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Warning! If You Neglect This You May Pay Dearly

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There is a final step. It is a critical aspect of your personal development and your ability to easily change and transform yourself and your life. It should not be ignored at any time. It is as important as all the rest. Be sure to well attend to it

Welcome to Part 21 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. 21 is the final part of this series. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment. Alright, let’s go!

Your health. Take care of your health. Your body and mind are part of the same system and both require care. Your body responds to your thoughts or you wouldn’t blush when embarrassed, or your heart quicken when you meet a potential mate.  Your pupils dilate too.

Negativity Is A Thief That Steals Happiness And Well Being

Negative thoughts adversely affect our health. Positive thoughts positively impact our health. We cannot escape the consequences of our thoughts. Our health and well-being impacts our ability to think. Both influence each other. You can’t have one without the other.

The cost of neglecting your physical and mental health is greater than the cost in dollars. Negativity takes a huge toll on your body and your ability to function optimally. Neglecting your body, or your mind has a massive downside. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF NOW!

Once you feel down and out it is more difficult to break the hold of negative thoughts than when happy and energetic. It can absolutely be accomplished, but many people won’t feel like it. They may not have the energy to make the needed changes BUT they can!

You Eat An Elephant Bite By Bite

Bit by bit do things that bring the body and mind more energy. Go for a walk. Work in the garden. Gardening is sage advice, because we connect with the earth, we get our hands dirty, we are preoccupied and concentrated on life in the garden. It works wonders!

We can change our physiology. Throw our shoulders back, put our chest out, our chin forward and sit, stand and move as if we felt confident, positive and powerful. We can get down and roll around and play as a little child would. We can move our body differently!

Stuck implies no movement and the same, frozen. In order to break free we need to move and change things up. We can do almost anything and bring about some positive results. If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. Get it?

You Can’t Live  A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

If you can’t leap into things, at least, inch your way into them. Both ways are effective and can bring dynamic results. The point is you must do something. Start early, before it is too late is a wise approach. Prepare before it is required and you will be well served.

Shake it up. Vary it. Stretch a little. Do some light yoga, breathing, any form of exercise. If you are low energy, do that which brings energy to you. Move and gradually increase the variety and/or the intensity of your movement. Walk, skip, run, dance. Breath, laugh!

If wound up, relax. Slow down. Breath. Take a bath. Get a massage, a steam or a sauna. Listen to some soothing sounds or music. Turn off the electronics, eliminate distractions,  Get outside. Garden. Take a walk, enjoy the surroundings. Quietly, sit or lie down out there.

Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease

The issue for many people today is where their attention is. Often it is too self focused. We are narcissists. Change the focus. Help another person. Stop thinking about yourself and your problems and assist someone else. Look around you and find the good in the world.

Change of focus and change of what we are doing and how we are doing it IS how we bring about change in ourselves as needed. We can’t do what we always did and expect it will be different. We need to change things in order to have life change. Vary your routines!

Enjoy the simple pleasures. Fill your life with gratitude and thankfulness for what you already can do, for how you are blessed right now. Appreciate your body and your mind for how they work, with or without impairments. We are luckier than we think, usually.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do …

Eat well. The proper nutrition is important for your body as it is for your mind. Quit living on junk and get some good food. Good water. Cut out the bad foods and drinks as much as possible. Think at least 80/20 rule. Health is mental and physical. Pay attention to both.

If mostly you are well nourished, 80, a guilty pleasure, 20,  now and then is okay. Mental nutrition is important too. Read and fill your mind with healthy thoughts most of the time. Take care to think the best and be exposed to the best thinking. Eliminate the worst.

Eliminate the negative thinking and the distractions. Stay focused on the positive and feeling good. Include those things that make you think and feel better that are wise and good for you and exclude, as best you are able, that which is not. Mind and body work together.

… Excellence Therefore Is Not An Act But A  Habit

Get decent exercise and enough rest. Drink plenty of good, clean, pure water. Smile and laugh more. Have fun. Don’t make personal change and transformation harder make it fun and easier. Lighten up, let go, drop your cares and troubles, and live. Be as a child!

Read more, listen to music, listen to nature, listen to each other, communicate with loved ones, enjoy your family and friends. We live in boxes that are artificially lit, with microwaves, and radio waves and wifi and electric ambient sounds and noises, get away from it.

Change your routines from time to time. Take different ways home, or to work. You’ll see different things. Eat some foods you have never tried. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Vacation someplace new. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed.

He Who Enjoys Good Health Is Rich Though He Knows It Not

Have fun doing and learning new things. Take some classes. Try different genres of books, music or movies. Take a spinning class or a ballroom or swing class. Make moments fun by meeting, new interesting people. Meditate or do something spiritual or natural.

Have I said, spend more time outdoors? Be freer, simpler, gentler. You have work time and rest time. Learn to manage both well. The more positive your thoughts the healthier all aspects of your life can be. The healthier you are the more positive your thoughts can be.

Prioritize your relationships. Cross things off your bucket list. You only live once don’t put everything off for another time, live now. Make it a point to not let the day to day troubles and distractions and negativity run the show. Don’t be controlled by circumstances.

Sometime You Just Have To Unplug And Disconnect

Determine how you want your life to be. Claim it back. Access your power. See it and say how it shall be. Declare it and make it so. Live as a champion and and emperor, not as a victim or a pauper. Decide to live a glorious life and make it that way minute by minute.

Fun, passion, delight. Movement and rest. Listening to music can arouse you and make you feel vibrantly alive or calm, quiet and serene. Both are important as night and day are important. Your body and mind cooperate as one. There is no separation in reality.

Live simple in a complex world. Enjoy all. Stop judging and complaining. Begin praising and encouraging. Look for and find good in all and you will develop that ability to always find the good even when well hidden. Delight in yourself, others and circumstances.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Live whole. Free yourself up to enjoy what is available to you and you will always discover more you didn’t notice at first. Linger in the goodness. Bask and bathe. Take a daily inventory of all the good things; the things you appreciate and your successes. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day count for something wonderful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Don’t Have This You Have Absolutely Nothing

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“Your career is important. Job satisfaction makes a big difference. The relationships in your life truly important. Personal and professional. Personal wealth, these days, is a topic of concern for lots of people. There may be many areas of your life and mine that deserve attention and improvement.

