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Don’t Miss Right Now. Now Is All You Have

everyday you have a choice

“Many people regret the past and live tethered to times they cannot change. It is a huge mistake to let the past haunt you because the past is gone. The only person keeping it alive is you, or me, or whomever it is who has not let it go. Do not fret about the future. It hasn’t happened yet so it may or may not be as bad as you might expect it to.

Worry has been called ‘negative goal setting’. To worry is to be focused on what you don’t want instead of what you do want. You can’t change the past but you can accept it, forgive, and move on but you can’t change it.

You can shape the future but only if you know what it is you want. Keep in mind we get what we think about. So if you are focused on what you don’t want that is precisely what you end up with. You must focus on what it is you DO want.

Where you actually live is in the here and now. Unless of course in your mind you are always some place else. I understand this. For me, I spent lots of time living in the past. The future was never defined by me, but I knew what I loved from the past and missed and what regrets I had.

I romanticized the past, I valued it over my future and my present. I longed to return to the ‘good ole days’. I had to train myself to focus on my future to shape it and my present to live in it. Be here now are important words.

Learn to focus on the present! Let go of the past. If you are going to reflect on it use it to learn from it so you make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. You can shape the future but that is dependent on what you think and do today.

If you learn from the past to improve your present you can have a better future. A favorite quote of mine is “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the consequences of your thoughts.’

What you do right now is important! Your future is determined by what you are thinking about and focused on right now this instant. If you want an incredible future you will need to make your present incredible first. I learned how to do this for myself. I found that feeling truly grateful for EVERYTHING made all the difference in the world.

Yes, this meant I learned to appreciate the past for the lessons and let it go. I learned to focus on anything and everything I can appreciate right now. This made a huge difference for me. There is so much we can be grateful for. Living in gratitude will absolutely change your attitude for the better. When you are happy now you will be happy in your future.

Right this moment what can you find small and large to be thankful for. Focus on these. Accentuate these. What we appreciate we attract more of. What about yourself do you like, love and enjoy? What about your family, friends and associates? What about you job, your hobbies, your home?

Take the time to take an inventory of what you can appreciate so that you can feel more grateful. You will be surprised the doors that open when you live in gratitude. Smell the roses. Enjoy this moment. Savor it. Each now moment gives what to the next now moment. Live it fully!” Rex Sikes

Make all your moments miraculous!

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