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Can You Answer These Questions?

“Ernest Holmes insisted that our ‘outward life is a result of the subjective state of our thoughts.’ Others have insisted the same since before recorded history. We create our reality. Quantum Physics seems to suggest the same. Is it true? Seems to be.

Look at all the buildings and traffic around you. This all first started inside some people’s heads. Architects and engineers made blueprints and then carried out the plans to make it so. What we think is critical to what we create. We live from the inside out.

Keep that in mind!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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  1. What are your top 3 desires? What is it you want? What are you wanting to accomplish? Answer as clearly as possible. e.g. I want a new car. I want to learn to juggle. I want new job. etc.

2. What are your top 3 reasons why each of these is important to      you What will getting your desire do for you? What will you gain by attaining it?

3. What are your top 3 challenges or obstacles? If related to your top desires what is preventing you from having what you want?

4. What are the top 3 reasons why each of these obstacles prevents you? How does each limit you?

5. What do you love? What do you stand for?

6. What do you hate and stand against?

7. What do you feel you need to know, understand and apply in order to transform your challenges into opportunities?

8. What do you feel you need to know, understand and apply in order to transform you career, family life, relationships, life? Answer in each area or whichever is most important to you?

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Have a blessed day!

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How Setting An Intention Can Make Your Day!

Disney If You Can Dream It

“Each day is an opportunity to rock your world. How you begin your day can determine how the day goes, flows and ends. If you want it to end well you need it to begin well, at the very least. Here is how you begin having more great days and fewer struggles.

After your first waking thoughts of, ‘I love my life. I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me. Something magical is going to happen for me today,’ or another positive variation, set an intention. Direct your mind to consider what you’d like to happen.

‘I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me’ is an intention. The thought directs your mind and your behaviors for the day. It sets a framework for you to follow. Allow, accept, receive. You can be surprised by what shows up or you can look for it or both.

The Power Of Intention Is The Power To Manifest And To Create

Make a decision, a positive determination,  of what you want your day to be like.  When you wake up in the morning plan for a good day. Realize that your expectations help shape what you find during your day.  For example, ‘today I will behave in loving ways towards Sue’.

‘Today, I will look for the best in each person I meet.’ ‘Today, I will feel more peaceful at work.’ ‘I will discover times to have more fun and delight throughout the day’. You could even specify 3 times during the day, or any reasonable number you choose. It’s up to you.

‘I will focus my attention on what I want to accomplish.’ ‘I will take one small step toward making my dream come true’. Determine what this may be and commit to it. In other words, how do you intend to utilize your day to make good things happen?

The Mind Is The Matrix Of All Matter You Get What You Focus On

If you get up each day looking for smiles you will find more than if you get up looking for frowns. Get it? It sets the frame for the day. Could you still find frowns? Of course, but if you are looking for smiles, you have a better chance of finding them. Seek and find.

When you anticipate good things happening you are much more likely to have good things happen. If you think the best about people you are much more likely to encounter people at their best. Store and remember your wins. Cut and forget your losses.

Determine what you want the day to be like and go out and live it. You can set at least one intention for the day. You could set more. You could even set a new intention with each change in activity or location. I’ll explain it but I suggest you start easy and build up.

Let The Power Of Intention Lead The Way – Set Positive Intentions

‘I intend to go downstairs and enjoy my breakfast. I will drive safely to work and enjoy the ride no matter what traffic is like. I will enjoy my co-workers. I will make 5 new contacts during this day. I will talk to Pete at lunch and help him out.’ Don’t do these all at once.

You do each one prior to the activity or the location change. You set your intention before going into the new activity or area. You set the frame for how you want it to be. Get it? This has the added benefit of making you consciously think about what you want during that time.

It takes haphazard out of it. It gives you a focus. What do you want? As you head into the kitchen how do you want breakfast to go? As you get behind the wheel how do you want the drive to go? When you enter the work place how do you want your workday to go?

A Good Intention Clothes Itself With Power – You Make It Happen

What do you intend to make happen? It helps you aim your thoughts, feelings and behaviors deliberately instead of just going through the day. It is a means of directing your mind. It is a pursuit.  It is what you intend to do. You commit and follow though on it.  Stay positive!

