Change Your Thinking, Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

“What is positive thinking? How does thinking positive benefit us? Thinking positive simply means we choose our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts run wild. It means we take charge of our mind and determine what we want instead of being a victim. If we want to transform our lives for the better we need to think, feel and act the very best.

It means we decide where we want to go and align all of our efforts to get there.  In order to change our lives we have to be able to change our minds. For most of us we grew up never realizing this was something within our control. We grew up believing we had to accept whatever our minds offered us. This is absolutely not true!

Beliefs are nothing more that thoughts we think over and over again for a long enough period of time. A belief is a thought we habitually think. What we believe is just a collection of thoughts we continuously think and have bought into. As a result these convictions shape us. It is time for us to shape our convictions!

Some thoughts and beliefs serve us. Some limit us.  Positive thinking is wisely choosing new and different thoughts to replace the limiting ones. When you change what you are thinking you change your beliefs. Since you choose – choose the very best thoughts to think!

The bottom line is there are only positive thoughts or negative ones. There are thoughts about what you want and thoughts about what you don’t want. If you aren’t thinking positive then what are you thinking?  If you aren’t moving closer to your goals what exactly are you doing? You are either remaining where you are (stuck) or you are moving further away. It is very simple.

What we imagine and believe in our minds is what we create in the world for ourselves. If we want a more wonderful life we have to repeatedly think more wonderful thoughts.  If you have a lot in your life you don’t want you must determine what you DO want and focus on creating that. Positive thinking means you choose the very best thoughts for yourself.  You make new habits and positive beliefs!

Choose thoughts that make you feel wonderful, happy, confident, relaxed, peaceful, co-operative, helpful, whenever you need to. You choose the thoughts that move you closer to creating what you want for yourself and your loved ones. Whatever we hold in our head we can someday hold in our hands. We become what we think about!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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