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Do We Control Our Neurons Or Do They Control Us?

“I’m sharing some fascinating research, from a few years back, that you might not be aware of. It is pretty cool! Study subjects were able regulate the activity of specific neurons in the brain, by manipulating an image on a computer screen using only their thoughts.

A collaboration between scientists at UCLA and  the California Institute of Technology has demonstrated that test subjects were able to regulate the activity of specific neurons, increase the firing rate of some while decreasing the rate of others.

Click To Read Article On How We Control Our Neurons

I’ll let you draw your own conclusion. I think it is fascinating that we are able to do so many more things than we realize we are able to. Science helps us discover more of what we are capable of. Perhaps, we should never say never, but find a way instead.

Brain Power Increases By Brain Use – Use It Or Lose It

If you can conceive it and believe you can do it you can make it happen. Perhaps the big lesson is, think ‘I can do’. And if not, ‘I can learn to do’. ‘I can always find or create a way. I can adjust, correct and continue.’ Remain optimistic and positive. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Become curious today because you can!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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We Are Prisoners Of Our Own Making But We Can Change That!

“Growing up, my main idol was Harry Houdini, escape artist extraordinaire. He was a magician and an escape artist who died in 1926 but whose name is used nearly daily to describe incredible feats. His name became a verb in the dictionary. ‘To do a Houdini’.

What does he have to do with our thoughts? I have shared here how great thought leaders from ancient times through today have pointed out that our only limitations exist in our thinking and what we believe. If we think we can or we can’t, we are right.

Thinking makes it so. Whatever we focus on expands. If we are predominantly negative or don’t think we can, if we don’t believe we can make things happen and design a life to live on our own terms, then it is unlikely we will ever do so. Thoughts stop us if we let them.

A Breakthrough – When The Impossible Becomes Possible

Houdini made a name for himself by going around this and other countries offering to escape from their jail cells. He challenged the police to restrain him and constrain him in such a way that he could not get free. He offered cash rewards to those who could hold him.

He never had to pay. He escaped. He knew what he was doing and beyond that he was a master marketer and publicist. He knew how to get attention. In one jail, he was stripped naked as usual. Searched to make sure he had no keys or lock picks and then shackled.

The door is closed and locked. The jailers and press leave. Typically, within a certain amount of time Houdini would emerge dressed and free of the shackles having escaped the locked cell. Houdini is now inside a cell, his jailers gone and he is working on the cell lock.

The Mind That Perceives The Limitation Is The Limitation

He can’t pick it. He used hidden picks but today it was not working. An hour went by and he began to panic. He had never encountered a jail cell lock he couldn’t pick. He kept trying. His entire reputation was on the line. If he failed his career was over. He couldn’t pick it.

Another passed. He was covered in sweat. Afraid. Near exhaustion he collapsed against the jail cell door and it swung open. What? It swung open! The jailers, in all the commotion, had forgotten to lock the door. They simply shut it and left the room. No one realized.

Not even Houdini. Shocked, but relieved, he quickly dressed and exited the cell triumphant. Headlines in the paper praised his escape. Only Houdini knew the truth until he revealed it years later. He was a prisoner of his own mind. He thought the door was locked.

Life Becomes Limitless When You Become Fearless

That is the same with each of us. We are prisoners of our own limiting thoughts and beliefs. We have assumptions we grew up with that go unchallenged. We think we can’t or are not good enough. We must stop believing the limitations and instead challenge them.

Whenever you doubt you can do anything positive that would mean a good change for you and for others you should stop. Stop doubting you can and start doubting that you can’t. You should doubt your limitations. Stop believing them. Know you can and doubt you can’t.

Our beliefs and thoughts are old conditioning we adopted growing up. Perhaps, useful at one time or in a particular context, they need to be evaluated and challenged. Houdini learned to always check each door after that just in case someone left it open. He learned.

The Only Thing Limiting Us Is Our Belief There Are Limits

We can learn too. We can learn to go beyond limitations and stop being a prisoner of our own thinking. We can excel and move forward in positive ways when we give ourselves reasons to. Find your strengths and talents. You have so many. Begin appreciating yourself. Be grateful for who you are. Feel blessed. Realize you are incredibly resourceful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Create your day the way you want it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: How You Can Accelerate Manifesting Good Things In Your Life

“Can we speed up the process, if that’s possible? Must we change step by step or can we make some leaps? How can we most easily and readily transform ourselves and our reality? What will help us unlock the secret to make things happen?

