Want A More Enjoyable Life?

change your attitude and it will change your life

“Would you like your daily life to be more enjoyable? Would you like more things to go your way? Do you want to get ahead and make things happen more quickly for you? If you answered yes to these three questions there is definitely something you can do to put you on the right track.

Fill your day with gratitude and appreciation. When you are thankful for everything it is as magic happens. You transform. You rise above the storms and you get free. You are not tethered to disappointing results and outcomes because each has something in it you can learn from.  Each disapointment has something you can ultimately benefit from if you will examine it with an open mind. In order to do this you need to be grateful.

When you are in a constant state of gratitude it is transformative. You energy is cleaner, freer, more positive. You are positively charged. You feel lighter, happier, healthier!  When you live like this you are able to make things happen much more easily. You think better and are able to recognize opportunity more quickly.

train your mind to see good

For decades I have recommended that people make a least of 25 thing they are grateful for each night before bed. It is a great practice and it is an exercise. Like attracts like so the more thankful happy thoughts you find the more you will get. Before long you are predominantly living from appreciation.

The point of it is to learn to recognize all the things you are grateful that may not be obvious to you right at first. The over all point is to live with gratitude during the day, moment to moment, not just before bed. At least the exercise  is a start. Do it and you will be amazed.

Be thankful! Be truly thankful for everything and you will transform and you will transform your life!” Rex Sikes

Make your day glorious for yourself and others!

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