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You Can Pretend Anything And Master It

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“When we were children we would pretend what we wanted to be. Princesses and pirates, kings and queens, brave and daring, rich and famous. We pretended and we learned. We acted as if we were those people with those traits and belongings. We acted ‘as if.’

Much of our childhood was spent pretending.  The difference between playing pretend and using pretend is in our intent. Now, we pretend, to be. in order to become what it is we want to become. We do it deliberately and with full focus. Now, it is a deliberate  asset.

We can pretend anything and master it. We can master the ability we want to have. We can master pretending. Both are wins. We simply do it enough times, repeatedly, over a long enough time for it to become our own. We make acting as if and getting results a habit.

Every Champion Was Once A Contender That Refused To Give Up

Pretended that the law of attraction and vibration work. Imagine that you you are positively vibrating 24/7.  Use affirmations stating that you are vibrating high and radiating positive energy. Use Directed Questions™ to guide you further into fully feeling this.

Visualize and affirm. Ask questions of yourself that lead your thinking positively. Act as if you are vibrating the highest.  These practices help you develop a powerful mindset. Together they provide a frame, a point of view for you, and attitude to live from.

Either you are vibrating that you are  a rich, happy, thankful person, whose life is working well and you’re enjoying it or are you vibrating someone who’s worried  about bills, sad, disturbed, frustrated and angry; someone who has difficulties and issues in other areas too.

Champions Train – Losers Complain – Be A Champion 

Which is it?  If you are worried and angry you can change it. Presently, you may be experience that because the universe returns to you whatever you vibrate.  You get what you put out.  So what are you putting out there? What are you offering the universe?

Whether or not any of it is true or mumbo jumbo doesn’t matter. The practices help organize your thoughts. They give you something to do that you can calibrate to. Either you are doing them or not. Either you are happy and succeeding or not. The practices inform you.

Your results inform you as to what you are thinking, feeling and doing. Either you are getting stellar results because of your thoughts, feelings and actions or your results suck. Perhaps, they are so so, mediocre, but you’d like to improve on that. You can! Just do it.

Champions Do It Until They Get It Right – Develop Success Habits

Monitor your thoughts. Monitor your feelings. Make it a point to feel the best you can to feel. Be the best you can each moment. Be what you want to be in advance of having it. Act as if. The mental framework will help you greatly improve wherever you are at.

Riches attract riches. Feel successful and you attract success. Feel  good and feel happy. You attract what you are. You attract what you ‘vibrate’. Happiness attracts happiness. Birds of a feather flock together. Enjoy everything and you will enjoy more of everything.

These practices are like templates that you put on that guide you to becoming more of what you want. I don’t worry about whether they are ‘real’ although I have an opinion. If your opinion doesn’t support you then don’t listen to it. That is how I operate. Find support.

If You Want Quality Act As If You Already Have It

You want your thoughts, feelings, words, behaviors and habits to support you in your pursuits. You want to feel the best, think the best and enjoy the best results. To feel better you must actually do those things that make you feel better. Some people wait. You can’t.

Waiting doesn’t work. Waiting only brings more waiting. Some day never comes. You must take charge. You must put yourself in charge of your own life and lead yourself to victory. You must think and act like a champion if you ever want to be one.  Get it?

More next time. Meanwhile, practice today. Then each day. You can’t do it once and expect much to change. However, change your habits and your entire life can change. Habit change begins with thought change. You’ll never do anything you don’t feel like doing. You won’t.

Act As If You Are The Person You Want To Be – Go For The Gold

Unless, you force yourself. That is what champions and victors and leaders and the successful know. If you want it you have to be it and do it first. The happy people know to be happy. They don’t focus on things that make them unhappy. They protect their minds.

You can too if you want it enough. Strong desire, a burning desire, is the key. A fancy, passing, fleeting, or even persistent wish that things change won’t do it. A strong, white-hot passionate obsession will.  Determine to do it and have it and that nothing will stop you.

Then you are much more likely to get the results you want. I have found the best and easiest way is the way of gratefulness. Gratitude is an attitude that lightens up everything and paves the way for more blessings. Delight in all, no matter what. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide in your favor and have a great day!

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Expert Reveals: How To Improve Your Mood And Well Being By Writing

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“Would you like to have better mood levels and experience fewer illnesses? According to a study published in the ‘Journal of Research in Personality’ people who wrote about intensely positive experiences, each day, for three consecutive days got those results.

90 undergraduate students were split into two groups. One group wrote positive experiences, as described, the other group wrote about a control subject. Three months later the positive experience group reported higher levels of well being and fewer illnesses.

If these results are accurate imagine how you might feel if you wrote a little each day. Just the act of cursive writing is a great work out for the brain. Our brains and fingers work together. Typing does not have the same positive effect as writing by hand. It just doesn’t!

Write Down Your Goals And Imagine Achieving Every One

Recording positive experiences or creating a positive future by writing is a great way to exercise the brain. Focus on the positive experiences you want to have more of. The more you focus on these the more your brains help you to produce or have more of them.