‘I will find and write down 25 things to feel grateful for before going to bed tonight.’ Then do it. Make it a point to keep your word. Don’t break promises to yourself or anyone else. Keep your word to you! This is most important. Do it! Then feel proud and grateful.

Your life can transform incredibly when you add the power of intention to what you do. Your focus and your ability to get things done, make things happen, will improve. You will develop a great new supportive success habit that helps you feel marvelous. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in your day!

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Build Bridges Not Bombs


“You get what you focus on. That is the message from ancient times. It is a message in the Law Of Attraction. You get back AND more of what you put out. Energy flows where attention goes. The Law Of Compensation and Increase states we should expect a good ROI.

Focus on what you want! Not on what you do not want. Focus on the good and the positive you desire not the negativity you want to avoid. Draw to yourself the good you are passionate about and want to include. Focus on it and you will create it and attract it.

Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want in the world.’ Jesus said, ‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed (the tiniest of seeds) you can say to the mountain, be removed and it will be removed.’ I take this to mean have faith and you can solve your problems. There is a secret though.

If I Have The Belief I Can Do It I Will Acquire The Capacity To Do It

You must go first. You must have faith first that the problem will be solved. You must see and embody the solution prior to it existing. You must FIRST be the change. You don’t get it if you expect it to show up first. Become it and act as if you already have it to get it.

Certainty. Absolute knowing that it is yours IS stepping out on faith. It means develop certainty because where and how you put your energy determines the ease and the quickness you get it back. Having faith means certainty. Positivity is powerful.

Positive thinking is NOT the silly example as put forth by Tony Robbins and some others. It is not looking at the weeds and thinking ‘there are no weeds’. This is a poor misrepresentation. Positive thinking is ‘I can clear the weeds. I can learn to if I don’t know how’.

An Eye For An Eye Ends Up Making The Whole World Blind

‘I can do it. I will do it.’  ‘I can handle the weeds. I am capable and confident.’ You think and feel and act to get a particular result. It may seem realistic when you state ‘I can do this’ especially when others think you can’t. Great spirits encounter opposition from others.

Edison, Ford, Tesla, Jesus, Gandhi, King, Lincoln, and others have all faced opposition. Massive opposition! They didn’t quit or give up because others thought they were nuts or that they couldn’t do it. They persevered and prevailed. It came at a cost but they paid it.

You don’t get peace by acting hateful. You don’t build positive change by being negative. You don’t move ahead powerfully by complaining and feeling despair. You don’t get loving people or acceptance by being intolerant and hating others.

The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present

You don’t create anything positive, peace, love, community, acceptance or togetherness by blaming and acting like the others who want to tear you down. You must rise to a higher level of awareness to make a positive impact. Seek higher ground!

Gandhi, King, Einstein, Jesus and others far smarter than I seem to all say, ‘love each other’ rather than piss on each other. If you win be a gracious winner if you lose be a gracious loser. Correct wrongs but in the right way. Don’t give up. Stick with it. Commit to compassion.

Don’t whine, complain or abuse others. Work for positive changes in ways that bring about positive changes. Accept, forgive, inspire, educate, assist, expose, love. Build bridges not bombs. Respect life don’t harm or take it. Focus on what you want to bring it about.

Happiness Is When What You Think Say And Do Are In Harmony

We are always getting the results of our thoughts. We are either getting what we want or we are getting what we don’t want. We are either living or dying. What we end up with is based on what we think and do. If you don’t like the results change what gets them.

If you want your life and world to change you must change the way you are doing things in your life and the world. If you want peace you must become peaceful. If you want love become more loving, first. You create and attract what you already are. That’s what most miss.

It is just like prayer. Most people pray when things get bad and ask for something other than what is going on. When things are fine they don’t bother. Tides turn and they become beggars. Stop begging and start praising. Start feeling gratitude. Start appreciating. Be thankful.

Strength Rises From Indomitable Spirit Not Physical Capacity

Be thankful for what you already have if you want more of the same and better. Stop begging because when you beg you act as if you don’t already have it. Even the bible says, ask believing you will receive and you will receive. There is an order to how things work.

