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Do This Whenever You Feel Stressed!


“What can you do when you get frustrated? Perhaps, you’re dealing with customer support that upsets you more than helps you; the kids are clamoring for your attention; you have deadlines; your career is going nowhere; or there are more bills than there is month.

There are some things you can do to bring yourself more calm and balance regardless of what is upsetting you. The first and most important thing you can do is breath. Take a deep breath! Then another, slowly, and then another after that. Breath deep. Slowly.

When people stress they tend to hold their breath. Stopping breathing puts us in survival mode as our body tries to resolve the physical difficulty and resume normal breathing. This struggle to return to normal compounds the stress and frustration.

Walk As If You Are Kissing The Ground With Your Feet

By holding our breath or limiting our breaths we actually make everything more complex and difficult for us. SO BREATH, relax and let go. Get grounded. That means find your center of gravity. Get connected with earth. Think: electricity needs a ground.

All that power needs to be grounded. You do too in order to maximize your power and not waste it fighting to survive. You need focused energy; not energy discharging in every direction. Breath from your belly not high in the chest . Your breath helps connect you.

Breath from your abdomen or your lower groin. Feel yourself planted on the ground; rooted in the earth. Imagine yourself sending out roots from your feet or from the base of your spine into the earth to ground you, to connect you with the firm earth.

Get Grounded – You Can Navigate The Stormiest Roads In Peace

Many people, when frustrated go to their head. Thinking accelerates and it is mostly negative. Usually it’s about what doesn’t work, why or how it doesn’t, who’s to blame or at fault and how everything sucks. It isn’t productive; it doesn’t solve problems. Go to your body.

It’s crappy thinking. It is stuck in the problem and people are stuck in their head. It as if spinning your wheels without contacting the ground. Lots of frivolous fast effort without any traction won’t get you anywhere. Get grounded. Seek balance. Pause. Create a gap.

People begin thinking faster, frivolous, negative thoughts. Meanwhile, they are getting hot under the collar and more stressed out. They don’t pay attention to what’s going on in their body except to notice the discomfort. Their focus is on what is wrong.

You need to stop this destructive cycle. It is an old conditioned reaction to ‘what’s wrong’. You go through it every time and you will continue to until you learn to change it. You need to stop it being a problem. You need to learn a new, better way to do things.

The way you stop is to change your focus. You put your attention elsewhere. Anywhere other than on the problem. The easiest and best place to put it is on your body and your breath. Breath and let go. Breath and center yourself. Breath and relax. Purposefully, relax.

Pause And Remember – Stop And Reflect – Breath And Let Go

If you take good deep breaths that will help you to begin relaxing. Then you need to do the rest. You need to get present. Stop thinking the crappy thoughts. Notice your breathing. Notice where in your body it feels the best NOT THE WORST! Attention ON The BEST!

Look around, notice the world. Stop and see it. Look with curiosity. Listen. Shut up on the inside and listen to what is present. What is going on right NOW around you? What is happening that you would miss if you didn’t put your focus on it? NOW FOCUS ON IT!

Notice how you feel;  your feet on the ground or your butt in the chair. Notice the breath coming in and going out. Notice the relaxing occurring as you breath. Stop thinking and just be. Take a moment to return some balance to your life. Breath and let go. Relax.

Pause – Become Aware Of A Silent Sense Of Presence

When you are ready, shift your thoughts to the positive. Think happy, positive thoughts. Focus on gratitude, something, anything, that makes you smile and feel better. Take your time. Settle down and now think nice positive happy thoughts. Visualize yourself calm.

Real thoughts not fluffy thoughts. Imagine how good it feels to relax and let go and how you are able to do that. Be thankful for being able to relax and change what is going on. Pat yourself on the back for getting more centered. Think about what is good in your life. Savor.

Enjoy and savor the thoughts and the feelings. If, whatever you were doing can wait, then take a walk. Enjoy moving and looking around. If possible go outside, enjoy nature. If not move around a bit OR sit and reflect, meditate and find peace.  Later, you can problem solve.

Create A Gap Between Chaos And Calm – Notice Your Breath

There is a trick to problem solving. You are a better solver of problems when creative. You are more creative when you are relaxed and refreshed. When you are playful and enjoying life you are better than when stressed and burdened and preoccupied.

In order to more efficiently solve problems put yourself into the right frame of mind and emotional state of well-being. Then your time spent and problem solving will be fruitful. Learn self control and the ability to manage your mood. It is a valuable skill. Use it.

Train yourself to become aware when you get agitated. Notice yourself moving into less than glorious feelings; notice the acceleration of negative thinking. Notice you are focused on what you do not want and your body is becoming stressed. Change it.

