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Is A Wonderful Manifestation Miracle In Store For You?

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“Is something good going to happen for you? Do you feel it? Do you feel lucky? What is around the corner for you that you can’t see yet? Will it be fame or fortune? Will it be large or small? Will you be pleased or not so pleased? What do you expect to happen soon?

Well, what do you expect? Think on that a moment. What do you expect? What do you expect? It is known our expectations shape what we find. They literally put a frame around it. For example, if you expect to find smiles you are more apt to during the day.

If you expect to find frowns you are more apt to as well. If you expect to find money or be lucky you are more likely to than if you decide you won’t. What you think,see and say to yourself is what you get. Your declarations, your expectations matter.

What You See Is What You Get

What you believe will happen is more likely to happen. That is the job of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) to find the match in the outer world with what you believe and expect within. Your thoughts really do determine much of reality. Maybe all of it. Yes, all of it!

How many times have you had your worst fears confirmed? Sometimes, it wasn’t as bad as you expected but it still came about. Sometimes, what you hoped for wasn’t as good as you hoped but it still came about. Our thoughts shape our reality. They really do.

Set your mindset for the best. Develop an unshakeable positive mental attitude. Keep your mind on what you want and the good you want to have most of the time each day. Keep your mind off what you don’t want, off bad news and distractions. Limit negativity.

What You Say Is What You Get

Too often we think we are positive thinkers because we spend a couple minutes each day affirming some things. Most of the day is distracted, filled with petty annoyances, bad news from FB, TV, or media of some form. We listen to gossip or complain.

We aren’t nearly as positive as we think we are. When you are predominantly positive, when you think the finest thoughts and feel your best, when you are optimistic and enthused, you literally do radiate or vibrate at a higher frequency. People can tell. It’s true!

When you are delighted from within you are more apt to create, attract and manifest wonderful, delightful, serendipitous moments more often. You are attuned for it! It can be.  You make it happen. You shine bright, vibrate at high frequency and resonate with good!

Affirm It And Confirm It

It doesn’t matter whether you believe it comes from within you or the universe responds to your requests. You just need to be feeling wonderful and open to the possibility that you will get what you want. Open up to the possibility that magic is in store for you.

It most likely won’t happen unless you take action and begin the creative process. You initiate with your thinking and the rest reacts to you. You put it out and it comes back. Expect a miracle and you are more likely to find one. Live in enjoyment and delight all your days. Plant the seed reap the harvest. It works this way!

Celebrate and appreciate what you already have and you are bound to get more and get better. Celebrate the love and friendship in your life. Celebrate your health and vitality. Celebrate your career success. Celebrate your wealthy finances and abundance in all areas. Live like happy royalty within! Imagine It! Declare it! Affirm it!

See it, say it! Assert and affirm it. Then confirm it! Focus on it. Attend to it. Energy flows where your attention goes. Become it! You don’t get what you want you get what you are! If you are happy you get more in return! If you are rich you get more back! Live with gusto! Live, love, laugh, learn, prosper and celebrate. Enjoy all good things!” Rex Sikes

Plan your day the way you want it to be!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Power In Positivity Is Immense: Don’t Miss Out!

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“Pretend for a moment that the Law Of Attraction is absolutely valid. Imagine this IS how everything operates. You get what you spend most of your time thinking about or dwelling on. If it is positive you get back the positive. If it is negative you get back the negative. What if the universe works this way? Would you do it?

If there was only a 50/50 chance the Law Of Attraction is real wouldn’t you prefer to err on the positive. Wouldn’t you want to get the positive back instead of the negative? It takes no more energy to think positive than it does to think negative. Wouldn’t you want to get what you want instead of what you don’t want?

What You See Is What You Get

Why not decide for what feels best? Why not do whatever it takes to create the most enjoyable life and positive circumstances you are able to? That makes sense, right? Yet, people whine and complain that positive thinking is too hard. They complain their life sucks. The choice one has to make; Live a suck life or make it better!

If life sucks because you think positive thinking is too hard, or you think it doesn’t work, what are you left with? You don’t like where you are at. BUT In order to have something different you must DO something different. You can’t continue the same ole way and expect it to be something else. That is craziness! It doesn’t work.

What You Say Is What You Get

Positive thinking is about thinking good and feeling good. It is seeking the best in situations. It is believing the best about yourself, others and the world. It seems that, in and of itself, is incredibly valuable. It seems to me, for this reason alone it is worth doing. Start thinking positive and discover the power. Affirm the positive.

When you master the art of controlling your thinking; when you are able to aim it and direct it you are able to make your future wants a reality. Become the master of your thoughts and feelings because the pay off is incredible. You won’t know if you don’t master them. Feel good! Affirm what you want! Speak to bless, heal and prosper!

What You Feel Is What You Get

Within these numerous blog pages are tips,suggestions and secrets for making your life work. Contained herein is the key for being, doing and having whatever it is your heart most desires. All you have to do is put it to work for you! Seek and you will find! You will discover you have everything you need to do it right, right now!

Review the blogs. Implement the practices, principles and exercises. When you do you will begin to transform your life in amazing and wonderful ways. It will surprise and delight you beyond anything you can presently imagine. Begin today and get the changes you want and you deserve. If you can have it all, why wait? Do it now!” Rex Sikes

It is a beautiful new day just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Go Beyond The Limits Of Your Own Thinking?