Consider this: without your health the other areas are harder to nurture and improve. We think perhaps, that our relationships at least will take care of themselves, those who love us always will. That probably is true but for them and for us to enjoy the connection having good health helps a lot.

When you are healthy hopefully you are easier to get along with. When your body and mind works well it is just simpler. Many people have immense challenges with health so an area we should focus on is our bodies and minds and do what we can to help them serve us, as best we can. Instead, many of us fill them with junk and abuse them.

Smile Often

Without our health, our job and career don’t mean much. Our cars, and boats and big homes mean even less. None of theses can we take with us. We travel away carrying nothing with us, except perhaps, the memories of the moments we cherish with loved ones and the quality of relationships and life we lived.

Take time to take care for yourself. What can be more important than that statement? Take care of yourself and help take care of others. Nurture yourself.  Nurture others whenever you can. Do whatever you can to insure you enjoy the best health you regardless of challenges. Make this a priority.

Attitude affects health and health affects attitude. However, if your attitude is wonderful you are more apt to be healthier, at least that is what research tends to demonstrate. Plus, if you have a champion attitude first, if you encounter a health challenge, you are far better equipped to handle it positively than if your attitude is poor to start.

Laugh A Lot

If you need a reason to develop a Positive Mental Attitude this is a powerful one. Get your mind in order and it influences the body. If anything happens to the body, or for that matter your relationships, your career, your job, or your things you are better equipped to navigate those challenges. Research indicates this is true.

Feed your mind and your body properly. Give each the appropriate exercise. Give each enough rest and clean water. Take care of both. This is the true meaning of invest in yourself. Without your mind and body health what do you have? How long will you enjoy it without health? Especially, in America where health care costs are insane.

Exercise: As you read this, or any of my blogs, what are your thoughts? Where do you agree and disagree? Notice what you are thinking. Does your thinking support you and encourage you to be your best or not? Do you feel more or less motivated? It isn’t about the blog post, or my words, it is what goes on inside you.

Realize How Blessed You Are

I am not looking for agreement, although I would like to think it is important. What I hope, is that you find your ‘happy place’ that place where you do what is right for you to live the best life you are able. My hope is you hear yourself when your self-talk does not support you AND you hear it when it does support you.

I don’t care so much if you think the post is brilliant or not, as long as you find your own brilliance. That is the purpose of writing these. I hope you will discover your talents, your resources, and will utilize the gifts of your being, mind and body and the gift of time, as best you are able. I hope you discover how wonderful you are.

I hope you have the most incredible life of positive, good health, loving relationships, a fulfilling purpose expressed in your work and your leisure. Life, while alive, never isn’t happening. Yes, an obvious statement but frequently we miss LIFE because we get caught up. We don’t have to but we haven’t learned how not to. Now it’s time.

Be Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge

If we can be more loving  and caring of ourselves to nourish ourselves in positive, gentle and  comforting ways we will benefit much. If we can lessen our stress and think and feel happier more of the time, more of life becomes available. We are less on the inside running old negative programs and more available to enjoy what is.

Whatever IS is. Whatever is going on you can handle positively or differently than you might ever think you can or allow yourself to. It can be marvelously different and wonderful much more of the time no matter what the circumstances are. Whether you believe this or not determines whether or not you find it true. Listen. Listen well.

This is when and why it is important to discover what you think. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t. Listen each moment during your day and become more aware. Are your thoughts supporting you or not? Are they helping you become healthier and happier on not? Notice and change as necessary.

Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life

One of the reasons gratitude for whatever we encounter is so important is it takes the stress out. No matter what happens if we can find some aspect to appreciate about it, and we focus on that, we can enjoy more of life every moment. Our attitude of gratitude changes everything for the better. It is important to condition our mind and body. Take care of your health! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do to delight in this day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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STOP! If You Neglect This You Are Neglecting Everything!

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“What good does it do if you improve your mind and brain to get your career, relationship and life goals if you don’t keep your health up to make sure you are around long enough to achieve them? The pursuit of success can be stressful. You want to be sure you are healthy all the while.

I have spent years healthy and in shape and out of shape. I have weight lifted, studied martial arts, yoga, done aerobics, and walked at various times. I have ate without regard and I gave up everything processed and only at fresh, farm raised, organic fruits and vegetables, 100% grass fed meats, wild caught fish and pure water.

What about you? I have been on again and off again in the pursuit of healthy living. One day, many years ago, during a period of meditation and reflection, it occurred to me that I walked or stood on my feet for nearly 26 years. They carried me everywhere. I was blown away.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

I never paid attention to my feet except to clean them, clip toenails or if my shoes were too tight. I was blown away and began to feel a deep abiding gratitude for my feet and everywhere they carried me. It was so profound I began thanking my bones, tissues, veins and arteries. I moved from my feet up my legs thanking everything.

Everything I could think to thank. Atoms, cells, tissue, fibers, organs. I traversed my entire body lost in appreciation. It was a completely new experience. I appreciated me. I appreciated that every system worked to carry out its function. That it had a wisdom to regenerate cells, eliminate and refresh, and to completely heal all on its own.

I had certainly never thought about this so deeply or completely. For the first time, for me, the body was a temple, an incredibly marvelous self-working, self-regulating magnificent temple. I had mostly ignored it and complained about it when I was ill, injured, or just feeling sorry for how I looked or felt.

Gratitude Opens You Up For More Of Everything Wonderful

WOW. I had a huge ‘aha’ moment. I began teaching it in my meditation and NLP workshops. I taught it in business seminars and acting classes. Be grateful. Appreciate your body and your instrument. You have no idea how incredible you are, whatever level of healthy function you experience. I was completely moved.