Release The Unwanted – Focus On The Wanted – Stay Centered

Learn to recognize the negativity and what it is doing to your body and then shift from chaos to calm. It gets easier the more you do it. You’ll notice yourself getting frustrated earlier on and change it quicker and quicker. You’ll develop the habit of becoming grounded.

Transform your life. Change your thoughts and everything can change. Be grateful, have fun, let go and breath. Learn to meditate. Take time each morning to center and ground yourself before you go about your day. This is an excellent way to start each day!

Practice becomming centered when you don’t need it. Then it will be available to you when you do. Whenever stressed, center yourself. Create a pause. Take a break. Create balance and then celebrate. Be grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it magnificent today!

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Be Nice For No Reason And Discover What Happens

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“Today, for no reason at all. Go out and do something good. Go bless someone with a random or deliberate act of kindness. Say a kind word, put a smile on the face of someone else. Friend or stranger. Give money to someone.

Give money to someone you don’t think deserves it. Stop micromanaging your goodness and just be good to others. Treat your family, friends and co-workers, employers, and employees, associates and strangers better than ever today.

Practice being nice and happy and supportive. Be first. Go the extra mile. Why? No reason. Just do it. Use today to gift someone in a special way. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Drop The Crap, The Labels, The Diagnoses And Break Free Right Now!

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“You must absolutely understand this! You are not your problems! You are not your diagnosis! You are not the labels you wear! You are bigger than your problems, your diagnosis and your labels. You have been conditioned to accept these BUT YOU ARE NOT THESE!

You are beyond your problems and labels. You are more than the hat you chose to wear and the job that puts money in your wallet. You are more than a son or daughter, sister or brother, mother or father you are more than you can even begin to imagine. Become aware!

You are divine! You are light, love, goodness, and happiness. You are resourcefulness and clever. You are smart and you are wise. You are vibrating energies. You are unlimited, invincible and unstoppable. You are whatever you declare yourself to be. Affirm the positive!

Labels Are For Products Not For People 

Stop declaring your limitations and begin exercising your power to choose. Decide to live without the limitations of labels. Do not own what others say about you or to you. Do not own a diagnosis from a medical or mental practitioner. You can work with it but don’t own it.

It is not your illness. It is not your problem. It is not your limitation unless you accept it as such. You can understand a diagnosis and get assistance with it without owning it or labeling yourself as diseased, or broken. Let go of the labels and create what you want instead.

If you have been labeled by self or others, diagnosed by self or others let these go. Create what you want. Create sound health in mind and body. Practice good healthy mind and body practices. GET the treatment you require without owning the issue.

Never Accept A Negative Label – Stop Labeling – Start Living

Don’t make it yours. What you want to make yours is freedom, life, light, love, passion, enjoyment, positive energy; wealth IN health, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Create the you that you want to be. Never settle for anything less than the very finest. Live large.

Stop affirming problems. Live your dreams. Express your dreams and desires. Align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in positive powerful ways. Stop allowing the old way to rain on the new way. Take charge. Live as you are meant to.  Live fully! Live, love, laugh!

Enjoy! Free yourself from mental and physical constraints. Look to examples like Hellen Keller, blind, deaf, mute from birth. She didn’t let that stop her. Sean Stevenson had physical challenges but didn’t let that prevent him from become a dynamic force for change.

Address The Actions – Make Positive Changes – Don’t Wear Labels

Create yourself as the person you want to be. Declare it! Affirm it! Make it happen with positive emotional energy. Love yourself. Live in gratitude. Speak only about those things you want to include!  Drop concerns and comments that are less than glorious. Let them go!

Declare your life as you want it to be. Work on YOU daily. There is so much that is good, wonderful and beyond anything you can presently image. You will miss it if you don’t work on yourself. Free yourself up to see the advantages and opportunities. Do it now!

Now is the only time you have. Live right now. Find what there is to appreciate and savor it. Free yourself of labels and move forward with power and awareness. You are the author of your life. What is your book about? Script the life you want NOW and LIVE IT!

Make Your Legacy Life Affirming Laughter, Love, And Learning 

If it isn’t to your liking change it. It is completely up to you. Take charge! Don’t be a victim of past conditioning and chronically bad mental, physical and emotional habits. Become free to discover how incredible you already are! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Being So Angry! Don’t Lower Your Standards

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“People seem tired and worn out. There is much intolerance, distrust, name calling and hate. We seem to ‘declare war’ on all our problems and others we don’t like. None of it helps to feel better or live better lives. We do much harm to ourselves by being angry.

Some find a temporary relief in putting another person down. Ego may derive some pleasure. It isn’t lasting. It adds not one wit to anything of value. It only seeks to level another or to cause  injury so one can feel they have the upper hand or are justified.

If you are wronged trying to get back at the person who wronged you doesn’t help. Getting really mad doesn’t change the situation. It is only a reaction to it.  Most likely, an over-reaction. It does nothing to change anything. You can’t change things after the fact.

