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The Secret: Don’t Wait! Live Your Dreams Right Now

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“Some people are focused on being happy. Others focus on making money, having their dream home, or loving relationships. Some want fame and fortune. Others concentrate on career goals.

There are those who prefer to travel, learn new things, have more leisure time and relax. Different people dream being, doing and having different things. All is good. We live in a wonderful world.

Welcome to Part 3 of Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now!

Most everyone can have what they want if they are willing to do what is necessary to secure it. This is the issue with many. Some want to wish it into being. Others prefer to blames circumstances.

Nothing Is Impossible – The Word Says I’m Possible

Some wallow without. Others hope to have. Fewer actually do what is required and stick with it until they make it happen. I discuss the Law of Attraction and while it seems magical it isn’t. It works.

It is based on principles. It is rule governed. You get from it what you put into it. Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO). What goes around comes around. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like.

While nothing is an absolute guarantee, this guarantee you can bank on. If you put the effort into making your dream come true, even if it doesn’t completely, you will be better off for having tried.

Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try

You will have learned, discovered and traveled further than if you never attempted it. As the saying goes ‘aim for the stars, if you miss you’ll land on the moon.’ Keep this in mind.

If you don’t attempt it you don’t attempt it. You stay put. You can wallow and whine and complain and blame and wish and hope and visualize and affirm (negative affirmations and blames) and…

You aren’t likely to get it. You are most likely guaranteed to remain the same until you decide to actually change. A decision to change originates as a thought. Remember, thought precedes action.

The Positive Thinker Sees The Invisible … 

Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings fuel the next thoughts. If your thoughts suck your feelings will too. Then those suck feelings will produce more suck thoughts. What goes around comes around.

When your thoughts and feelings suck you don’t take right action, most likely you don’t take any action. BUT if you do it isn’t inspired, usually it is trying to fix things or maintain a sinking ship. It sucks.

If you do this long enough over time you develop suck habits. So over an over you do the same things that suck and you get suck results. Then you whine, complain, blame, wish, and hope negatively.

The Positive Thinker Feels The Intangible Achieves The Impossible

Then you negatively affirm and visualize more suck thoughts. Get it. It is a cycle that spirals down. It goes on and on and on until you decide to take action and change it. In an instant you can transform.

Now you need to wire in positive thoughts. You do it the same way you did everything that sucked; thoughts, feelings, actions. You change the content of your thoughts and feelings so they spiral up!

You affirm and visualize positive, ‘can do’ thoughts. These lead to ‘I will do’ thoughts. From thought to action with positive, good feelings in between. Do this enough over time and you develop good habits.

Think Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

Good, success habits lead to successful results. It is cyclic. The more successful results you get the more confident and capable you become in creating more new and better results. You evolve.

If you stop along the way, you stop and stick. You must keep moving and persisting. You don’t give up when the going gets tough you get tougher. You become bigger than your problems. You evolve. Get it?

The more capable and confident the better the results. The better the thoughts and feelings and actions and habits the more better results you continue to get. When thrown a curve ball you adapt.

You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think You Are

THIS is the Law of Attraction. What goes around comes around. You attract what you are. To attract happiness you must first be happiness. To attract money you must first be wealthy inside.

Why, because you know, at least within you somewhere, that when you are really down, stuck, sour and negative you keep getting more of the same. You are negativity so you get more back. Get it?

The same but opposite applies. In order to get the good results you want you must first be the good results you want on the inside. You must already imagine what that is and what it feels like and live it.

You Are An Incredible Creator – You Create Negative Or Positive

Embrace it. It is already yours. When you feel like you already have it is when you make it happen. Those who most readily succeed know with certainty they will. That’s it. Period! No question! They will!

They have faith because they ARE it on the inside. The are happiness, they are successful, they are wealthy in advance of it showing up on the outside. They radiate it. They vibrate it. Get it?

They attract it! BUT it isn’t coming to them on a magic carpet they make it happen because of their unstoppable attitude and conviction. Their will and their mind and heart is strong. Resolved.

From Within To Without – As Above So Below

They know it is coming. They don’t beg or plead or count the days until it arrives. They don’t doubt or fear, what if it doesn’t? They don’t hope. They are certain. It will all happen in the right time.

Don’t even believe the self help gurus who tell you it can’t be done without digging through past garbage and hurts. Great spirits always must content with mediocre minds. You can do anything!

THE ONLY LIMITATIONS are those that exist in your mind. You can triumph. Gandhi faced incredible odds. No one thought he would prevail. Except for Gandhi. Martin Luther King had a vision.

You Can’t Live A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

Edison, The Wright Brothers, Ford, Joan Of Arc, Mary Kay, Oprah, William Wallace, Abraham Lincoln all faced incredible odds. The Beatles, Clark Gable, many performers have been told to give up.

They were told they had no talent, or aren’t attractive enough to make it. You don’t get breaks you make your breaks. You make it! Helen Keller couldn’t see or hear from birth but that didn’t stop her.

Scientists of the day are often the most vocal in saying something can’t be done, because they base their experience on prior past results. The new is always unknown until discovered.

Life Is Tough At Times But Then So Are You

We must go beyond the known limits to find what we don’t know is there, yet. Don’t listen to so-called experts who tell you ‘don’t try. It can’t be done.’ If you never attempt the positive you will never know.

The great explorers ventured into the great unknown. Were they afraid, probably at times. Courage is facing fear and doing it anyway. Will power and resolve is doing it when you don’t feel like it.

Muhammad Ali stated he hated training but did it anyway because he knew in doing it he would be a champion. He knew in advance! This is the power we all have, if we but find it, within ourselves!

Commit And Persist And See It Through – Be Unstoppable

The successful celebrate. They are grateful. They live from plenty even when they have nothing. They live as victors even while the battle is being waged. They travel in advance of the world.

