Something Einstein Said Can Change Your Life!

when you forgive you change the future

“Albert Einstein is reported to have said, “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” This is such an important concept. He says he is thankful not resentful. He is not carrying a grudge or behaving like a victim.

He appreciates because through their NO he was provided an opportunity to do it himself. He is the one who has taken the action. He is responsible. Because they said NO he is doing it himself. He is not whining he is doing. He is acting in his own best interests. If he wins it is because he did it. Truly, this is another reason to be appreciative. If it is to be it is because YOU accomplish it!

It is far better and far more wonderful to live our lives filled with gratitude in every way and towards everyone than to live otherwise. Gratitude opens up the doorway to everything else. It frees us from negativity and less than glorious feelings. It allows us to move forward positively. Take inventory for all the people, circumstances and things you feel grateful for. Then, be grateful!

Look at the NOs in your life, the opposition. Look at the challenges, the difficulties, the situations that didn’t work out and extract from these the lessons and learnings you can. Look again because you can always find more. We can discover In every disappointment or failure the seeds of opportunity IF we will only really look.

It makes a big difference in how well our life goes day to day by the attitude we maintain. If we can celebrate everything all of our life can be joyous. Happy people are ones who allow and accept, they are able to let go of disappointment, hurt and grievances.The  freely give and freely receive. They learn and grow instead of whither and die.

An attitude of gratitude truly makes a difference. It will lighten the load and relieve you of the burdens you  carry. It will illuminate your path in the darkness so that you can find the silver linings. It will free you up to notice more and delight in all ways. It will allow you to discover the good things in all things. You will become free!

So be thankful not just for the easy times but for the tough ones. Be thankful not just for the people who support and love you but for those who closed doors on you or did not accept you. It is because of these you can grow stronger and live better. Do it. Be grateful, learn, find the opportunities, celebrate and enjoy! Life is incredible when you do! Take time to appreciate and celebrate! ” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your day!

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