Re-writing over and over the same positive phrase helps you wire into your subconscious what it is you want to do or have more of. ‘I am rich and happy’ or ‘September will be a great month for me’ written 100 times every day for a week works wonders.

Most people, old enough, remember black board writing, ‘I will not talk in class’, or some variation. It is more effective when phrased positively. ‘I will be quiet and pay attention’ directs the brain to preferred behavior. Brains accepts positively phrased instructions.

Re-Live Your Positive Experiences And Write Them Down

It knows what to do when instructed to pay attention. It isn’t sure what to do when told not to talk. Not talking doesn’t tell the brain what to do in place of  it. ‘Be quiet and pay attention’ does. It’s more explicit and focused. That’s the kind of instruction you want.

You instruct your brain in what you want rather than what you don’t want. For example, ‘don’t think of a blue elephant’. The brain thinks of one. The word ‘don’t’ isn’t processed. The instruction the brain gets is ‘think of a blue elephant’. That isn’t what you wanted!

Even if the word ‘don’t weren’t received the main element or focal point in the sentence is blue elephant. That is what the brain notices most. The same is true of ‘don’t talk’. You could further specify the instruction to ‘pay attention to the teacher’ or the subject matter.

Writing By Hand Wires It Into The Brain And Helps You Visualize

Then your brain knows what to act on to bring you more of what you DO want. The brain is more efficient when you tell it what to include rather than what to exclude. You get what you focus on. Focus on getting the good things and you will be delightfully surprised.

Write out the exact same affirmation 100 times everyday for a week. Be consistent. Focus while you write. Make it an important ritual. The next week or later do it again or write a different one. If 100 times is too big an effort for you write out 75, 50, 25 or 10.

Anything is better than nothing. You will get back benefits! Yes, you may get back more the more you do but sometimes it isn’t practical. Do whatever you can. The more we do the more we can do. Plus, a little bit goes a long way. Something is better than nothing!

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge – Use Yours

Re-writing your goals over again and again works wonders. Re-writing reinforces what you want more of. You may also further clarify your goals and desires during this process. Re-writing the notes you take while learning is extremely powerful and useful!

If you read or attend seminars or listen to audio programs and you take notes, which is a great practice, re-writing them again later a few times, enhances what you learn, makes it more memorable and wires it into your nervous system. You learn more quickly.

Re-write notes every few weeks. Another extremely beneficial practice as you re-write your notes is to re-word them. Put the notes into your own words. As you move forward in life you change. You learn and become more aware and understand more. You grow.

I Become What I Want To Be …

Imagine explaining the concepts you wrote about to another person as you write and re-write them. Imagine teaching someone else. Imagine teaching yourself the material. This helps accelerate and wire in your learning and understanding of the material.

Correct repetition, applied consistently for long enough, creates habits. If you will do these simple things again and again for long enough you will develop some positive success habits and mood enhancers. Your overall well being can increase wonderfully.

Handwriting is Brain Writing! Write out a list of daily successes. Note the little wins or accomplishments you enjoy each day. It is a great practice for feeling better and living more productively. Anything can be a win if you say it is. Declare it and it is so!

… By Consistently Being What I Want To Become – Everyday

You made your bed, claim it. You did the dishes, celebrate it. Write it down. Hooray! Small or large, whatever you did you set out to do, is a success. Keep track, record them in a success journal. It is important to build our track record of wins! Start one today!

These practices work! If you apply them consistently you WILL benefit. If you don’t you will never know. The goal is to make these practices reliable, automatic habits. As you do your thinking, mood and well being improves. You enjoy and delight more!

Write down what you want to accomplish the next day. Make a ‘to do’ list. Keep the list simple and positive. This gives you concrete things you want to accomplish and that you can count as wins as you cross them off your list. You will be more productive and positive.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills – A Little Bit Makes A Great Difference

Write down what you are grateful for each night prior to sleep. It sets the mind in a good place right before lights out. This practice can help fill you with joy and appreciation. Live, laugh, learn and love. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Have an amazing day!

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Problems? You Need To Do This When Your Computer Fails

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“Some people have a lot of difficulty in their daily lives. It seems they just can’t get over some of the speed bumps. Obviously, for some it is worse than others. What to do? Is there anything that can be done to help improve the results they get? Why does this happen?

I have had my share of tough times in life. Perhaps, you too. Depending on your attitude it can really suck. I know that as well. I grew up with people telling me I had a dark cloud following me. It is easy to be sour on life. However, there is the problem. That IS it.

When one sours, gets down, and feels bad they tend to perpetuate the very things they want to avoid and eliminate. Why is this? Because they feel bad, they think they are stuck, they focus on their problems and issues. They hope for change and may even work hard.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do – Excellence Is A Habit

They work hard to change circumstances BUT maintain a poor attitude. It is in the attitude that the problem and the solution exists. A bad attitude is like a weight around one’s neck while swimming in turbulent waters. A good attitude is the life vest that holds one up.

With or without the weight turbulent waters are difficult to navigate. With added weight they may be nearly impossible. Help is needed. BUT help doesn’t come from the outside it comes from within. Sure, someone may assist, but genuine help is within oneself.