They become it! They ARE it. They see the invisible. They expect it. AND they get it. It comes to them because they created it in their mind and believed it in their heart, body and spirit.

Then they worked to bring it about. They did it! So can you! Keep the faith in yourself and in your vision. Create what you want. Travel in advance of the world. Become it and you will have it! They did it!

You Can Pretend Anything And Master It – Create Success Habits

Adopt these practices and you will too. Adopt these principles and you can win. As above so below. As within so without. Like attracts like. What goes around comes around. Make your dreams happen.

Be grateful. Be optimistic. Be positive. Feel Grateful. Feel Optimistic. Feel Positive. Act Grateful. Act Optimistic Act Positive. Repeat right things consistently, long enough, and you develop the great habits.

From your great success habits comes great results. Rinse and repeat. This is why those who have more get more and why those who have less loose even what little they have. Understand this.

Success = Repeat The Right Things Consistently Long Enough

Live NOW how you want to be in the future. Don’t wait. Do NOT put it off. Begin today. Is it hard. Maybe, so what? Do it anyway! Is it worth it? Absolutely! Make the decision to live your dreams. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to have a most wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Your Unconscious Habits Are Running You For Better Or Worse!

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“There is much we can do to being to feel better and think better more of the time.  Many methods are common sense. Wisdom that’s been around for a long time. Some of these include; help others, tend a garden, spend time enjoying children or pets.

I have shared many of these and I’ll share more in upcoming posts as well. Welcome to Part 2 of Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now! Let’s continue exploring. Take a walk, get some exercise. Get a massage. Gift yourself. Take a bath. Swim.

Do things that naturally help you to feel better. Read an inspiring book. Seek and hang out with other positive people. Watch an inspiring and motivating video or listen to an audio. Listen to upbeat music. Attend a motivational event. Go to church or temple.

Happiness Is Not In Our Circumstances – We Only Think It Is

The list goes on. The point is to do those things that help you feel good more often. The goal is to feel as best as you are able most of the time. Most of these methods are tried and true. They work for most people most of the time. They can work for you.

When you feel good you naturally think more positively. When you think positively you naturally feel better. It is cyclic. SO DO BOTH! Do those things that help you feel your best AND think your best. Use affirmations and mantras to guide you throughout each day.

Repeat positive affirmations with lot’s of positive emotional passion and enthusiasm. Shout, sing, dance and chant them. The more oomph the better you feel. Choose simple, powerful phrases that uplift you and repeat them over out loud. Emotions drive everything.

Happiness Is Inside Of Us – Happiness Originates Within

Once you get the thinking and feeling going you must take inspired actions. You have to act. You must do and behave in accord with how you are thinking and feeling. This is part of a natural process. We tend to do or not do based on our feelings. Remember this.

People claim they don’t feel motivated. They may not but you can’t let feelings stop you. This is why you must commit and use will power to do it anyway. You move forward in spite of not feeling like it or wanting to. It is good for you. Use the power affirmations.

It is good for you so you do it regardless. Most people won’t. Those who make lasting changes, will. This is WHY you work on your thoughts and your feelings so that they begin to congruently align more often. So you think and feel like doing it. Get some backbone!

Happiness Is What We Are – Not What We Add To Us

Even when you don’t feel like it forge ahead. History is filled with countless examples of people who kept going even though they didn’t feel like it; or they had no evidence they would succeed; or most everyone they knew were against them in any number of ways.

They prevailed because they didn’t stop. They didn’t let feelings, doubt, fear, the FACTS, the opposition, family, friends or armies keep them from doing what they wanted to do and needed to. Some of us won’t because it means we can’t watch our favorite TV show.

We have excuses and fears, doubts and blames. Enough already! Either you want to change or you don’t. You need to get to the point where you ‘think you can’ so some day you can say, ‘I knew I could!’ There is a reason for the exercises and practices I share.

A smile Is A Language Even A Baby Can Talk – Smile More Often

Others have shared these or similar practices and principles. They work, but only if you apply them. You only get a six pack if you put the effort in. The good news is mind power, positive thoughts, work. Your attitude does determine your altitude. Use it. Keep using it.

It determines how far you go. Read, fill your mind with positive, inspirational, material so you think not only, ‘I can’ but ‘I will!’ Then put into practice what you are learning so it becomes part of your neurology. It becomes you. It becomes who you are. It is you!

It isn’t information sitting lifeless in a book, it is you! It is your approach to life. It is your practice and your pleasure. As you change YOU physically change. If you want to become a positive, powerful, productive person you can. Then, that is who and what you are.

You grow the neural pathways. You have the thoughts, feelings, actions and habits of a powerful, positive, productive person. BUT only if you think, feel and act your way there. No one else can do it for you. If you want it you must engage. You must do it and keep at it.

We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts – What We Say Is What We Get

You persist until you get there. Enjoy the journey all along the way, come what may. Obstacles, challenges, problems, failures, whatever you want to call them, you can learn from each and keep on going. You use your 5% to influence the 95%. It is deliberate. It is a choice!

Then you get your 95% working for you. It isn’t easy, especially at first, but it is worth it and it IS possible. You can do it! Some have beginners luck then encounter old habits. You have to find the gumption to push on through. You can and you will if you want to!

When you want it bad enough you will make it happen. History’s champions proved that and continue to. Decide to do it. Do not let anything stop you. Think ‘I am going to do it! Period! That’s It!’ Then do it. Remember, you can do anything if you make it small enough.

Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says – Stay Positive

You eat an elephant bite by bite. Small efforts in the right direction are better than none. They result in more substantial change than taking too big of steps and quitting. Some bite off more than they can chew and give up. Don’t! Be smart. Tiny is better than nothing!

