How To Stop Creating What You Don’t Want And Start Getting What You’ve Always Desired!

no whining

“In my workshops, beginning in the 90’s to this present day, we put up signs that display ‘No Whining’ symbol. I do this to remind people how to best use their minds. Many people waste time whining and complaining instead of spending their time targeting and going after their goals and dreams.

It isn’t just a major waste of time. It is a powerful way to attract exactly what one doesn’t want. We get more back of whatever it is we put out there. Positive or Negative it doesn’t matter. Whatever we focus on we will get back. Whatever we focus on the most we get back the most!

Like attracts like. If you send out negative thoughts, vibes and actions that is what you get in return. If you want a positive abundant life then you need to put that out there FIRST. The you will get back the positivity and the abundance you put out. You reap what you sowed!

It is time people stop being a victim. People need to end their helplessness. They need to stop thinking that they aren’t responsible for their good or bad times. Many act as if they can’t do anything or make anything happen. They are absolutely wrong!

The truth is people are ALREADY making things happen. Sadly, many are making crumby things. It is time to stop that. Can-Do people focus on what they do want, what they can do, how they want to feel and on solutions. Can-do people make the things they want to happen, happen. It is their intention to create great things.

They focus on gratitude and celebration. They focus on making life as wonderful as it can be. Whenever they discover themselves thinking less than glorious thoughts or having less than glorious feelings they make the change. They know it is up to them to do it!

They don’t blame others nor do they expect others to do the work for them. They take 100% responsibility for whatever they create in life. Because they take responsibility they create and attract what they intend to! They get back good things because they first put good things out there for themselves and others.

They know there will be obstacles but they do not let that stop them. They search for creative means to overcome difficulty and to continue to move forward. They are consistent in their practice and persistent in their pursuit, They follow through. They do not quit!

They decide and they act. They don’t wallow of waffle. They make a decision and move forward. If they make a wrong decision they correct it. They take the bull by the horns and move ahead without fear. They understand flexibility and creativity is desirable.

They are proactive and work to make things better. They realize that it begins and ends with THEIR mindset, how THEY feel and THEIR actions. They resolve to do the best. If you aren’t already, become a can-do person. Make your life work in wonderful ways. You can, you know!

Realize you are always creating. Everything you have or don’t have you have created. Take 100% responsibility for everything because when you do change can begin to happen. As long as you blame the outer world, luck, circumstances or others you WILL remain the same.

Change your mindset!  Recognize your power as a creator!  Stop putting energy into what you don’t want and put it into making what you do want. YOU can make the life you have always desired. You can Be, Do and Have anything! It’s up to you.

Guard your thoughts, your feelings, your speech and your actions. Strive to always do that which is positive and that which heals. Do that which blesses others and helps all prosper. Create good things!

When you do this you are well on your way to having an incredible life. In an instant everything can begin to transform. It will begin the second you take 100% responsibility for everything! Claim your power! Live the life you’ve intend to live! It is up to you. DO IT!” Rex Sikes

Help others smile more today and you will too!

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