The Secret Behind The Secret’s Secret.

gratitude is the attitude for abundance

“The famous book and movie ‘The Secret’ was based on older manuscripts. Apparently, the author discovered the works of Wallace Wattles, one of the pioneers of the New Thought Movement, and made a movie, a book and made her dreams come true using the principles she documented. I have to say that is very cool.

Wattles is one of many who championed using one’s own brain to bring about positive results in one’s life. Proponents of this idea and practice date back to some of the earliest writings. It is a message that has stood the test of time. People can become and do and have anything they want when they put their mind to it. We do become what we think about.

It is worth it to read his works. He, as have others, wrote that there is a universal energy which fills the entire universe. Nothing exists that is separate from this energy. You and I and all things are this energy. All matter is made up of the same thing. It is the same energy vibrating at different rates. Physicists now know this to be accurate.

Ancient practitioners had no scientific means of knowing this, yet, they have believed it throughout history. That is actually quite impressive. Everything is made from this energy. Wallace believed you tap into this energy whenever you form a thought in your head. You create what you think about. What we think about we bring about is another way of saying this.

Wallace stated that in order for us to  be able to do this we must drop our competitive mind. That is the mind that separates us from each other and our desires and we must begin to use our creative mind. We use imagination. We stop competing and resisting. We must become harmonious with the Universal Energy by expressing our gratitude.

Gratitude opens the gateway through which we re-unite with this creative energy. We begin to appreciate that we and this creative energy are one and the same in different forms. We are one and the same! Nothing exists that is not this energy.

To make our lives what we want, to manifest what we desire, we simply hold an image of what we want firmly in our mind. See what you want as if you already have it and feel grateful. Words of appreciation are nice, but it is the feeling in expressing gratitude that is important.

It is the feeling that drives everything. When you are truly grateful you bring about what you are thinking about through natural means.

It isn’t that these things mysteriously appear. It is that you awaken your creativity. You are able to see and recognize opportunity more readily. You align with other like minds to make things happen. You more fully tap into your inner creativity and resourcefulness. You become more positive and powerful. You develop a deliberate focus and determination.

This practice requires that you are thankful for things which you do not yet have in the outer world but that you already have in the inner world. You are grateful for the desires you are visualizing. You ignore that they aren’t there yet on the outside while being thankful for them on the inside. No matter what the outer circumstances you stay true to your inner desire.

You believe it has happened and it will happen. You will see it in time. If you can see it as already happened in your head, and believe it and feel grateful for already having it, you will one day hold it in your hand. You manifest what you want by keeping your mind focused on what you want.

Your subconscious mind is driven by feelings and it makes all the connections to your inner and outer resources by your repeated and continued visualizing. You spend time each day in your inner movie theater and you allow your thoughts to return to it again and again throughout each day. Remember, you become what you think about most of the time.

Whether it is love, health, family, wealth, a home, a car, a job or career, whatever it is you desire those who faithfully practice these instructions will make it happen. You can be, do and have anything you want. As Wattles instructs, you must have a definite vision, you must be fixed on your purpose, you must be consistent and persistent in you belief and practice, and you must deeply feel gratitude.

Those who delay their accomplishments are those who vacillate between believing and checking for results. Let go and trust while you continue to focus and you will see it through. If you get off track jump back on track, Have you ever noticed that when you feel really grateful you feel wonderful? That is how you want to feel most of the time.

Make feeling marvelous through gratitude a priority each day. That will make you happier regardless! Then you are doing well. Those who don’t get what they want are those who quit anywhere along the way. If you keep at it you will see it through. Be willing to stick with making it happen for however long or short it takes. It will happen. YOU will make it happen.” Rex Sikes

Feel Fabulous!

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