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“How does this all this positivity work? Well you can, stay open to new possibilities; focus on what you can do and that which is productive and positive.  When you feel less than glorious, take it as a signal to, check your thinking and then change it. The goal is to feel good and be positive most of your time.

Most of your time is spent not being positive. While it may not be totally negative a huge portion of our time is spent in wasted thoughts and feelings. Petty annoyances and grievances, daily duties that drag us down instead of uplift us. The percentage of time we spend thinking of what we want, our purpose or dominant chief aim pales by comparison.

We need to tip the scales in favor of positive thinking. We need to feel good more of the time than simply okay or bad. When we feel good most of the time, when we are delighted and enjoying our energy is up, our creative abilities are up, we are resonating and vibrating high. We are attractive and attracting. All is well!

I repeat these much needed messages again and again.  We have to hear these messages multiple time, in different ways, before they begin to seep in. Each of us, including me, needs to be reminded of what we can do and what we are capable of, from time to time. We want to spend most of our day and each day wonderfully.

Right Awareness Is Awareness Without Tension

Sometime we feel down and out. I have. There are times I am not uber positive. I have thought, ‘yeah right, if only’. Then I felt uneasy. Soon I began to feel bad too. Then it hit me. I was getting a signal. There were no alarm bells, no flashing lights, no big signals,  just a nagging, ‘yes, but’. The negative was seeping in not storming in.

When I recognized that I was thinking and feeling less than glorious I realized I needed to change my thinking. Awareness is the moment we have when everything can change in an instant. In that second we make a decision. We either decide to continue as is or change something.

I began to think about things I am grateful for. What right now in this moment can I appreciate. I can even celebrate the nagging feeling that is the signal because eventually I figured out what was going on. Not everything is flashing lights and blowing horns. Some things are more subtle.

I began to question the negativity too. I thought, ‘even if this were true why would I choose to be unhappy?’  ‘If I can choose any feeling why not choose to feel happy right now in spite of what is going on?” I realized I don’t have to be happy about the circumstances to be happy. I don’t have to be happy about bad news to be happy. I can be happy in spite of these things.

Our Quality Of Life Depends On The Quality Of Our Questions

I began to think ‘sure why not’, and ‘ what if this were possible’ and as I  began to question my thinking I began to free myself from limitations. I freed up my thinking, changed the assumptions I was making, AND my feelings. It works. As I transformed some things all things began to loosen and transform.

If a person could think and feel positive and happy most of the time, or even all of the time, why would a person ever chose not to? Your beliefs will come up as you answer this one. Keep in mind your reasons are you past habits of thinking. They are not necessarily true or not true they are only reasons.

Why choose to think something would be too hard to ever do? Sure, you may want to be realistic, but anything is actually possible. Why would you ever choose to make something more difficult for yourself? I don’t know but I have done it. Once I began to realize this I stopped doing it as much and began to let it go.

Why ever choose to limit oneself? I mean, really, why? Your answers will be very revealing. Again, none of them are gospel which just act as they are because we have thought them for so long. This is the tough part realizing our beliefs aren’t all that important. The serve us in many different ways. How do they serve you?

If Your Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Some Things

If they aren’t serving you very well, if your life isn’t better, if you don’t think and feel better and are able to be, do and have more as a result of your beliefs then perhaps it is time to get some new ones. It is time to develop some new positive, powerful, productive beliefs that serve you well.

It occurred to me that sometimes my ongoing assessments I had been making, while moving through life, at first were skewed towards the negative, thereby contributing to my less than glorious feelings. Once I noticed this I was then free to choose what to do about it.

I began to examine these, and ask myself whether I really wanted to think that way. As I questioned my own thinking I began to get free. I experienced a major shift in how I felt and what I thought. I went from feeling as if something was not possible and unlikely to absolutely positive and within my control.

Sometimes our feelings are subtle. The signals aren’t like a nine point fire alarm going off. They are simple, perhaps nagging or annoying but they still contribute to a less than glorious stance overall. Once I asked myself, why I would ever choose to believe that, I began to lighten up and free up.

At Each Moment You Can Choose Misery Or Bliss

At any given moment we are either thinking positive or negative. We are either thinking I can or I can’t. Whenever you discover yourself thinking negative or I can’t is an opportunity to explore why not. Then explore, investigate and challenge the reasons you get back as replies to your questions.

Keep in mind we are conditioned to answer a why question with a because answer. We provide reasons and excuses. These ‘reasons’ are precisely what you want to challenge and counter. There are precisely what you want to change from less than glorious to positive and glorious thinking.

WHY would you ever choose to think that, feel that or be that? You get an answer ask the same question. Chase your thinking down the rabbit hole. What you will ultimately discover is very rarely, VERY RARELY, will you ever have a good reason to limit yourself in any way.

Ford said, ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’. You will truly discover this as you explore going beyond anything that is a limitation for you. Keep this important point in mind.

It Is Always Up To You 

Whatever stops you, limits you, prevents you from being your true positive self, is only a thought. A mental packet of energy… thought over and over and over again. A thought habit otherwise known as a belief. An illusion. Never let a thought stop you from ultimate good.

Yes, let a thought stop you from harm of self or others. Examine your thoughts, go beyond them. Go beyond limitations and into freedom. Discover how incredible you are. Bask in that for awhile. Enjoy the richness of others and the world and recognize it as a marvelous, wonderful place to delight! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Breaking News! Success Won’t Make You Happy But This Will!