No one can do it for you. They can encourage or make demands but it isn’t until ‘the student is  ready that the teacher appears’. That teacher, that guide, that master, that change agent is you. We can only take care of ourselves and make our own changes.

Control Your Thoughts And You Can Control Your Behavior

Certainly, we can help the needy. I believe we should. We can help in many ways. BUT again, genuine change is made by the person who needs to make the change and there is no substitute for that. This is why we must take responsibility. Consider this.

You can give a man a fish. You can show a man how to fish and teach the man. Until that man learns to fish and then goes and fishes he doesn’t truly know how to fish. Only in doing it does the man get the experience and learns to fish for himself.

He may then provide for himself and others. Men, women it is the same. People can show you the way to change but unless you do it nothing changes. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink. Hopefully, the horse gets thirsty enough to do it.

It Is Easier To Change Bad Habits Today Than Tomorrow

Yes, you can perhaps help make the horse thirsty. Still, the horse has to drink, you can’t drink for the horse.  Today, I had to have the hard drive replaced on my laptop. All sort of strange things had been going on. For some time. Crashes, fonts went missing, many issues.

I couldn’t import photos from phone. I was losing documents. Things began to take long times, starting, stopping, processing. I got spinning beach balls and color wheels all the time. It just was not working well at all. I could tell my computer was very troubled.

It would go to sleep and then I’d have a battle waking it up. It shut down on its own frequently. I took it in. They ran diagnostics and a big red FAIL notice popped up within seconds of initiating the diagnostic. The hard drive was bad and needed to be replaced.

Bad Habits Will Ruin You – Good Habits Will Save You

It was replaced because as it were I was not able to work properly or successfully. I could not get the intended results from my efforts. Once replaced I can again work with ease. The results are now good again. It is a true story today and of course, it is a metaphor.

The brain and life and the results one get’s is the same. If you’re not getting the results you want in life there is a problem or issue with the hardware and/or the software. In my metaphor, the hardware they replaced is NOT synonymous with the brain but with mind.

Rarely, is it a physical brain problem. Instead it is a routing problem. We make neural networks or pathways in our brain. These are reliable well traveled high speed highways. Where these go and what they do is the issue. These neural nets are our thought habits.

First We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us

We think, feel and behave the same because of habits. These habits are laid out in the brain. Triggers from within or from the environment initiate these patterns and off they go running. They run perfectly well and get results consistently. Good or bad?

That depends on the ‘programming’. For example, a trigger can cause a negative thought which produces electro chemicals resulting in a feeling, which then in turn results in more similar thoughts resulting in more of the same less than glorious feelings. It is cyclic. It loops.

If you think a bad thought you feel bad and then more than likely begin to feel worse as thoughts run on and on. The worse you feel the worse you think. You either then feel like doing nothing or you behave bad too. You actions aren’t inspired by good things.

Believe You Can And You Are Halfway There

You do things that aren’t wise. You may overeat, or drink. You may be frustrated and stressed or get angry a lot. You may work extra hard but produce nothing. You might not be able to sleep. You get desperate and try many things which don’t work. It sucks.

Whatever the behavior might be. Poor thoughts and feelings produce poor behaviors. These in turn become habit. Our habits are either success habits or failure habits. Our habits determine our results which all stems from how we are thinking to being with.

If your not getting the results you want you need to change the programming. You need to update the software or replace it. You replace the negative with the positive to get the better results you want. It is frustrating if the real life programming is out of whack.

Focus – You Can Do This – Believe In Yourself – You Can Do This

This is why I am Implore you to take control of your mind and your feelings.  Learn to control your thoughts, take charge, take responsibility and get your operating system running right. Begin to get the results you want. Only you can do it for yourself.

When the operating system is faulty and doesn’t work properly the results you get are haphazard at best and not so good or terrible at worse.  The thoughts that you think either spiral up into positive feels and results or they spiral down into negatively. It is habitual.

When thoughts are negative and your feeling less than glorious you produce less than glorious results. The crumby results and frustration further make you think and feel worse and get more poor results. It is cyclic and the reason why it seems tough to change.

Train Your Mind To See The Good – Positivity Is A Choice

You have to break the cycle. Drugs and alcohol don’t work. Taking the wrong bad actions don’t improve a bad situation. You have to change your failure habits into success habits and that begins by changing your thinking. Start at the top with your thoughts.

Work on improving your attitude and everything begins to change. Your neural pathways work like dominos. Once triggered all the rest follow. Start with positive thinking so that everything that follows continues from a positive start. Success thoughts to success results.

There is no guarantee that just because you think positive all your efforts will be successful. There is the guarantee that negative thinking will not produce successful results. The benefit to positive thinking is you are more likely to succeed as you stick with it.

If You Want To Change The Fruit – You Have To Change The Roots

If things don’t work out as hoped you adjust your plans and carry on without letting it upset you or get you down. You are better equipped to succeed and more likely to succeed with a positive attitude. Overall, you life can become truly wonderful.

