Beyond Failure Comes Success!

success after failure HILL

“Last night I was fortunate to be a guest at the surprise party for a good friend of mine. A wonderful party it was and I ate too much. I was delighted to be there. On the way over I was listening to a Napoleon Hill  audio about calamity and opportunity.

Hill points out that prior to success there often appears great disaster or failure. He discovered this during his 20 years interviewing the rich and successful for Andrew Carnegie. Success often happens after a great, great hardship.

This point has been one I have reflected on through the years. In every apparent failure there are seeds of opportunity. It is important to understand this, keep moving forward and not quit.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

After a short while at the party the birthday honoree arrived. Delighted but not very surprised. After welcoming all who were helping him celebrate he gave a short speech. He began by stating he had been looking back on his life recently and reflecting on mortality.

He then stated that it seemed that in his life his success and good fortune had always been preceded by ‘bad things’. He mentioned how he was rejected from a job he very much wanted as a young man. Dejected, he found that he had to go into business for himself. He stated that obviously that delivered a far better outcome for him than had he got the original job.

His success was predicated on that rejection. He did not state the following I simply point out that he was correct. He had built himself a wonderful business whereby his money worked for him and he could enjoy mostly free time. He is wealthy.

everyday u make a choice

He went on to state that because of the Holocaust and the Nazi Party he got to meet his wife and some of his best and dearest friends. Had it not been for this terrible event in history people present and meaningful in his life he would not know. He was enriched and blessed even when things were horribly wrong. Camp survivors and their offspring met. He was wealthy with friends and loved ones!

He celebrated his friends and loved ones and the success he had in life. He lives with appreciation and wonder on a daily basis. He is open to what life offers and he has made his way in the world. I was happy to be there and delighted at the remarkable synchronicity of the evenings theme. Challenges give way to opportunity. Celebrate everything and be grateful!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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