There would be times I would forget again. Times, I complained. There would be health challenges and upsets. There were also times I’d remember. Finally, I put a couple things together that I hadn’t completely thought to do. I was getting my mind under my control and directing my thoughts as I wanted. The body was on hold.

The body could wait, was one of my thoughts, for awhile. I am in okay health, good health actually. Not as fit as I was. So I didn’t put much focus on it even though I, again, was routinely appreciative. I made it a point to thank it prior to going to sleep in my gratitude list. I learned to really go to bed appreciative and also give it a task.

Health And Healing Come From Within

The task was to continue tomorrow to work wonderfully. Keep up the fine work. I wanted to direct my brain toward certain outcomes I could do the same with my body. This became a nightly ritual. There are so many systems in the body, circulation, digestion, respiration, elimination I encourage all to perform at the top of their game.

I commit to working with them, honoring them and doing the things that are best for them. This does mean eating wisely, hydrating, getting enough rest and exercise. There is something else too. I have quoted here many times for directing the brain and it is important to share how I use it for health. It is a fantastic practice you can do!

Never speak except to bless, heal and prosper. Say only what you want to have. Don’t report on what your circumstances are. When sick speak of health and well-being not of your illness. Sometimes for your job you may have to take a sick day but it is far better to say ‘I am healing’ than ‘I am sick’. Focus on what you want. FOCUS!

Align Yourself – Cooperate With You – Harmoniously

Visualize yourself as you want to be. Whether it is your ideal weight or performing some physical task or healing easier. Promote what you want. Affirm and declare it. Is this always easy to do? Not at first, and perhaps not all the time. With awareness and practice it gets easier. The more you do the more you can do. It becomes habit.

I am learning there is so much about me, you, the world at large to completely enjoy and appreciate. We take so many things for granted. We are distracted by events and gossip. We miss out on too many really wonderful things. We are far, far, better off than most of us ever begin to realize. Well, it is time to realize it.

The mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system. They work hand in hand. We really ought not ignore or under appreciate who we are and what we can do. We are all made from the same star dust. We are incredible vessels that can be filled with abundant joy, health, happiness, health, wealth and success.

Think And Speak Only To Bless Heal And Prosper

We only need to claim it. We can live on as we always have or we can become more enlightened to who we are and what we are truly capable of. We can evolve ourselves in ways we never thought possible to love and enjoy life much more fully. Whether we only have one or hundreds of lives, this one we can celebrate.

Celebration and gratitude are so critical to our well-being. Directing our thoughts in a positive direction is meaningful and powerful. We really do get what we focus on. We create what we think, feel, say and do. Become aware. Put a guardian at your mind’s door and at your lips and think and speak to only bless, heal and prosper.

Determine to live to the fullest and that includes having all the good things in life. Don’t let it pass you by. If it is tough so what? It is worth it. You are worth it. You deserve it. Take the time it takes to get your thoughts and feelings and actions under your control and make your life fabulous. It is a fantastic way to live!

What You Think, Feel, See And Say – Is – What You Get

Delight more and do it! One seed planted generates a plant with multiple fruits and countless seeds capable of producing thousands of more plants. It grows on exponentially. The benefits of taking control and living this way grow exponentially too. You will be completely surprised by the life dividends it pays when you do this. Everything gets better. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Smile more today and enjoy doing it.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Use Your Brain Properly And It Can Remain Healthy All Your Life

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“Our brain is incredible. It continues to grow and evolve as we use it. Just as your muscles grow your brain does with use. This is why it is important to use it or lose it. For decades, I have been a proponent of greater brain health.

I included both thought, or mental exercises, and physical exercises in workshops and seminars so that my participants could practice and benefit. Doing them daily kept the brain and body healthy, adaptable and resilient.

The best news, which has been around forever, but continues to receive more and more scientific validation as we look into it, is that you can easily change and transform yourself through changing your thinking. That is how it works.

What You Think You Become

Thoughts not only affect the outside world (from within to without), but they determine how the brain develops as well. Your brain actually changes its physical structure when you think or do something repeatedly. You can tell a happy person’s brain from an unhappy person’s brain postmortem. Physically they are different.

When you maintain focus on a positive goal you direct your brain. You literally wire your brain to take you there, to make it happen. Our input literally re-wires the brain itself. If we negative input we get negative results. If we positive input we get positive results.

As Henry Ford maintained, once he had set a goal he chose to see it through to the end. He refused to listen to any impossibilities of his past thinking and the doubts of others. He chose create or do what he wanted in spite of others telling him it could not be done.

What You Feel You Attract

Whether you think a positive thought or a negative thought your brain compares that thought to every other thought, belief, experience or program it previously stored that agrees with it. At that time your brain not only acts on those programs, but it also replays those same messages again re-enforcing them.

The brain is designed to feed back, find examples, match and to reproduce, the beliefs, attitudes and opinions you have about yourself, your circumstances and life. This is exactly why people who are positive thinkings create or ‘attract’ more of the same. It is why negative thinkers continue to think and behave negatively.

Then even if life or circumstances change around us, we continue to view life the same way. We see ourselves and the world through these perceptual filters. It is the brains way of maintaining a sense of consistency for us. We get back or create more of the same no matter what we input. Garbage In Garbage, Out or Good In, Good Out!

What You Imagine You Create

Research maintains that thinking positive thoughts is healthier for the body and for the brain. As you think positive thoughts your body and brain benefit greatly. You brain grows stronger, healthier and more flexible. Your body becomes more stress free, healthier and capable of healing and rejuvenation.

When you repeatedly think the same positive thought over and over again accompanied by good feelings you create new neural pathways. You can replace old thought and behavior habits with new ones through repetition and emotion. That is how it works. That is how it always worked.

The brain and body are also negatively affected by negative thoughts and chronic negative thinking. You mental clarity, emotional well-being and physical stress and ability to be healthy are all negatively impacted. It just works that way.

