Expect Blow Back But Don’t Cave!

we first make our habits then our habits make us

“Whenever you make a change, when anyone does, old patterns, habitual ways of thinking and doing things rear their heads. You are changing the status quo and the guard wants to preserve the old ways. It is going to happen. You will resist you!

The changes and habits you implement are new and the old ways long to remain the same.  Even people close to you may resist the new you and attempt to keep you in the same mold. This resistance to the new you and your changes is called blow back or push back.

Our subconscious which runs our programming, our tapes, our movies, our behaviors attempts to keep things the way they have been. This is why habits can seem difficult to change. We can change them and we still may get some blow back. In time it will diminish!

It works like your thermostat does to keep the temperature the same in your room. It turns on your furnace if the temperature in room drops below your setting. It turns it off if the temperature goes higher that what you set it at. It works to maintain sameness; where you set it.

When we change, just like a rubber band there is a tendency to snap back. To move forward easily it is worth knowing it will happen. Then we must be aware of it when it does occur and we must recognize it for what it is. It is only resistance to change!

It is a protective mechanism so that things remain stable in your life. You learn patterns, habits and routines so that life is reliable. You don’t have to learn and re-learn the same things over again. When you start changing and learning new things this protective mechanism comes to your aid. So don’t don’t fight it. It is a resource.

Don’t resist your resistance to change. It will  get easier. It really does and much sooner if you don’t fight and whine and complain. That only puts more energy into resistance. That delays things. Turn your attention to the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors you want instead.

Focus on what you DO want. Do not focus on what you don’t want or the blow back. This is where most people get off course. They get all pie in the sky airy fairy instead of understanding that they are on a new path and there may be difficulty. Accept that it is likely to occur.

Then you are prepared for it. Then whatever comes your way or however difficulty it may temporarily seem you will keep at it and not succumb to it or quit. When the going gets tough the tough get going. So hang in there! Keep doing the new positive things!

The key to change is to not upset the apple cart even when the apple cart gets upset.. Accept it. Accept that with changing comes resistance and go on. Accept everything and stay on your path. Don’t cave in to your old habits or to peer pressure.

Stay focused on your goals and dreams. Plenty will come along to distract you, to dissuade and discourage you but don’t let anything knock you off your course. Recognize obstacles and problems as opportunities for growth. Everything can work together to move you forward when you stay focused. Persist but don’t resist!” Rex Sikes

Today, spend time with someone you love? Have a great day!

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