“Breaking news! Success won’t make you happy. Wait, there is more. Borne out by science and decades of research; Success won’t make you happy BUT happy can make you successful! Yes, again, I repeat, happiness leads to success. Happiness leads to success!

From ancient times until now it has been pointed out that happiness and positive thinking and optimistic thinking is healthy and leads to better health, wealth, and abilities. Happiness makes you better at what you do and makes what you do much easier. Sadly, most people, through the centuries, got it backwards.

Sadly, people believe the right job or success, the right partner or mate,  money or things would make them happy. They thought happiness came as a result of something else happening first.

Sad again. They only discovered that they delayed feeling good, if at all, and that even acquiring many things still left them feeling empty. It is because IT really is the other way around! It IS the other way!

It is time to straighten everyone out. The happier you are the healthier you tend to be. Happiness affects your health, your well-being, you ability to handle or process stress, your thinking and clarity and your productivity. The happier you are the more you can accomplish.

Happiness Is Its Own Reward And Has Multiple Benefits

Since the early 80’s I have been teaching workshops pointing out that by practicing happiness and positivity you could develop new neural pathways.You could develop wonderfully supportive habits, live more delightfully, successfully and happily, easily and nearly effortlessly.

You could open up your neurology to be capable of evolving yourself in positive ways. I suggested you could create positive habits which would positively serve you.

In my workshops we practice daily gratitude, asking positive directed questions, smiling more, laughing meditation, feeling good and accessing wonderful and powerful resource states, imaging a better future, scanning for positive and new moments each day and more. A lot more. But these were core rituals or practices.

We had rituals we did each class session and each day. I pointed out that making a habit requires a minimum of 21 days repeated practice or rehearsal. What people began as practice during my  10 or 14 day programs they were encourage to continue back home.

Habits Come From Rituals And Rituals Become Habits

Rituals are things we do everyday. For some people that includes hygiene, brushing teeth and washing. We eat, sleep, go to school or work. We may read the paper or get online. Have a cup of coffee. There are things we do regularly each and every day; sometimes multiple times throughout the day.

Spaced repetition builds habit. Correct spaced repetition builds reliable skill. Reading instructions doesn’t change you but implementing what the instructions tell you to do can change you. This is why I suggest doing these practices as often as possible each day.

I called it rehearsal, from my acting background, or the kind of conditioning athletes go through or practice professional sports teams undergo to build reliable skill sets for performance.

Create The Happiness Habit

I was harshly criticized in a number of books and publications as promoting pseudoscience and pie in the sky thinking. I was even accused (rightly) of utilizing the placebo effect.

How cool of me! Then again, they scoffed because I told people we could deliberately utilize the placebo effect. Some finally are catching on. Some Psychologists, as are scientists, catching up.

I and others pointed to things like ‘mirror neurons’ prior to their discovery. We knew through mediation, rapport studies, and other practice that many things were ‘contagious’. Smiling, rapport, happiness, peace, relaxation are infectious.

One person, neurologically, can affect another. Large groups practicing the meditation or laughter or peace have a dynamic, synergistic effect and affect others, even those not practicing. Hooray, some are finally catching on! Not nearly enough though.

Decades later research has verified what I knew back then, and far greater minds than mine have known for centuries. The better you feel the better you do. I repeat. The better you feel the better you do. Happiness leads to success and not the other way around.

Happiness is a choice! Practice feeling better a little bit each day. By practicing daily you eventually make it a reliable habit AND grow new neural pathways and connections thereby overall evolving yourself!!! Research Neuroplasticity and evolving your brain.

Here is the rub with science. IT is usually behind not ahead except for some cases. Scientific testing works this way to test a theory. Scientists make a claim, or stated hypotheses.

Happiness Is A Choice

Then they try to disprove the hypothesis. If it can’t be disproved it is accepted as the best theory you currently have for explaining what is going on. In research validation, they seek independent replication of results.

Science takes time to verify and establish new theories and validate. Not all science is equal, nor is it all good, nor is testing or reporting or publishing or disseminating the findings reliable or always upright.

BUT STILL much of science is what we hope it to be. Rigorous and trustworthy. OPEN and flexible. Because science is supposed to update theories, as better explanations become available, through testing.

Choose To Be Happy And You Will Be

There are many abstracts citing the research and conclusions. You can look them up. Look up topics such as happiness, optimism, placebo, overcoming depression naturally, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, mirror neurons,  etc.

There are many, MANY, books written citing the research in health, healing, attitude, psychology, meditation, spirituality. One I want to refer you to (not only because it concludes and incorporates many of the practices that I and others have taught for many years but) because they really delved into researching the topic.

You can read Shawn Anchor’s findings and the research conclusions in The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. He has since published other books. Available at amazon. Check out the research and the results.

Why Would You Ever Choose To Not Be Happy

If you aren’t going to read it then at least stay tuned to this blog. I will bring you the latest and greatest as well as the oldest and the tried and true.

HAPPINESS is something that you can have more of anytime. If you do certain things you are guaranteed to become happier. It can be as easy as a couple minutes spent daily.

While, it probably won’t occur overnight it will occur in time as you stick with it. One of the greatest life transforming things you can do, is to practice gratitude. Feel gratitude, live it daily.

In my workshops I had people create list of 25 things they were grateful for each night. Shawn has them do as few as three every day. Something so simple can be so profound.