Be the change you want in the world. Go first. Build bridges. Focus on harmony. Focus on love. Focus on community. Think it! Feel it! Be it! And you not only become what you think about you get back more of what you think about. Basic cause and effect. Do it.

Be happy and get more. Be sad and beg for a difference and remain the same longer. Be angry and hateful and you will get it back. I mean really, think about what you create for yourself and if you don’t want it choose to create something more wonderful. How?  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

May your day be incredible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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When You Don’t Feel Like It: Do This

Horizons sunrisen-phil-koch

“Expectations can be a blessing and a curse. We should expect the best of ourselves and others and be realistic at the same time. Fear and worry about the future doesn’t support us at all. It is negative rehearsal. It is negative affirmations and negative planning.

While we should expect the best we should also be practical and realistic about it. We can dream fantastically big and not accomplish anything or we can dream fantastically big and take steps to bring it about. We do need to place our attention on what does work.

It has been said there is no such thing as unrealistic expectations only unrealistic time frames. Given the right amount of time we may be able to accomplish anything. Anything is possible. Everything may be possible. Dream big and then step by step. Focus on the first step.

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Feelings

Proceed forward picking up your goals as you climb each rung of a ladder to get to the top. Keep the large end goal in mind while you succeed in picking up each smaller goal in succession. Work your plan. Your plan need not be perfect, you can always adjust it. BUT…

You still need a plan to get from where you are to where you want to go. You need a road map that you use as you journey. Without a plan or road map you drift. You may find that you must detour along the way but that is all part of the journeying process. It’s okay!

Moving forward is simple. It may not always be easy but it is simple. It can be easy too. We shouldn’t think that it is not. It can be very easy. Regardless, it is simple to move forward step by step. Anything can be accomplished when broken into tinier bits or steps.

Positive Thoughts And Feelings Generate Positive Life Experiences

You can manage it. Want to clean your house? It seems too big a task. Either set a small amount of time to straighten up, say 20 minutes, and do that daily. It takes longer but if you do it repeatedly, consistently for long enough you will get the house clean. Or…

Pick one room at a time, if that works better for you, and clean each room using the same principle. Motivation comes from doing not from waiting to be motivated. This is where our feelings often don’t serve us. We wait to feel like it. That won’t help you when you don’t.

For some it has to get bad enough and then they feel like it. They feel pressured that they must then do it. Some wait until deadline pressures cause them enough pain. Then they act. This manner of doing things works but it isn’t very pleasurable. Your choice.

You Can Choose Your Thoughts And You Can Change Your Life

My main premise is very simple. Whatever one thinks that stops them needs to be examined and managed. Go beyond what stops and into new ways of being. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and habits should support us. We should control and dictate them.

Manage your thinking and feeling and you take charge of your behaviors and habits. You get better results because you take control of your life. You may have to train yourself to do it, we all do, but then train yourself. Train as a champion does. Make it happen!

Be rigorous and dedicated to bringing about the positive changes you desire. Don’t slack off. Be committed. A champion knows that to win gold tomorrow they must keep training today. They train even when they don’t feel like it. They control their thinking and feelings.

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future

Look for the good in all. Find the silver lining. Manage and control your thinking. There is only one point in all of this:  make your life incredible. Be in charge of your life. Take the initiative. Don’t be a victim. Be a victor instead. Live like you mean it. Live your dreams.

Do little things that bring about change. Go for a walk. Skip or dance and move. Smile more, laugh out loud for a good five minutes. Get a massage. Meditate. Gift yourself in doing something fun. Plant a garden. Do little things that feel good and inspire you. Enjoy each.

Live fully and be grateful for all and you can have the life you want most. It is simple. Don’t let whatever stops you, stop you. Learn to stop, stopping yourself. Learn to move forward progressively and enjoy every single step. Enjoy and delight in all of it.

Success Is Achieved By Those Who Keep Trying With A PMA

The journey can be fun or frustrating. You determine how it will be. You respond to what life throws your way. You can respond well or not so well. It is completely up to you. Many people want big change real fast and are disappointed and give up when it doesn’t occur.

