How You Can Tap Into The Power Behind Everything!


gratitude changes lives

“Do you want to transform your life? Gratitude is the power behind everything! You transform your life when you FEEL grateful. Just saying words is not the point. It’s a great start to say thanks and write out lists but it isn’t the words that transform you. It is the feelings!

It is that you FEEL grateful. The words support and verify but the feelings are the power. Feeling gratitude is the secret! When you realize how blessed you are and you are thankful you feel wonderful. You feel joy. These FEELINGS makes things happen!

WHEN you live in a state of gratitude and appreciation for EVERYTHING, good and not so good, life becomes wonderful. When you truly feel blessed you open up an incredible doorway to transformation and well being that is beyond belief!

Yes, express your words of gratefulness. Find and count all your blessings daily. This helps you to feel grateful. Enjoy the feelings. Savor, bask, bathe yourself in the marvelous feelings. Live in gratitude day in and day out. Each moment be thankful for all of it! Feel it through and through!

You want to change your life? Become more grateful moment to moment. Be thankful for every little thing past and present. Be thankful for all the blessings you have not yet received but are coming your way. Be thankful for all of life’s lessons and challenges.

Delight in Everything! Celebrate it all! When you truly embrace thankfulness your life changes in incredible ways. You become congruently aligned with the creative energy of the universe. You are at one! When you feel blessed you feel truly alive!

Stop resisting, let go and begin allowing. When you do you open up and good things come to you. You become more resourceful and creative. You get free of past hurts and learn from life lessons. You let go of baggage you have carried for years. Your heart opens. You can feel your heart’s power, healing and love.

You recognize opportunity in ways that you never otherwise would. You think clearer. You feel better You radiate a quality that attracts others with the same qualities. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

Find more to be grateful about and you GET more to be grateful about. This is how it works! You really can be, do and have anything you want when you fill each of your moments with gratitude. Live in gratitude. It’s all yours! It’s awesome!

Your sphere of influence changes. You attract other grateful people; you support and inspire each other. You celebrate together! AND you discover what others have been doing, writing and speaking about for centuries. This IS the secret! This is the incredible power and it is ALL YOURS when you live in gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Today, enjoy it more!

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