Forgiveness Isn’t Something We Do For Other People …

It is as it is. Accept it. Learn from it and go on. The higher value and benefit would be to use it to become a better person yourself. Use it to gain awareness, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. Use the hurt and injustice to become more loving and compassionate.

Let go of anger and the tendency to fight back. Learn NOT to retaliate. Vow to not hurt yourself and others. Stop! Let go, become aware. Understand that hate only injures the person who hates. Remember the famous quote attributed to the Buddha:

‘Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.’ There is a fake, but meaningful, Buddha quote. ‘Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting it to harm the other person.’

Forgiveness Is Something We Do For Ourselves To Move On

The damage done to you is poorer mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. It takes its toll on YOU. Let it go! Be free. Accept the hurt and anguish then be done with it. Let it go! To forgive is one of the highest value moves you can make. To forgive IS divine!

To truly forgive ends it for you. The other person may still have to deal with or live with the consequences of their actions but YOU are free once you let go. Why not be desire to free instead of enslaved to negative feelings? Why stoop to the low standards of others?

Why not refuse to play that game at all and live by a higher ideal? You get hooked and hurt when you play at a lower level. Revenge, an eye for an eye, is getting hooked. Instead, be free. Live and be an example of the best not the worst. Most, seem to prefer, to get back.

Sometimes The Hardest Thing And The Right Thing Are The Same

It seems to be a problem for many people living today. They resort to the lowest form of behavior. It is sad. Don’t be a mindless follower and hate back because someone hates you! Be free. Think and act for yourself! Be independent and intelligent! Rise above it.

Determine that you will be a role model. Live from higher values. Take the high road, the road LESS traveled. Raise your consciousness and you may help others raise theirs. Don’t participate in all the negativity! Choose to live free from divisiveness; free from discord.

Become grateful. The disappointment, the hardships, the hate and anger that you might face alone, and from others, CAN be a blessing if you learn to look for it. It can be a valuable lesson you might not otherwise receive. Learn, allow and accept, be open to a new way.

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Anger, Resentment And Pain …

An incredible thing happens when you do. You neurology opens up. You become bigger than the problems. You can actually feel it. That which used to hook you no longer does. You discover you aren’t upset by that which used to really burn you. You get it. It is okay.

You can reframe it. You can find the learning and lesson in it. You can act from inspired thought and feeling instead of react from anger and hostility. You can live at peace and at one with yourself, AND with others. You understand there is value in everything, everyone.

I have shared within these blog pages many ways to let go. I’ve shared how you can live better, live more positively, freer and have more fun. Please go back and look and learn. Study these posts and free yourself from whatever bothers you. Make changes you desire.

… Then Breathe – Relax – Meditate – Let It Go And Move On

Accept the challenges, the obstacles, the negativity without fighting back. The best answer to violence may be a gentle one. We’ve been conditioned to not turn the other cheek, but perhaps, we ought to try it. Great things can happen when one stops fighting everything and starts celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes

How might today delightfully surprise you?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This Today And Make A Big Difference!

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“Hopefully, at different times in your life, all is good. Everything seems to work like magic. Everything fits and flows. It is the good life and you are happy and feel blessed. Sure, there are other times but there are also some really fabulous good times. Yes,? You have?

I hope so. Today’s blog comes to you a bit later than usual. For that I apologize. BUT I am not sorry. What I mean is, my goal is to get you the blog everyday. Early enough too, for some readers to begin their day reading it. Depending where in the world people live, of course.

Anyway, today be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Make it a special day and treat yourself and enjoy resting, and taking care of you while compassionate for others. Make it sweet, slow and significant.  Bask in leisure and love and life, today.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice About Yourself – Practice

Take time to stop and smell the roses. This is as important as the daily pursuit of your goals. Consider it this way. Each day you eat, play, and sleep. Taking time for yourself to enjoy and rest should be part of each day. Even ‘the creator’ rested after creating.

Don’t wait for the weekend, rest a bit each day. Play a little each day. Make everyday a great day! Put life into your day don’t just spend it working for a living. Savor the seconds and embrace them. Each day! Now as to why I am not sorry.

Because I took care of myself, too. I slept in. It was much needed. I spent the past week celebrating with others, hanging out with like minded positive people, feeding and nurturing and working on myself. Spending time brainstorming business opportunities.

Be Good To Yourself Be True To Yourself And Love Who You Are

I invested in myself, spent money doing programs I desired to do. I met new mentors, coaches, trainers and people I like to spend time around and learn from too. I dedicated the week to me and my growth. I always enjoy learning and going to positive seminars.