Focus on play! Focus on childlike joy. Pretend, and you can accomplish anything. See the invisible. Practice seeing what isn’t there yet, which may be the polar opposite to what is going on for you now. Live in the wish fulfilled. Act as if. Believe and enjoy!

You can make steady, incremental progress toward your goals or alternatively it could manifest quickly and easily. Either possibility exists. What you manifest depends a lot on what you expect to manifest. Your expectations determine what you get. Attitude!

Everything Is Energy – Your Thoughts Begin It 

Attitude is everything. Stop calculating the distance from where you are to where you want to go. Live in the end zone. Live in the desire already fulfilled. Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. Thoughts become things. Pretend you already are. Feel it.

Expect unexpected good. Expect good things. Expect it to be easy. This is a training process. You are conditioning your subconscious mind to deliver to you what you want. First, it has to be clear on what you want. Daily, visualize your desire fulfilled. Feel it.

Feelings are most important. Feel good most of the time. Live feeling joyful, happy, excited, thrilled, intrigued. Get captivated by little blessings and big ones. Be fascinated. Express your gratitude. Live fully. Happiness isn’t the destination, it IS the journey. Be happy now.

Your Emotions Amplify It – Your Actions Increases Momentum

Manage your thoughts and feelings. Shift away from negativity, whining and complaints. Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Speak to praise and uplift. Speak what you want to happen not about what you don’t want to happen. Be present. Feel good.

Expect miracles. Give generously and receive freely. There is flow in giving and receiving. Allow for anything wonderful to occur. Expect a miracle. Be open. Whether or not one happens, live and enjoy life as if each minute is a miracle, because each minute is. This is how you can make leaps. So expect to. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Can You Answer These Questions?

“Ernest Holmes insisted that our ‘outward life is a result of the subjective state of our thoughts.’ Others have insisted the same since before recorded history. We create our reality. Quantum Physics seems to suggest the same. Is it true? Seems to be.

Look at all the buildings and traffic around you. This all first started inside some people’s heads. Architects and engineers made blueprints and then carried out the plans to make it so. What we think is critical to what we create. We live from the inside out.

Keep that in mind!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How Setting An Intention Can Make Your Day!

Disney If You Can Dream It

“Each day is an opportunity to rock your world. How you begin your day can determine how the day goes, flows and ends. If you want it to end well you need it to begin well, at the very least. Here is how you begin having more great days and fewer struggles.

After your first waking thoughts of, ‘I love my life. I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me. Something magical is going to happen for me today,’ or another positive variation, set an intention. Direct your mind to consider what you’d like to happen.

‘I allow, accept and receive all the gifts the universe has for me’ is an intention. The thought directs your mind and your behaviors for the day. It sets a framework for you to follow. Allow, accept, receive. You can be surprised by what shows up or you can look for it or both.

The Power Of Intention Is The Power To Manifest And To Create

Make a decision, a positive determination,  of what you want your day to be like.  When you wake up in the morning plan for a good day. Realize that your expectations help shape what you find during your day.  For example, ‘today I will behave in loving ways towards Sue’.

‘Today, I will look for the best in each person I meet.’ ‘Today, I will feel more peaceful at work.’ ‘I will discover times to have more fun and delight throughout the day’. You could even specify 3 times during the day, or any reasonable number you choose. It’s up to you.

‘I will focus my attention on what I want to accomplish.’ ‘I will take one small step toward making my dream come true’. Determine what this may be and commit to it. In other words, how do you intend to utilize your day to make good things happen?

The Mind Is The Matrix Of All Matter You Get What You Focus On

If you get up each day looking for smiles you will find more than if you get up looking for frowns. Get it? It sets the frame for the day. Could you still find frowns? Of course, but if you are looking for smiles, you have a better chance of finding them. Seek and find.

When you anticipate good things happening you are much more likely to have good things happen. If you think the best about people you are much more likely to encounter people at their best. Store and remember your wins. Cut and forget your losses.

Determine what you want the day to be like and go out and live it. You can set at least one intention for the day. You could set more. You could even set a new intention with each change in activity or location. I’ll explain it but I suggest you start easy and build up.

Let The Power Of Intention Lead The Way – Set Positive Intentions

‘I intend to go downstairs and enjoy my breakfast. I will drive safely to work and enjoy the ride no matter what traffic is like. I will enjoy my co-workers. I will make 5 new contacts during this day. I will talk to Pete at lunch and help him out.’ Don’t do these all at once.

You do each one prior to the activity or the location change. You set your intention before going into the new activity or area. You set the frame for how you want it to be. Get it? This has the added benefit of making you consciously think about what you want during that time.