It isn’t a magic pill or wand. It is a real, reliable skill that gives you the power to begin producing the results you want. It is an incredible benefit to think and feel positive most of the time. Your health, mental and physical can improve, just as your work and life can.

Instead of living with faulty programming and getting crappy results you can change all of that. You can create new neural pathways, new habits of thought and feeling that lead to inspired action that become success habits to get you to good results.

To Change The Visible – You First Must Change The Invisible

Just like my computer hard drive you want your brain and mind working properly to help insure that you get the results that you intend to get. Follow the suggestions I have provided in these blog posts and you can begin to really begin to experience the benefits.

You can make your life the life you want. You can become, do and have anything you want in life when you learn how to go after it and make it happen. You can begin to feel good almost instantly by what you pay attention to. What you focus on you get. It expands.

Focus on the good things. Think powerfully and positively. Take charge of your thoughts and learn to control how and what you think. It is amazing when you do! Learn to delight in and enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

These moments are just for you. How will you spend them today?

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Why You Must Change Your Unconscious Habits Now!

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“If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got. That means if you struggle, if you fail, if you can’t get ahead you will continue to struggle, fail and be held back until you change what you are doing that prevents you!

In the 1980’s I taught meditation and personal development programs including Neuro Linguistic Programming and related disciplines. I enjoyed sharing state of the art, up to date, cutting edge thinking and research of that time. I still do all of it and enjoy it.

The available information based on research, then, indicated that humans operated at least at 95% on automatic. Subconscious habitual programs run the show. The thinking then was this might even be a low estimation. Since then this has been corroborated.

We’ve Been Programmed In Small Bits Repeated Day In Day Out

Today, researchers believe the same based on research over those years. I believe the estimation goes back further, to even ancient times, and that the language changes to describe the same ‘news’. Ancients meant the same thing using different words to describe.

We are creatures of habit. We learned beliefs, attitudes and behaviors from before we could speak, walk, read and write. Early on, we were conditioned in various ways to learn our family, our cultural values, ideologies, religions, and all the rest that we have.

We have been conditioned and live out that conditioning. We repeat endlessly throughout our lives thoughts, feelings and actions. We hardly notice unless for some reason we become aware. Unless we have an aha moment, good or not so good, we continue on and on.

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Day In And Day Out

For some it occurs with a thought, ‘why do I always feel this way?’ or ‘how come I always screw up?’ or some similar variation. At some point we become illuminated to a reoccurring, less than glorious, theme and we decide to change it. Or at least attempt it.

When we do we encounter the habitual machinery’s awesome power. 95% of us, that force, maintains the ‘show’. Our tiny 5% conscious decision to change has to contend with 95% conditioned, well entrenched, well traveled neural pathways of habit.

Many who decide to change, give up. They give in. They exclaim, ‘I tried that and it didn’t work!’ Face it, if you have ever tried to give up smoking, drinking or eating, or certain habits such as nail biting, or pulling your hair out, worry and anxiety, it can be difficult. At first.

The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be …

The problem with many people is they don’t make it past the first tough times. People will tell you that you can’t change. Obviously, that isn’t true or no one would ever change. People do change. Some will tell you that you need help. That may be true in certain ways.

A mentor or coach is a great idea. Support for changing with other positive people who encourage you, yes. People who have done what you want to can be most beneficial to learn from. Help as long as it is actually helpful is a good idea. Help in name only isn’t.

It is important to realize that your feelings can help you but often don’t. It all begins with thought. Whatever your first thoughts are produce your feelings. Those feelings in turn produce your subsequent thoughts. Might I add, this too is habitual.

… Is What You Think Feel Do And Make A Habit

We tend to think, feel and do what we have always thought, felt and done. Over and over and over again. Some people decide, ‘I will do it! Habitually, they add from their programming, ‘but it won’t be easy. It is hard. I may not succeed. The odds are against it.’ or some variation.

Then they feel less than able, they feel like they can’t, that it will be impossible. They are too tired or too weak. Their emotions are  not supercharged and motivated, they feel unable and unmotivated. Their next thoughts are ‘I can’t, too hard. this sucks, oh well!’

‘I tried and it doesn’t work!’ Their thoughts and feelings, because of their habitual conditioning, didn’t serve them. At this point you might wonder is there any hope then? YES! There is! Hang in there. There is much you can do. More than I can share in this one post.

Good Habits Are The Key To Your Success – Develop Good Habits

I have been sharing all along and will continue in the next posts too. You must choose to change. You must make the decision! You must commit to making it happen. If you always do what you always did you will always remain the same. Nothing will change.

You must decide you really want to and that you will no matter what. Yes, that is 5% conscious mind exclaiming, ‘I am going to do it’.  Have you ever heard the children’s tale ‘The Little Engine That Could’. ‘I think I can I think I can’. Well, thinking works and is the beginning.

Some say positive thinking won’t work and isn’t enough. They are completely wrong and somewhat correct. It begins with positive thinking. BUT we never think without accompanying emotions that support and reinforce what we are thinking.