It can happen quickly or it can take time. Sometimes, some people transform instantly, sometimes it is gradual. When it is gradual enjoy it. You and life get better bit by bit. That can be an incredibly joyful process if you allow for it. Focus on what you want and delight.

Delight in bringing it about along the way. Enjoy each moment. Even the rough ones. Get past your stopping or stuck points and your limited thoughts and feelings and move into new powerful dimensions of being. Become invincible and unstoppable and positive! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy each moment. Become fascinated!

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Expert Reveals: The Number 1 Reason You Fail To Get What You Want

horizons ighthouse-phil-koch

You set goals. You may even write them out. You visualize and you practice using the Law Of Attraction but nothing happens. You don’t get what you want, it doesn’t happen and it is frustrating. It is downright disappointing. So you chuck it. Been there done that.

Ha you experienced this or something like it? You try again. You have big, important wants. You want freedom, money, love, fame, success, a new career, a job, a new car or home, more vacation time, a significant other, you name it you want it. But you don’t get it.

Not yet, at least. Here is the number one determining factor between those who do make things happen for themselves and those who don’t. Those who ‘don’t’ expect it to come from outside them; the universe, god or others, provide it. They rely on others.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge

They visualize, they chant, they pray, they believe in the power, they affirm, hug trees, dance naked in the moon light, perform rituals and ceremonies, but nothing much changes much. The beg, plead, ask, shout and demand. They stamp their feet, yet, nothing happens.

Why is this? They put the source of power outside themselves. That is part of the reason. No one and no thing or entity or power is going to bestow it on you. Only you are going to make it happen or you will not make it happen. So here is the number one reason.

You want it. You desire it. You wish for it. However, you are not determined to get it. Yes, you want and need it, but you are still not determined to do whatever you must in a positive, productive, legitimate and honest way to get it. Otherwise you’d have it!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Determination is the key. Those who are determined to be it or have it don’t let anything stop them. They do whatever is necessary to ensure they become and have what they want. They know it is totally up to them. They work at it and keep at it until they make it.

They may also affirm and visualize and dance naked and perform rituals and pray, and ask and demand but when it comes down to it they know it is completely about their mindset and their actions. If you have the right mindset and correct actions, results can follow.

Without it you end up spinning your wheels. Thought precedes feelings. They KNOW they will succeed. They feel it. They expect it they ARE CERTAIN. There is no way in hell they won’t have what they want because they will keep going until they do. Back-bone!

Faith Without Works Is Dead – Take Action – Make It Happen

Steel will power. They endure defeat, humiliations countless times along the way but they have the fight of a champion warrior in them. They have the mind of a victor and winner. Most other people hope, wish and give up. The warrior may work harder but doesn’t have to.

Because the mindset of the determined person is so focused this person does what is necessary and doesn’t consider it work. They enjoy making their dreams and goals come true. They do it gladly. The know what they want and they go after it with passion.

They are enthusiastic. They enlist others to help them by cultivating a winning, pleasing, personality. They understand that to succeed means to work with others and collaborate. Everyone in the boat rises together with the tide. They are a valued team player.

Whatever You Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve …

Their attitude is positive and optimistic. They aren’t imagining fantasy, they are positively thinking ‘I will do this! I can do this!’ They control and manage their thoughts.  They focus on the positive and eliminate the negative, to make it happen. Attitude is everything!

Their thoughts are aligned, targeted, powerful and positive which give rise to good, strong, feelings and emotions that anything is possible. They feel unlimited, eager and excited. Because their thoughts and feelings are aligned their actions follow too.

They act because they believe their actions will bare fruit. If they make mistakes they correct them. They overcome obstacles and difficulties. They are prepared that it won’t always be easy or comfortable, but that doesn’t prevent them. They enjoy challenge.

Key Words Are – You Can Achieve – Because It Is You Who Doing It

Their positive, powerful, productive thoughts, feelings and inspired actions ARE success habits. They have cultivated habits that support their pursuit. Still, they are driven and determined and always follow through. They are leaders and blaze the way. Winners never quit!

Yes, they may rely on coaches and mentors and others who have succeeded before them because these people are yes sayers not nay sayers. They understand the value of proper guidance and accept the wisdom of more experienced players. They learn and evolve!

