Stop Doing This And Become Happier!

there is nothing impossible

“If you are facing difficulty or just not feeling as happy as you’d like there is something you can do to change that. If you aren’t as successful in your career or relationships as you want to be you can turn that around. What you allow will continue. Isn’t it  time to  get more of what you want; become happier, healthier, and more successful?

No matter what is happening in your life thinking the right thoughts can make a powerful positive difference. The effectiveness of positive thinking has been declared for ages. Research demonstrates it is one of the best things we can do  for our mental, physical and emotional health.

Regardless of your any situation you find yourself in positive thinking can help you think clearer and more efficiently. It can help you feel better and more easily navigate the troubles. It is a great choice if you want to experience overall well-being.

We already use affirmations and make statements to ourselves all the time. Whatever we assert or declare about what was, is or will be going on is an affirmation. It is our self talk. It is what we picture in our minds. These statements and images, these preoccupations, affect our health in mind and body.

Most people may not realize they are negatively programming themselves. Their self talk is less than glorious.  Negative self talk is simply affirming what you do not want. Worry is actually just ‘negative planning’.

When you make less than glorious statements about yourself, others, or your situation you are affirming the negative. You are paying attention to and bringing about what you do not want. It starts with one negative thought, then another and another. Like attracts like. Negative thinking gains in momentum just as a snowball rolling down a hill gets larger.

Positive thinking IS just as easy as negative thinking. We just have to learn to make it a habit.Then we will think powerfully and positively about what we want to include and create for ourselves. We can positively influence the outcome when we think, feel and act to make good things happen.

your only limits

If you want to turn things around you need to turn your thinking around. You have to let go, drop the negative thoughts, turn your back on them and affirm what you DO want. You need to spend the balance of your time thinking healthy, positive, ‘can do’ thoughts.

As has been said, ‘If you want to enjoy enduring success you must travel a little bit in advance of the world.’ Or as the Boy Scout motto proclaims, ‘be prepared.’ Positive thinkings IS affirming what you want. It is positive self talk. Create a positive snowball with its own momentum. Like attracts like!

Start now so you condition yourself and make it a reliable habit for when you need it.  It is not something you do only in a crises it is something you do daily. ‘Luck is the crossroads where opportunity and preparedness meet.’ So prepare today for tomorrow. One positive thought leads to more positive thoughts. Keep at it!

If you need it now, go back through this blog and re-read as many posts as you are able. The keys and secrets, and tips and suggestions are all right here. Most importantly remember if you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. What you think about you bring about.

You can do this! Keep the faith! Let of negativity. Focus on solutions and what you want.  No matter what might be going on around you stay positive. Birds of a feather flock together. Stop attracting the negative and begin attracting more positivity.  Positive thinking can improve any situation no matter how difficult is seems.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra reasons to smile large!

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