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rise up the world is waiting for you

“You decide your fate in life because it is totally in your hands. How far you go is completely up to you and within your power. If you are incredible to be around and you genuinely put others first, and you seek to help solve problems, find solutions, and celebrate everything YOU can ultimately write your own ticket.

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It is true you have to pursue you dreams, remain dedicated and consistently keep moving forward to accomplish your goals. How you do that and who you get to surround you is important. People either want to see you go far and help you or they will be happy to see you fail. Some might even take pleasure in helping to make that happen.

Even though it is your personal path to get ahead it is always about the other people you come into contact with. You  attract others most like you. Birds of a feather flock together. SO celebrate people, be supportive, encouraging, and an inspiration. Always talk nicely about everyone. Don’t whine complain, blame, badmouth or gossip.

Go out of your way to inspire, motivate, and help others. When you give freely to others, without conditions, you’ll be recognized as a genuine, kind and caring person. You will move forward faster.

i am starting to attract the people around me

People like people who actually like people! People tend to say yes to the people they like. It is easy to say no to someone you do not care about. Perhaps, it’s even satisfying to say no to someone you don’t like. When you are nice to people first they feel more inclined to be nice towards you. When you help others, others tend to want to help you. It just works that way. People will respond to  help you move ahead!

It is called the Law Of Reciprocity and it works like this. You go out for the evening and someone buys your dinner. What do you say and do? You say, ‘next time I buy’. Why?  Because you feel like you ought to. Someone did you a kindness and you want to do one back. You feel obligated. You feel you owe them in return. You want to ‘do the right thing’ and be nice. You don’t want to leave it uneven.You want to even up the score.

It works the other way too. Someone calls you a nasty name or gives you the finger. What do you feel like doing? Probably the same, or even worse. We feel compelled to even the score.

Since these laws are always working anyway make the Golden Rule and the Law Of Reciprocity work for you. They never cease to be in operation! So whether you are at home, at play or on the job learn how to utilize them so you and everyone else benefits.

Be grateful. Be thankful for everything big and small. People can tell when a person lives with gratitude and appreciation. Express your gratitude, send a note, say thanks often. Breaks come much quicker when we are optimistic, positive, and appreciative because we are more desirable to be around.

be the type of person you want to meet

Consider these next examples:  Movie Stars are movie stars because people want to know them. They are sought after and people want to be around them. People even want to be them! They have ‘something’ that makes them different from everyone else. People are excited when a celebrity is gracious, down to earth, and a real genuine person! They are ecstatic if the celebrity takes an interest in them asks them questions and really listens. They feel touched by greatness. It is a moment they may always remember. You have the opportunity to make yourself memorable!

You have an important fun trip planned. You are going to be camping in the wilderness. (Even if you hate camping imagine this). WHO do you invite along? What kind of people would you take with you if you wanted a wonderful time?  What qualities in the are important? What kind person would you not want to be there.

I’m not asking you  which friends can pitch a tent or drink the most around a campfire while telling  great stories. I am asking you to consider whether you’d want a cooperative, good natured, giving person to accompany you, the kind of person I’ve been describing in these posts, or someone in it just for themselves?

When people hire this is the kind of consideration they have? Who do they want around for a long time? If it is between you and someone else why should they pick you?

Accept 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions and you can make great things happen. You will never be able to move ahead easily if you put the responsibility on or blame others for your success or failures. Whatever is going to happen will be up to you. It will be due to the kind of person you are or are not!

If you want to be successful faster and move forward more easily then transform yourself into the kind of person other people want to be around and see succeed. It is all up to you!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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