To Succeed You Must Visualize Your Success!

you cant change anything if you cant change your mind

“You want success, don’t you? If there are hurdles or challenges, or ceilings in your way wouldn’t it be nice to know how to overcome these? If you could find away to accelerate having that success sooner wouldn’t that be wonderful? Imagine making your goals and dreams come true more quickly? The bottom line is you can! It is up to you whether you will do it or not.

If you will spend a few minutes each day visualizing your goals and dreams as already complete, already accomplished, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to realize them. You can  quicken your realization of your desires and ambitions.

We think in pictures, images and mental movies. If you are like 99.9% of other people you think in pictures. If you grew up seeing you think in pictures. Words and sounds accompany the images as do feelings.

Most of our images operate outside of our awareness or consciousness. We can consciously engage the process when we want to remember something or are planning or engaged in other activities. Sometimes, someone says something and we respond by saying ‘thanks for the visual’ because an image, often unwanted, pops into our awareness.

Okay, try this on. Stop and take a moment to really do this. Check it out! What comes into your mind when I say the word ‘dog’?

What kind of dog is it? Was it your dog or someone else’s? Is the dog from the present or another time in your life?

Okay, good. Now what happens when I say, ‘wet dog’? Is it the same or different dog? Is it at the same time or a different time? Good, now try this, ‘bad dog’. What changes?

You may have seen vivid images or barely been able to notice them, yet, you still were able to come up with an answer.

there is nothing impossible

See, we don’t have to do anything to see mental images. It isn’t as if we have to try. It is true that some of us have developed the ability further than others of us. No worries, we all can improve it.

Just as muscles increase in size through repeating exercise so does our capacity to visual increase. We can enhance it! There are a number of benefits to developing our ability to visualize including clearer thinking, attention to detail and improved memory.  I want to focus on one benefit today; the ability to make your goals and dreams come true. When we see what we want we can get what we want.

When you repeatedly send crystal clear image messages to your unconscious mind it brainstorms ways, outside of consciousness, to accomplish it. It is as if you aim a laser beam at a target. When you vividly imagine what you want you are defining it clearly and powerfully for yourself.

You don’t even need to know how you will accomplish your goal. You just need to see it as ALREADY accomplished. You do this repeatedly! You do this daily. You stick with it.

It is a very simple practice!  Sit or lie back  in a comfortable position with  closed eyes and image your goals and desires as already completed. See yourself, as in a movie, and notice how you look, sound and behave when you are behaving as you want to be and doing and have everything you want in the future.

thoughts design my energy

For example: If you want a new home see yourself in the new home. Imagine it in as much detail as possible. See each room, the decor, walk through the house. See the inside details and the outside. Imagine what it is like to live in it. Watch yourself enjoying it, driving up to it in a great car etc. It is your future make it what you want it to be.

After a few minutes of visualizing in this manner, switch your position and look out through your own eyes and see what you see in that future. Hear what you say and the sounds and feel what it feels like to behave, do and have your desires and goals met. Savor, linger and delight in the feelings.

A few minutes visualizing every day will develop your ability to see it more clearly if you don’t at first. Just imagine and keep going. You are sending a powerful message to your unconscious about what it is you want to make happen. You are initiating and accelerating your abilities conscious and unconscious to accomplish your desires.

Do not be concerned with how it will happen. The how will come in time. You own mind will reveal plans in time. You will get ideas, inspirations and intuitions to act on as you continue. Maybe not right at first, so let it go, have faith and just imagine it as though it all already is accomplished.  Just keep with the practice a prescribed. Notice and enjoy the incredible feelings that accompany having everything you want.

Remember, we become what we think about most often! If you can hold it in your head you will hold it in your hand.What consumes our mind controls our life. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve are all reminders that you can make this all happen.

if you can dream it you can do it

Visualize when you first wake up in the morning. You can do it before even getting out of bed. Throughout the day whenever you have a moment close your eyes and relive these positive images, sounds and feelings. Before going to sleep, after you do your list of everything you are grateful for, spend moments visualizing your goals. This is a great way to drift off to sleep with the last thoughts of the day about accomplishing your dreams. Make some special time daily to do this!