What You Think Is What You Get – Results Begin With Thought

When we think negative thoughts we feel bad emotionally and our body changes. Even our brain structure detrimentally changes if our negative thinking lasts long enough. When we think positive we feel good and our body and health and brain can improve.

We must think positive thoughts and have the positive feelings. So work on having both. Think the thoughts and feel the feelings. Do the things that make us feel positive so we can more readily think positive. It is cyclic. Think and feel, feel and think. We do both.

If you know you want to change and must change that is the starting place. You can and will do it if you want it enough and dedicate yourself to making it happen. You must be willing to see it through to the end. Even if you are unsure at first, you can do it. It does work.

Success Is Not A One Time Thing – It Is A Way Of Life

Begin today! Fill your mind with great thoughts. Need help? Read this blog, read Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and others. Devote a portion of your morning to reading positive material from the masters of thought. It works.

Pick one or two positive, powerful, simply worded, affirmations and chant them over and over as if you were cheering on your favorite team. Get enthused when you do it. Be awesome and powerful. Exaggerate it! Shout it! Do it! I’ll share more in the next post.

I haven’t decided if I will put ‘Part 2’ in the title or not. It may just be a different title but keep reading. Please share if you know others who can benefit from this message and these posts. Meanwhile, do something positive for yourself. Spend time devoted to you and those you love. Delight and Enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have fun today. Delight in it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What’s A Mody? How To Make It Work For You!

Horizons resting-place-phil-koch

“Did you know thinking is a electro-chemical process? We are living batteries, self-contained energy sources, that rely on materials from the outside to sustain ourselves. When we think we release impulses and chemicals that produce our emotions.

It is a symbiotic. Nature provides for reciprocal relationships, just as the flower and butterfly, or bee, need each other. Our brain and body work together synchronously and sequentially in more amazing ways than we can fathom.

Instead of thinking we have a mind and a body perhaps we should say we have a mody. We are one bio-bag of incredible processes to say the least. When we think we produce emotions or feelings. Thought precede feeling and actions.

As Soon As You Can Accept The Idea … 

Those feelings then contribute to produce subsequent thoughts. Our INITIAL thoughts produce feelings. THEN those feelings determine what we think next. We cannot separate the two. If we think happy thoughts we get happier. We feel it.

Then we continue to think happy thoughts. Depending on whether we think positively or negatively we can spiral up into greatness and elation or down in to depression and lack of action. Negative thoughts produce negative sequences.

Learning to control our mody isn’t just about positive thinking but about learning to manage our thinking. Learning the act of management is almost more important than the thought itself. This is a crucial piece of understanding.

… That You Can Control Your Thoughts …

Once you learn to manage your thoughts you become more aware of the triggers that produce glorious and not so glorious feelings. You can take charge of the processes and direct them so you feel better, are more productive and happy.

More of the time! This is important because we become what we think about most often. Most people aren’t even aware of most of the thoughts they think during the day because they are on autopilot. They think from chronic, habitual programs.

These run at conscious threshold or below. They may not be horribly negative, but they are not positive or productive. Think of it this way, even if they were completely neutral they would fall into the negative category because they don’t support you.

… You Will Be Able To Create Your Own Happiness

This is a key element to understand. Either your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitude and the resulting emotions or feelings support you OR they do not. You want them to support you. You want to be able to absolutely choose and direct these.

Learning control takes discipline. It takes time. It is simple but not always easy. It is beyond worth it! BUT you only discover that as the process unfolds for you. It is the basis of creating, manifesting or attracting whatever you want.

When your mind and emotions are congruent and work hand in hand you can aim them are your target desires and go after and get them much more easily. When every aspect of you is aligned you are more powerful, efficient and able. You rock!

Life Is Like A Mirror – It Will Smile At You If You Smile At It

How can you tell what you are thinking? What are you feeling? Your feelings indicate, they inform you what kind of thoughts you are thinking. If you feel low energy, frustrated, angry or despair you are thinking negative thoughts. Get it?

It isn’t rocket science. If you feel less than glorious it is an alert signal that you are thinking less than glorious thought. Right then, as soon as you become aware you need to to take control and lead yourself into more glorious thought and feelings.

If you will do this, and you do it consistently and long enough you will develop the habit of control over your thoughts and feelings. Then you will actively be able to better create the life you want. You are already creating everything. You know that?

I’m Not What Happens To Me – I’m What I Choose To Become

All of your results, all of your life, is your doing. It is how you perceive, what you think, feel and act. Sure, things happen from the outside, but you react. Once you learn control you are better equipped to make your life what you want it to be.

Then you create, manifest or attract, whichever word works best for you, the life of your dreams. You aim at it and you bring it about because your thoughts lead to feelings, your feelings lead to actions, your actions become habits and then results.

You are either right now conditioned for success or for failure. Perhaps, you are stuck somewhere in the middle. If you want things to be different you have to change some things. If you want success you need to condition yourself for success.

I Use Memories – I Will Not Let Memories Use Me

Isn’t it time to get your mody going in the direction you want it to? Wouldn’t you like to get more positive consistent results? You can. You can the moment you decide to take charge. Once you do keep at it until you prevail. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It may seem as though nothing happens, just like the Chinese Bamboo plant I wrote about. It may seem that nothing is going on for some time, but then lookout as amazing transformations begin. Seeds take time to grow and to blossom. Hang in there.