Consistent, correct repetition over time is how we learn anything. Knitting, weaving, being confident, swimming, juggling, playing piano, speaking, walking, reading, writing, riding a bike, driving a car. This is how we learn to do anything and everything. Repetition!

This is how we master what we do. It is the natural process of learning! We use the same process that originally programmed us, and that we have used to learned anything in life. This time we do it with conscious volition. We do it with purpose, ON purpose!

Some People Are Ready To Change While Others Are Not

Change may seem difficult, at first, until you build momentum for it. I’ll provide more on all this in future posts. Go back and read earlier posts. Re-read and fill your mind. Study them. It may not seem easy BUT it is simple. It is so simple many people discount it.

Change is a life long process. It is evolution. You may never be perfect all at once. There are success habits and unsuccessful habits. The goal is to make most of your 95% habitual, automatic programming work for you. Replace poor habits with success habits.

You won’t do it all at once but small changes in the right direction can produce substantial and incredible results. As you change more good things become available and it gets easy and quicker to change. You evolve and become more accustomed to changing positively.

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your LIfe

One of the best ways to feel great is to feel gratitude for all that you already have, no matter how little or seemingly insignificant. Feel appreciative for who you are, what you do, what you have, who you know, everything. Count your blessings often each day.

It will help you think and feel better! It will help you think and feel great. Feel grateful, really feel it! Take inventory and actually count your blessings. Smile more, laugh more. Think delightful thoughts. Enjoy it all and you will change in wonderful ways. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now!

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“If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got. That means if you struggle, if you fail, if you can’t get ahead you will continue to struggle, fail and be held back until you change what you are doing that prevents you!

In the 1980’s I taught meditation and personal development programs including Neuro Linguistic Programming and related disciplines. I enjoyed sharing state of the art, up to date, cutting edge thinking and research of that time. I still do all of it and enjoy it.

The available information based on research, then, indicated that humans operated at least at 95% on automatic. Subconscious habitual programs run the show. The thinking then was this might even be a low estimation. Since then this has been corroborated.

We’ve Been Programmed In Small Bits Repeated Day In Day Out

Today, researchers believe the same based on research over those years. I believe the estimation goes back further, to even ancient times, and that the language changes to describe the same ‘news’. Ancients meant the same thing using different words to describe.

We are creatures of habit. We learned beliefs, attitudes and behaviors from before we could speak, walk, read and write. Early on, we were conditioned in various ways to learn our family, our cultural values, ideologies, religions, and all the rest that we have.

We have been conditioned and live out that conditioning. We repeat endlessly throughout our lives thoughts, feelings and actions. We hardly notice unless for some reason we become aware. Unless we have an aha moment, good or not so good, we continue on and on.

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Day In And Day Out

For some it occurs with a thought, ‘why do I always feel this way?’ or ‘how come I always screw up?’ or some similar variation. At some point we become illuminated to a reoccurring, less than glorious, theme and we decide to change it. Or at least attempt it.

When we do we encounter the habitual machinery’s awesome power. 95% of us, that force, maintains the ‘show’. Our tiny 5% conscious decision to change has to contend with 95% conditioned, well entrenched, well traveled neural pathways of habit.

Many who decide to change, give up. They give in. They exclaim, ‘I tried that and it didn’t work!’ Face it, if you have ever tried to give up smoking, drinking or eating, or certain habits such as nail biting, or pulling your hair out, worry and anxiety, it can be difficult. At first.

The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be …

The problem with many people is they don’t make it past the first tough times. People will tell you that you can’t change. Obviously, that isn’t true or no one would ever change. People do change. Some will tell you that you need help. That may be true in certain ways.

A mentor or coach is a great idea. Support for changing with other positive people who encourage you, yes. People who have done what you want to can be most beneficial to learn from. Help as long as it is actually helpful is a good idea. Help in name only isn’t.

It is important to realize that your feelings can help you but often don’t. It all begins with thought. Whatever your first thoughts are produce your feelings. Those feelings in turn produce your subsequent thoughts. Might I add, this too is habitual.

… Is What You Think Feel Do And Make A Habit

We tend to think, feel and do what we have always thought, felt and done. Over and over and over again. Some people decide, ‘I will do it! Habitually, they add from their programming, ‘but it won’t be easy. It is hard. I may not succeed. The odds are against it.’ or some variation.

Then they feel less than able, they feel like they can’t, that it will be impossible. They are too tired or too weak. Their emotions are  not supercharged and motivated, they feel unable and unmotivated. Their next thoughts are ‘I can’t, too hard. this sucks, oh well!’

‘I tried and it doesn’t work!’ Their thoughts and feelings, because of their habitual conditioning, didn’t serve them. At this point you might wonder is there any hope then? YES! There is! Hang in there. There is much you can do. More than I can share in this one post.

Good Habits Are The Key To Your Success – Develop Good Habits

I have been sharing all along and will continue in the next posts too. You must choose to change. You must make the decision! You must commit to making it happen. If you always do what you always did you will always remain the same. Nothing will change.

You must decide you really want to and that you will no matter what. Yes, that is 5% conscious mind exclaiming, ‘I am going to do it’.  Have you ever heard the children’s tale ‘The Little Engine That Could’. ‘I think I can I think I can’. Well, thinking works and is the beginning.

Some say positive thinking won’t work and isn’t enough. They are completely wrong and somewhat correct. It begins with positive thinking. BUT we never think without accompanying emotions that support and reinforce what we are thinking.

What You Think Is What You Get – Results Begin With Thought

When we think negative thoughts we feel bad emotionally and our body changes. Even our brain structure detrimentally changes if our negative thinking lasts long enough. When we think positive we feel good and our body and health and brain can improve.

We must think positive thoughts and have the positive feelings. So work on having both. Think the thoughts and feel the feelings. Do the things that make us feel positive so we can more readily think positive. It is cyclic. Think and feel, feel and think. We do both.