We’ll discuss more. We have happiness, beliefs, and a number of topics currently in play here. So keep reading and re-reading. Most importantly, begin doing, if you haven’t already, and keep doing.

You can rewire your brain, feel better, be healthier, think more clearly and enjoy more success and prosperity as you do! SO Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do After You Give Thanks!

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“Did you enjoy giving thanksgiving?  Were you able to get together with family and friends. That is a reason to celebrate and be glad.

If you took time to feel grateful for all the good things in your life, do it again. Do it today. Then do it again and again. Count your blessings. What do you do after you give thanks? Give thanks again!

Feel the gratitude. Celebrate those feelings. When you do you make room for there to be more in your life. Like attracts like. When you look for and find people, events and circumstances to appreciate you get back more.

Keep giving thanks! Keep feeling the thankfulness. Wonderful things will happen as you do. Appreciate the tough times for what you can learn by going through them. Every moment is a moment to be thankful for and an opportunity to feel grateful. Keep it up!

If it helps to make a list make one. List big and small things to feel thankful for. First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed are great times to put your thoughts on gratefulness. Never let the sun go down feeling bad, irritated or angry with yourself, another or circumstances. Feel good, feel great when going to sleep.

That is time when your subconscious mind processes, clears, renews for the next day. If you are filled with joy, love, peace and happiness; if you energy is on all good and wonderful moments you had during your day, you set yourself up for more in the next day. If angry or sad, you set yourself up for more of that same the following day too.

You get what you focus on. It does actually expand. Your subconscious mind gets the messages you give it by your images and what you say to yourself and others. The most powerful delivery vehicle for those messages are your feelings. SO when you are upset with people and circumstances your subconscious goes, ‘okay I get it. This is what you want more of.’ It then works to deliver more of the same.

If you want more good things you have to feel more good things more of the time so your unconscious delivers that instead of the crappy things. Do you get this? There is a reason to think positive and feel good most of the time. YOU actually do get back what you put out there. You become what you think about. That is why! Beyond this fact, it feels good to mostly feel good. Make your moments count. They either work for you or against you. Celebrate!

Enjoy all life offers. It is what is is. The serenity prayer includes, ‘…change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference’. What is IS! Celebrate and enjoy. If you can’t change it don’t fight it. What you resist persists. Know when to stop and appreciate. Perhaps, in doing that, it will change. I would bet it does. Trying to change things all the time can be the problem too. Accept, enjoy, celebrate and discover. Then celebrate some more!” Rex Sikes

What can you make more special this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Try This! What True Gratitude Will Do For You

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“What is gratitude all about? Why do we celebrate being thankful? How is it beneficial? There are a number of positive and powerful reasons.

Some people keep a gratitude list or do a daily challenge. This is a great practice BUT it is not about the list. It is all about the feeling the list produces. Make the list AND feel grateful for each item.

Let’s face it. Everything is energy. Everything is energy appearing solid. We rarely have much intersection with energy, as science describes it, because we live in what appears to be a solid world.

What You Think About You Bring About

Ancients called our world view Maya or illusion. That which you think you are you are not. You don’t see things as they really are. You see things through your neurological filters and paradigms or belief clusters or systems.

You think you know what reality is but you are actually far removed from what is real. That is why the ancients say you live in illusion. You, me, and most everyone thinks the illusion is the reality but it is not.

Few of us become aware of what ‘reality’ is.  All of us can.  All of us could, but we don’t. When we do we don’t all do it at the same time, either. Anyway, this is an area of large philosophical discussion which we can save for another time. The point is we are energy beings in a world of energy.

Energy Begets Energy

Everything is energy! Feelings are energy. There is less than glorious or low, slow, sluggish and negative energy.mThere is light, high, fast, positive energy. The goal is to feel the positive, wonderful energy more of the time.

Why? Because when you do we feel better, you think and perform better and enjoy life more. Good feelings produce more good feelings. That is how it works. Sadly, there will be those who believe you can’t feel good all of the time. I say, if that is how you wish to live carry on. Just don’t rain on anyone else’s parade.

Would you want to feel good more of the time? Do you? If so here is how you do it. Think on those things that make you feel good. Concentrate on those elements in your present life, as well as the past and future, for which you feel blessed and glad.

You Become What You Think About Most

Recall and concentrate on those people, places, activities, events, circumstances, and attributes, that make you feel good and happy. The more time you spend ACTUALLY appreciating these the better you will feel. You WILL feel better more often. The more time we spend feeling good the more time we get to feel good.

That is the reason for making a daily list of things you FEEL grateful for. Since, birds of a feather flock together, the more you are grateful the more you find to be grateful. The more you find the better you feel. It grows on itself.

The feelings are the most important. Some people can make a list without feeling much of anything. That is not what true gratitude is. Truly, being grateful results in powerful and profound feelings. How would you feel if someone spared your life? Lucky, glad, grateful! I bet you would!!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

The biggest boon to your evolution is to be truly grateful for everything regardless of your circumstances. Count everything as a blessing. Why? Because you are limited by what you can’t see and you can’t see everything.

Illusion! You can’t, yet, see the unexpected good to come from trying circumstances. If you only see the troubles you truly deceive yourself. Every adversity has, within it, the seed of something positive and opportunity.