The goal is to feel good. So if at anytime during your visualizing you don’t feel wonderful, adjust the movie so that you do. The less than glorious feeling is just a signal telling you to adjust, something is a miss and you need to make it an adjustment. The goal is to feel good when you imagine your future. The goal of life is to feel incredible!!!

The goal is to feel wonderful throughout the day. So enjoy the wonderful feelings, find everything in your present to feel grateful for and spend time affirming your ability and power as a magnetic attractor and creator. Affirm and appreciate your ability to make you future come true.

THEN, no matter what happens around you, if the world crumbles, remember this has absolutely noting to do with your desires or your future. Keep your eye on the prize. Realize that the seeds that get planted grow underground in darkness for a duration of time.

The weather may be raging above ground but the seeds continue to grow. They take time to sprout. HAVE faith that ultimately, in whatever time it takes, you will accomplish what you want to accomplish as long as you stay with it and do not quit. You will succeed!

Whatever current challenges you face  appreciate them and you will get through them much faster. There is something to learn and opportunity hidden within every challenge if you only just look for it. Stay focused on what you want to make happen! Appreciate the present circumstances and do not let anything dampen your spirit about your future. Enjoy the present AND the future. Make the journey delightful regardless of what life throws at you.

‘Chicken Soup Of The Soul’ author Jack Canfield knows a little something about success and he states that the daily practice of visualization does quicken the time it takes to realize your goals.

Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and others for the past century, and religious texts for centuries have been stating the very same thing. You go where your thoughts take you. So make them take you where you want to go!!!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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One thought on “To Succeed You Must Visualize Your Success!”

  1. I received this site from a Facebook post in a free media fanpage I am into.

    “Life is difficult.” (- The Road Less Traveled, book).

    Sometimes more is less. Constraint is a good thing. Sometimes getting what we want does not work through visualizing to cause manifestation.

    While I find that visualizing something or an action is very powerful, sometimes doing a thing or getting something I want, is not all about increasing visualization and doing more. Sometimes receiving what we want is also about FORCING myself to do the things I don’t want to do, or doing less of something I should stop. For example, I wanted to be rid of a roommate who was causing some very serious damage and nuisance. Did I want to get him in trouble? No, I like the guy. But, circumstances put me into a situation where I needed to do something I did not want to do at all, to get to the place I wanted to be where I was safe from harm once again. Sometimes it takes pushing people away and really constraining (even focusing) one’s efforts, to see what it is that needs to happen, to get what I want.

    Will there be negative consequences when I get what I want? Probably or definitely yes. Humans who live for typically less than 120 years are bound to discover and lose persons, places, and things. When I get to one place, I am generally moving away from another. In order to make room for something I want and give that person, place and/or thing space my life, I need to constrain or possibly redefine the things I already have.

    If I smoke cigarettes but I want to reduce my smoking cigarettes and I find that smoking is something I tend to fall back on; knowing how smokers are sometimes about that particular habit (or any strict habit or automatic addiction); then the obvious answer is not to smoke more. I can visualize quitting smoking, and that is definitely a constraint. But I probably want to fill my down time or break times with something productive such as something equal to smoking or a different, more healthy habit “my nervousness” in this example will be happy with. Or, maybe being around other people who get nervous at low paying jobs or the neighborhood I live in is not conducive to non smoking.

    Visualizing does help. Remembering that I am in control of my own life and things I keep around me, and then forcing myself to do things I do not want to do but I need to do, to get what I want, helps. “Faith without works is dead.”

    Finally, sometimes getting to what I want is not all about visualizing to cause manifestation. If visualizing were the only element to getting what I want, then humans could exact visualization techniques to concise, academic and scientific approach (literally, a step by step list of what to do to get everything we want easily in an hour), and any form of visualizing would not ever lead to confusion, frustration, need for “faith”, divorces, crime, and other negative consequences, etc. Some- times being happy and satisfied with what I have, recognizing and appreciating the fine details already surrounding myself, is extremely more difficult than trying to remember to visualize a goal or a thing I want. Sometimes being more happy is not about gaining more, nor visualizing, but about constraining the things that I already have into something manageable for myself, to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed.


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