If you know you want to change and must change that is the starting place. You can and will do it if you want it enough and dedicate yourself to making it happen. You must be willing to see it through to the end. Even if you are unsure at first, you can do it. It does work.

Success Is Not A One Time Thing – It Is A Way Of Life

Begin today! Fill your mind with great thoughts. Need help? Read this blog, read Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and others. Devote a portion of your morning to reading positive material from the masters of thought. It works.

Pick one or two positive, powerful, simply worded, affirmations and chant them over and over as if you were cheering on your favorite team. Get enthused when you do it. Be awesome and powerful. Exaggerate it! Shout it! Do it! I’ll share more in the next post.

I haven’t decided if I will put ‘Part 2’ in the title or not. It may just be a different title but keep reading. Please share if you know others who can benefit from this message and these posts. Meanwhile, do something positive for yourself. Spend time devoted to you and those you love. Delight and Enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have fun today. Delight in it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How Dedicated Are You?

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“Some people have lives that seem to work very well in all areas. They almost seemed charmed. Why? How is this possible? Might they be doing something others aren’t? The answer is yes. There are reasons why their lives seem to be working better. Let’s explore.

Some people have areas of their life that are messed up, even troubled, while other areas seem to be okay. Their lives seem compartmentalized. This may be normal for some. It may even seem to be how it should be. It isn’t. Others have lives in shambles.

First, remember not to make any judgements about yourself or others.  Certainly, it is okay to assess and become aware in order to change. It isn’t right to blame oneself or others. It is right to assume responsibility and make appropriate positive changes.

Every Flower That Blooms Goes Through Dirt To Be Beautiful

Life is a process. Everything is in flux. Not everything grows at the same rate or at the same time. So there is variation. However, some gardens look beautiful and are well tended, while others are overrun with weeds, look nasty and aren’t growing well. Understand this?

Consider your life a garden. How are you caring for it. Are you nourishing it? Are you weeding it? Do you regularly care for it or have you let it run wild. Is your garden inside of or outside of your control? Who is in charge of your garden?

There is the principle that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Everything is a choice! How dedicated are you to you? How committed are you to having the best life possible? How much do you truly want your goals and dreams? Do you go for the gold?

Your Mind Is A Garden Your Thoughts Are The Seeds …

It is true different areas of one’s life will be in different phases. As one begin the science, the practice, the art of making one’s life more glorious different areas may improve before others do. As one changes different areas require different amounts of attention.

Eventually, as in a garden, overall everything improves and looks wonderful. Still, there may be those certain plants or areas that take more work or dedication. As one tends to life’s garden the goal is for all of it to be harmoniously working together for ultimate good.

How you do one thing in one is how you do everything means you need to bring the same dedication and commitment to each area of your life. Your health, relationships, career, finances, leisure each area needs to be tended and working together.

… You Can Grow Flowers – Or You Can Grow Weeds

If one area is out of whack it is similar to driving on only 3 tires. While you could do it, you can’t for long, nor can you get very far. You need all tires to be working well to travel most smoothly. So are there areas you are neglecting? Are you letting things go?

As you pursue certain dreams your life may be out of balance. You may be passionately pursuing a career or finances. In order to succeed you have to give it your all. However, it isn’t worth it if you end up sacrificing your health, loved ones and friends.

If at the top you aren’t able to enjoy it, or have no one to enjoy it with, success can’t be that satisfying. While career takes a lot of energy remember to nurture the other areas too. Put energy into them and help them to grow positively. You will be glad you did.

Tomorrow  Your Seeds Will Grow – What Have You Planted

Napoleon Hill said only 1 of the 525 successful people he modeled and studied to assemble ‘The Laws Of Success’ had a balanced life. The rest he said were plagued with all sorts of issues. From the breadwinner to the youngest bread eater some had big problems.

He reasoned that this was because they made making money the end all, be it all, of their lives. That is pretty sad when you consider it. It isn’t money that is the problem it is the LOVE of money that is. I’m not suggesting your shouldn’t pursue money, that isn’t the point.

You should seek to have a glorious life and healthy relationships overall. AND YOU CAN! Believe in yourself and believe in others. Think the best of you and the best of them. Believe in them before they believe in themselves. The more you give the more you get.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – To Know Is To Do

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and the best feelings. Energy flows where your attention goes. Dedicate yourself to wholeness, to making life wonderful and delightful for you and everyone in it. Open up, take it in. Find ways to love more, give more, enjoy more.

Embrace this world and the people in it. Learn to accept more. Drop issues that aren’t real issues. The news and media will keep us divided and fighting on things that truly don’t matter. The messages are of fear and lack and hate and everything less than glorious.

Put a guard before your mind and lips. Don’t spend time with negativity. Let go of the things you can’t control or change and focus on what you can. If you can’t change something then change your attitude. Focus on the positive, the good, the loving , the kind.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

Enjoy life and the people in it. Don’t be a victim of bad thinking. Be dedicated to making your mind your servant and your life garden a paradise. Dedicate yourself to creating what you want and be healthy in all areas. Don’t neglect some for others. Bring total game.

Bring your total game and commitment to each area of your life. Even just a little bit each day. Love the one’s you are with. Nourish your family lovingly. Take care of your health. Get the nourishment and rest you need. All work and no play isn’t healthy. Play, have fun.

Be passionate and enthused. Feel joy and gratitude for all. Bask in each glorious moment. Decide not to let tough times get the better of you. Learn from everything. Remember, only knowledge applied is power. You can know about exercise but not do it. To know is to do!

