A Simple, Easy Way To Feel Better And Stronger

I am blessed and I am talented

“Today, spend some time focusing on your strengths. Emphasize your strengths. There are things you are good at AND there are things you are very good at. Some things you are naturally good at. What are these? Other things you have learned to be good at.  What are those?

Focus your energy on the abilities you have. Spend your time recounting these. Make a list. Enjoy these. Feel grateful. Focus on your accomplishments. Allow yourself to feel really great. Appreciate who you are and what you can do. Bask in feeling wonderful about yourself.

You have the potential to become great at some of these things if you want to. You can develop these areas. Take some time each day, whenever you have a moment, and appreciate what you are already able to do. Spend time reflecting on these. Enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Gift yourself. Do something special just for you today.

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