It was a wild week packed with joy, business, play, positive people and energy, travel, eating hotel food and foods I normally don’t eat, and little sleep. SO I slept in. I apologize but I don’t regret nor feel sorry for taking care of myself and delighting myself.

I want to remind you to do likewise, today and everyday. Gift yourself and remember to be thankful. Be a great giver and a great receiver. Allowing yourself to receive is an important part of our development and moving forward. Be an excellent receiver!

A Thankful Receiver Bears A Plentiful Harvest

Also, please remember it doesn’t matter where you are in the journey. It doesn’t matter the obstacles or the ease at which you progress. You are moving forward, as long as you move along, even if just a little bit. A little bit of change can produce huge results!

Whether your a new initiate to personal progress or advanced remember to treat yourself, AND others, kindly, with love, respect and appreciation. You are always right where you are in the journey and that is reason to celebrate. So do it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Use today to delight yourself and loved ones even more!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What And Why You Must Read To Be Happy And Successful!

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“I write long posts often. There is a reason for that. Leaders are readers. People who read tend to get further in their lives than others who don’t. Most famous leaders and innovators spend large portions of their daily time in reading and most importantly in study.

Reading to  gain knowledge is important, but it is also important for brain development and health. When you read you make mental images and mental connections. When you watch movies most of the images and sounds are supplied for you. You don’t do much.

When you read and when you implement what you read you grow new neural pathways. You grow your brain, the structure is actually enhanced. When you write and take notes, BY HAND, in script, you enhance brain structure and grow new neural connections.

Reading Reduces Stress And Mentally Stimulates Your Thinking

When you review and re-write your notes you are helping to wire in your learning, to make it more memorable and available for use. Learning is active and passive. The more you put into your learning the more you get back the benefits from it. It is very brain healthy.

You should read daily, as much as you can, but a least a page. Fill your mind with that which you want more of. Inspiration, motivation, creativity, positivity; use your imagination. Your brain is like a muscle that grows the more you use it. Review, re-write and re-word often.

Put what you read into your own words. Share it with others. Talk about what the author wrote. Every week or two review your notes. Re-write them. Re-word your own notes. The more you frequently review the more insight and understanding you derive.

Reading Increases Your Knowledge Your Vocabulary And Memory

Today, people don’t want to read. There are too many electronic distractions. Today, people flit from thing to thing without keeping their energy or attention on one subject. Focus and concentration is lost. We need to re-develop that. Learn to concentrate again.

When you spend time reading positive and inspiration material you fill your mind and being with possibilities, as well as, know how. You open up your horizons and expand your world. There really is no replacement for reading. Spend time reading each day.

I know some people won’t read my blogs because they are long. I also know those who take the time to read my long posts will benefit in many ways those others won’t. Read, study, engage your mind. Fill your mind positively. Pick up a book and dive into it.

It Improves You Analytical Skills Your Focus And Concentration

Find out what books those who live ultra happy and successful lives like to read and read those. Read what thought leaders and millionaires are reading. Discover which books and authors influenced them onto greatness in their lives. Study success!

Spend more time reading and reviewing and re-writing and re-wording and you will change your life for the better. Make the material you read your own. Embrace and embody what you learn rather than just adding facts and figures to your knowledge base. Read, learn, delight, APPLY and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Use today to delight yourself and loved ones even more!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Rich People Aren’t Always Wealthy But You Can Be

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“Yes, some people with money are not nice people. Money only amplifies who you already are. If you aren’t a good person without money you most likely won’t be a good person with money. Wealth is a mindset.

You can be monetarily rich but true wealth goes beyond money. Real wealth is an attitude. You can be wealthy physically with good health, with friends and loving relationships, emotionally and spiritually. You can be happy and have peace of mind.

Cash may not make you happy. You could have lots of cash and be lonely and miserable. You can have money and not health. Alone and sick what is money good for? You can hoard money and not do any good with it. Then having money may be very sad.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Not A Place But A State Of Mind

If you aren’t going to help people then you have a lot of cash but so what? True wealth is an attitude of abundance. The mindset is that there is plenty. There is plenty and it is good to both receive and to give.  Learn to do both well.

If you aren’t doing both you are out of balance. You may be rich  but you are not truly wealthy. You may not care one way or the other. Then it truly is sad. It seems the more we have the more opportunity there is to enjoy but that isn’t always the case.

Napoleon Hill stated, of the 520 wealthiest people in the world that he modeled, studied and built his philosophy on, only one was balanced. He said all the rest had problems. He said he got to know all of them. He had stayed with many and they all had issues.

The Smallest Deed Is Better Than The Greatest Intention

Their spouses and many of their kids had issues. To be so obsessed with gaining a fortune, and by not focusing on the more important aspects of life, had brought many of the 520 mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Life out of balance is not a good thing.