Hug Harder – Laugh Louder – Smile Bigger – Love Longer

Your life, as you care for it, as you tend to it, can and will improve overall. Life becomes more glorious as you take charge and commit to making it what you want. Especially, when you commit and care for it in loving ways. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter: Change It Part 5

Horizons the-mount-phil-koch

“Some people have the belief that change is difficult. Some think that change is easy for others but difficult for them. Some people believe without pain there is no gain and it must hurt to change. Others believe you must wallow around in your pain and hurt endlessly.

Some believe you must understand why you are the way you. Whole schools of therapy arose for this purpose. Uncover why you are broken. Some people believe they are broken; that they sabotage themselves; that they are afraid of failure; or afraid of success.

Whatever one believes you can divide the beliefs into two groups; support beliefs and non-supportive beliefs. Either they support you, uplift you and help you move forward or they limit you pull you down and inhibit your movement. Increase or decrease – that’s it!

Belief Creates The Actual Fact – Positive Or Negative

It doesn’t matter why you have limiting beliefs. You know you have them. You were born. You grew up. It is as simple as that. Accept it! Move on. Learn new beliefs! Learn to respond to triggers instead of reacting to them and your life will improve immensely. It will!

Stop trying, stop  wallowing and trying to figure out why things are they way they are. Decide this is the moment when you change and move forward. Beliefs are either about increase, can do and will do, what is possible. They are positive and you feel good thinking them.

There are those that are about decrease, can’t do, won’t do and what you think is impossible. These are mostly negative and you feel less than glorious or down right bad when you think these. Neither beliefs are true. Either they are useful and serve a purpose or not.

In The Sky There Is No Distinctions Of East And West …

If you believe your beliefs are true, gospel, and unadulterated reality THAT is the first belief you might wish to examine and change. Otherwise, you probably aren’t going to bother doing anything because your beliefs dictate you instead of you dictating them.

You are a victim of your beliefs instead of their master. The most desirable outcome is to learn to become the master of your thoughts. YOU think them, Thoughts SHOULD NOT think you. You can learn to be the master of your thinking and your destiny.

The beliefs you currently hold are habits of thought. You thought these over and over again at one time until they became automatic. Triggers from the outside initiate the process. Some external or internal stimulus occurs and you react out of habit. Pretty much it!

… People Create Distinctions In Their Own Mind And Believe Them

Thoughts arise, feelings follow. What you think determines how you feel. Then what you feel determines your next thoughts. This is how we spiral into negativity. We could have spiraled into positivity the same way by thinking positive thoughts.  So we want to change this.

We want to end the old limiting belief habits and adopt new ones. We make new habits the same way we did the original ones. This time, however, we are doing it consciously. We decide we want to change them. Earlier, we just wired them in without choosing.

Now we choose. When we do, guess what. The old habits arise and it feels tough. Our decision is the stimulus. The old beliefs come rushing in reliably as they always do. The new ones will rush to your support just as reliably. Once you train them to. New for old!

You Can Have Anything You Want If You Quit Believing You Can’t

We must condition our mind to accept the new positive beliefs and wire them in. We replace the old habits with new ones the same way we learn to go to a new address when we move homes or workplace. At first we may find ourselves going to the old address. It’s normal!

Eventually, our brain learns NOT THAT address but THIS ADDRESS and we now reliably go to the new one. The old one isn’t lost we don’t go there any longer UNLESS we choose to. The same applies to changing our beliefs. We don’t lose anything. We exchange them.

We replace old beliefs that don’t support us with new ones. Once replaced they work automatically instead of the old ones. We laid down new neural path way habits. We actually altered the structure of our brains too. We evolved in positive ways. All great benefits.

Believing In Yourself Is The First Secret To Success

The point of these recent posts is for you to examine the limitations you think you have and neutralize them. Then build new positive beliefs by repeating them over and over with strong positive emotions. It is the positive powerful emotions that lock them in.

Feeling good when chanting affirmations often is how we wire in the new beliefs. You can write them out too. It is great. There will be times when you don’t. Times when you backslide. That is all part of the process. Step forward a couple steps, back step, forward again.

As long as you consistently and persistently continue to move forward you will arrive at your destination. Detours and all. While traveling your old beliefs will rise up and your new ones will be challenged. All part of the process of trading in the old for the new.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen

It is simple but not always easy. You need to use will power from time to time. Some moments will breeze by others seem to take forever. All part of the conditioning, rewiring process. Brains learn from emotion, repetition, over time. You train them like a pet.

You make your brain the servant instead of it being your master. Gain control over your thoughts and beliefs and you will discover a most wonderful and amazing world. You will create, attract and manifest more and more of what you want to include in your life.

You will become the person you always wanted to be, if you choose to. Life gets better and better. There will always be challenges but you play a different game now. You play to win and you love a good challenge. It works this way. Don’t delay begin today! Enjoy it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Imagine being the change you want to become and smile!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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This Too Will Pass: Here Is Why And What To Do!

Horizons branched-barn-phil-koch

“No matter how bad it gets it will pass. Everything is temporary. Everything is in flux. Things change. When conditions turn sour it is important to ‘keep the faith’ that ultimately everything will work out for the best. It helps you get through the tough times.

Times will be tough. Accept it. Times will be good. Accept that. The only reason you can’t see the good coming is you can’t see around the bend in the road. It can seem as if nothing will ever change but it will and it does. Your attitude helps you see it through.

A defeatist attitude, a negative attitude prevents you from seeing and finding change and opportunity. Your brain is designed to find the negative and what is wrong, what is out of whack, as an evolutionary protective measure. It is a good thing too that it does.

Overcoming Difficulty Begins With A Positive Attitude And Faith

It is overused in the modern day and age but our brains ability to do this is a positive, good thing. We can see trouble and work to eliminate it. To eliminate it more readily and easily we should be focused on the positive and on solutions not on the issues.

Our brain, when we train it to be positive, looks for opportunities and advantages in the same way it looks for troubles. Our reticular activating system (RAS) finds matches for us from memories and in the outer world for our beliefs and thoughts. It seeks proofs for us.