This is a critical difference between those who have and those who don’t. Those who have DETERMINE to have. The others who want and hope but fear leaving their comfort zones miss out. If you want success you must stretch yourself and determine to make it yours.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

The people who succeed the easiest are inspired by their wins and the wins of others. They aren’t envious or resentful. They are happy when people thrive and make it. They keep track of their wins, they delight and they are grateful for the opportunities they discover.

They don’t wait for circumstances to change they change the circumstances. They make use of everything. Millionaires are made in economic downturns, when the economy is flat and when it is on the rise. Mindset makes it happen. But, know this important rule.

It isn’t just mindset. It isn’t thoughts alone. That is why those sitting in their easy chairs chanting for money aren’t getting any. It is thought plus the right actions. Thought AND action. If you do nothing you get nothing. Still, the thinking is the most important.

You Don’t Get What You Wish For – You Get What You Work For

Right thinking is 99% responsible for success. 1% correct, applied action, brings it about. You aren’t working harder you are working smarter. Be smart. Get determined. If you aren’t already you can cultivate it. That is what affirmations and visualization are useful for.

Cultivate and develop the champion winner’s attitude, the steeled will power, determination and enthusiasm, the certainty you will succeed by learning to control your thinking process and your feelings. You can do this! That is why I created this blog! Learn it.

Do it! Learn from the great ancient masters and thought leaders. Apply the principles and practices. Fashion yourself into an unstoppable, unlimited, invincible, deliberate creator. That is putting the law of attraction to proper use! That will help you get your goals.

The More You Use Your Willpower Muscle The More It Grows

Do this and transform your life. Only you can. If you delay it you will succeed in delaying it. Start succeeding when and where you want to. Be the person you want to become. Start now. Become convinced you can and you will be. Use your mind for the change you want. Get it? USE your mind FOR A CHANGE! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy this amazing day!

*** We are planning some new things! Soon  A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

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Science Puts Mind Power To Work: It’s Time You Did Too!

Horizons tree-of-life-phil-koch

“You know thoughts are things, right? Today, a human can run certain machines by mind power alone. There are toys kids can learn to lift a ball or run computer images in a race by thought power alone. Thoughts are energy. They can be measured.

They can be put to physical work. Isn’t that amazing? Yes.  Then again, no. From early times on sage men and women have told us thoughts are things. What we think becomes the results we get. Today, science helps us realize this through certain applications.

think we are still far more incredible than the current scientific applications. We are able to do far more than fly jet planes with our brain power, but it is a start. Having said this, realize your thoughts carry weight and power. They do create results!

Thoughts Are Things – You Get What You Focus On

You have, at your disposal, an incredible ability to change yourself and your life for the better by managing your thoughts.

SO today, imagine you are unstoppable. You are invincible. You are powerful to do what you want that is good for you and others; and that is kind, and cool. You are able to pursue your goals and dreams with tenacity and complete commitment. You persist. You go for it.

AND nothing can stop you! Whatever you put your mind to IN A POSITIVE WAY you follow through on. Imagine in your mind’s mental movie theater going for and accomplishing your biggest life goal and dream. Really savor how that feels to make it happen.

Imagine people congratulating you. Hear what they say. Feel the pats on the back, hugs, and the handshakes. See the look in their eyes as they tell you how wonderful it is and how happy they are for you. Take it in. Feel how good this feels. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Feel it!

Congratulations – You Did It – Excellent Job – Well Done – Bravo

You did it! That is because YOU ARE the kind of person who CAN do it. You did it because you willed to do it. You kept going and you did not let anything stop you. You decided what you wanted and you went for it. You helped others along the way AND made it happen.

You can look back over time and notice that through every obstacle you found a way. With each difficulty you learned something you benefited from and applied. Every challenge was actually a stepping stone to making your dream happen and you used each.

You overcame and you completed your pursuit. You got what you wanted. You are now enjoying it. This is incredible and you are invincible. You are magnificent. You are ecstatic! Delight in this. Wrap these feelings around you. Feel them through and through!

Notice How Good It Feels To Make Your Dreams Come True

Feel how wonderful to achieve your dreams. Take pride in that sense of accomplishment. Feel the confidence that you gained by making it happen. Really take the time to see and feel all of this because this or something better is how it can be. THIS is waiting for you.