It just may not appear for awhile. Remember, what you focus on you get. What are you looking at? If you are looking at your dire circumstances you are forgetting about the things you are grateful for. Stay focused on what you are grateful for while passing through the circumstances.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowlege

Look to what you can be grateful about. Be grateful for anything and everything. When you can live with gratitude and appreciation for everything; even when circumstances are dire or your results less than glorious, is when you have transformed yourself in powerful, positive ways beyond limitation.

You live more enlightened. You are more enlightened. Whatever would have gotten you down, no longer does. You are filled with celebration and thankfulness because you have transformed yourself.

You are living the good life as you are meant to live. Your brain and mind and body is healthier and more efficient.  You can do things with greater ease and flow because your energy is freed up from struggle to be more creative.

What You Focus On Expands

It is positive and powerful instead of negative and powerful. When you are feeling great in this way you are vibrating high, positive, life affirming, energy. So life is good; life is great and life is grand!

This is why you want to be thankful. This is why you feed your mind positive thoughts. This is why you celebrate, even the little you have, because when you do you find more, you are capable of more and you get more. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) finds the positive wonderful, glorious things to match.

You Get Back What You Put Out

This is why you become what we think about. What you think about you bring about. What you focus on expands. You get what you focus on. SO be grateful! Truly, grateful. Focus on those things that make you feel great to be alive, that bring a tear to your eye and fill you up ecstatically!

Gratitude. Celebration. Appreciation. Love. Joy. Blessings. Count them, enjoy them, feel them, savor them! Let your cup run over with goodness and well being. Have a happy thanksgiving each and every moment of every day.” Rex Sikes

WOW! Another incredible day!

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What If You Woke Up Oprah?

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“Attitude that little thing that makes a huge difference. What is attitude? Why is it important? What does it do? It does amazing things. It is the result of our beliefs and values.

It determines how we approach the world and interact with it. It is what we think and act from. Attitude is either positive or negative, or a syrupy, wish washy mix.

The stronger one’s attitude, either positive or negative, the stronger positive or negative results you will have. If you are feeling stuck it is because you vacillate and go back and forth. A little positive a little negative. You don’t move very much. Stuck, is what that is.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Napoleon Hill, and other thought leaders from ancient times have, pointed out, it is predominantly what is in your heart and mind that determine the results you get. What runs the show is what you think about most of the time. Your lives, and the results you get, will be positive if you think positive most of the time.

It doesn’t mean you will always succeed thinking positively but you certainly won’t by thinking negative. Thinking positive paves the way for greater success. What you focus on expands. When you think and feel your very best your brain works better.

It will help you discover opportunity and advantages more easily and readily than when you are negative or stressed. It is more efficient and works optimally. That is what you want, isn’t it; a better working brain that helps you be more resourceful?

Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can Instead Of Why You Can’t

There is sound physiological basis for wanting to be more positive most of the time. The benefits to you and your health are worth every bit of any effort it might take. Develop your mental abilities and your will to be flexible, positive and persistent, no matter what the obstacle. This makes people champions and victors.

Imagine life by deliberate creation instead of happenstance.  Things may always ‘happen’ but imagine being the author and architect of your experience, in such a way, that you think about and bring about the life and lifestyle you desire. Imagine how wonderful it can be.

For example, imagine waking up as Oprah. One of the richest people in the world. She began with nothing, endured great hardship and yet, has built a vast media empire and a very strong reach. (This is an exercise because I have no idea how Oprah feels or if she would endorse this exercise at all).

Just image, though, you woke up, having built an empire. You have more money than god and even if you lost most of it you’d be set forever. You have no need to hold o anything. It is assured. Every need you could have that can be addressed by money is taken care of.

Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Circumstances

Money is not everything. It is great to have. There is nothing wrong with it. It won’t solve everything that is for certain. There is health, love, family, friends, happiness, enjoyment, adventure and much more that is important. I only mention money because that is a concern for many in our day and age.

The many concerns that aren’t money driven; those may be much more important that any money concerns. That is part of this attitude too. You have built an empire. You believe in yourself. You live rich! You are generous. You are positive and you wield great influence and power.

Imagine how you think and act throughout the day. Yes, of course, you have concerns. No one is trouble free but how might you think about these concerns and work toward resolving them. DO you think it would be different than how most of the rest of the people on the planet go about approaching difficulty.

A Negative Thinker Sees A Difficulty In Every Opportunity

My guess, is if she wants to create something new, or build a business or help someone in some way, she is not hampered by doubt. She knows what she has accomplished and what she can accomplish. My guess is she greets the day the same, yet differently than most others. She has a history built of overcoming the odds.

Because of what she has and has done probably not much stops her. (AGAIN, please, just as with any human, I am trying to be sensitive, and I am sure there are times and moments when she may reach limits. The rain falls on the rich and the poor).

My point is can you imagine, even for a moment, living that lifestyle? Can you imagine feeling like you accomplished all that she has accomplished? You have worked hard and made it happen. You deserve it. How do you feel about yourself? Hopefully, proud!

Yes, it may be over the top for most people and their dreams but if you could, could you imagine that lifestyle and attitude for yourself? If you can, then it is possible for you to do likewise. If you can’t then it probably isn’t likely for you. You decide what you want.

A Positive Thinker Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty

My guess is, when she wants to create something she just calls in in. She puts her order in to the universe. For example, she wants to create a new charity and needs money. My guess is she is assured within herself that it will be there when and as needed. She doesn’t doubt it might happen or fear that it won’t.

