Stop Sabotaging Yourself With Negative Self-Talk!

what you allow is what will continue

“We all have a stream of thought that flows through our head continuously. We think in pictures and we describe those pictures to ourselves and/or we comment on them to ourselves. Some people are more cognizant of their mental images than others but we all see (in some fashion) and respond to the images we form.

We think in words and sentences.  We talk to ourselves silently or out loud.  We talk ourselves through activities and exclaim when things go well or not so well.  Our thoughts may be negative or positive. Some may be neutral. Regardless, we are thinking to ourselves moment to moment during our waking hours. Some people are more aware of what they say to themselves than others.

This stream of consciousness is a left brain function. There has been a lot of emphasis on right brain for creativity. Many actors, artists, musicians and performers are believed to have a right hemispheric dominance, however, research suggests that happiness is a left brain function. Creativity right brain but happiness left brain.

This may be  one of the reasons why many creative people and others seem to be tormented. They use their right hemisphere well but they either  under utilize the left hemisphere or they have not developed the ability to manage their thought process. The key to well-being is in whole brain function and balance. You want to utilize both hemispheres more effectively. To do so results in feeling better and more well-being.

you can master anything w self control

The key to happiness is in what we say to ourselves repeatedly every second of the day! Our happiness depends on our thoughts, our images and our words.  Thought precedes action and feelings.  When we think the best we can feel the best!

There is no real way around this. When you are feeling incredible your thoughts are aligned with those feeling. If you don’t believe this to be true what happens when you are feeling great and suddenly get some bad news? You know, it rains on your parade. Do you then begin to feel bad? If so, what changed?

Obviously, your thoughts have changed. Instead of enjoying what you were enjoying and thinking and feeling NOW your thoughts are about whatever the news is. So your thoughts have changed. Then what happens?  Your feelings change. Don’t they?

I bet they do! Unless, you have learned how to be otherwise. If you have learned the art of managing your thinking and feelings then you will understand how to feel great but be able to respond appropriately in any situation. SO change your thoughts and you change your feelings!

talk to yourself like someone you love

You cannot be a positive person if most of your thoughts are neutral and negative. You can’t have a positive fulfilling life if most of your thoughts aren’t positive.  In order to be happy, powerful and productive and in order to create the kind of life you want your SELF TALK and pictures should be PREDOMINANTLY  positive.

What we say IS important! We should make positive pictures and speak positively to ourselves (and others). I have discussed each of these in this blog and I encourage you to go back and read about what you can do in more detail. It will open your eyes and you will discover more nuance when you go back and re-read.

YOU can be, do and have anything you want WHEN YOU learn how! You  can be, do and have anything you want when you put into daily practice what you have learned.  Knowledge is only useful when it is applied. To know and not to do is to not know! You must use what you know correctly to make the changes you want to make to improve your life. You must develop positive habits!

In order to make better pictures practice visualizing what you want. See what you want as already having occurred for you. Imagine everything as you want it to be in as much detail as possible. Do this again and again daily. Learn to focus on what you want and stay with it for a few minutes at a time. DAILY! As often as you can but at least once a day. Twice is better. You will discover this to be incredibly powerful.

change what is going on within you

Manage what you think and say to yourself. Use Directed Questions and Affirmations to direct your mind and keep it on positive thoughts. Repeat the affirmations with enthusiasm and energy out loud when you are alone and able to. Shouting them happily in the car while you drive safely is a great time to be positive.

If you discover yourself thinking less than gloriously in your self talk, or images stop, and nudge yourself back into thinking positive. Learn the art of changing the direction of your thoughts. Remember, from previous posts about changing the channel. You may not be able to stop or get rid of negative thoughts directly BUT you CAN replace them!

Take control! Then you become  in charge of your own thought stream instead of allowing it to run over you. When you do this you are learning at the conscious and unconscious level to develop new powerful, helpful,reliable habits because you are wiring in new neural pathways. New neural pathways mean new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Take charge of your feelings and behaviors. If you are stuck change what you are doing. Take a short small break. Take some deep breaths, SIGH. Stretch. Take a brisk walk. Go somewhere private and do  jumping jacks or some vigorously physical activity for a moment. Shift your physiology. Use your body movement and posture differently. Change your body posture, your breathing and your rate of movement and you will change your thinking and feelings too.

success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

To become more positive and inspired overall fill your mind each day with inspirational, motivational, positive, powerful material. Read from books, listen to audio. Surround yourself with positive images and pictures. Hang out with positive people. Spend time in nature enjoying the beauty. Help others. Relax, chill, stop resisiting. Count your blessings and look for what is good! There is a lot you can do. You don’t have to do everything but you have to do SOME things.

Understand that your ONE goal is to feel good moment to moment. After all what is life all about if it isn’t about having a wonderful one? Your goal is to feel the best you can at any given time and help others to feel the best they can.  I don’t mean a syrupy dripping with greeting card positivity. I mean to genuinely feel well being and the best you can feel. Life is meant to be enjoyable so enjoy it!

When you take deliberate charge  of your self talk you are doing something incredible for yourself. When you manage your internal thoughts, the pictures and sounds and sentences you generate, you are able to tip the scale toward the positive. You want more positive than negative. You want A LOT of positive.

Fill up your being  with the positive and become a more positive, productive and powerful person. When you are a more positive, powerful, and productive person you can more easily get what you want. You can think, focus and act far better than when negative. You can resolve issues much more readily when you are feeling good and up, than when you are down and out. When your energy, your being, your thoughts and feelings are mostly positive YOU CAN literally be, do and have anything you want!” Rex Sikes

Make to day count for something wonderful!

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