Create your future. Move into your future by feeling what you would feel then, right now. Become these feelings. Feel successful because you are successful, you did it. You are invincible and magnificent. Celebrate the goodness. Appreciate all of it. Delight and celebrate everything right now!” Rex Sikes

Today, live your dreams!

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Beer Film Editing Parents And Breakfast

horizons 1-flight-phil-koch

“Who can say when anything actually begins. I could point back to a week ago or many years ago. I’ll start with editing a feature film. I just love synchronicity and life’s little blessings. You never know when or how but you can always expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Over a week ago I contacted my film editor to meet with me. We chose today. An early coffee shop meeting to discuss his vision for the film he is editing. He has been cataloging footage and reading and re-reading the script. I love his ideas. It was a wonderful.

Let me back track. I had been out of town for the past four days. A very good friend of mind was celebrating her birthday with her parents and friends on Sunday. I haven’t seen her parents in 20 years and some of the friends in about 5. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go.

You Can Always Find Something Good Without Looking For It

She had the celebration for Sunday from 3 to 7. The conference I was at was to let out at 5pm on Sunday. Then I had a two hour drive back. If it was still going I might be able to stop by at the end. I did want to meet back up with her parents.

Fortunately, the conference ended early. I got back about 6 called and was told where they were. A wonderful Beirgarten I had never been to. I met up with her parents, our old friends, some new ones I did not know and spent a couple wonderful hours with them.

This morning I went to meet the editor. I texted my friend told her I enjoyed seeing her parents. Wished I could say good bye and tell them to have a safe trip home. Meeting the editor he said the coffee shop he picked wouldn’t open for another hour. There was another.

Synchronicity: The Universe Telling You – You Are Getting Warmer

Just up the street. We had to go around the block because we were south of the restaurant on a one way street. We went around, found another coffee shop and stopped to pull in there. However, it was metered parking, change only, and I didn’t want the hassle.

We pulled around and headed back to his first suggestion. They had a parking lot. We got the last empty spot. Went in and had some wonderful food and good conversation about the feature film. Over coffee our conversation turned to positive expectations.

We discussed how sometimes we miss good things because we are focused on the not so good. Suddenly as I was talking I realized I was looking right at my friend and her parents. They were in the same shop. She faced me but hadn’t seen me, yet, either. WOW! Cool!

Everything You Need Comes At A Perfect Time – It Always Does

I went over and said hi and they were as surprised as I was. We had ten or so minutes of very pleasant conversation and marveled at how fortunate we were to meet up again, since we had wished to. My friend mentioned she had looked for my car upon arriving.

It was from habit. Often we meet at a lake of for food and she seeks to find where I am parked. She stated she realized she was looking for my car when she should have been looking for her parent’s car. Anyway, we got to see each other again and send off well wishes.

It was a wonderful surprise. I returned to the table and told my editor friend about the Biergarten and this fortuitous meeting today. Oddly, he had been to the Biergarten a day earlier for the very first time. We both discovered a great new place to hang. Hmmmm….

Live – Learn – Love – Laugh – Celebrate Everything – You Are Blessed

The universe provides. I don’t care to believe or not believe in anything. Everyone chooses their own beliefs and rationale.I just enjoy it. I simply know good things come to those who expect good things to come to them. We get what we focus on.

Life is filled with blessings. There were countless decisions made by the 3 parties, my friend, my editor and me. Yet, we all ended up at the same place, at the same time, out of hundreds of possibilities. Coincidence, luck, serendipity, fate, whatever, it is good. I enjoyed.

I think the more we are grateful and they more we feel blessed in the little things the more room we make for more of them. This is a simple story about part of my day. I felt like sharing. I’m not sure why, but, perhaps, it will resonate with some readers. I hope you enjoy.

Expect A Miracle – Allow It To Happen – Then Celebrate Again

Meanwhile, find your blessings and the magical moments. Enjoy and savor them. Have fun, delight and expect more each day. In fact, expect a miracle. After all, why not? Keep the faith. Who knows when it might happen. May be a while, or not. Enjoy and in the meantime, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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