Your Brain: Use It Or Lose It

Science bears out what common sense should have always informed us. So it IS important to maintain a positive attitude. You think and feel better. You are more creative and able to solve problems. You are healthier in body, mind and spirit. There are good reasons to think positive. Thinking positive thoughts leads to positive feelings.

You can be, do and have anything you want. Your brain will work with you to get it when you educate it as to what you want. You brain and mind support you as you learn new positive habits. The process gets easier the more you do it. Remember, the more you do the more you can do.

If the same positive message is repeated often enough, the brain wires it in and acts on it as though it’s true.  Every opinion you have, every belief and every attitude you have was created in this same way same way in your brain through repetition. Your brain is designed to create neural pathways whether positive or negative or true or false. It doesn’t care. It doesn’t know a penny from a dollar.

Your Greatest Power Is Your Mind – Use It Well

Your brain simply says, ‘yes, I understand all systems go.’  I leave you today with this Henry David Thoreau quote,  ‘As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.’

So think the thoughts you want to make reality. Use good judgement. Evolve yourself! Stay positive! Stay positive and you can make your dreams come true. Express gratitude and celebrate everything and life becomes much more enjoyable. Look for the good in all things and reasons to delight and you will!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do When Things Turn Rotten

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“I am frequently asked what to do when things go rotten. I thought I would attempt to answer with another example. It can be tough for the positive thinker when suddenly things mount up, circumstance seem  to turn south and nothing works as one would hope. What do you do? First thing.  I prefer to think in terms of ‘less than glorious.’

A couple posts back I referred to my New Years’s Eve. I got a flat and plans interrupted. I will continue with the events post NYE but let it be known; some may think what I relate is nothing, not challenging at all. Others may think it quite the ordeal. I think of it as It IS what it IS. It is because, of how others may regard these events it serves the purpose to illustrate ‘less than glorious’ or when plans change.

I had no luck on the New Year day finding a place open that could change the tire, fix the tire or sell me a new one. EVEN Walmart said nope. On Saturday I found a dealer not too far away from me, hooray! They might be able to fix or replace the flat. Months earlier the other front tire was flat, but I added ‘fix a flat’ and hadn’t had a problem.

Hey, You! Things Change

Since, I was getting the one worked on I thought might as well do two. Neither could be repaired one because of the ‘fix a flat’ the other where the hole was.  They said they’d call me when done. They close at 6pm. At 5 I had still not heard back. I called them. It turned out I needed a new wheel for one.

As it was close of day, Monday would be earliest they MIGHT be able to find one. Dealer new or aftermarket. The price significantly different. On Monday they searched. Close to mid afternoon they announced no luck locally. They could get a used one in but it would take two business days. The wheel cost around 300.00. I already paid for the two tires so the install would be free.

‘Good thing I am rich’, I always think. ‘There is more where that came from’. I am doing my share keeping money circulating. That is when money actually has some value when it is changing hands.  Life is life. Things cost. Little things out of whack or big things out of whack it is virtually the same. Little blessings and big blessings. What is IS! Celebrate and enjoy.

Get Over Yourself

Disclaimer: I am telling you my thoughts and what I think. Wealth is an attitude. Abundance is a state of mind. I have less than some and more than others at varying times. What I have access too, we all do is beyond imagination. There is plenty everywhere, OR, there is scarcity everywhere. It depends on how you view it. How you view it determines how you feel. How you feel determines how you view it!

The time I spent at the tire store on Saturday meant I missed an important tech phone call to fix computer issues. It will have to be re-scheduled for sometime in the future. I know not when. Such is life. The wheel appointment is set for Wednesday. I have to cancel another meeting, that was set for the same time, because it is the only time the party could make it.  Oh, well.

Change is what life is all about. We change, we grow. We grow, we change. Days change, weather changes, everything changes. It is when we resist change that we seem to suffer so much. It is much better to learn to be able to go with the flow. This is why I think, ‘Things ALWAYS work out the best for me’, even when it is not obvious how, yet. Attitude is everything! Things work out always!

Things Always Work Out In The Long Run

I had an appointment today and had to use my car. Luckily, I made my appointment and back without trouble. I stopped to pick up Thai food for dinner with my daughter. After sitting and waiting for about 20 minutes the server announced they ran out of chicken. They had enough for one chicken dish but not two.  I cancelled one, kept a chicken dish and a beef dish I had ordered.

Some minutes later they brought my food. I paid the bill, sans the one meal and went home ready for a nap. I was completely exhausted today. On the way home my son calls to remind me I had promised to take him snow boarding today. I totally forgot. I now scramble to make sure to pick him up and then remember my tiny spare issue.

This meant I had to commandeer my other car away from my daughter and disrupt her plans. The car with the tiny spare isn’t safe to go on the freeways, nor is it wise, since I no longer have a spare to utilize. My daughter, god love her, I do, accepts that she can take my tiny wheel car but not where she wanted to go. She can use it, just locally.

Change Is A Constant – Might As Well Learn To Embrace It

Those are my restrictions. I don’t want her stuck in the cold at night. We swap cars. Hers of course is out of gas, but dad fills it. I had to fill mine too on the way home. I get home. The way they packed the food in the containers, meant most of the sauce is now in the bottom of the bag. I remove containers dripping wet. I open the food and there is virtually NO chicken in the dish.

There are a few, four or five tiny thinly sliced pieces, lost inside a big container of sauce and vegetables. In no way could anyone call this a chicken curry. Curry yes, vegetable curry, yes. chicken, nope! Again, oh well. I scooped out a couple pieces of chicken along with the curry sauce and vegetable and rushed my meal so I could get my boy. What was there was tasty. Our plans for the evening changed.

The dinner I looked forward to, and had called her to ask what she wanted, wasn’t going to happen together. I had forgot about my prior commitment to my son. She’ll eat alone later. She ate with her boyfriend and said, ‘hey you ate all the chicken’. I hadn’t, I split what was there with her. She wasn’t upset. She was just commenting. Both of them enjoyed the food. It was his first time. They were good.