It takes haphazard out of it. It gives you a focus. What do you want? As you head into the kitchen how do you want breakfast to go? As you get behind the wheel how do you want the drive to go? When you enter the work place how do you want your workday to go?

A Good Intention Clothes Itself With Power – You Make It Happen

What do you intend to make happen? It helps you aim your thoughts, feelings and behaviors deliberately instead of just going through the day. It is a means of directing your mind. It is a pursuit.  It is what you intend to do. You commit and follow though on it.  Stay positive!

‘I will find and write down 25 things to feel grateful for before going to bed tonight.’ Then do it. Make it a point to keep your word. Don’t break promises to yourself or anyone else. Keep your word to you! This is most important. Do it! Then feel proud and grateful.

Your life can transform incredibly when you add the power of intention to what you do. Your focus and your ability to get things done, make things happen, will improve. You will develop a great new supportive success habit that helps you feel marvelous. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in your day!

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Build Bridges Not Bombs


“You get what you focus on. That is the message from ancient times. It is a message in the Law Of Attraction. You get back AND more of what you put out. Energy flows where attention goes. The Law Of Compensation and Increase states we should expect a good ROI.

Focus on what you want! Not on what you do not want. Focus on the good and the positive you desire not the negativity you want to avoid. Draw to yourself the good you are passionate about and want to include. Focus on it and you will create it and attract it.

Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want in the world.’ Jesus said, ‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed (the tiniest of seeds) you can say to the mountain, be removed and it will be removed.’ I take this to mean have faith and you can solve your problems. There is a secret though.

If I Have The Belief I Can Do It I Will Acquire The Capacity To Do It

You must go first. You must have faith first that the problem will be solved. You must see and embody the solution prior to it existing. You must FIRST be the change. You don’t get it if you expect it to show up first. Become it and act as if you already have it to get it.

Certainty. Absolute knowing that it is yours IS stepping out on faith. It means develop certainty because where and how you put your energy determines the ease and the quickness you get it back. Having faith means certainty. Positivity is powerful.

Positive thinking is NOT the silly example as put forth by Tony Robbins and some others. It is not looking at the weeds and thinking ‘there are no weeds’. This is a poor misrepresentation. Positive thinking is ‘I can clear the weeds. I can learn to if I don’t know how’.

An Eye For An Eye Ends Up Making The Whole World Blind

‘I can do it. I will do it.’  ‘I can handle the weeds. I am capable and confident.’ You think and feel and act to get a particular result. It may seem realistic when you state ‘I can do this’ especially when others think you can’t. Great spirits encounter opposition from others.

Edison, Ford, Tesla, Jesus, Gandhi, King, Lincoln, and others have all faced opposition. Massive opposition! They didn’t quit or give up because others thought they were nuts or that they couldn’t do it. They persevered and prevailed. It came at a cost but they paid it.

You don’t get peace by acting hateful. You don’t build positive change by being negative. You don’t move ahead powerfully by complaining and feeling despair. You don’t get loving people or acceptance by being intolerant and hating others.

The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present

You don’t create anything positive, peace, love, community, acceptance or togetherness by blaming and acting like the others who want to tear you down. You must rise to a higher level of awareness to make a positive impact. Seek higher ground!

Gandhi, King, Einstein, Jesus and others far smarter than I seem to all say, ‘love each other’ rather than piss on each other. If you win be a gracious winner if you lose be a gracious loser. Correct wrongs but in the right way. Don’t give up. Stick with it. Commit to compassion.

Don’t whine, complain or abuse others. Work for positive changes in ways that bring about positive changes. Accept, forgive, inspire, educate, assist, expose, love. Build bridges not bombs. Respect life don’t harm or take it. Focus on what you want to bring it about.

Happiness Is When What You Think Say And Do Are In Harmony

We are always getting the results of our thoughts. We are either getting what we want or we are getting what we don’t want. We are either living or dying. What we end up with is based on what we think and do. If you don’t like the results change what gets them.

If you want your life and world to change you must change the way you are doing things in your life and the world. If you want peace you must become peaceful. If you want love become more loving, first. You create and attract what you already are. That’s what most miss.

It is just like prayer. Most people pray when things get bad and ask for something other than what is going on. When things are fine they don’t bother. Tides turn and they become beggars. Stop begging and start praising. Start feeling gratitude. Start appreciating. Be thankful.

Strength Rises From Indomitable Spirit Not Physical Capacity

Be thankful for what you already have if you want more of the same and better. Stop begging because when you beg you act as if you don’t already have it. Even the bible says, ask believing you will receive and you will receive. There is an order to how things work.

