Everything Can Suck When You Don’t Know What You Are Doing!

don't sit around waiting forwaever

“Do you know what it means to create your own life? Many people don’t? Does the notion of 100% responsibility perplex you or you can’t quite agree? You are not alone. Others are confused as well. Do you know how? Most people miss out on making great things happen for themselves for these reasons.

WE are the creators of our lives. WE are responsible for everything in our lives. Still, many people believe in magic. To be a creator and to be responsible for your life has nothing to do with magic. It is not about wishing and hoping. As a responsible creator you don’t rely on an outer source to make your dreams come true. You rely on you.

Magical thinking means you put your ‘faith’ in something outside yourself to bring about changes. You rub a lamp or you chant some words, or perform some ritual to get someone or something, or even luck, to grant you your wishes. To believe in magic means you don’t make anything happen but something outside yourself does.

Magical thinking means when things go wrong you blame the outer circumstances. You make the world, God, the economy, the government, your parents, spouse, kids, boss, co-workers or strangers responsible for everything. Get it?

People who believe in magic look for causes outside themselves. Instead of looking to their attitude, their inner resources, talents and abilities to make changes they hope something will come along to change things. They put the emphasis on the wrong things and in the wrong places.

When a person assumes 100% responsibility for their life that person puts oneself ‘at cause’ and no longer chooses to live’ at effect’. It means one lives with intention to make the good things happen. This person is no longer at the mercy of what happens. This person is no longer a victim or a passenger in the car of life, this person becomes the driver.

To accept responsibility for everything and to be a creator is not about magic, it is not about controlling the weather or others. It IS about make positive choices and choosing what one wants in life and then working to bring it about. You determine what you want. YOU decide on YOUR goals and dream and YOU pursue them.

The results you have been getting in life and your future results  ARE the fruits of your mental labor.  What you get today is what you thought about yesterday. What you thought about you brought about. You bring about in the future what you think about all day long right now.


100% responsibility means you recognize that YOU have CHOICE in what to create. You have choice in how to respond to what happens. Events may be outside of your control but how you respond to them is up to you! You stop trying to control events and other people and you work on what you can control.

You can control your decisions, your habits, your responses, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your outlook. You can manage you attitude and day to day activities to bring about the most positive and delightful life regardless of what the outer circumstances are.

If you don’t know how you can learn. You determine what you will think about all day long. You choose. You make things happen! You gather your resources based on your purpose and pursue it non-stop until you get it!
To be responsible (at cause) means you don’t expect others to do it for you and you stop whining and complaining about things that don’t work out. You finally realize that YOU have ALWAYS been responsible for what you have in life, good and bad.

You have always been responsible even if you did not know that back then. It is incredible the changes that can occur the moment you take full responsibility. There is tremendous personal power in stopping blame and putting the causes outside yourself.

You are wise enough to include others and the good of others in your plans and are not merely selfish. You realize that when you contribute to others and help others get ahead you will as well. In fact, usually when you help others get ahead you get ahead quicker. When one works for the good of all ALL benefit and that means you too!

Challenges loose much of their sting because you understand that obstacles come and go. You know that whenever you encounter difficulty there are things to learn. You can be flexible and bend without breaking. You can adjust your plans but continue to pursue your goals. Challenges help us grow. All obstacles may contain seeds of opportunity within them.

It becomes a day you will always remember when you take full responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life! When you accept that YOU are and HAVE always been creating what you want, or what you didn’t want, the game changes.

From this moment on you truly have choice in what you make happen. You get out of your own way and make your dreams come true. This is what it means to be a creator. You can start creating what YOU DO want today!!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day today!

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