Fake It Till You Make It

its a slow process but quitting wont speed it up

“Most of us are conditioned to wait for things in life. That is not a bad thing because it is true that things take time. When you plant a seed in the earth you must wait the appropriate timespan for it to develop and then break ground and grow. Things just take time. So be patient. While waiting, however, you can put into practice something that will help you spend the time much better and get you what you want while waiting.

Most of us believe we feel the way we do because of current circumstances. We think we feel the way we do because of what is happening in our lives or what is not happening. Consider for a moment that perhaps it is exactly the other way around. What if what happens in our life is because of how we feel? I keep reminding you that ‘we get and we become what we think about predominantly.’

That which presently occupies our minds and our hearts determines our results. This is the wisdom of the ancients as well as current researchers, philosophers and self-help leaders. What fills our mind determines our reality. How we feel determines how we experience the present. We can do an exercise to make things much better whenever we want it to be.

Researchers know  that by shifting our physiology and changing our thoughts we can change our mental and physical states. If we stand and move and act and think and speak like we have more energy, more confidence, more happiness, more power we actually get more of those right then. Instantly. When we behave as if we already have it we actually have it.

Out bodies have  positive states wired in. They have less than glorious ones wired in too. Whenever you want to change how you feel adopt the physical stance and movements you feel when you are in a positive state. Adopt the physiology of feeling resourceful and well-being. You will experience the feelings of the physiology you adopt.

change what is going on within you

It actually is quite simple. You change your breathing to what it is like when you are feeling confident, for example. Put your shoulders back, your chest out your chin up, Strut and move as someone filled with confidence. Speak with authority. Pretend.  You ACT AS IF you are confident right now and you will be. You actually will become more confident. It is hardwired into your being as a human. It works!

Keep doing it. Move, walk, sit, and go through your routines behaving this way. Take a walk down the street. Spend time ‘acting as if’ you are exactly what you want to be feeling and enjoy feeling it. Don’t be skimpy be lavish with yourself. Keep it up, do it throughout the day.

You fake it till you make it! The more you try on the positive feelings like a set of brand new clothes the more you make a habit of taking charge and changing your feelings for the better. If it wears off and you want more of it do it again. Go for all the gusto you can.

You can use this to wake up and get over feeling tired, You can use it to relax and unwind and go to sleep. You can use it to feel safe, happy, peaceful, confident, excited, secure, outgoing, anything you want to. For those one or two who claim they may not have ever had a certain feeling but want one then pretend to be the way you have seen others act. Be an actor and do what they do.

Use positive role models as examples. Act as if you have what they have. Try it on like a new set of clothes. Have fun, pretend, enjoy!  As kids we learned by pretending so keep using this valuable approach to learning important behavioral skills. The more you do it the more you have available to you. It gets easier and you get better at it.

believe it to receive it

Instead of excuses use your time well and feel wonderful whenever you want. If you want to change your life you have to change some of the things you are doing. You take charge and responsibility to making things happen. If you want to be more successful, wealthy, healthy, and happy then pretend to be in your mind. Imagine you already are! Use your inner world too!

Live it on the inside because as you do you inform your unconscious that this is what you want to experience. You align your thoughts and behaviors with being how you want to be. You focus on what you want and will make happen instead of the circumstances in the present. Fill your being with the best inside and you will get the best outside. You will be better equipped to handle anything when your mental frame of mind is powerful. Fake it till you make it!

Utilize your inner movie theater to rehearse success, happiness, confidence, peace, whatever it is you want more of. See your self being and feeling and speaking and thinking and doing how and what you want to be, as if you already are. That is what ‘act as if’ is about. Rehearsal. So rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and have fun!

Everyone knows the benefit of rehearsal; actors, athletes, speakers, surgeons, and others. We have plenty of research that proves you can rehearse outside in real life AND inside your head to enhance and accelerate wiring in the skills. You get better faster when you use your mind to make it real. Think inner golf, inner tennis some of those very successful programs that work!

Steer yourself through the present into what you want by maintaining your focus on your target. Use everything I have shared in this and previous blogs and you will accelerate your abilities to achieve your desires. While traveling to your destination you will make the journey most enjoyable. There is no reason to wait to feel better. Get the upper hand on what is happening by taking charge of what you think, feel and do! You will be delighted.” Rex Sikes

May your day be magical!

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