhat due to the fact that we don’t know what to expect of ourselves.  The drop off occurs because the brain actually has to catch up and organize and systematize all the new learning you acquire.

This process is a life long process. It occurs as long as we engage in skill development. There will come times when our skills plateau for a while. When in a plateau phase it is important to relax, let go, don’t push, take a small break and come back later refreshed and ready to continue. All it means is your mind and body are coordinating your efforts.

The point is you can do anything you set your mind to. While it may be difficult you will get better at it. Henry Ford reminds us. ‘If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right’. Attitude is important! It is important to believe you can do and accomplish anything you want to WHEN you learn how.

you can if you think you can

We are all already incredible learners. We have learned so many things from rolling over to crawling and sitting upright to walking. We have learned to feed ourselves, use the toilet, tie our shoes, to read and write. We learned many different subjects through the course of our education and many skills, talents and abilities as we have grown. What each of us can do is learn. As a species what we all are is learners.

Some of us are more methodical and take some time to acquire things others may be a bit more speedy. Some of us learn better through seeing and showing, others by listening and discussing, while others pick it up better when they get their hands on it, walk through it or engage their bodies too. To differing degrees we all utilize some of each of these areas in learning. We may all learn somewhat differently but we are all able to learn.

We all learn and can learn anything if we will allow ourselves to do what is required to learn it. For some it may take more or less time but eventually anyone can learn to do it. Whatever it is! We may not all be the very best at a particular area, or some areas may seem to present more difficulty than others to acquire but we still are capable to move forward and become the best we are able to when we dedicate ourselves to doing so.

If you want mastery you have to continue to do it. Keep in mind that anything can be difficult or a struggle, or it can be easy and fun, or it may be a bit of both. It will be whatever you decide to make it. Whatever you experience is primarily up to you!

Learning is easiest when it is fun, relaxed and when you really want to acquire the skill or the knowledge. It is beneficial when one is motivated to learn, has an open mind, is curious and expects good results. When challenges arise one looks at these in context and recognizes them for what they are. They are only hurdles on the track on the way to the finish line. Challenges stretch us and help us grow strong, plateaus help us assimilate what we are doing into our everyday abilities.

that i do today imporves ur tomorrows

You go where your thoughts take you. If you really want to do something you will find a way; if you don’t you will find an excuse. ‘The Brain Is As Strong As It’s Weakest Think’, said Eleanor Dean and she is as right as Henry Ford.

It is the tap tap tap of the chisel that carves away the stone. It is the drip drip drip that eventually fills the tub. In order to succeed most easily we need a good frame of mind and we need to stay the course. We only ever fail when we quit. Challenges are opportunities. The daily application of what you are doing when you are learning builds the skill and the habit. The habit comes from successful repetition.

Your ability to transform your life is easy. Bit by bit you will make an incredible difference for yourself. Gradually though application and repetition you will develop the habits that serve you and help you make the most of yourself and your life. It is easy when you know how.

There will always be challenges and opportunities to grow and excel simply know and accept that fact of life. There will be times when it seems like you are stuck or not moving forward. You have plateaued that is part of life so accept this too. There will be times when it is incredibly easy and everything just flows! There will be moments of disappointment and moments of ecstasy. Most of all there will be many more moments you will absolutely enjoy!

You will make more of your moments marvelous. The glass half full with positive energy is better than half full of negativity or of nothing. Fill up your glass, fill up your life! Life can be anything you want it to be. You can be anything you want to be! It is never too late!

You can learn to do anything and have anything. If you put it off you will succeed in waiting longer for it to transpire. If you decide to seize the day, make the decision and follow through on it now, sooner rather than later it will all be yours. The moment is always now. Dedicate yourself to yourself. Choose to think and feel the very best and make each moment matter!

You will be so grateful when you do!” Rex Sikes

Make this day a wonderful one for yourself and others.

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