This Separates The Haves From The HaveNots!

stop blamaing others for anyting

“Most successful, wealthy people are different from the rest. They think and do things differently from the masses.  It is what they think and do that puts them ahead of others. The good news is you can begin to think and behave as they do and start discovering more success for yourself.

Those who are able to make wealth and keep it know that they do not know everything. They understand that so they surround themselves with others who have different methods and approaches for accumulating wealth and success.  The recognize the value in keeping others, who may be smarter and wiser, near them. They keep other successful people close! They have mentors. They are always on the lookout for opportunity and better, new approaches.

The wisest of those who succeed know that they may encounter ideas and practices that conflict with theirs. They know it is important to be adaptable and flexible and not take themselves too seriously. If they make a mistake they are willing to correct it. They do not pass the buck. They learn from their ‘mastermind’ group of mentors and advisors. They pick up and move on letting nothing deter them.

The masses often think they know the way. They believe they can handle it on their own. They tend to work alone and don’t have the benefit of wise successful consultants. If they do the people they associate with are typically in the same situation as they are. The don’t change much. They plug along as they learned they should. Often they work from antiquated maps of reality.They defend themselves and blame others  when mistakes are true. They may give up when it gets too hard.

strongest people don't give up

Obviously, there are some on both sides that do not fit these generalizations but there are enough to make these elements poignant.

If you want success in any area; health, wealth, well-being and happiness you need to be willing to be flexible and not rigid. You should develop a successful mindset (your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions). Remember, a belief is really only a thought you think over and again. Develop a set of success habits that automatically support you  in where you want to go. Surround yourself with people who can inspire, stimulate, and wisely advise you. Chose wisely!

In this blog website I have posted other critical elements that separate the successful from the not so successful. Go back and read through the posts and start putting these powerful practices into play. Make a study of it . Embrace these principle and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.” Rex Sikes

May your day be joyful and filled with love.

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