If we think we’re broken or stupid our brain will look for past prior examples from our experience, and present examples from reality that match that belief about ourselves. It will find the good and the advantages and opportunities if we believe and focus on those too.

Your Hardest Times In Life Often Lead To Your Greatest Moments

Whatever we feed our brains is what they grow on. If we feed it crap we get crap, if we feed it good stuff we get the good stuff. Keep this in mind. Our reality is a direct result of our past and current thinking. If we want different positive results we need to think positive.

We need to think differently! Before moving on I wanted to give readers an opportunity to go back and complete the exercises from the three previous posts. If you have done them, you may wish to repeat each again. Every few weeks you may wish to repeat as well.

The exercises are an opportunity to examine your thinking processes and your beliefs. It is an opportunity to discover and clear out limited thinking and un-supportive beliefs and create new positive ones that you wire in by correct repetition. New habits.

Difficulties Help You Realize Your Hidden Potential

Be sure to do the exercises. Be sure to keep the faith. How you do that is part of doing the exercises and one of the reasons why you want to. Another tried and true method is to maintain a state of gratitude. Focus on what you appreciate and let go of the rest.

Remember, none of the suggestions made here, are to ignore anything that requires attention. If you ignored your bills it wouldn’t get better. You still need to take care of anything and everything that requires being taken care of. Be diligent. Don’t neglect.

The key is learning the positive way to do  it. Dropping it or letting it go means you keep doing whatever it is you are required to do but with a change of attitude, focus and energy. You learn to respond differently instead of having a knee jerk reaction. Learn to let go!

Never Let A Stumble Be Then End Of Your Journey – Get Up Go On

Find solutions. Welcome challenges so you learn and evolve. The kite rises against the wind. Take daily inventory. Seek and find people, places, things, and activities, events, circumstances to be grateful for. Appreciate yourself. Enjoy! Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it special for you and others today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter Part 3

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“Happiness and success is based on some very simple principles or steps. The results you get in life is based on your thoughts, your actions and your habits. Most people have difficulty making their dreams come true because they don’t take responsibility for these.

In the past few blog posts we have explored identifying limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Typically, these are expressed as blames, excuses, reasons ‘why’ you can’t be happy or successful. The first step is awareness, the uncovering process.

If you haven’t yet done this, go back a couple posts and do the exercises. Once we become aware of how we think we are limited we can begin to change it . From awareness we move into understanding. We can begin to see how these old beliefs limit us.

Right Awareness And Understanding Leads To Positive Changes

At this point, we may realize we need to make a change. As Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and others have stated, ‘the only limitations humans have is in their thinking’. The only limitations that exist for us are the ones we THINK we have. We must change our thinking.

Instead of remaining stuck with limited thinking we make the decision to take responsibility for everything in our life, the good and the not so good. This gives us choice as to how we view our circumstances. Everything can become an opportunity for us.

When we decide to take responsibility for everything we take charge, we determine the meaning of each event without assigning blame. If we created it we must be doing it for a useful reason. We can look for the seed of opportunity within adversity.

As Our Awareness Grows – We Grow

Yes, it is an arbitrary assignment of meaning. Instead, of blaming and excusing we re-frame circumstances, events, disappointments and look for the possible positive intent. We chose to be optimistic about all of our life circumstances and maintain a positive slant or position.

Make sure you have done the second exercise in replacing ‘I can’t’ thinking with ‘I won’t’. This clearly places the responsibility on your shoulders. You may not like the feelings that accompany this but understand the liberation that can occur. Ultimately, it is freeing!

It begins with awareness! You become aware of limitations, and then you become aware of your reluctance or resistance to accept FULL responsibility. If you explore it you may see that these limiting thoughts loop round and round. Some people quickly dismiss it all.

When You Take Responsibility For Everything Everything Changes

It is more comfortable to dismiss and remain the same than to face ourselves courageously.  I do it, you do it, we all have. It keeps things status quo. Though the status quo may be uncomfortable, at least is is not as uncomfortable as having to change it.

If you are astute in your awareness you will recognize this as an opportunity to state ‘I will not change’ instead of running the same old thinking patterns again. Every moment is a opportunity to become aware of what you think and how it affects you.

In all of it you have the possibility to discover your incredible resourcefulness and creativity. You can begin to look at yourself and your circumstances in an entirely new positive light. You can begin to see there is nothing holding you back but your limited thoughts.

People Would Learn From Mistakes – If They Didn’t Deny Them

Great news. You can change your limited thoughts. You may not be able to change, and typically can’t, the weather, the economy, events, and other people but you can change your thinking and your reactions to these.

You can liberate yourself and choose to respond instead. It is in the process of recognizing a limitation or problem or what you don’t want and turning away from it and shifting your attention to what you can and will do to make it better that transformation occurs.

You can determine how you WILL make things different for yourself because you CAN and WILL. You can and will take charge of how you think, feel, and act. You will develop new habits of successful thought, feeling and actions that lead to new positive results.

I Can – I Will – End Of Story – Period

None of us will ever do it if we don’t change where we put the control for our lives. If others and circumstances dictate we are like a cork bobbing in the water going wherever the current takes us. We are puppets. If we take charge we have a mighty say in all of it.

In my next post I’ll add a new exercise designed to help continue to dissolve the limitations and build new positive, powerful beliefs. There is no need to rush. Be thorough in your exploration. Take your time. Repeat the exercises now prior to adding in the new ones.

Explore, discover, find and become aware. Understand how limited thinking holds you back from your goals and dreams to be, do and have the life you want. Become aware and understand how changing your beliefs and locus of power can make everything better for you.

