Ask Yourself Whose Life Can You Touch And Bless Today? Happy Thanksgiving!


“It is Thanksgiving celebrate! There is so much to be thankful for. All one has to do is look around, and notice, as it has been said, ‘any day you are above ground is a good day’.

Spend the day with the people who are important to you if you are able too. Share time and make memorable moments. Spend some time truly giving thanks for everything you can. Look for the little things we take for granted and appreciate them.

So many, have so little, we are lucky with whatever we have in terms of our home, health, wealth, our well-being. Remember family, friends, your support network, your work, passions, and play. Celebrate and delight in everything. Give thanks!

Our world becomes richer when we recognize what we have created, made happen and lucked into!

Every moment of the day you are either creating positive energy or negative energy. The more you focus on creating positive thoughts, appreciation, loving kind thoughts, feelings, words and actions the more you get back. The longer you spend time savoring these the more enjoyable every moment becomes.

that i do today imporves ur tomorrows

Today, reach out and make someone else feel special, feel loved and appreciated. Say a kind word, smile, lend them a hand. Give someone a call, extend an invitation, give someone a hug. Find someone lonely or alone and give of your time.

Holidays are difficult for many people and if you can help another person feel better, feel welcome, feel valued and important not only do you do something wonderful for that person but you do something wonderful for yourself.

Let your heart be soft, open and receptive. Send out your loving energy for no reason at all other than to touch someone gently and positively. Lift someone up and you lift yourself up higher too!

As you feel more grateful, loving and positive all of your world changes for the better. Enjoy this day and let’s make thanksgiving a daily celebration instead of a yearly one.” Rex Sikes

PS – Thank YOU for following, subscribing and sharing this blog! Thanks for spreading positive energy. I appreciate you and cannot get the word out without you. THANKS! Have a marvelous holiday! Blessings and Peace!!!

Fill your moments with passion and delight!

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