She is certain it will come about as needed.  She has complete faith. Here passion and her faith see her through. It doesn’t enter her mind that it may not be. That is the difference between those that have and those that don’t. Faith in one’s abilities to manifest what is desired or needed.

Those that HAVE know it is going to happen, no matter what, because they will make it happen, versus those who hope it will happen while filled with doubt at the same time, that it won’t.

What do we need to do then? We need to think and become a deliberate intentional creator not one who struggles with circumstances. Build your life, make it happen. Believe it and create it and you will continue to make other things happen. Get your mindset, your attitude working for you.

It is the development of a powerful unstoppable attitude that makes the difference. We are to ‘command ye, me’  the Bible says. We are to command the universe. We are to declare what we want and make things happen. Be bold! Be certain! Have faith! Be Positive!

A Positive Attitude Leads To Positive Results

It is time to live differently. When we live positively and powerfully inside our minds and heart our outer lives will then follow. It is from within, between our ears, and in our being, that change first happens.

William James said, ‘The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.’

Dictate your circumstances instead of letting circumstances dictate you. THAT is the difference in successful attitude. Ask yourself, ‘What will I create today that I will immensely enjoy that can benefit all?’ That might be an excellent question to begin asking.

In how many different ways can I discover myself creating goodness, expected and unexpected goodness in my daily life? How delighted will I be to notice more and more each day all the opportunity and advantages I initiate and make use of? Keep asking good questions that direct your mind into becoming invincible and magnificent!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Transform Troubles Into Amazing Opportunities

horizons the-never-ending-story-phil-koch

“What do you do when you are trying your best to be positive and someone or something comes along and seems to rain on your parade? There are times like that. You decided I will be positive and shortly thereafter find yourself in a funk or a fight. What do you do?

Realize that all great spirits encounter opposition. Obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow. Accept what is IS what is. You can’t push a rope. Understand it takes two to tango. Recognize you part in making it happen or continuing it.

Try to imagine the other person you may be in conflict in as a mirror, or holding up a mirror for you to see what YOU need to change. Learn from circumstances in the same way. Take it as ‘the universe’ is trying to get your attention to help make you a better person. It is trying to help you fulfill your dreams.

Everyone Everything Is A Mirror Held Up So You Can See You

Stop. Let go. Reflect instead of react. Realize what the message is and when ready respond instead. There may always be tough times. Living successfully and happily doesn’t necessitate the absence of obstacles it means learning and growing from them and with them.

Stop blaming others and circumstances. Stop whining and complaining. That is only more fuel for the fire. Accept the blame. Accept the responsibility for your part in all of it. EVEN if you don’t think you have any, look to see how you may be culpable. If honest, you will notice you are a part of it. Accept it. Go beyond it.

‘The kite rises against the wind’. People, events, circumstances are that wind. Your own inner conflicts can be that wind. Remember, when pushed there is push back. When you push back YOU are responsible for your reaction. Be willing to face your part in it.

What You Resist Persists

It takes two opposing sides to fight. The world and you, the other and you. You against you. You against the world or the other. It is normal but you don’t have to fight. You aren’t weak if you don’t push back you are far stronger. You are far superior.

You are far smarter and wiser if you know which battles to fight and which to not. You are far stronger turning the other cheek. Do you realize how much ‘let go’ there is in being able to actually turn the other cheek?  Do you understand how evolved you must truly be to forgive honestly? Seek to be able to do this and you will truly benefit.

Most people don’t actually forgive, truly let go, or are capable of turning the other cheek without resentment. Imagine a world when you could be free enough, secure enough, loving enough, of yourself and others you could do that. You would actually be free!

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

The strong person isn’t concerned with their ego being bruised; does not play one up one down power games; does not try to assert their power in order to triumph over family, friends, colleagues or strangers. That strong person knows there is no need. What is IS.

The strong, wise person seeks to accept, love and understand; to rise above the ‘disagreement’ and realize the stakes each has in it and simply not participate in further aggravating the situation. Yes, it is a road less traveled. That is certain.

How does one disengage when all our hot buttons are pushed and inflamed. When we are hot and emotional. THAT is the ability we need to learn and the only way we learn it is by stepping out of it. We need to become aware when we are a partner to it.

When You Drop Something You Drop It You Don’t Try To Drop It

When we, in that moment, recognize we are part of perpetuating it, we can STOP. I use the analogy of being stuck in traffic. When stuck, you can sit and stew, fighting it won’t change it. It won’t and you know that is true. But what do you do?  You can use the time productively to relax and enjoy. To chill while waiting.

It doesn’t matter if you need to be somewhere. If traffic isn’t moving it isn’t moving. That is what is. Accept it, get over it, get on with living life. There are other things to pay attention to. There are other things far more important and enjoyable than time spent blaming the world because you are stuck in traffic. IF you can’t do anything about it LET IT GO!

The same is true when you are in a hurry. The slow asshole in front of you isn’t that slow, you are that sped up. You are pushing traffic trying to make your way through. Stop. Going faster won’t get you there that much quicker. You are all riled up. YOU are the issue not the traffic. YOU are late because of YOU no other reason.

You Can’t Push A Rope

We can interrupt the pattern. We can stop the cycle. We can take a break, a deep breath, we can stop. We can slow down, walk away. It may take time to cool down completely it usually does. The other may insist on continuing, circumstances may persist but we have stopped. Allow yourself to cool down. Endeavor to keep peace.