Hill wrote, ‘I’ve had the privilege of intimately knowing the most outstanding, the most successful, and the richest men that this country has ever produced. I’ve slept in their houses, ate with them, known their families, their wives and their children.’

‘And I have seen what happened to their children after they died and passed on. I know the importance of learning to live a balanced life … The men that collaborated with me in the building of this philosophy represented outstanding success in every field of their era.’

A Man Is Not A Failure Until He Blames Others And Stops Trying

‘Out of all those men, there was only one I could say even vaguely approached having peace of mind along with all his other successes: John Burroughs. Without a doubt, he was the one who came nearest it and the one who came next nearest to it was Mr. Edison.’

The problem many have is they put money above everything else. They are willing to crush or to ruin others in the quest to be top dog. They want more than anyone else and stop at nothing. Ultimately, however they are miserable, unhappy, lonely, sick people.

Much in life is binary with shades between. There is positive or negative. There is increase and decrease. You can be wealthy or not wealthy. When it comes down to it your life is a result of the thoughts you think, how you feel and the choices you make.

You CAN be wealthy with no money. You can be rich with love, family, friends, health, and good times. You can live and leave a legacy of delight without having much money. You can, but many don’t because their focus is on bills, making ends meet, or lack.

The Great Opportunity Is Where You Are At

Some work very hard but hardly move ahead. The key in life is to be grateful for what you have. Enjoy it. You can continue to work for more but be happy where you are at. Then whether you get more or not you are still happy. That is the art most important to learn.

Learn to have a good life. Not only a good one but a grand one. Enjoy and delight in the relationships you have. Savor and nourish and protect them. Do likewise with your health. Take care of you and others. Life becomes more delightful when you can enjoy it.

Money is only a tool. Don’t love the tool. Love people and use the tool. You can learn to make more money. You can learn to be happy with or without money. It has been said one is only happy when learning and growing. Keep growing in awareness and in love.

Never Get So Busy Making A Living You Forget To Make A Life

Grow in understanding and your ability to appreciate life. Evolve into a person who doesn’t let tough times or obstacles defeat or get the better of you. Be bigger than any problem and be filled with joy and wonder and positivity. Make good things happen.

You are a creator. It begins with your thought. From nothing you create your life around you. What are you making for yourself and loved ones? You will always be a work in progress. If it isn’t what you want it to be you can learn to make it that. Keep going.

Focus on what is important. Live a good life. Be positive and be happy. Help others. Simplify everything. Enjoy it all. Only when you are able to enjoy everything are you truly wealthy. Learn to relax, let go and delight. Learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do today to make it even more marvelous?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret: Don’t Wait! Live Your Dreams Right Now

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“Some people are focused on being happy. Others focus on making money, having their dream home, or loving relationships. Some want fame and fortune. Others concentrate on career goals.

There are those who prefer to travel, learn new things, have more leisure time and relax. Different people dream being, doing and having different things. All is good. We live in a wonderful world.

Welcome to Part 3 of Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now!

Most everyone can have what they want if they are willing to do what is necessary to secure it. This is the issue with many. Some want to wish it into being. Others prefer to blames circumstances.

Nothing Is Impossible – The Word Says I’m Possible

Some wallow without. Others hope to have. Fewer actually do what is required and stick with it until they make it happen. I discuss the Law of Attraction and while it seems magical it isn’t. It works.

It is based on principles. It is rule governed. You get from it what you put into it. Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO). What goes around comes around. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like.

While nothing is an absolute guarantee, this guarantee you can bank on. If you put the effort into making your dream come true, even if it doesn’t completely, you will be better off for having tried.

Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try

You will have learned, discovered and traveled further than if you never attempted it. As the saying goes ‘aim for the stars, if you miss you’ll land on the moon.’ Keep this in mind.

If you don’t attempt it you don’t attempt it. You stay put. You can wallow and whine and complain and blame and wish and hope and visualize and affirm (negative affirmations and blames) and…

You aren’t likely to get it. You are most likely guaranteed to remain the same until you decide to actually change. A decision to change originates as a thought. Remember, thought precedes action.

The Positive Thinker Sees The Invisible … 

Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings fuel the next thoughts. If your thoughts suck your feelings will too. Then those suck feelings will produce more suck thoughts. What goes around comes around.

When your thoughts and feelings suck you don’t take right action, most likely you don’t take any action. BUT if you do it isn’t inspired, usually it is trying to fix things or maintain a sinking ship. It sucks.

If you do this long enough over time you develop suck habits. So over an over you do the same things that suck and you get suck results. Then you whine, complain, blame, wish, and hope negatively.

The Positive Thinker Feels The Intangible Achieves The Impossible

Then you negatively affirm and visualize more suck thoughts. Get it. It is a cycle that spirals down. It goes on and on and on until you decide to take action and change it. In an instant you can transform.

