No Failure Only Feedback!

your best teacher your last mistake

Have you ever been faced with a particularly rough challenge? Have you tried some things that didn’t work out back when  you tried them? Have you felt defeated in your past? When things got difficult what did you do?

It is important to understand that everyone faces trials and tribulations. That may not be much of a consolation but it is true. Tough times come and tough times go. When you encounter tough times you might be better served if you remember thoughts like ‘diamonds are created by massive pressure’, or ‘through chaos stars are born’.

Mind set is an important component of successfully navigating difficulty. Mindset is your attitude, beliefs and perceptions. What you think and feels determines MUCH of the outcome. The more you are positive the more you are powerful and able.

Every successful person has had difficulty. Some face seemingly insurmountable odds. For some true disaster preceded their success. That just seems to be the way things go. Perhaps, that is why common wisdom has stated, ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’.

the one who falls and gets up

When faced with challenge it is important to be flexible and adjust the plan (if you want) but do not give up on the goal if it is important to you. Maybe this is why it is said, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.’ ‘Those who win finish the race’. ‘Winners never quit and Quitters never win.’

Once you have have made mistakes it is important to examine them. Do not blame or judge yourself in any way.  You did the best you could with the information or tools you had at the time. Accept whatever  you did, what happened, whatever outcome you got and stay open. Examine the mistake for the learning opportunity contained in it. Look for the hidden wisdom. Discover new resources!

If you did something wrong, forgive yourself. If you hurt someone else seek forgiveness. Make amends. Don’t repeat the mistake is an important component in gaining resolve. Have integrity and take responsibility! Be trustworthy!

Don’t lose the lesson just because things didn’t work out as you hoped. Find it! Keep moving. Keep the faith! Do not give up because it has not yet worked out. Failure is feedback for what you need to now to make it work. Feedback is important for us all to evolve and grow positively. Feedback is what allows you to course correct.

im a product of my decisions

Don’t let the wind come out of your sails. Gather your resources and go at it again with the new information and a renewed spirit. This process is more important that actually succeeding right from the gate. Too early or too easy success spoils a person. They only learn one way.

One method at some point is bound to fail. It is best to have numerous ways to succeed. We should seek is lots of feedback, correction and resourcefulness. Feedback gives up alternative avenues to be more successful.  Appreciate feedback at every opportunity. Be grateful for errors and for the learning. When you can truly appreciate all that happens then you are really learning and moving forward positively!” Rex Sikes

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