You Have Been Lied To! Change Isn’t Difficult. It Is Easy!

winners never quit

“Have you tried to change something and found it difficult? Did you give up because you thought it was too hard? Are you living other than you want to because you may attempted to be different but have not yet succeeded? Do you realize those attempts speak volumes to you?

Begin to look at them and examine them and see that they were necessary for you to learn many things. Whether you actually learned them or not the possibility existed. In every challenge there IS the seed of opportunity. In every failure there is feedback. You only have to be open and look.

Many people give up because they believe it to be hard. They expect a rough road. The can’t see past the difficulty to a brighter day. Therein lies the issue. If you expect it to be tough it is far more likely to be tough than if you expect it to be easy.

Our mindset, the beliefs, the perceptions, the biases, the past experiences we go to when we evaluate future actions shape how we perceive the future and our success. Our own thoughts prevent us.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

When we believe something to be easy and that we are able to accomplish it effortlessly we may encounter challenge. If we believe we can handle any challenge and make it through then we most likely will. After all, it is all only in our heads! It is whatever we think or decide it will be. Our own thoughts see us through to a success!

If truth be told, it is actually easier to change than most people think it is. It is easy. It is truly, very easy! Since many don’t think so they make it tougher than it is. People think changing their thinking is not all that easy. It is! It really, truly, actually is.

You are only replacing a thought with a different more productive thought. You are only making a different decision to think something or do something or feel something else! You are not stopping something, giving something up or making any sacrifice you are changing your thoughts like you change your socks. You switch them.

When you are watching television and you tire of a program do you struggle to change the channel?  Are you afraid it is too difficult and give up or do you simply use the control to look elsewhere for something you prefer more? You surf to something more enjoyable. Or do you sit there are fret, worry and get sad? Are you afraid to switch from one channel to the next? Is it so difficult to decide?

think happy thoughts good things will happen

Do you see the folly most of us buy into? We think changing our minds is tough when in fact we do it numerous times each day. We change, we opt out of and into something else. The only reason you don’t actually have to force yourself to change channels and you may force yourself to eat better, or think better IS because of your pre-conditioned thoughts about each. You know you can do it!

You don’t give changing the channel (or your socks)  it a second thought but you have stories, and excuses, and reasons, blah, blah, blah about a time/s when you tried something and it didn’t work out as you had hoped. STOP IT! Stop indulging in useless, less than glorious, non-productive thinking. Just stop it! Put the excuses to rest.

Change is easy! It can be easy. Once you do it change gets even easier. Since birds of a feather flock together and like attracts like, if you think it is difficult you produce more of the same kind of thoughts. You get one bad reason, one poor excuse after another.

The same will be true if you switch your thinking to more productive, powerful, positive thinking. You generate more productive, powerful, positive thoughts. IT DOES work both ways. You get more of whatever you focus on. You  become what you think about. It gets easier and easier!

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

IT IS EASY! You decide to do it and you do it! As you do you will discover it getting easier and easier. Eventually you get into the flow. So stop fighting it and give in. Give up the excuses and go with the flow. That is easy! It is actually easier than you THINK it is BECAUSE you only think it isn’t. Do you understand how silly it is for you to think it is tough? It is ONLY a thought that is stopping you.

You want to be in charge of your thoughts and not have them in charge of you! SO decide, take control, take charge and begin making the positive changes you want to make. You are only changing the channel from a less than glorious story and bevy of excuses to a more positive powerful story.

You make these kind of decisions and changes each and every day. Make them again in your own best interests. It IS easy. You will find it so when you get it going. You will discover a momentum as you move along. BUT nothing wil change unless you decide to do it now! It is completely up to you! Don’t wait. Make it happen today!” Rex Sikes

May you discover may delightful moments today!

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