Feeling Stressed And Angry Won’t Make You Feel Better

I got my son, we got gas, we went to the ski hill. I love watching him snowboard when I can locate him on the hillside. He saw me sitting at the window and gave me a big wave. All is good. In fact, all has been good. I made it through the day, with a good attitude and steady emotions. I mentioned in my other post years ago I’d be pissed, seething. Little things bugged me.

Now, I realize sooner this is what is going on. Life is happening. There is nothing to do about it. To complain and lose my cool won’t change anything. It may only make them worse. I know I’d sure feel worse. I’d feel stressed, unlucky, a victim of circumstances. THIS is simply how things are. Accept it, enjoy what is. Who knows how it will turn out. I expect it will turn out well, if not now, eventually.

If you can’t change it accept it. Embrace it. Dive into it because you may just discover something wonderful. Hindsight is 20/20. Nothing may seem apparent right away but perhaps, down the road. Maybe even a year or two from now I’ll look back on the days of my NYE and beyond tire/wheel fix and realize something great was happening. Who knows? I certainly don’t. Anything and everything is possible. All is as it is. Go with the flow and enjoy the adventure.

What Do You Want To Feel?

All I can do is trust and remember, ‘I always land on my feet.’ It is awesome to be alive and enjoy so many incredible people, places, things and opportunities. I am able to drive and go places. Others may not be so lucky. Given this, I prefer to celebrate everything instead of bitch about it. I prefer to let go of problems and count blessings. I prefer to feel blessed no matter what is occurring.

Do I always. Nope, can’t say that I do. Do I get hooked and caught up, of course. It is less frequent but it happens. I realize sooner, rather than later that I have a decision, a choice to make; suffer and burn, OR let go and accept. The freeway surrender meditation helps a lot. It is all about learning to go with the flow. Learning to surrender, to accept what is, We need to learn how to feel blessed, always.

Some days go more smoothly, other days less smoothly. That is just the way it is. If we can feel in harmony more of the time life is better. If we feel discord less, life is better. It is our choice at any moment. We need to learn to respond instead of react. Most of us grew up reacting to what goes on instead of consciously responding to what happens. We can learn the difference and we can learn to respond.

What Is Important To You?

Hey, I am no example. I am not claiming to be. I am just pointing out that not everything goes according to plan just because you think positive. However, because you think positive, disruptions small or large don’t have to be so bad. Positive thinking takes the sting out of it. A positive attitude does make everything better. It isn’t magic but it seems like it at times. There is no substitute for a positive mindset!

Let go. Live! Enjoy! Prioritize. Determine how you want to spend your moments. Would you rather burn and be mad or is celebrating and enjoying more important to you? That is good to keep in mind. Personally, I  prefer the latter one. It is more fun and desirable. If it is for you too, congratulations and kudos. If it isn’t yet, it can be! You will get the knack of it. I promise, you will. Let go and delight! Embrace and enjoy the adventure! It isn’t over yet!!”  Rex Sikes

Everyday counts!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Eliminate Stress, Get Your Goals, And Live Well In New Year

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“Holidays and post holiday can be a time of joy and a time of stress. Preparations and wanting everything perfect can add pressures where you hope none would exist. The New Year brings pressure as people try to keep resolutions they have made.

To avoid stress and burn out let it all go. Decide to enjoy it for whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What is perfect is you have the opportunity to gather with friends and family. Make relationships your priority, not events.

Make Your Relationships Your Priority – Enjoy The Love  

As for resolutions, make one main resolution you intend to keep. Focus on that one. If you make a list of everything you want to change it may be too much at one time. Begin with one you really want and you will commit to. That will reduce stress and more likely ensure your success.

One goal at a time. You can set multiple goals but take care of them one by one. Don’t try to do them all at once. It is easier and much more manageable this way. You are more likely to stay committed the easier you make it. You can combine a few into one. For example, you want to get healthier. Wrap a few changes into one change.

Decide on a reasonable gym or exercise schedule you can keep. Proceed slowly. Take a few days a just walk the track. Water walk in the pool for a week. Sauna or steam. Ease into it. Don’t rush in and pound the weights. Build up to it. It is better to spend 20 minute working out and build to an hour than staring big first and quitting.

The New Year Brings Opportunity To Begin New And Fresh

You can decide you want to eat healthier, too. Choose what you will eat over what you won’t eat. You can eliminate but take it easy. Commit to eating an extra serving of fruit and vegetables, or drinking an extra bottle or two of water. Go to bed a half hour earlier if you want more rest. Tiny changes add up!

Do this for a month or more. Success breeds success. If you take it bit by bit and ease into it gently you gather up wins. The more you win and feel good the more likely you will continue. As you win at this and make it a habit you can begin on something else. Work that new goal the same way.

Learn to let go of stress. Take time for yourself. Even five minutes at a time, to close your eyes, let go, imagine pleasant moments, and breath deeply can work wonders. Take some deep breaths. Learn how to breath properly. Take up some mild form of meditation. Little snatched relaxing moments through the day can de-stress MUCH!

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

Take small amounts of time. That IS easier than committing to hours. Drop by drop the tub fills. Inch by inch, step by step you get there. Perhaps, not as quick but you are more likely to get there slow and steady than if you rush, do too much and burn out. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember, the tortoise won!

Read more. Reduce TV and computer time. Spend less social media and news time. Go for walks. Drink more water. Rest more frequently. Take baths. Get some massages. When weather permits walk barefoot as much as possible. Enjoy the earth, contact it. Lie on the ground. Picnic. Get some fresh air. Get the right amount of sun.

Limit exposure to toxins in food, drink, and air. Stop putting bad chemicals on your body in soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and make-up. Get organic or chemical free. Try scent free detergents, etc. Go a bit more natural and organic. Limit cell phone use, texting, emails etc.

Go More Natural Its Okay To Be Human

You may not give up everything at once. In fact, don’t! I don’t want you to try it all at once. Simply, bit by bit claim your life, your time, your space and your health back. Let go of that which is not important. Again, meditation can be great for learning to let go. Spend time with friends, family, children, and pets. Have fun.