Be the change you want in the world. Go first. Build bridges. Focus on harmony. Focus on love. Focus on community. Think it! Feel it! Be it! And you not only become what you think about you get back more of what you think about. Basic cause and effect. Do it.

Be happy and get more. Be sad and beg for a difference and remain the same longer. Be angry and hateful and you will get it back. I mean really, think about what you create for yourself and if you don’t want it choose to create something more wonderful. How?  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

May your day be incredible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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When You Don’t Feel Like It: Do This

Horizons sunrisen-phil-koch

“Expectations can be a blessing and a curse. We should expect the best of ourselves and others and be realistic at the same time. Fear and worry about the future doesn’t support us at all. It is negative rehearsal. It is negative affirmations and negative planning.

While we should expect the best we should also be practical and realistic about it. We can dream fantastically big and not accomplish anything or we can dream fantastically big and take steps to bring it about. We do need to place our attention on what does work.

It has been said there is no such thing as unrealistic expectations only unrealistic time frames. Given the right amount of time we may be able to accomplish anything. Anything is possible. Everything may be possible. Dream big and then step by step. Focus on the first step.

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Feelings

Proceed forward picking up your goals as you climb each rung of a ladder to get to the top. Keep the large end goal in mind while you succeed in picking up each smaller goal in succession. Work your plan. Your plan need not be perfect, you can always adjust it. BUT…

You still need a plan to get from where you are to where you want to go. You need a road map that you use as you journey. Without a plan or road map you drift. You may find that you must detour along the way but that is all part of the journeying process. It’s okay!

Moving forward is simple. It may not always be easy but it is simple. It can be easy too. We shouldn’t think that it is not. It can be very easy. Regardless, it is simple to move forward step by step. Anything can be accomplished when broken into tinier bits or steps.

Positive Thoughts And Feelings Generate Positive Life Experiences

You can manage it. Want to clean your house? It seems too big a task. Either set a small amount of time to straighten up, say 20 minutes, and do that daily. It takes longer but if you do it repeatedly, consistently for long enough you will get the house clean. Or…

Pick one room at a time, if that works better for you, and clean each room using the same principle. Motivation comes from doing not from waiting to be motivated. This is where our feelings often don’t serve us. We wait to feel like it. That won’t help you when you don’t.

For some it has to get bad enough and then they feel like it. They feel pressured that they must then do it. Some wait until deadline pressures cause them enough pain. Then they act. This manner of doing things works but it isn’t very pleasurable. Your choice.

You Can Choose Your Thoughts And You Can Change Your Life

My main premise is very simple. Whatever one thinks that stops them needs to be examined and managed. Go beyond what stops and into new ways of being. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and habits should support us. We should control and dictate them.

Manage your thinking and feeling and you take charge of your behaviors and habits. You get better results because you take control of your life. You may have to train yourself to do it, we all do, but then train yourself. Train as a champion does. Make it happen!

Be rigorous and dedicated to bringing about the positive changes you desire. Don’t slack off. Be committed. A champion knows that to win gold tomorrow they must keep training today. They train even when they don’t feel like it. They control their thinking and feelings.

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future

Look for the good in all. Find the silver lining. Manage and control your thinking. There is only one point in all of this:  make your life incredible. Be in charge of your life. Take the initiative. Don’t be a victim. Be a victor instead. Live like you mean it. Live your dreams.

Do little things that bring about change. Go for a walk. Skip or dance and move. Smile more, laugh out loud for a good five minutes. Get a massage. Meditate. Gift yourself in doing something fun. Plant a garden. Do little things that feel good and inspire you. Enjoy each.

Live fully and be grateful for all and you can have the life you want most. It is simple. Don’t let whatever stops you, stop you. Learn to stop, stopping yourself. Learn to move forward progressively and enjoy every single step. Enjoy and delight in all of it.

Success Is Achieved By Those Who Keep Trying With A PMA

The journey can be fun or frustrating. You determine how it will be. You respond to what life throws your way. You can respond well or not so well. It is completely up to you. Many people want big change real fast and are disappointed and give up when it doesn’t occur.

It can happen quickly or it can take time. Sometimes, some people transform instantly, sometimes it is gradual. When it is gradual enjoy it. You and life get better bit by bit. That can be an incredibly joyful process if you allow for it. Focus on what you want and delight.

Delight in bringing it about along the way. Enjoy each moment. Even the rough ones. Get past your stopping or stuck points and your limited thoughts and feelings and move into new powerful dimensions of being. Become invincible and unstoppable and positive! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy each moment. Become fascinated!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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