Do It Or Don’t It Is All Up To You! BUT If You Don’t…

winners take responsibility

“Have you ever noticed some people take action while others wallow and complain? Some people get things finished while others never get started. Circumstances may be the same for both but some take the initiative while others wait and wait and wait.

There may seem to be lots of factors to limit a person; upbringing, lack of talent, the economy, lack of money, poor education, religion, gender, the weather, the government, your parents, your spouse, parents or children, etc.  Lots of people push ahead anyway.

Lots of people keep going  while others others stop. They get going while others do not. Since many people make it happen in spite of limitations or limiting factors  it isn’t those things that prevent anyone from succeeding it is the person who choses not to move ahead. Which type person are you?

There are people who make excuses and there are people who make things happen. Excuses and wallowing are the reasons why one can’t get closer to what one wants. It is mindset and attitude. Can Do people take full responsibility. Others do not.

People with a can do mindset don’t blame others or external events. They don’t expect other to do it for them. They know that if you want something done you need to do it yourself. No one can do the exercises for you and have you get into shape. You have to do them yourself. It is up to you!

Use today to take action. Find one or two things you want or need to complete and take a step towards completing them. Or go ahead and finish what needs to be done. You will accomplish two things in doing this. One you will be further along, closer to your goal. Two you can take pride in moving forward and making some progress. You can enjoy having those good feelings.

Can Do people take actions. They press forward. Others may be stopped by fear or worry but not the can do person.They push through despite the odds. There is never a perfect moment to act other than right now. No one but you can do what needs to be done. Get your thoughts  and feelings in order, take charge, put yourself in control and follow through. You will be glad you did.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra reasons to smile large!

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