Make being alive and enjoying your relationships and each day a priority. Smile more, laugh more, sing and dance more. Look for the positive and think positive. Fill your mind with positive inspirational messages by reading and listening. Practice gratefulness each day by counting your blessings and feeling thankful!

Go to educational seminars and events. Enjoy church or temple or similar supportive social gatherings. Hang out with happy, optimistic people. Make new friends. Help others in need, those you know and strangers. Give more and become a good receiver, too. Little by little you can reduce stress and increase enjoyment.

Practice Singular Focus And Gratitude

Stay focused on one change at a time you will accomplish more. You will accomplish much more over time than you could ever imagine. Stop multi-tasking and use singular focus. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Have fun making changes and letting go. The effects are cumulative and you will be surprised and delighted. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your moments marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Want To Have An Incredible Life? Then Learn What These People Already Know!

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“Some people just live differently than others! They let nothing deter them from enjoying life. It is amazing and inspiring! It has to do with their beliefs and attitude. How would you respond to the following? What do you think about this and how it may apply to your life?

To lose a limb or the ability to walk or move would be devastating. Life crushing. I do not wish it on anyone. Yet, there have been people throughout time who have suffered tremendous accidents, lost body parts or were paralyzed, BUT continue to live as blessed. They live differently from the rest.

Recently, they made a movie of the surfer girl who lost her arm in a shark attack. She continues to surf. Others, with similar circumstances have been in the news. Sometimes, we see people who suffer greatly continue to suffer greatly.

Other times, we see people who express gratitude at being alive. For these, they seem to say, ‘life is an adventure. I did it with two arms now I do it with one. It doesn’t matter, great to be alive!’

They don’t let a challenge stop them.  It must be a major adjustment, still, some seem to never miss a beat. They go right on living cheerfully. Young, old, rich or poor, that doesn’t seem to matter.

I have used an example to explain some of this. This example, pales by comparison but I present it, and then another one, as food for thought. Although, I think these considerations are already enough of a meal.

How people maintain an incredible positive attitude in the face of life changing experiences is definitely worth learning and applying. Ok, my example, two people go to a movie and sit side by side. The movie ends, one loved it the other hated it.

Both express opinions. It seems as if these have something to do with the movie when actually their opinions reveal much about them; who they are and what they pay attention to.

After all, it is the same movie. Both individuals sat through it but had a different experience of it. It can’t be the movie. It must be about them!

Two people are in a terrible car crash but survive and are not badly injured. One is filled with fear and speaks repeatedly about how the accident was terrible and how close to being killed he was.

The other is thankful to have lived through a huge ordeal and speaks of being lucky or blessed or protected he feels. Same experience two different reactions. Two separate, independent outlooks. Do you think their outlook has anything to do with how they live their lives?

Some people blame the economy for their problems saying they just can’t get ahead. Others during that very same economy make a ton of money and state if it hadn’t been for the economy they’d have never discovered how to make so much money.

Pretty much we are all the same. We have different experiences and programming as we grow. We still live in the same world. It appears how we respond to the world and circumstances has everything to do with what we believe.

Our thoughts, our attitude determine how we live our lives. What we think determines our world and our opportunity or our disadvantage. It is mindset more than anything else!

Some people face tremendous odds and let nothing stop them or ruin their day. Some people are born with, what we call, challenges but excel more than others born without challenges. Some seem to buckle at the smallest provocation.

I prefer to think of living life without seeing walls that stop me. I prefer thinking of what I can do instead of what I can’t. I’d much rather be optimistic and positive and live happily and fully than anything else. I’d like to think most other people do too.

I am not certain any one knows how they will respond until faced with an obstacle. I think what they think and believe, makes a difference. If a big challenge comes there way are they prepared to handle it?

Some believe in an outer god; some a personal god; some believe in an inner god or divinity; some believe in no god; that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Whatever else they believe in sure seems to make an incredible difference. What they think about themselves, their ability to live happily, handle difficulty, enjoy life, and the nature of the universe seems to make an incredible difference.

What would you do? How would you move forward? Is the glass half empty or half full? I think these examples, of what some might call courage, are a testimony to the awesome power of the human mind and spirit.

Their attitude certainly seems to determine their altitude. What do you think? What if you could learn, what these few people know, that makes them live their lives incredibly different from the rest of the people? Would you like to learn to live like this? If you could learn it would you?

There are people who choose to not let anything prevent them from enjoying this life to the fullest. They live as they wish no matter what happens to them or around them. They live as champions and victors over circumstances.

They continue to live joyfully. They consider the journey a marvelous adventure. This is wonderful and inspiring. It is absolutely possible that any one of us, all of us, can find the power within to be able to celebrate no matter what! When we are truly able to feel blessed regardless of circumstances then  life is transformation and we are incredibly rich in all ways.” Rex Sikes

This is your day! How will you use it?


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret Few Know To Making Positive Changes Most Easily!

horizons green path

“Yes, there is still a secret. This secret is the key to making positive, permanent, productive change. It is being revealed here so you can immediately apply it and have it work for you.  This secret is ancient and spans all of time. It is absolutely powerful.

Sadly, everyone, or most everyone is familiar with it. They have heard about it and know it. It is one of the most well known secrets there is. Sadder still, while it has been hidden in plain sight, revealed numerous times, most people miss it and don’t use it.

That is why it remains a secret. Not because it is hidden but because people don’t use it. Since they don’t use it they don’t understand or benefit from its incredible power. Perhaps, today will be different. Most likely not for most people, but it will be for a few.

Even An Open Book May Not Be Read Until Someone Reads It

For those few THEY are ready to transform and begin to have a life more wonderful and fulfilling. AS I have always said, ‘Exploration is the doorway to adventure. Awareness is the key’. Be willing to explore new possibilities and a new world will open up to you in amazing ways.

Awareness is the key. We have choices we may not realize, appreciate or utilize. One possibility is we react to situations out of habit. We react from pre-recorded programs we run day in and day out, where whatever happens triggers a conditioned reaction.