Create The Life You Can’t Wait To Wake Up To

Assume the control for your thoughts,feelings, actions, habits and the results you get. Once in charge you can adapt and adopt, you can change as needed. You become more flexible and much more able. It is a great advantage to live with positive power and optimism.

Everything can be wonderfully different. It can begin right now. Take a moment to feel grateful for everything; for learning about limitations that held you back, for all the disappointments and each moment that led you to right now. You can look back, connect dots.

Everything has a way of working together. Ultimately, it all works out and works out for good, you just can’t see it yet. IF just NOW you went off and thought BS, not true, etc. that is a belief you may wish to address. Instead of believing limiting beliefs you get to choose.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

You pick the beliefs you want to live from that support you. You determine how you are going to play this game of life. You make the rules. You are in charge. You can decide that everything always works out and that you are blessed! You can be grateful for it all.

Begin to find everything you can think of that is a blessing and feel how wonderful it is. Write them out. List them daily. Most importantly, savor the feelings that arise from appreciation. It is the feelings that are most important. Feel these fully! Enjoy them!

You can and will transform yourself and your life for the better as you do these things. Do these consistently, repeatedly, for long enough and you will develop new neural pathways. Your brain will make you new success habits to live from. It will become automatic.

I Will Either Find A Way – Or I Will Make One

Everything improves. You can handle disappointment better! Wouldn’t you like that? You can accomplish much more and can achieve your goals? You can make positive things happen in your life and feel wonderful much more of the time. It can become incredible!

Look for and discover more and more to be grateful for. Life changes when you do! Fill your moments and your thoughts with gratitude. Feel blessed. Act blessed and more blessings come your way. It works! It really does. Look for the good in all. Find it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Discover the joys small and large in your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter! Part 2

Horizons to-infinity-phil-koch

“Have you noticed you can feel stopped by all sorts of things? What we think and say to ourselves has a great impact. Some people never get going for this reason. Instead of making their dreams come true they live life as a victim. Do you? Do you have victim mentality?

If you honestly ended up answering yes, you can change it. That’s good news! You don’t have to live as a victim of excuses and blames. You can become free and begin to make marvelous positive changes that are meaningful and powerful. Let’s begin to explore how!

Start changing all your ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t’ to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’. Take complete responsibility for being in charge. Example; I won’t make enough money because I will not. I won’t make enough money because I won’t do the things I have to. ACCEPT responsibility!

Awareness Is The First Step

I won’t be happy because I won’t think positive thoughts. OR I am not going to get healthier, any time soon, because I refuse to eat right. I will not get a raise because I will not do what is expected of me at work. I will not be good at basketball because I won’t practice.

Take FULL responsibility for not being, doing and not having. Accept that it won’t happen because YOU won’t make it happen. No blames, no excuses simply shoulder the responsibility. Convert all your can’ts and don’t’s to won’t and will not. If YOU won’t then YOU won’t.

I can’t be rich because I won’t work at it. I won’t be rich because I will not do what is necessary. I am not going to be happy because I will not take control of my mind. I will not be healthy because I will not eat right, exercise right or sleep right. I am not going to ___________.

The Second Step Is Understanding

OWN up to not being, doing or having what it is you want! Understand if you want to be, do or have anything in life it is up to YOU. It is not going to happen without YOU making it happen. YOU are the one who determines your own happiness and success.

Take all your excuses and blames and reasons why YOU can’t be, do or have, why life isn’t grand, and convert them to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’ statements and notice what is different.  WRITE these out. Notice what happens when you change them. Notice how you feel.

Notice if and how things shift. It may feel very foreign or uncomfortable. You may fight or resist trying these statements on but do it anyway. If YOU can’t do it then you must! Realize you must put yourself in the driver’s seat if you want to get anywhere.

Beliefs Create What Seem Like Facts – They Are Beliefs

Besides, the only way you couldn’t write these is if someone tied your arms down or removed all writing implements and locked you up so you couldn’t write them out. Otherwise, you are more than capable to make these adjustments to your excuses list.

Of course, there are those of you who didn’t do the exercise from my last post, to begin with. Why not? Didn’t want to. Seemed silly. I already know it. Didn’t have time. What was the reason you didn’t do it fully? Why not? Own up to it.

The bottom line is you chose not to for whatever reason. Own your decision. Each second we have a choice. Each second we come up with  reasons for the choices we make. Whether they are valid or not is a separate issue. We believe they are. Hence, believing is seeing.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You Are Right

We act as if these limiting beliefs are the truth. They aren’t but we think they are. As long as we maintain limiting beliefs we will be limited. Don’t you think it is time to change them? Do the exercises and we’ll discuss more in the next blog post.

Once you convert your I can’t, or I am not able to, or this is what prevents me to I won’t or I will not THEN hang in there. It can be upsetting or it can be liberating. You are challenging assumptions and beliefs you have held for a while. It takes a bit of time to adjust.

Realize this, whatever you discover can be wonderful. Even if it is painful at first. Look at it and understand you don’t have to be limited. You have the opportunity to change in wonderful ways. Sit with it, even if it is uneasy. Relief is coming!

Be Willing To Explore Discover Become Aware And Understand

You will discover how marvelous you truly are. You are marvelous with imperfections and flaws. Embrace yourself and be gentle with yourself. Understand it is only old conditioning, it ISN’T YOU who are limited. Beliefs either support us or they don’t. It’s the beliefs!

Most of us weren’t brought up told we can choose. We were brought up believing we had to be the way we were. We had to accept what we think and believe as the truth. The TRUTH is we aren’t our beliefs but we operated from them as if we were. We can change them!

As we choose more supportive and productive and positive beliefs we transform delightfully. As we accept responsibility for everything, without blaming ourselves or outside ourselves, it frees up our energy to find opportunities so we make good things happen.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

This is a journey of discovery and exploration. This is all about becoming aware. Great changes can occur and you can get anything your heart desires. Let’s clean some house and make room for the new, good stuff. Do the exercise. Learn what you learn. Be grateful, enjoy and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whatever Your Excuse It Doesn’t Matter!