Now you need to wire in positive thoughts. You do it the same way you did everything that sucked; thoughts, feelings, actions. You change the content of your thoughts and feelings so they spiral up!

You affirm and visualize positive, ‘can do’ thoughts. These lead to ‘I will do’ thoughts. From thought to action with positive, good feelings in between. Do this enough over time and you develop good habits.

Think Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

Good, success habits lead to successful results. It is cyclic. The more successful results you get the more confident and capable you become in creating more new and better results. You evolve.

If you stop along the way, you stop and stick. You must keep moving and persisting. You don’t give up when the going gets tough you get tougher. You become bigger than your problems. You evolve. Get it?

The more capable and confident the better the results. The better the thoughts and feelings and actions and habits the more better results you continue to get. When thrown a curve ball you adapt.

You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think You Are

THIS is the Law of Attraction. What goes around comes around. You attract what you are. To attract happiness you must first be happiness. To attract money you must first be wealthy inside.

Why, because you know, at least within you somewhere, that when you are really down, stuck, sour and negative you keep getting more of the same. You are negativity so you get more back. Get it?

The same but opposite applies. In order to get the good results you want you must first be the good results you want on the inside. You must already imagine what that is and what it feels like and live it.

You Are An Incredible Creator – You Create Negative Or Positive

Embrace it. It is already yours. When you feel like you already have it is when you make it happen. Those who most readily succeed know with certainty they will. That’s it. Period! No question! They will!

They have faith because they ARE it on the inside. The are happiness, they are successful, they are wealthy in advance of it showing up on the outside. They radiate it. They vibrate it. Get it?

They attract it! BUT it isn’t coming to them on a magic carpet they make it happen because of their unstoppable attitude and conviction. Their will and their mind and heart is strong. Resolved.

From Within To Without – As Above So Below

They know it is coming. They don’t beg or plead or count the days until it arrives. They don’t doubt or fear, what if it doesn’t? They don’t hope. They are certain. It will all happen in the right time.

Don’t even believe the self help gurus who tell you it can’t be done without digging through past garbage and hurts. Great spirits always must content with mediocre minds. You can do anything!

THE ONLY LIMITATIONS are those that exist in your mind. You can triumph. Gandhi faced incredible odds. No one thought he would prevail. Except for Gandhi. Martin Luther King had a vision.

You Can’t Live A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

Edison, The Wright Brothers, Ford, Joan Of Arc, Mary Kay, Oprah, William Wallace, Abraham Lincoln all faced incredible odds. The Beatles, Clark Gable, many performers have been told to give up.

They were told they had no talent, or aren’t attractive enough to make it. You don’t get breaks you make your breaks. You make it! Helen Keller couldn’t see or hear from birth but that didn’t stop her.

Scientists of the day are often the most vocal in saying something can’t be done, because they base their experience on prior past results. The new is always unknown until discovered.

Life Is Tough At Times But Then So Are You

We must go beyond the known limits to find what we don’t know is there, yet. Don’t listen to so-called experts who tell you ‘don’t try. It can’t be done.’ If you never attempt the positive you will never know.

The great explorers ventured into the great unknown. Were they afraid, probably at times. Courage is facing fear and doing it anyway. Will power and resolve is doing it when you don’t feel like it.

Muhammad Ali stated he hated training but did it anyway because he knew in doing it he would be a champion. He knew in advance! This is the power we all have, if we but find it, within ourselves!

Commit And Persist And See It Through – Be Unstoppable

The successful celebrate. They are grateful. They live from plenty even when they have nothing. They live as victors even while the battle is being waged. They travel in advance of the world.

They become it! They ARE it. They see the invisible. They expect it. AND they get it. It comes to them because they created it in their mind and believed it in their heart, body and spirit.

Then they worked to bring it about. They did it! So can you! Keep the faith in yourself and in your vision. Create what you want. Travel in advance of the world. Become it and you will have it! They did it!

You Can Pretend Anything And Master It – Create Success Habits

Adopt these practices and you will too. Adopt these principles and you can win. As above so below. As within so without. Like attracts like. What goes around comes around. Make your dreams happen.

Be grateful. Be optimistic. Be positive. Feel Grateful. Feel Optimistic. Feel Positive. Act Grateful. Act Optimistic Act Positive. Repeat right things consistently, long enough, and you develop the great habits.

From your great success habits comes great results. Rinse and repeat. This is why those who have more get more and why those who have less loose even what little they have. Understand this.

Success = Repeat The Right Things Consistently Long Enough

Live NOW how you want to be in the future. Don’t wait. Do NOT put it off. Begin today. Is it hard. Maybe, so what? Do it anyway! Is it worth it? Absolutely! Make the decision to live your dreams. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to have a most wonderful day!