There is only failure if you quit. If you throw in the towel. Otherwise, as long as you persist you are still moving forward. Then defeat is only temporary. Keep going. You can and will do it. The easiest way to make it all happen is through gratefulness.

Take Control Of Your Habits – You Take Control Of Your Life

Gratitude. Appreciation. Thankfulness. Enjoy and delight in everything. Love the wonderful moments and the not so great moments. Embrace both. One feels marvelous the other provides lessons. All is good. Once you get that, ALL IS good!

Filll your life enjoying little things. Make each moment special. Live this way and your life magically transforms. Stop comparing and start delighting. Smell the roses. Savor each second. Live with enthusiasm and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much more can you smile today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Don’t Make The Changes You Want To

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“What keeps most people the same? Why don’t they change? Even when they want to they don’t. What about you? Have you wanted to make changes but didn’t because you found it difficult? Why is that?

Welcome to Part 3 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the 1st and 2nd parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 4 tomorrow.

The answers may surprise you. At the same time you may think, ‘but of course, that makes perfect sense.’ So, why don’t people change? What is it that keeps them the same even when they want to?

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort. People like comfort. If nothing is pressing them they will remain as is. They want to be comfortable. Isn’t that true? Don’t you prefer it? I do. I like it when things are comfortable and easy.

That is one reason. The second reason is discomfort. People hate being uncomfortable and will do anything to remain in comfort. Change means discomfort. So they avoid changing.

When the discomfort becomes intolerable THEN people will decide to change because they want to comfortable again. Comfort like inertia takes a lot of effort to get people to move, out of it.

Comfort Zones Are Expanded Through Discomfort

Discomfort is what they want to avoid so they remain the same instead of leaving their comfort zone. They will continue until it becomes too uncomfortable to remain the same. Notice the cycle.

Change means you will be uncomfortable. This is normal. All growth means to stretch, to expand, to move beyond. We even say there is such a thing as growing pains. Discomfort is part of life.

All growth is growth outside your comfort zone. If you attempt new behaviors, change beliefs, create a new schedule or take a different route to work you leave the comfort behind.

The Secret:  Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It seems foreign and unfamiliar. You long for the old ways when you feel pain or discomfort. It was easier the old way. Simpler and more comfortable. The new way is too hard.  What do you do? You quit.

The old way wasn’t easier you wanted to change. You  just didn’t prepare for the changes you’d be making. You didn’t get your head on right. So you stopped and went back to  your comfort zone.

Yup, that is what we tend to do. We quit. We give in, resist change and remain the same because we hate being uncomfortable for any amount of time.  We really do. In order to change we have to face it.

You Can Never Be Happy If You’re Afraid To Be Uncomfortable

The way to move forward is to realize it won’t always be cushy. It is not going to be comfortable, especially at first, as you learn new things. Eventually, yes, you will get comfortable with the new ways.

BUT not at first. You might as well know this and accept it so you can work with it. If you want your life to change you will have to change some things in your life. You’ll have to change what you think and do.

You need to do some things you won’t like doing. If you know going into it there are some challenges, at least you won’t be surprised. You can determine to see it through no matter what. Stick with it!

The Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Accept it. Understand that in order to grow you will have to leave your comfort zone. It may not be easy, you may want to stop or to flee but you have to push through it. That is just how it is.

Don’t be afraid of it, accept it. Most of life is about making the unfamiliar familiar. We grow accustomed, establish habit and routine. We get comfortable over time with new things.

Then we convince ourselves that the new way should always remain the same. It doesn’t and won’t. There will always be obstacles and challenges. It is called LIFE. The apple cart gets tipped over.

Your Only Limitations Are The Ones You Think You Have

If we want to develop new thought and behavioral habits we will be uncomfortable from time to time. Not all the time but sometimes. That is how it will be. Can you accept that? It is easier if you can.

When you purchase a new pair of shoes they are uncomfortable at first. Perhaps, too tight or they rub. They are brand new but they don’t fit right, yet. They will but you have to break them in.

You wear them a little bit at a time so they break in without hurting your feet. You wear them. They stretch. You get more used to them. Eventually,the new ones become more comfortable for you.

Live As If You Were Going To Die Tomorrow…

That is how it works. When you exercise your muscles get sore. They burn. They downright hurt. You may not like it but if you keep going you develop a tolerance for it.

You accept it as part of developing muscles even if you don’t like it. Muscles grow by breaking the tissue down and then nourishing the tissue and replenishing it. It grows by break down and build up.

I had a friend who enjoyed the hurt because he knew his muscles were growing larger. His exercise was paying off. He took the pain as a signal he was making progress. It is all your frame of mind.

… Learn As If You Were Going To Live Forever

When you plant a seed, the seed germinates and breaks through it’s outer shell. Without tremendous effort the seed would not grow into the plant it is destined to become.