As when someone gives you the finger and you, without thinking, give them one back. These neural pathways are a well beaten down path. We react automatically. There is a cause and an immediate effect. It happens without awareness. Afterwards, we realize, perhaps, what we did.

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure

Then there is the other possibility, that from awareness we respond. We notice the instigation but it doesn’t grip or grab us. Instead, more like an observer, we watch without getting hooked and we choose how to behave or respond to the situation. There is a moment, or a gap, between the trigger and what happens next.

There is one practical method for creating that gap and that is to condition yourself for it. The other less productive reactive behaviors were conditioned without awareness simply by growing up. The new behaviors we deliberately intend to create. THAT is the difference.

One we ended up with reactions without realizing it. The new ones we intend to create, we take time to manufacture through practice and repetition. There are plenty of opportunities each day, each hour, to practice this.

Awareness IS The Key

At first when you begin applying this you will be late, most likely. Timing is everything. You will realize after the moment passes.  THAT is OKAY! That IS the first beginning steps. SO take it easy on yourself. Be gentle and be grateful you noticed whenever it is that you notice.

THIS is important to remember and realize. You decide, for example, to enjoy life more. You don’t want to get angry so much. DO not focus on the anger. That will only bring more energy to it and you will end up being angry more. INAPPROPRIATE anger is what you want to eliminate. It is appropriate to be angry in some situations. That may be the wisest response.

Focus on enjoying life more. Pour your energy into that. Then you will get more of that! Be positive and be happy. WHEN you discover that you are not, or that you got angry inappropriately, even moments after ‘the event’, congratulate yourself on recognizing you were angry.

YES! Congratulate yourself on recognizing you got angry. This is the beginning of awareness. It is simply late. As you continue along, life will afford you many opportunities to practice and build a new habit. Continue to recognize and appreciate your awareness.

Questions Direct Your Mind What To Look For And Find

You might ask Directed Questions™ like, ‘I wonder how delighted I will become to discover myself easily responding more positively to these situations…’ (whatever they are for you) or to whomever you want to respond more positively too.

OR ‘How delighted will I be to discover for myself that I have choices and that I am able to respond differently…’ OR ‘…that I am able to respond positively and productively?’ Send your mind on searches for what you want to have rather than what you don’t want.

Do you want to be more aware? Would you like to be more positive? Would you like more choice? Would you like to stay clam in trying situations? If so ask questions similar to the one’s above that direct you into having what you want. Put your brain on the search for you.

Throughout the day keep asking a few questions around the area of change you wish to develop. ASK!. These will greatly increase your ability to change and become more aware. That, after all, is the goal, to become more aware.

Be Gentle, Positive And Encouraging

Remember, to not get caught up and react. There is a great infographic out there that reads ‘ Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.’

Whenever you FEEL yourself getting pulled into… other people’s or even your own trauma drama… remember to repeat, ‘Not my circus. Not my monkeys’. This is great because this is how we create awareness. We, first, must notice the pull.

Once we do, STOP!!! Take a deep breath! Maybe one or two more! THEN after the breathes engage a new behavior. REPEAT a new mantra, or affirmation, whatever it is. In this case it is a reminder ‘not my circus. not my monkeys’.

Whatever it is or whatever new behavior you want you instigate after the STOP – GAP. STOP first…. then Begin. Stop then Begin!

Come To A Complete 4 Wheel Stop And Then Proceed Differently

You feel the pull and you STOP! Completely stop! Pause. Take a breath or two. AND BEGIN The new behavior. Think a different thought inside or out. Do anything physically different from what you would have done previous to learning this.

Each time you successfully repeat this process you are on your way to building a new habit which includes awareness and choice! Soon enough it will be automatic and reliable. You will have transformed an unwanted into a wanted. You are moving forward!

Put your energy into what you want NOT what you do not want.

Remember, to be free you must pause and chose to respond differently. IF YOU DO get caught up that is okay, be gentle with yourself. Next time, maybe, you will remember. Or perhaps you will remember even sooner. You will catch yourself quicker.

You Stop And Then Move In A New Direction

Pat yourself on the back for whatever you did and for noticing it whenever you noticed it. Self criticism won’t help you change. It is part of the old behaviors and conditioning. SO while you are learning to change the anger, learn too how to end the negative self-talk! Get it? Be gentle and encouraging. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

If you can’t say something good about yourself, another person or the circumstances, do not say anything at all. Do not reinforce what you do not want? Do not give it your energy! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Only put the energy you have into the things you want. Make sure you are putting it into what you want! Many people think they are when they aren’t! So check and double check. Energy begets energy. You want to get back WHAT YOU WANT and not more of what you do not want. Is this clear? I hope so.

Speak Only To Bless, Heal And Prosper – Congratulate Yourself

I repeat: WHENEVER you do remember, give yourself a pat on the back for noticing and changing. Encourage the positive behaviors you want more of. Literally, ignore the behaviors you wish to eliminate. Do not put energy into the negative thoughts or behaviors or you end up getting more of the same. Focus and get back the positive!

So here it is. A huge wide open secret that most people never apply so they never get the changes or life they want to have. Sad, but if it is to be, it will be up to them. Just as it is up to you and me. No one can do this for us. We must each do it our self.

So what is it going to be? Will you dive in and begin transforming your life in powerful and positive ways or not? It is up to you. Whenever you make a positive decision to make a positive difference for yourself, celebrate and be grateful that you recognized an opportunity.

This is how we learn to recognize more and more opportunities as they present themselves. I hope you, decide today to, transform your life in wonderful ways that bring you more delight than you can even begin to imagine right now. Celebrate, enjoy and be glad! Today is a magnificent day!” Rex Sikes

Savor the positive wonderful moments you create!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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My Life Absolutely Transformed When I Decided This!

horizonz whispered-moment-

My life absolutely transformed when I decided I was no longer going to focus on what I don’t want or want to avoid and concentrate instead only on what I do want.