Horizons breached-phil-koch

“Do you want to be happier? Would you like to be healthier? Want to book more work? Are you seeking the career of your dreams? Do you want fame, fortune and success? How about love? Wouldn’t you enjoy a deep loving relationship? Whatever it is, what do you want?

Okay, great. How come you don’t have it yet? Why aren’t you experiencing it right now? I bet you know. I bet you have already answered that question in your mind. What was your answer? Go ahead write it down. Write all the reasons down. Part 1.

Let’s do an exercise. Let’s do something that will reveal a lot about you and help you aim your thoughts and efforts toward success and what you want to accomplish in your life. Write down all those reasons why not; why you don’t have what you want.

As Our Awareness Grows – So We Grow

I can’t be successful because I don’t have enough money. I can’t be happy because I don’t know how. I can’t be successful because I am not educated. I can’t become successful because I don’t have the right connections. I can’t make it because I am not pretty enough.

I can’t become rich because I am not smart enough. I can do what I want because I am a single parent with responsibilities. I can’t be healthy because I like sugar too much. I can’t go to the party because I don’t have nice clothes. I can’t learn because I have a disability. I can’t concentrate because I have ADD. I can’t, I can’t I don’t, I don’t!

Continue this exercise fill in the blanks:

The reason I’m not rich –

I can’t be happy because –

I can’t do it because –

Awareness Like The Sun Shines On Things – They’re Transformed

Go on. Answer. Keep answering. I bet you have multiple answers for each. Dig deep. Keep going until you exhaust the possibilities. Notice what you find and how it makes you feel. Do you like what you feel? Notice what you notice. This is an opportunity to become aware.

Did you get some answers? I bet most of your answers are one’s you have told or said to yourself and others many times over and over during your lifetime. These reasons are excuses and blames for why you aren’t where you want to be yet. These reasons are your story.

These answers are the stories you have been telling and believing and creating over again and again in your life. It is comfortable even if it hurts. You are used to these. These are thought habits. Chronic, old thought habits which may or may not have originated with you.

Awareness Allows Us To Observe Ourselves In Action And Change

This is the very thinking you must stop and change. This is the very negative thinking you must switch to positive. You must eliminate the why’s you are not able, the blames and the excuses and all the reasons for why not and begin to emphasize what you can do.

In the next post I’ll share with you some of the powerful approaches you can take to eliminate the negative, focus on the positive and make your goals and dreams come true. Meanwhile, do the exercise. Discover your excuses. Dig deep. Enjoy the process of illumination.

Turn the light on in a closed shuttered room and the darkness flees. Turn the light on your negative reasoning and it can flee too. Stop making excuses and blames and start making positive declarations and mantras. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today most enjoyable!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Talk To Yourself And Others Physically Changes Your Brain

horizons roads-home-phil-koch

“What you say silently and out loud to yourself, and others, has a physiological effect on your brain structure and density. You grow new neural pathways on the left side or the right side of the prefrontal cortex according to research. Positively or negatively.

According to various researchers, Doldge, Merzenich and others, plus research conducted at UCLA by Schwartz and Gladding, what you say and how you say it dramatically affects you, your behaviors and the results you can get while physically reshaping your brain.

Research demonstrates that negative thinking, your thoughts, images and words, negatively grow more neurons (neural pathways) in the front right part of the brain known as the right prefrontal cortex. Negative thinking closes one off to discovering opportunity.

What You See – Imagine – Is What You Get – Replace the Negative

People who think negatively literally close off possibilities, ideas, opportunities and slow down brain processing speeds. The brain slows down because it has to deal with fight, flight or freeze instead of focusing on advantages and solutions. It is a literal drag.

Negative thinking has a physical and operational effect on the brain. Whereas, people who think positively reshape and stimulate their brain on the left prefrontal cortex making it more likely they will notice advantages, solutions and opportunity. Beneficial results!

People who think positive tend to make better choices. When you think and talk positively to yourself you wire in the neural pathways that positively alters the structure of your  brain. This causes you to look at life more positively, feel better and increases your options.

What You Say – Declare – Is What You Get – Replace The Negative

When you look at life optimistically, feel good and have more possibilities you tend to be happier and more successful. Remember, thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits lead to results. You create neural pathways.

Either you create neural pathways that support you and become successful habits through inspired right action or you lay down less than glorious neural pathways that tend to slow you down and keep you stuck. It is your choice. Which you will do more of? Your choice!

If you want things in your life to change you must change how you think. Taking control of your mind means you stop old habits and begin new positive ones. You steer your mind to do what you want it to do. You train it to think how you want it to think. You are master.

What You Feel Is What You Get – Replace Negative With Positive

Withdraw energy from the negative and put it into the positive. If you stop supporting negative habits AND you encourage and support new positive habits you can make the changes you desire. It is a conditioning process. Persist all the way through and you’ll do it.

You will bring about the changes if you keep going until you get here. Don’t quit because it might be tough at times. Push on through. It is far easier than most people think it is prior to trying it out. Dive in. Change your thinking and change your life! The process is simple!

It won’t change if you don’t. It will change if YOU do! Begin with gratitude. Find things you appreciate about yourself, others and the world. Count your blessings often throughout each day. Delight in it all.  A new world can and open up to you when you take charge.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen – It Will

Fill your mind with positivity. Read and listen to inspired materials. Stay focused. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. Keep the stories of your life that you speak about to others positive. Do this and soon you will discover your life improving.

Keep reading these posts to find out what you can do to make a real difference in the results you are getting. Share them with others. Find positive like minded people to hang with. Support each other. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you stand to have today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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