An Easy Way To Pay It Forward

365 random acts of kindness

“Do you like it when someone pays you an honest compliment? Isn’t it wonderful someone else takes the time and the effort to say something nice to you? Take it in, allow it. Do not brush it off. A genuine compliment is a wonderful thing. If someone gives you this gift receive it well. Be gracious and accept it and allow it to resonate within you. Feel it. Appreciate it when you are appreciated. Delight.

You can do the same for others too. You can help the people around you feel better and feel more appreciated. This is a simple and easy way you can gift others. Stop, take a moment and notice.  Whenever possible give a person a genuine meaningful compliment.  When you do give one why not exaggerate it? Make it a bit nicer!

Go a little bit further. Help that person feel that much better. You may just have helped lighten their load. You may have provided just what that person needed or hoped to hear. You may have made their day. This simple action can be extremely meaningful for someone else. It is so simple how we can support and nurture each other daily in small but important ways. Celebrate it!

We live together in this world.  This is how we can pay it forward. When you freely give and freely receive and help others do the same you are helping to create a nicer world around you. Since like attracts like you are making things much more wonderful. You are helping make life a  little sweeter. Plus, when you help bring out a smile on someone else you feel it too. You feel good helping another person feel good. Enjoy this!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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