Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

can-do-it2 - cants to cans drams to plans

Do it! You know you want to. So Do it! Stop procrastinating and actually do it. Cross something off your bucket list. Stop making excuses and find the way and the means to do something you have always wanted to do. Your bucket list are the things you want to do so go and do them. At least cross one item off the list real soon!

Don’t waste any more time. You will only have less time as days go on. You will only be older so the time is now. Pick that something positive you really want to experience and experience it. For goodness sakes how long will you keep putting it off in the future? Stop and make it happen now.

make an effort not an excuse

Sometimes the he hardest part of doing anything is starting. Do not let that stop you or prevent you from enjoying a highlight. Make the commitment to begin. It only takes a couple of minutes at most to get going with it. Plan it, organize it, do whatever you can to cross a delightful item off your bucket list. Stop waiting and start doing.

Once you begin you will be surprised by how much further along you will be. You can delight in your progress toward making it happen. As it gets closer and closer you can enjoy the enthusiasm, the eagerness, that comes with knowing it IS going to happen.

Live well, have fun and delight yourself. This is something special for you. Make the decision to accomplish it this year. You will be glad you did. Because after all the person who waits to make their dreams come true – waits.” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you stand today?

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