Tied Down And Captured By Problems? How To Get Free Now!

what consumes your mind controls your life

“In Jonathan Swift’s novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, the hero Gulliver takes to the sea. Misadventure occurs and he is thrown into the water then washed up onto the shore. While sleeping on the beach, tiny 6 inch tall people called the Lilliputians, capture and chain him and imprison him inside a large abandoned temple inside the walls of Lilliput. So let’s stop right there and examine what we have so far.

A large person, unconscious, is taken prisoner by very tiny people. Let’s analogize or make a metaphor from this. Normally, a person goes about their business. Though when unconscious they may get captured. Let’s forget about little people or other captors and consider this. When we are unaware we may get tied down by all sorts of little things that might otherwise not be an issue.

It could be other people, it could be the comments people make. It might be clutter on your desk or in your home. Perhaps, the kids aren’t listening. The boss (he or she) is breathing down you neck at work OR at home. It could be any number of tiny small events that add up and create stress and bog you down. They capture your attention and imprison you in any number of ways. When you are unaware you tend to forget. You are lost in an unsavory moment. You can’t see the way out.

Face it little stressors add up. One Lilliputian Gulliver could easily handle. Scores of them, not so much. So make it a point of taking care of the small things before they add up or pile up. Nip them in the bud before they capture you. If you are spending your time worrying about, concerned with lots of minor things, you don’t have the necessary energy for the big important things. Plus, life is not as enjoyable as it can and should be.

Remember, we get what we focus on. So if you are primarily focused on all the little things AND the big things that aren’t right, that go wrong, that cause discomfort, you are really short changing yourself. We become what primarily occupies our attention. Is it problems or solutions? Is it uncomfortable and negative or delightful and positive? What is it that fills your mind? This is what you need to become aware of. WAKE UP! What are you focused on and is it making life better or worse?

If it is making it worse you have the opportunity to change it for the better THE INSTANT you recognize what you are doing to cause your discomfort. You have the opportunity to change your thoughts, your feelings and actions so you are able to live more enjoyably. It is in an instant, within seconds, that we can change. It is in this moment you have a decision to make.

Either proceed as you are in the less than glorious, stressful, uncomfortable way OR change whatever you are doing so that you can proceed in a more enjoyable, positive, powerful, productive way. Whichever it is IT IS UP TO YOU!!

what you allow is what will continue

SO decide. AND learn to relax, let go. Accept, don’t resist. Let it ALL go! Awareness is the key. Gulliver was captured when he was unaware. We all have these moments. It is human. So don’t blame yourself (or others), or regret or worry that only adds fuel to the fire. What you resist persists. When you blame self or others you only feel worse.

Let it go. Become aware that you can shift your attention from the stressors to other things to pay attention to. Perhaps, you need a short break. Maybe you need to take a walk, listen to some music, go for a jog, take a nap, eat some food, whatever it may be, you want to change how you are thinking and feeling. Momentarily, change what you are doing.

You want to interrupt the negative thoughts, stop thinking them, take a break or some deep breathes and put your attention on more enjoyable positive thoughts. When you are thinking and feeling better then you can begin to positively work through whatever you may need to from a more optimum mental, physical, emotional, spiritual place.

Literally, you let go of whatever the stressor is, drop it. Turn your attention elsewhere, somewhere more enjoyable. Keep it there! Repeat as necessary. Don’t give in to the call from the less than glorious. Don’t answer. Let them all go. Focus on what you want and enjoy!

Realize you can handle things one by one. Let go of the snarky comments people may make. Declutter bit by bit, maybe only one item at a time. Remember, kids will be kids they don’t listen all the time because they also are learning to be independent (reframe however you need to). Reframing is putting a different label on the package. You substitute one meaning (a more useful, positive productive one) for the previous less than glorious interpretation.

Don’t let negative stressful things capture and keep you. Learn the fine art of letting go and getting free. Moving forward only requires that you do it bit by bit or one step at a time. Be gentle, loving and caring of yourself (and others, of course). Focus on what you want and enjoy. You get back more of whatever you focus on so stay positive!

Keep your attention on the positive and the possible and you will find opportunity and solutions because you are more mentally and emotionally fit. You are better equipped to meet the demands on you. Learn to love, laugh and live more wonderfully and fully! YOU can absolutely do this! ” Rex Sikes

Today is YOUR day! Celebrate

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