We learn ‘let it go’. In doing this whenever we get ‘hooked’, if we can become aware and wriggle free we are learning and evolving. The time between the trigger, getting hooked , and getting free will lessen.

We will learn to let go sooner rather than later. Eventually, we come to our senses because our senses are freed up and not engaged in anger and hostility. Learning to get free and let go and not continue to create drama by participating in it IS A process. We evolve.

Stop Take A Deep Breath And Let Go – Breath – Get Free

More clearly are we able to see. When we are free of anger and stress our brain works better. Our eyes work better. Literally. Stress, fight or flight, constricts our abilities to only focus on survival. It narrows our senses to focus on immediate need.

When dealing with most people, most all of the time, survival is not an actual issue. Though we perceive it as one physically. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined image or a real or imagined threat. The brain and body respond the same to a perceived or real image or threat. That is a blessing and a limitation.

So when troubles come your way in the form of a family member, friend or stranger there is something to be learned. When events and circumstances are not to our liking a message is being delivered. Even if that is not actually true, if you act as if it is, you will be better off in the long run because you will become more self aware.

Let Go And Let God

Seek the road less traveled. Find the higher ground. Let go of troubles and woes and do not participate in trauma drama. Seek instead to feel better and help everyone else feel better too. Seek to think and feel positive and happy most of the time.

You can’t if you are upset and cursing the world and others. So ‘let go and let god’, as the saying goes. Trust it will all work out without you trying to manage and fix it. Trust and enjoy that all will be okay if you don’t get hot, bothered and angry. Enjoy, feel good and have fun.

Then you and life transforms. Problems, while there will lessen. You will spend more time able to focus on what you want and not get caught in what you don’t want or want to avoid. You can focus more on what you intend to create. So celebrate whenever you notice.

Deliberate Creation Is To Create Only What You Intend To Create

Use the fact that the brain can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined image to visualize the future you want! See it. Imagine it as if you already have the good you desire. This is how you use how the brain works to get what you want.

Create the future in your mind as a present reality. See it, affirm it, feel it fully! That is how you get it! What you see is what you get. What you say is what you get. What you feel is what you get. Feel how good it feels to live that life in your mind’s eye. Enjoy it!

Celebrate!  Celebrate whenever you become aware and get unhooked and walk away from a fight you need not participate in. Let go and live free. Spend your time in gratitude and loving life. When others and circumstance challenge you realize it is an opportunity to go beyond what you already know and into an entirely new way of being.” Rex Sikes

Make your day magnificent!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Successful People Know Why You Need To Read And Write. Do You?

horizons on-their-way-phil-koch

“What is one of the best practices you can engage in? Reading. You would think everyone does it but the numbers of people who actually read to improve themselves is unbelievably low by comparison. The estimate is fewer than 10% read past the first chapter of a book. Some never even pick one up.

Would it be better to read a short 300 word paragraph than nothing at all? It might be. To read anything positive and motivational even if it is only a sentence a day is better than nothing. If you can do more than that it is better. Time spent in reading positive material is important. Time spent. Not just the reading.

Just as writing by hand is far superior to typing on a keyboard. When you write you make numerous neural connections, thousands. When you type you make 8 repetitive movements. Handwriting is called brain writing for a reason. It makes you smarter and helps you retain more when you write.

So read and take notes on what you read. Then re-read what you read. Re-read what you wrote. Re-write what you wrote and re-read. Study makes a difference. Repeated reading and study is of great value. When you read and then go back later you will notice things you hadn’t previously.

You may make new connections with the material for years by re-reading. Learning each time something new. When you re-visit your notes and re-write or re-word them later on you learn so much more. These are good, worthwhile, health practices to help you develop, grow and evolve.

I write long posts instead of 300 words because if you can’t take 5 minutes to sit and read and get your best mind on in the morning you are already screwed. I do it to detain you and get you to think. I do it for you to start your day with some inspirational material.

I write so you can take some time to think about things that are important and can make a difference in your life. I write so you can sit and reflect, perhaps reflect on it all through the day. I write to give you something to eat, food for thought, and to digest.

If you need and get all your inspiration in an infographic or a sound byte you may be beyond hope. Not really, but heck, slow down. Stop perusing FB for bad news and disturbing pictures. Instead read my blog or something else that inspires you and points you in a positive and useful direction.

Fill your mind with good ideas, good news, to begin your day right. That is why my posts are longer. To hold you for a bit. To keep your attention on one topic for a few minutes. To end the fast edits, and quick bits that hammer us on TV, radio and the internet. To give you a pause and a rest from pop ups and flashing ads.

This is why I make them longer. SO you have to rest a moment before moving on. If you can’t read at least a page of positive material in the morning, wow, you need to re-evaluate your life. You should read for a few pages, five or more minutes. Heck choose positive material to read with your coffee instead of newspaper.

The more time you read positive material for yourself the better. Some people make a practice of reading the same chapter of Napoleon Hill everyday for a month, whether they feel like it or not. That is an excellent practice.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Repeat reading, in that fashion, is bound to help you to discover things and make deeper connections than reading only once or twice. It will also become much more memorable and immediate. The understanding you gain from such practice is valuable, perhaps priceless.