When you are uncomfortable you are at the boundary edges of your being. Your beliefs, and values are challenged. It is not at all comfortable.

T. Harv Eker has said, ‘Comfort is the kiss of death to success. If you are comfortable you will never be successful. BUT if you are successful there is a good chance you will be comfortable.’

Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you get it? It begins with your mindset. If you want to change know that you will be uncomfortable from time to time, or for a while. Develop your mindset and you can make do it.

Make the important changes you want to and then follow through. Don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of it because it feels to hard. Control your thoughts, what you say to yourself and out loud.

Stick with it even when it is uncomfortable and you will be pushing through the tough times. They will give way. You don’t need to always be coddled and comfortable. Persist and push through.

Change Is From The Inside Out

Women push through the pain of childbirth and many want to do it again.  Some right away. You can do nearly anything if you give yourself credit that you can.

95% of the people will never do this. They will give up, give in, find some excuse or reason to quit. When the going gets tough most people cave. Only the toughest get going and keep going to the end.

Believe in yourself and be willing to change. Then continue on the path until you arrive. Commit. Be grateful you have the opportunity. Even while it is difficult be grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret: You Must Push Through Limitations To Success

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“There are many things that separate those who are successful from those who are not. That separate those who can do from those who can’t. AND those who do from those who don’t. There is something you can learn to do that will give you the edge and help bring you the successes you want. It isn’t easy at first but it is worth doing!

Today, do something you have been putting off. Do something you don’t want to do that would be good for you. Perhaps, it means cleaning your office or your home. Writing a paper of report that you have been dreading. Going to the gym. Eating right. Whatever it might be make it a point of not putting it off any longer.

It never helps to procrastinate. Typically, it just only adds pressure until we no longer feel we can go without getting it done, so we  give in and do it. If, instead, you take care of it, in  addition to decreasing stress, you do something valuable. You took charge. You dictated the circumstances instead of letting circumstances dictate you.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

This point should not be lost on you! When you dictate the circumstances you come from a place of your own power and authority. You put yourself in the driver’s seat. This is what successful entrepreneurs do. They are in charge and they make things happen. Isn’t that preferable to things controlling you?

When you do something you don’t want to do, when you push past your own limits and excuses and reasons for not getting it done you become a leader of yourself. You do it anyway. You are larger than the task. When you behave this way routinely, with this mindset you develop habits that help make you unstoppable and successful.

It means you make a commitment to yourself and follow through. It is important to keep your word to others and yourself. You learn to push through resistance and you learn to persist. Olympic  athletes train when they don’t feel like.  Can you imagine wanting to get up and train really hard, really early, day in and day out?

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Go beyond what stops you. Troops in basic training may not feel like getting up for roll call but they have external pressures to insure they do. Athletes going for the gold need to rely on their own internal means for training when they don’t feel like it. Motivation comes from action not by waiting for it.

Those who are successful do things those who aren’t will never do. They don’t fear work. The go the extra mile when others quit. They don’t let their emotions stop them from getting closer to their goals. They are driven. You can learn how to push through your limitations only by pushing through your limitations.

The more you do the more you can do. It gets easier once you start. Perhaps, you are one of those people who have to learn that starting is 80% of getting it completed. In the past, you looked at that task and talked or felt your way out of not doing it. Learn how to talk and feel your way into doing it. That would be immensely beneficial!

Develop Habits That Breed Success

You and I need to use our our own internal motivation and rewards to act. We need to learn to do it in spite of our best reasons for not. We need to learn to not listen to our excuses and start listening to all the reasons we should complete our tasks. Then we will have learned to keep going in spite of the odds and challenges.

We will keep going when we otherwise might have felt like throwing in the towel. We will have learned how to dedicate ourselves, commit to our goals and tasks and persist, until we achieve what we want to achieve. When you complete the task notice how you feel. I bet you feel pretty good and maybe even proud of yourself.

That makes it worth it too. You want to spend more time feeling good. When it comes to positive thinking there may be times you don’t feel like it but you persist anyway because you know it is best for you. As you develop the habits to take care of things ‘anyway’, in spite of inner resistance you are truly becoming a victor.

When you complete the task notice what you feel. Notice how you feel. If you feel good about it that is part of the reward you get for acting in your own behalf. Savor the feeling and appreciate yourself. Notice what you learned about accomplishing your task. You did it. Acknowledge and validate! Then take time to feel glad and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Celebrate the day and that you are in it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Have You Accepted The Powerful 7 Day No Complaining Challenge? Yes Or No, Read This!

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“If you decided to take the 7 Day No Complaining Challenge, congratulations! You have just decided to put a moratorium on complaining for at  least one week. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to grow and learn some important things about yourself.

You may wish to keep a journal. I highly recommend it. Journal what you noticed as you went through each day, each moment. There will be times when you become aware of complaining and stop it. Notice and journal it. Congratulate yourself too. Celebrate!

For example, I started to post something to FaceBook and realized it was a complaint. I stopped, deleted my comment before I posted it, and congratulated myself for becoming aware. My comment was just opinion. It wouldn’t have made anything better.

