Do This And Change Your Life!

there is nothing impossible

“Choice is a moment to moment activity. It requires that you choose and then choose again as needed. Each moment there is a choice to be made. You will choose, if you make mistakes you have the opportunity to choose to correct those mistakes. When you correct your choice you are learning to maneuver back towards what you want. Learning to make positive choices and self-correct as necessary is an important skill to develop. You want to make it habit.

Building a habit requires that you consistently perform the same actions and behaviors over and over again until they get wired in. Once wired in they operate on their own reliable when triggered. This is how we developed less than glorious habits and it is how we develop good positive ones. Build positive habits!

When you chose to build a positive skill you correctly repeat the skill enough times, over time, until it is wired in. When you go off course you course correct. For as many times as you go off course and you course correct you are building the skill of learning to get back on course. I repeat, this is an incredible skill to develop.

habit keeps you going

Build the habit of course correcting. It is so useful. When you get off track, (from your goal, from feeling good, from thinking positively) as soon as you become aware that you are off course, you gently nudge yourself back towards where you were headed. You don’t blame, you simply acknowledge, accept, nudge back and move on.

After a while you will have made this a positive habit for yourself. Whenever you feel less than glorious you recognize it at take steps to help yourself feel, at least, a little better. You develop a guidance system the similar to what is used to get rockets, planes and ships to their destination. You create an inner GPS to what you want.

The reason people think negatively is because it is habitual. It is what they learned to do and so they do it. They are in the habit of thinking poorly, looking at the world or circumstances and thinking poorly. Whatever you focus on for awhile you create and attract more of. So the person who spends time thinking negatively ends up doing it most of the time. This is a habit you would want to break.

we are what we repeatedly do Aristotle

Since habits are difficult to break it does require consistent effort to do so. When we have a habit we want this is great news!  When it is an unwanted habit that we want to change it means we need to put some effort into it. Consciously developing a habit requires patience and our attention to it.

When we develop the habits we want they will be reliable and difficult to break. Then we will behave and find ourselves automatically behaving as we want to We will think, feel and behave more positively and productively. We will get consistent results.

The reason positive thinking gets easier is because it becomes a habit. As with any habit once you do it enough it gets wired in and your unconscious takes it over. They become reliable. The key is to have your positive habits outweigh your negative ones. Your thinking, feeling and doing habits should be mostly positive if you want a positive life.


If your habits aren’t serving you then it is time to make them do so. Take charge, put yourself in control and make your habits serve you to be and do and have whatever it is you want. It gets easier when you stick with it and are consistent in your practice. You will get to a point where it just seems to flow. It is how you have gotten good at anything; reading, writing, a sport, driving, any skill you are good at.

At first, it may seem a little tough because you are learning to do something new. That is true for most everything we attempt to learn. If we already knew it and did it well we wouldn’t have to learn how to.  So you have to apply yourself.

Keep this in mind! If you don’t do anything to change you will always remain the same. If that is what you want then be happy about it. If you want to change your life then you must change what you are thinking and doing. It is far easier than you think it is and even easier than perhaps how I describe it. Still, to get the pay off, to win you have to play the game.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

Surprise yourself! Take action and decide what positive habits you want to create. Which less than glorious ones do you want to replace. Begin with something important to you and do it. Start small if you must but be consistent. You don’t have to re-do everything all at once. As you make one change others may also fall into place as well. Apply what I’ve shared in these blog posts and you will make your dreams come true. So do it!” Rex Sikes

Make today a very good new day!

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