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How Dedicated Are You?

Horizons pansy-phil-koch

“Some people have lives that seem to work very well in all areas. They almost seemed charmed. Why? How is this possible? Might they be doing something others aren’t? The answer is yes. There are reasons why their lives seem to be working better. Let’s explore.

Some people have areas of their life that are messed up, even troubled, while other areas seem to be okay. Their lives seem compartmentalized. This may be normal for some. It may even seem to be how it should be. It isn’t. Others have lives in shambles.

First, remember not to make any judgements about yourself or others.  Certainly, it is okay to assess and become aware in order to change. It isn’t right to blame oneself or others. It is right to assume responsibility and make appropriate positive changes.

Every Flower That Blooms Goes Through Dirt To Be Beautiful

Life is a process. Everything is in flux. Not everything grows at the same rate or at the same time. So there is variation. However, some gardens look beautiful and are well tended, while others are overrun with weeds, look nasty and aren’t growing well. Understand this?

Consider your life a garden. How are you caring for it. Are you nourishing it? Are you weeding it? Do you regularly care for it or have you let it run wild. Is your garden inside of or outside of your control? Who is in charge of your garden?

There is the principle that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Everything is a choice! How dedicated are you to you? How committed are you to having the best life possible? How much do you truly want your goals and dreams? Do you go for the gold?

Your Mind Is A Garden Your Thoughts Are The Seeds …

It is true different areas of one’s life will be in different phases. As one begin the science, the practice, the art of making one’s life more glorious different areas may improve before others do. As one changes different areas require different amounts of attention.

Eventually, as in a garden, overall everything improves and looks wonderful. Still, there may be those certain plants or areas that take more work or dedication. As one tends to life’s garden the goal is for all of it to be harmoniously working together for ultimate good.

How you do one thing in one is how you do everything means you need to bring the same dedication and commitment to each area of your life. Your health, relationships, career, finances, leisure each area needs to be tended and working together.

… You Can Grow Flowers – Or You Can Grow Weeds

If one area is out of whack it is similar to driving on only 3 tires. While you could do it, you can’t for long, nor can you get very far. You need all tires to be working well to travel most smoothly. So are there areas you are neglecting? Are you letting things go?

As you pursue certain dreams your life may be out of balance. You may be passionately pursuing a career or finances. In order to succeed you have to give it your all. However, it isn’t worth it if you end up sacrificing your health, loved ones and friends.

If at the top you aren’t able to enjoy it, or have no one to enjoy it with, success can’t be that satisfying. While career takes a lot of energy remember to nurture the other areas too. Put energy into them and help them to grow positively. You will be glad you did.

Tomorrow  Your Seeds Will Grow – What Have You Planted

Napoleon Hill said only 1 of the 525 successful people he modeled and studied to assemble ‘The Laws Of Success’ had a balanced life. The rest he said were plagued with all sorts of issues. From the breadwinner to the youngest bread eater some had big problems.

He reasoned that this was because they made making money the end all, be it all, of their lives. That is pretty sad when you consider it. It isn’t money that is the problem it is the LOVE of money that is. I’m not suggesting your shouldn’t pursue money, that isn’t the point.

You should seek to have a glorious life and healthy relationships overall. AND YOU CAN! Believe in yourself and believe in others. Think the best of you and the best of them. Believe in them before they believe in themselves. The more you give the more you get.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – To Know Is To Do

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and the best feelings. Energy flows where your attention goes. Dedicate yourself to wholeness, to making life wonderful and delightful for you and everyone in it. Open up, take it in. Find ways to love more, give more, enjoy more.

Embrace this world and the people in it. Learn to accept more. Drop issues that aren’t real issues. The news and media will keep us divided and fighting on things that truly don’t matter. The messages are of fear and lack and hate and everything less than glorious.

Put a guard before your mind and lips. Don’t spend time with negativity. Let go of the things you can’t control or change and focus on what you can. If you can’t change something then change your attitude. Focus on the positive, the good, the loving , the kind.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

Enjoy life and the people in it. Don’t be a victim of bad thinking. Be dedicated to making your mind your servant and your life garden a paradise. Dedicate yourself to creating what you want and be healthy in all areas. Don’t neglect some for others. Bring total game.

Bring your total game and commitment to each area of your life. Even just a little bit each day. Love the one’s you are with. Nourish your family lovingly. Take care of your health. Get the nourishment and rest you need. All work and no play isn’t healthy. Play, have fun.

Be passionate and enthused. Feel joy and gratitude for all. Bask in each glorious moment. Decide not to let tough times get the better of you. Learn from everything. Remember, only knowledge applied is power. You can know about exercise but not do it. To know is to do!