Read, fill your mind with positive, inspiring thoughts when you wake up. Start and end your day right. Celebrate what you are grateful for at the very same time. Let your first and last daily thoughts be glad ones. Your life will become so much more magical and delightful as you do. Read and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make marvelous the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What This Woman Did You Can Do To: An Amazing Story!

horizons one-small-step-phil-koch

Is a wonderful manifestation miracle in store for you? It sure could be. Actually, yes can be. Yes, it is. The question isn’t really, is there one but are you prepared to receive it? That really IS the question. You might think, ‘duh, yeah of course, bring it’ but that doesn’t mean you are ready. Do you believe, really believe it is possible?

Just as, ‘when the student is ready the master teacher appears’ means WHEN the student IS ready, not necessarily when the student thinks the student is. There are important ingredients.

Few people know how to receive, especially in our culture. We negate compliments. We tell people they shouldn’t gift us. We turn down or refuse kind acts. We are taught it is better to give. It is good to give. It is great to do both well!

The universe is abundant. There is more than enough goodness for everyone to enjoy without anyone having to lack. Sadly, because of politics that is not the case. Some people have way too much while others have access to nearly nothing. This is true in most countries.

Still there is plenty. You have to believe it and you have to believe you deserve it. We all do.  When you are grateful and celebrating life, when your attitude is positive and your feelings are aligned and wonderful you create, get and or attract more of the same. Keep this in mind.

Some create, get and attract less than glorious circumstances, events, and people into their lives because they maintain and sustain a negative attitude; self-talk; conversations with others; and they can’t imagine goodness or feel bad most of the time; worrying or fearful.

You have a choice at any moment what you want life to be like. Many don’t know this. They live ignorant of the fact that what their life is like is up to them. Because they miss this point they never  assert their own power or authorship of their life.

Some will claim it. Others won’t until they are ready to. Some are filled with doubt or negativity and continue that way until life gets really bad. Others, gladly trade their doubt for more options. Every second we have the choice to determine how we will live.

Our universe is amazing! We are so lucky, yet most of us don’t realize it or appreciate it. Good things do happen frequently. Far more good happens than otherwise, but most of us never hear about it.  We only hear from an industry designed to bring us bad news.

Here is the good news. I thought I’d share this since we have been discussing the manifestation challenge.

A woman, a friend, I have been working with for a while, but have not seen in a couple months, had coffee with me today. (Note: now actually two days ago. I wrote this down the day she told me). She wanted to recount what has been happening and what she has manifested since we last saw each other.

We have been talking and exploring creating good things. Since I last saw her she had some health issues. She was working on healing. She did get better. At that time the family van was stolen and their other car falling apart. The van while ‘junky’ was at least reliable. She thought, ‘something good must be coming’.

At the same time the family desperately needed a new computer. I learned about the computer. I got an email through the university I teach at that computers were available to have. I thought cool, I can get one and give it to her. No such luck. They need to remain on campus.

So she put her needs silently out to the universe. Computer and car. She works for some different people. These different people knew about the hardships. Some graced her with enough money graced to buy a new computer. Even though she refused the money they insisted.

OUT of the blue another person gifted her with 10,000 dollars. She, of course, refused. He said, ‘go buy a car or I will and you’ll be stuck with what I get you.’ She had always dreamed of getting a camper trailer. One had sat roadside for many years.

On a particular day while driving by, in the falling apart car, the owner was hammering in a for sale sign. She stopped and asked how much. 800 dollars or best offer. She asked the woman, would you take 500. The woman said, ‘yes’. She said, ‘great’, and was elated.

While negotiating the deal she noticed a range rover with a four sale sign in the side yard. She asked how much. They said 4000 dollars. The car and camper were both well cared for. She walked away with a new car and camper for 4100.00 They discounted the each.

She told me when she saw the rover she had the deepest gut feeling that something great was about to happen. So she went with her feeling and asked about it. She was driving the rover today and it looked sweet. We had cause to celebrate!

From the 10,000 she replaced the ‘falling apart car’ for 2000 dollars. Both cars replaced, nothing out of her pocket. After, licensing, taxes etc. she still had 2000 dollars left over. She manifested very well. It was exciting to see her so thrilled. This is what you can do too!

The police found the van, stripped, but they got back personal items they thought were gone forever. I think this is a wonderful tale of manifesting what you want and need. Even though it started off with what appeared to be misfortune it was all good fortune in the end.

She kept the faith. She believed it would all work out. It did. What began as a stolen van story became, in a short time, the story of  a proud owner of a good computer, a good car, a range rover, and a good camper with money left over.

Not only that but she exhibited a change of attitude and energy. She had placed a guard before her tongue. She made it a point to discuss only what she wanted to create instead of problems that might exist. Her new mindset was refreshing and in many ways she a transformed person. It was wonderful and is!

What she did you can do the same. Never let doubt stop you from being, doing or having what you want in life. This is why positive thinking is so important. Expect the best. Look for the best. You will find what you are looking for.

It’s fair to say, if you want to doubt this is possible then you may never know the joy of deliberate creation. That is okay with me if it is okay with you. You decide what you want. If you are negative and look for the worst you will find what you are looking for.

I am so happy for her. I am happy I can write about it too and share her accomplishment. Whatever she or anyone else has done you and I can do too. Have faith in yourself. Be positive.

It isn’t just about the things. It is about the attitude and the feelings. It is about transformation and creation. It is about focus and energy. Develop the right attitude and feelings and anything you desire can be yours. Keep the faith! Celebrate and live with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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