If there is a fire don’t throw gasoline on it. The point of the ban is to notice how often we complain, about what, perhaps why and to get over the need to do it. What are the triggers?  If it doesn’t uplift or contribute positively to you, why engage in it? Habit.

Most of us do it unconsciously from habit. We don’t control it. We don’t control our thoughts nor our behaviors. It is time to reclaim choice, make positive decisions and develop positive habits. Habits either build you up or tear you down. Increase or decrease.

In putting a ban on complaining, whining, blaming and excusing you have the incredible opportunity to move into new wonderful ways of being and doing. Once you start making positive changes you will discover more in return. Enjoy this process. Be rigorous AND enjoy!

There will be those times when you went right on complaining, most likely. Journal it. Don’t beat yourself up. Congratulate yourself that you eventually realized it. Do you understand? This is an opportunity to evolve not criticize yourself. Uplift don’t destroy!

If you started and you caught yourself complaining. Start over. That’s what I would do. The idea is to go for 7 Days without complaining, blaming and making excuses. Obviously, you don’t have to, it is entirely up to you, but it is a worthwhile choice.

Share what you notice in the comments if you feel inclined. It would be wonderful to support each other. Most importantly, once you made your commitment, keep your promise to yourself. Don’t throw in the towel, keep going. There is much waiting for you!

Enjoy the ‘ahas’! Have fun. Notice what happens to your experience, to you, to your life. This can be a small set of wonderful moments, or really huge. Whatever it is for you celebrate it. Stick with it and celebrate everything. It is a tremendous opportunity!” Rex Sikes

Another day, more blessings!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Without This, You Will Never Change!


“Most people think we have free will and the power to choose. If you listen to researchers, however, it is estimated that more than 95% of what we do is automated. We run on automatic, past prior conditioning, habits, well worn neural pathways, like robots. We don’t choose, not really. Not much. We react instead of respond.

We choose relatively little each day. We think mostly the same thoughts, do mostly the same things in mostly the same way. We are creatures of habit. We run on and on. How on earth could we ever hope to break free? Awareness! Awareness is ‘the how’ we become disengaged enough to begin to make deliberate choices.

Though conditioned, or programmed, from birth on to think, believe, value and behave in certain ways routinely we can begin to become conscious of our programming. We can begin to watch or witness ourselves in action. We need to bring awareness to our lack of choices so that we can discover how to actually choose.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

We can task ourself to watch our fears, our beliefs, our attitudes, our habits and our behaviors. We can watch what we do as well as what we don’t do. Becoming conscious is like shining a flashlight in a dark room. That which was once hidden is now spotlighted and revealed. Once revealed it can be examined, then kept or discarded.

Once we turn the flashlight on our thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviors we can decide whether they are worth keeping. Does what we think and do further us, contribute to us, bring us closer to our goals and dreams or move us farther away? Those are the only two possibilities, other than, we can remain stuck where we are.

So become aware of your thoughts. How? Make it a point to focus on being positive. Think positively! Whenever you notice you are not thinking positive, change it. Awareness, is when you notice you aren’t doing what you intend to do, and choice is when you switch it to do what you want. Awareness is paying attention. Spotlighting!

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

Awareness, is not judgmental. When you notice you are not thinking positive but are distracted or thinking negative you do not criticize. If you criticize you are only thinking more negative thoughts. Instead, you notice AND you determine to steer your thoughts toward the positive bit by bit. You take control of your thoughts.

You can notice and validate when you do what you want, as well. You can pat yourself on the back for maintaining your positive thinking. Congratulate and praise yourself for carrying out your intention. By tasking yourself to think positive you can become aware of when you are and when you aren’t.

This is the first step in gaining control and developing choice. As time goes on, situations may arise and you find yourself steering away from the negativity many times. You may be delighted to find at some point, that how you would have reacted to a situation, you now behave differently. Now, you decide how you want to respond.

You Cannot Escape Your Thoughts

In doing this, by becoming aware, you are reclaiming your power. You are deciding that you do not have to think and act as you were programmed to always, but that you have choice in the matter. Through observing you discover that you can decide, you can chose in the present moment, rather than reacting automatically.

You can begin to live who you are instead of from your conditioning. You will discover the real, present you, and live from the now, instead of from the past. Who you are today will not be who you were yesterday. You will discover your talents, and resources and opportunities instead of living from fears and worry and old rules.

Once you become free you can see that the conditioned you was never who you are, was never the real you, but the you, you had learned to be. You are more than your learning and programs, you are the programmer. You are the observer! The witness! You are the one who decides.

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure – Awareness The Key

Your beliefs either serve you and get you closer to where you want to be or they move you further away. Each thought will either be positive or negative. Each thought will either nourish you and benefit you or consume and destroy you. Now, you can choose what to think and believe. Make wise choices!

Awareness opens the doorway to discovery and adventure. You can move beyond anything that was a limitation into new ways of being now and in your future. You can delight and surprise yourself by finding new opportunities to succeed and to enjoy life, as never before. So explore! Become aware. Choose how you think! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is another glorious day no matter what you think of it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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