Yes, I don’t want wars but instead I focus on peace. Yes, I don’t want poverty but instead focus on wealth creation.

Yes, I don’t want many things but instead of focusing on the problem, once identified, I prefer to focus on the solution.

That is what we are after most anyway. Life is good!

My life absolutely changed for the better when I stopped thinking and saying ‘I can’t’ and decided to say ‘I can’, instead!

My life absolutely transformed when I stopped thinking and saying ‘Somebody ought to do something’, and started thinking and saying ‘I ought to do something’.

When I learned to take control of my own thought process everything in my life got better!

My life transformed in glorious ways when I decided I wasn’t a victim or survivor of my past but that I am, and could live as, a champion. I could be a victor in every way.

My life changed wonderfully when I opened the possibility for thinking positive instead of thinking habitually negative or mere lack luster thinking.

My life transformed positively when I decided to take 100% responsibility for all of my life past and present as well as for my future.

I decided I was a creator and attractor. I recognized that I choose. I decide. When I realized I was deciding all along, even when I didn’t think I was, or when I wanted to blame someone else, I came into incredible power.

My life transformed when I realized my feelings were a signal as to what I was paying attention to in my mind.

When I decided I was going to live feeling the best I could at any moment is when miracles began happening in my life!

Simple moments became auspicious moments.

My life transformed delightfully when I decided to put my energies into what I am grateful for. When I filled the day and each moment with gratefulness beauty became evident.

Suddenly, everything became perfectly okay and as it should be!

My live transformed incredibly when I learned how to better let go and drop weight I need not carry.

When I learned how to stop resisting and start allowing life because so much easier. Flow happened and I started to enjoy it so much more.

My life transformed in amazing ways when I learned how to forgive myself and others.

When I could shower others with love and not hold anything against them so many relationships changed.

My life transformed when I transformed my life. I transformed me and everything transformed after that.

Life is good. Life is great. Life is grand!

I believe any one of these practices will transform your life too in incredible ways. You can transform in ways that you may not even be able to begin to fully imagine yet.

Pick one and put it into practice. Soon it will lead to the others.

There is no reason to not be absolutely happy in life and with life. To feel happy is a choice we make. Choose to be happy and you can be. Choose to be happy and you  will be. What you get is completely up to you. It is up to you. Celebrate and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Don’t Have To Be Screwed If You Are Doing This!

horizons single tombstone

“Your career, finances, romance, family and life can be difficult but there is hope. You can make a difference. It need not stay the same nor does it need to be hopeless. Wouldn’t you like to discover how you can make it whatever you want it to be? Wouldn’t you like to make changes more easily?

If your answer is yes then you must learn to condition your mind to give you what you want. It will deliver reliably when you train and condition it. The same conditioning is required by your body. You must condition it to get certain results and physique. You must take in the proper nutrition, exercise and get the right amount of rest.

The Law Of Attraction is the same. You need a daily diet of inspirational, positive and motivational thoughts. You need to nourish and replenish. You need to keep focused. You need to stay on the positive. If you feel stuck you are not thinking and feeling positive.

You Must Feed Your Body And Your Mind Well

You are thinking than glorious thoughts about what you don’t want, wish to avoid or hope doesn’t happen. That is why your feelings went south. If you think less than glorious thoughts you will feel less than glorious. SO our feelings are a great indicator as to what we are thinking at any given moment.

When you feel less than glorious it is the signal for you to change your thinking. Switch it back, as quickly as you are able, to positive thinking. Isn’t that cool. We have a built in signal device that let’s us know when we are off track. OF COURSE no one taught you that until now.

Imagine how life would be different if you knew that growing up. Our feelings would take on completely different meanings and instead of getting bent out of shape when feelings are less than glorious we would have understood them to be the resource they are. Oh well, better late than never.

Tiny Adjustments Applied Bring Great Change

You can train your mind AND YES YOU REALLY CAN train your mind. It is simple but not easy. You can train your mind and when you do then the law of attraction or the law of creation works as it is supposed to work. You have to accept responsibility. In this day and age few are willing to say I am responsible for everything.

Whether true or not if you begin with this premise, rather than blaming oneself, it provides a great wide latitude to create from. If everything good or bad is only up to you and no one and nothing else then you can change it from within. A complete new world will open up to you when YOU take full responsibility. This IS how it works.

You must do it. You can’t read about it and think everything will be better. You have to implement it and undergo a daily regime. Believe me, this is the area I had most difficulty with; ACTUALLY doing it. I’d try to understand it thinking if I understand it then it will work. Wrong. Doing it is what makes it work. I repeat, DOING IT makes it work! I must repeat this again. ONLY doing it makes it work!

What You Think  About You Bring About

YOU ARE ALREADY bringing about everything. That is why you must take responsibility. Realize this! It is not something you now suddenly begin. You have been doing it all the while you have been growing up. What you do begin now is to take control of the process and make it work for you instead of against you.

Claim your power. Put yourself in the driver seat! Steer your brain the way you want to. Stop letting it do whatever it has been doing and aim it intentionally. Deliberately determine what you pay attention to. YOU determine what you focus on BECAUSE what you focus on is what you get.

You don’t have to be screwed. One negative thought won’t harm you. It is the preponderance of what you think and how you feel that makes the difference. SO the goal is to think positively and feel your best MOST of the time.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

The bad news is you have not been controlling your thinking it has been controlling you. You have been getting less than glorious results because of your lack of control. The good news is you can learn to control your thinking and get fabulous wonderfully positive results in your life and the real world.

Feelings are easier to notice than each individual thought. Whenever you feel down then notice what you are thinking and change it for the better. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better.  (We discuss a little more next time).

As you do this you train yourself to return to the positive and good feelings whenever you go astray. If you’ll keep at it you’ll make it a habit. Along the way it gets easier and easier to stay focused on what you want. Soon it will become automatic. Eventually, it become natural and you live your life this way. That is great news.” Rex Sikes

How many different things can you discover today to celebrate?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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