Hug Harder – Laugh Louder – Smile Bigger – Love Longer

Your life, as you care for it, as you tend to it, can and will improve overall. Life becomes more glorious as you take charge and commit to making it what you want. Especially, when you commit and care for it in loving ways. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: How To Be Truly Wealthy And Not Just Rich

Horizons forest-yellow-phil-koch

“There are happy wealthy people and plenty of screwed up rich people. What makes the difference? Why are some wealthy in all areas of their life while others are greedy and miserable to be around. Both exist. How do you avoid being miserable with money?

Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said if you want to make money you must have a white hot burning desire for money. If you must have it the you must really want it  and be certain you will. Want it more than anything and believe you can get it is the formula.

Napoleon Hill was one of the original modelers long before Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) revived the concept of modeling. Napoleon Hill, long before Tony Robbins, many others, including myself, modeled and learned from 520 of the world’s wealthiest.

Health Is The Real Wealth – Not Silver And Gold

He distilled their methods of success into principles and practices which he first wrote about in ‘The Laws Of Success’. That book and ‘Think And Grow Rich’ are responsible for more millionaires perhaps than any other books. Hill knew his subject well.

Toward the end of his life he wrote that of the 520 only one was truly balanced and happy with his wealth. Hill pointed out that many others lost it, went mad or destroyed themselves because they made money their most important value.

You must have balance. You must be happy. You must emphasize other values and characteristics in order to live a good life. Help people, go the extra mile, love and value your family, friends and relationships. Don’t sacrifice wealth in all areas for monetary gain.

Without A Rich Heart Wealth Is An Ugly Beggar

Hill stated that your relationships, yours and others happiness, were far more important than ANY dollar amount. He emphasized balance and wisdom over greed. He said, have enough to live well and enjoy it. Don’t go insane trying to accumulate and keep it.

He knew these rich men. He stayed in their homes. He got to know their wives and their children and so many were severely screwed up. The families suffered. The kids a mess because they greedily sought riches, money, and not balance and wealth in all areas.

Many who used these principles to make money abandon the principles once they got money. Their mindset changed from wealth creation to scarcity. They feared losing what they gained instead of celebrating what they gained. What you focus on you get.

Happiness Does Not Depend On What You Have …

Since they now are scared of losing it they end up making that happen. They attract misfortune. For this reason alone a healthy mindset is important. You become what you think about most often.

If you worry about losing money you will find ways to lose it. You will create or attract or bring about the very thing you are wanting to avoid. Energy flows where you attention goes. This is why it is important to be happy, positive and grateful most of the time.

Hill pointed out that many who make money most important do arrive at the top by stepping on people. They stomp their way up the ladder. In the end these people and their families are not happy, but miserable. Their quest to greedily hoard it all ruins them.

… Happiness Solely Relies On What You Think

Money is tool that allows you to have more choice and do more things. You can benefit yourself and the world greatly when you have more money. If you hoard it you suck everything dry. Greed destroys families, friendships, businesses and individuals.

The mindset of greed is one of lack and competition. It destroys everything. The story of the Midas Touch points this out. Abundance heals and helps all. There is plenty to go around. Spread the good around. This mindset includes everyone and all good things.

Seek balance first. You can be, do and have everything you want. Focus on being a good person first. Focus on being happy, loving, kind and generous. Give and you get back. Take and it gets taken from you. There is great wisdom in being kind and compassionate.

Today Be Thankful How Rich You Are – Your Time Is Gold …

Be wealthy in health, love, and happiness. Enjoy money but  realize it isn’t everything, The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money can help you help others. If you are wealthy and balanced in all aspects you naturally want to do good for all.

Don’t put off well-being and happiness. Don’t sacrifice sanity for shekels. Those who are happiest and most successful  begin by learning to be happy and successful in their minds first. Inner happiness precedes outer happiness. Inner wealth before outer.

To create more abundance think and feel abundant from within. Feel gratitude. Look for examples in nature of abundance. There is plenty of everything in nature. Allow yourself to feel wealthy. Really feel it. Think it and feel it. Thought precedes feelings.

… Your Family Is Priceless And Your Health Is Your Wealth

Pretend, as you did when you were a child. Pretend, be wealthy and regal. Walk around as a happy, healthy, wealthy, confident, loving person. Imagine what a truly wealthy person feels like, and acts like. Live it in your imagination. Live as abundance.

Think ‘I am health, I am wealth, I am love, I am success and prosperity. I am happiness’. Feel it. Think, ‘I love  my life. My Life is wonderful!’ Think it. Keep thinking it and saying it over and over. Imagine it. See it. Pretend it. Make it real.

Say it inside your mind and out loud. Feel wonderful as you do. Fill yourself with joy and enthusiasm. Say it, ‘I am filled with joy and enthusiasm.’ Assert it. Declare it. Command it! Be it. Live it. Enjoy and you will! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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